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*illerby  (M) age 68

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online now!

From: HULL

Description: I am only looking to meet a TOP guy, NO smokers, NO guys dressing as girls, or bottom only guys.

If its a first meet it would be public, then if ok could accom


Shame to waste you're cum, do you want me to swallow it?

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*icky dock  (M) age 48

*icky dock

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online now!

From: hull

Description: clean , discreet, looking for fun , not in to stocky men ,tv ,pefer younger slim guys

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*inghull  (M) age 62

XXX pic...
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6 minutes ago

From: Hull

Description: Married bi likes kissing naked contact oral

like nylon ... love to meet similar guy with same interests

would like to try more

6'1" slim fit ... would like a regular with similar likes

kik stevejds

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*oungGuy07  (M) age 31


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6 minutes ago

From: Hull

Description: if I'm online I'm looking to meet there and then, able to travel and sometimes accom especially like outdoor or car meets, Into sucking/wanking.

Will always need to see pics before meeting.

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*he Pirate  (M) age 54

XXX pic...
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Last online:
12 minutes ago

From: Hull

Description: Curious and want to try cock fun - would love to play with a small cock......but any size is fine!

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*aomiInYork  (TV/TS/CD) age 54


Last online:
12 minutes ago

From: Hull

Description: 10/11/2018

Tales of the Unexpected

If your old enough… and I certainly am, there was a program called “Tales of the Unexpected” that ran for almost 10 years from 1979… that’s almost 40 years ago. That makes me a grandma tranny lol

Some of the story lines where ridiculous, and all of them had a twist to the end of them, like meeting someone at the start of the program and at the end find that that person had died a horrible death years ago.. Tales that could not be explained.. similar to the one that just happened to me !!

It’s that month, November which many kids go tricking or treating, in my day it was chopping up a turnip (or pumpkin if you was lucky) to make a scary head for the guy Fawkes dummy for bomb fire night.

It was a number weeks ago that this guy, who by the way along with his wife where swingers, messaged me about a meet. He had in his profile verifications so I knew he was not just a time waster. From what I remember most of them was from guys fucking his wife, while he watched and wanked, or a cuckold husband. Now I do understand that to some degree, as my wife made me do that when I was married, not for one minute am I implying that his wife f0rced him to do it, all I am saying I understand what a cuckold husband is.

Anyway, he said he could meet during certain days of the week, preferably in the mornings, which suited me just fine. The first morning he was available I had to cancel because of work, he understood and we arranged it for the following day. I live with my brother and his wife and they don’t know about Naomi, so as normal I told them I was off to work that morning, secretly hiding Naomi’s gear in the back of my car. It turned out he lived less than 6 minutes away.

He messaged me his post code and when I arrived in his area I messaged him for the number of his house, as I was checking my mobile I noticed he had message me… “Am so hard for you”.. “oh that’s nice I thought”

I pulled up to a few doors away from where he lived, took hold of Naomi’s gear and made my way to his house, I didn’t need to knock as he opened the door.. at that two dogs dived at me in a playful manner, well at least that what most dog owners would say.

I’m sorry I like most animals but when the owners allow their pets to paw you I think it’s wrong. I have come across this many times, I respect the dog owners, they want a pet then that’s fine but I don’t want the dam animals forcing themselves on me… I hate that. So for future animal owners that may want to meet and have fun, please please respect my wishes, keep the animals at bay. Back to the story line

He did mention in one of his messages that I could shower at his, “I’ve put a clean towel out for you” he said as I followed him upstairs, along with his two dogs chomping at my hells. All four of us entered that bathroom and I stood there waiting for them to leave and I closed the door.

I striped off and stepped into the bath, found the shower and turned it on. There was some liquid soap so I lathered myself in that. The night before I had shaved my body so I was smooth from head to toe… well from under my nose to my toes I still have some hair on my head, although not a lot.

After my shower I dried and started to get ready. He was a tall guy, maybe 6 foot 2? Not overweight, which was totally different to his wife. Now she was a large women, I knew this as they had used her picture in their profile. Sprawled out on a bed with her legs open with a corset and stockings on. I also got the feeling that there was more about him from his message, he did not use one liners or abbreviations like a lot of people do. So I would guess he had a better IO than most of my meets.. and before I start getting hate mail.. I said SOME not all.

This time I thought I would paint my nails, it’s not real nail varnish it’s more of a body paint and washes off easy. I put my red lip stick on with my red dog collar, and left the bathroom.

I was about to go down stairs when I managed to get of a glimpse of him, naked on the bed, wanking, one had on his cock pumping the other under his balls, his body was stretched out and legs slightly apart . “Oh you have started without me I see” as I entered the room and laid down beside him. His eyes were running up and down my body, his left hand reach out and started the stroke my black hold ups. I took hold of his cock and started to wank him.

He had tattoos on his chest and arms. We stayed like it for a few minutes, until I spun around and my face looking towards his cock.

This bit is for us girls so you boys look away…

His cock must have been 7 ½ inches if not eight, the garth would have been in proportion about two inches, the head of it was exposed as the foreskin was pulled back so the pee hole could be clearly seen, the top was mushroomed shaped, pink in colour, it was straight and look as if it was proud of its self. It was firm almost steel like, a true hard muscle. I would say it was the best looking cock I have seen in a long time.

Ok boys you can now continue …

My head moved towards it and slaver ran from my lips on to it, I then massaged my slaver on to his hard shaft. He whispered “It strawberry taste” “mmm” I whispered back and I sank my mouth around it. It felt wonderful, hard warm cock in my mouth.

My head went down, then down again but this time deeper, then deeper again until at last it hit the back of my throat and I ch0ked but kept my head there until I could not breath any more, I suddenly lifted my head and gasped for air. His cock was covered with my spittle running from my mouth to his cock. I continued to massage it up and down in a slow movement. Again with my mouth found his cock and my tongue searched for his pee hole, as I pushed it in. I continued to suck on his manhood for a few more minutes

“Do you want fucking” he said, the smile across my face said it all as I moved, he got off the bed and I took the doggy pose. I could feel he was applying lube to his cock and a little to my pussy then.. I felt a sharp pain running through my body causing my back to arch, my eyes closed tight and I cried out as I plunged forward. He had pushed his cock right into me, the full shaft without any warning.

Now for those that do not know, most of us girls have a tight pussy until it is coxed a little, maybe a finger or two to begin with or a small dildo. You will find within minutes our pussies will be more than egger to take a lot lot more.

“Sorry” he said, “I’ll take it gentle?” I repositioned myself again, this time I could feel his shaft entering me much slower this time, and deeper and deeper he went. I have an eight inch dildo, which is supposed to be like the real thing, believe me.. nothing is like the real thing.

He started to build a rhythm, that went faster and faster, deeper and deeper. My eyes where now closed and the thrill of being fucked was taking over my body like nothing, a feeling I get very rarely these days, most guys are happy with a wank or blow job He was the perfect fucker and my body was in heaven. His full hard cock was now in my pussy slamming deep into me.

After a short period he pulled his cock out and I rolled over, he laid down on his back , took hold of his cock and once more and started to wank. I watch him as I squeezed his balls while I moved my stocking leg over his, every now and then I would suck on his nipples lightly biting them.

He was now wanking faster, his body ridged, straight, the hall marks of a guy about to cum and he did. The sperm sprang out from the top of his cock on to his belly, the second wave came this time over his hands running down his cock.. I was so tempted to clean it up with my tongue but didn’t.

Soon it was all over, and he laid there covered in his own cum, “all right” I said as I rose to my feet “Yes thanks”.

I returned to his bathroom, had another shower removing all my makeup and nail varnish or paint, dressed and met him in his living room. He got to his feet as I entered, “you will give me a verification wont you” as he said that, one of the dogs jumped up at me and I went to push it away, but instead he took hold of my hand and shook it lol I think he thought I wanted to shake him by the hand. I thought that was a bit formal to say we had just spent the last 30 minutes in bed with each other haha.

Anyway, here is the freaky thing. When I got back I went to give him a verification, he was no longer a member. So I checked my message, there was none from him, no sign of any communication, so I check my friends list, again nothing.. had I dreamt it all? I suppose I could go back to his house.. but then I think I will leave it as a mystery… a nice mystery


The docks?

It had been a while since my last meet and Naomi was knocking on the inside of the closet once again… she wanted out.

Sometimes things come together so easy, maybe that’s why I believe in fate, maybe it was fate that I was kicked out by my wife within a year of being married to her, after she introduced me to her lover(s)… maybe it was fate that interfered when I decided to dress in drag to a party and gave a guy a blow job (he was stoned and I am sure he did not know I was a guy) .. or should I take the view of Stephen Hawking.. everything is random?

Whatever the reason that day she exchanged a number of messages from a guy who wanted to meet her, Naomi being such a willing slut at times agreed. “Just a couple of things” she messaged her meet, “I only have a tiny cock, I don’t swallow and certainly no cream pie”.. she always like to set the ground rules lol. I know not very lady like (but she has never claimed this)

The meet was to be at his friends flat, “he likes to watch” he told her… “mmmm threesome??” she wondered with a cheeky smile on her face.

He said “Why not come here, get dressed, have a shower if you want and have a coffee”. “Perfect” she thought, one thing she does enjoy is taking her time getting dressed and relaxing.

He told her the directions to where he would meet her, in a high rise block of flats in a very populated area in Hull. Her job sometimes means she has to visit these types of establishment.. and some of them are disgusting.. and so are some of the people who live there. Please, she is not painting everyone who lives in them with the same brush, just experience has not been.. shall we say “a clean one”. He then messaged the name of the block of flats.

When she arrived she messaged him for the flat number, “Ok this is what you have to do, park up then go to the back of the building and press the buzzer to flat 45, as the lift at the front of the building does not work”, he messaged back. “mmm” she thought ”not a good start”.

When she got to the rear of the building she found a series of buttons on a steel panel on a wall adjacent to a large metal door that had a wired glass in it, “now” she thought “is this security door to keep people out… or keep these people in?” she found button number 45 and pressed it. A cracking voice came from a tiny speaker on the side of the panel, “its open” and a buzzer sounded, “take the lift to floor 5”

She pushed the door and it opened, on both sides of the corridor was a lift doors, both on the ground floor. She press the button on the side of the lift and the door slid open, and a female voice said ”Doors opening”

As with all these high rise flats, they all seem to be cold and bit damp.. even during the summer months. She found button five and she pressed it, the same voice said “doors closing” and the lift started to move.

During these times, before the meet she tries not to think too much what her meet will be like, will he be young, with a six pack, an throbbing eight inch cut cock… she felt a tingle down her spine and she cleared her thoughts.

“Doors opening” came the voice once again and as predicted the doors slide open. There, holding open a secondary door into a hallway was a guy.

Now if hes reading this I think he will be the first to admit, he is a little overweight, shall we say about 17 to 18 stone? Maybe 6 foot 2 inches? Must have been 60 plus, ok so not exactly to Naomi specification…, “I’m Tony” he said. He held the door open “It’s the second door on the right”.

As she opened the door she entered into a one bedroom flat, to the left was the bedroom and to the right a door into a bathroom with a fitted shower. At the end of the corridor it opened up into a living room, and there was a guy who must have been in his eighties, sat with tartan slippers on watching countdown. “Well that’s the threesome of the way” she thought.

“This is Fred, he like to see me play” said Tony, Naomi turned and looked at Tony “You said I could have a shower”, “Yes, help yourself, just down there” as he pointed down the corridor. “Would you like a drink?” rising his voice as Naomi started to make her way to the bathroom “Yes please, black no sugar”

She entered the bathroom and locked the door.

As she started to strip she could feel the change that was taking place, her attitude, the way she acted, like a caterpillar slowly turning into a butterfly, all of her inebriations where melting away, flowing down her body to her feet.

She was now naked, even the way she entered the shower cubical, she gently step into it, first her toe then her foot, joined by her other foot. She saw the setting on the shower unit, it was pre-set to warm so she turned it on.

The warm water ran down her body, she looked and saw some liquid soap, she pumped the top of the bottle and applied a generous amount to her body, her hands riding up and down, between her clitty and pushing her fingers deep in to her pussy to double check it was clean. She pressed her breasts together as if in doing so made them bigger and more sensitive, then she nipped her nipples between her thumb and forefinger as she gently twisted them and they became hard.

Her dark skin was now covered in soapy bubbles and she stood there looking up at the shower spout with eyes closed as the last of the soap rinsed way from her body.

She turned off the water, her movements where gentle as she stepped out of the shower, she could feel a new sensation entering her body and started to become more and more submissive.

She took hold of a towel and started to dry herself. She raised one leg on the side of the shower unit and pulled the towel over it, as to say “Look at my sexy shapely legs”. She repeated this for her other leg, then her arms and finally her torso.

She took out her makeup and moved towards the mirror in a very feminine way, like a cat, swaying her hips. First the foundation, she spread this across her face, chin and across her forehead.

Next her eye shadow, carefully applying the black eye shadow to each eye. This is followed by her bright red lipstick.

Next is her holdups, these are black and have an elastic top to them, she lifts one foot and gathers the holdup and slips in her foot rolling up the holdup, all the way up to her thigh. This is repeated for her other leg.

Next is her black leather jock strap, since she only has a tiny cock she prefers it to be hidden, put her pussy she like to show.

This is followed by her black evening dress, she slips this over her head and straightens it as she pulls it down.

Then it’s her black heels, then finally .. her wig which she brushes and the transformation is complete… Naomi is reborn once again. And just to add to the fun she but on her red dog collar

She quickly gathers her guys clothes and pushes them to one side, as she opens the door into the corridor she could hear a conversation about countdown, then Tony’s head spins around and for a split second there was silence. Naomi walk slowly into the living room where Tony was sat on a two seated sofa, swaying her hips, one foot moving in front of the other as she approached him.

“God what a transformation, I cant believe it” as he looked her up and down. She sat down next to him and she saw a spare cup of coffee on a table, her black dress exposed a little more of her thigh and the top of her holdups, “This mine?” she said in a cool manner, as it was the most naturally thing in the world… a guy dressed as a women.

“You have wonderful legs Naomi, doesn’t she Fred” said tony. “Wonderful” echoed Fred.

Tony’s hand reached out attentively, as if to say… “Will she mind” instead Naomi moved her leg towards him.

Tony then started to kiss her neck, nibbling at her ear, while Naomi was having a conversation with Fred, as he asked her where she was born. Naomi mentioned she was born near the dock side in Hull and it turned out that Fred had a career that span over 20 years on the docks.

Meanwhile Naomi had found Tony’s harden cock, as she rubbed his pants, his kissing became quicker up and down Naomi’s neck.

At one point he kissed her cheek then his tongue found her mouth, they both started to exchange mouth fluids, while Tony’s hands moved up and down her body and though he was looking for something that would satisfy his craving.

He pull down Naomi’s dress exposing her nipples, he took hold of one and started to twist it, Naomi’s hand started rub harder through his pants. Her nipples where now being twisted even harder now. His tongue was further down her throat. Meanwhile Fred continued about the times he was on the docks.

At one point Naomi pulled away then she tugged at Tony’s belt, because he was such a big guy his belly was well over his belt and so had to stand to undo it and his pants fell to the ground. Naomi picked up her coffee and took a sip, as though nothing had happened.

Tony sat down again with his cock rock hard now, he pulled Naomi towards him as she took hold of his cock and gently sated to wank it.

She could tell he was ready, “Why don’t you go into the bedroom, strip off and Ill join you after I freshen up.” Tony did not need it reaping and shot off to the bedroom. Naomi made her way, very slowly to the bathroom.

Her hair was all over, her lipstick gone, some of her black eye shadow had been rubbed away. “No point in rushing, he’ll still be there in the bedroom” she thought.

She brushed her hair again, applied more eye shadow and lipstick. Then made her way into the bedroom

Tony was laying naked on the bed with his head supported by his hand and one leg raised on his side. Naomi slowly made her way to the bed, she was almost there when out of nowhere Tony reached out and dragged her onto the bed, pulling her towards his face, once again his kissing became frantic, his tongue slipping in and out of her mouth while Naomi took hold of his cock, rubbing up and down.

Naomi was on all fours pumping his cock, he quickly push his fingers into her pussy which by this time was wet, he trusted them in as hard as he could, his other hand reached out for Naomi’s head pushing towards his cock. Naomi gave little resistance and her mouth found his cock.

Slowly slowly her mouth started to go deeper over his cock. His breath was heavy, his hips was moving, as he raised his Hips, Naomi would pull away from his cock. But then his hand found that back of her head and his hot cock hit the back of her throat.. he held it there. Unable to breathe Naomi pulled back and her slaver covered his cock. Her head went down again, and again he held the back of her head again. This time she pulled back and moved towards him. He quickly took hold of her dog collar and pulled on it towards his face again. She could not and did not protest, this was adding a little more excitement to it.

Still holding on to her collar he moved her face to one side and kissed, and lick her obsessively, his hips moving faster and faster, his movement because almost aggressive at time, then suddenly the signs of a climax. Naomi continued to pump his cock and could feel the hot cum oozing out down onto her hand, his movement started to slow then came “Thanks”, Naomi replied “My pleasure sweetheart” then got up went to the bathroom, had another shower and changed back into her male mode. By this time Tony had returned to the living room with Fred chatting abut his time on the docks and as though nothing had happened. Tony got up to meet Naomi and showed to the door, “lets do this again” and Naomi smiled and said “We Must.


Frozen bollocks !!

A few days ago I was chatting to another tgirl who mentioned Bishop Burton layby, now I normally never ever do car meets but desperate times means desperate measures. So the following day I thought I would try it, and just in case I would take my gear.

A guy had contacted me that morning and mentioned about meeting him there, I told him I would dress when he arrived, thinking back it was not a good plan !!

I had just the one job to do that morning so after finishing it I drove home and picked up my gear. I had a quick shower and cleaned my pussy… just in case.

I wasn’t sure where it was so I did some research and ask others where it was exactly, “Just after Bishop Burton College on the right.. you wont miss it” I was told. I typed into my google maps the name of the collage and it came back with “destination 22 minutes”, so off I set.

After passing through Bishop Burton I started to look for the layby, I could not miss it, as it was well sign posted and I pulled in.

It was in fact a very long layby, I was told that the private area was the, “woody part”, and I was not really sure what that meant until today.

I stopped the car about in the middle way of the layby and I notice a number of cars parked. Occasionally one would drive off, on a other a car would pull up then another one more or less at the same time. The driver from one car would then get into the other and drive down the layby, to what I have now discovered is the “woody part”. It is like on an embankment with trees around so people on the road side cannot see whats going on there.

There was a large area were a food van was parked, I could see the logic of that as the layby was so big you could have easily get half a dozen large lorries down there, but then I thought was it for the doggers? (for those few that don’t know what dogging is, it is the practice of watching or engaging in exhibitionist sexual activity in a public place)

After a while the guy who said he would meet turned up, I told him I would get ready and as I started to put my make up on he drove off !! I then decided it was a bad idea getting ready there and then, so I decided to leave.

As I started to drive away I noticed a few more cars turning into the layby, maybe I thought I could turn this into a meet?

I drove out of the layby and found a slip road, I reversed into a field entrance and started to get ready. Sometimes if you analyse something too much you can lose the moment, the only thing I was thinking about was, get ready and get back, never mind the consequences.

I did a swift dress, not the best makeup I have ever done but I thought to hell with it. Once I was ready I turned my car back, this is the first time I have ever drove in heels... and its tricky stuff, I understand how some women must feel when they do it.

Pulling back into the layby I noticed the food van had gone, I wanted to get out but was unsure if I could walk in my heels. Every now and again a car would pull up next to me, then a couple of minutes later drive away.. I thought my makeup is not that bad is it?

I waited for the first hour and I had a lot of interest from passing cars as they slowed to inspect me.. but nothing happened.

I thought to hell with this and decided that maybe the action down at the other end, so I pulled out of the layby, then back in at the other end. I deliberately drove as slow as I could and I noticed from the corner of my eye, guy’s heads turning towards me :)

I parked up again and this time my little clitty started to get hard, so I started to rub it, I was getting quite aroused.

I gave it another hour and nothing happened, I felt gutted, all this time wasted and I had lost my hard on. I pulled my car out of the layby and noticed a van following me, could this be it? So I thought I would pull in at the next layby, the van followed me. He then pulled in front of my car very slowly and stopped.. my heart started to beat faster, my mouth turning dry. I waited for a couple of minutes and he pulled away.. “what the fuck” I thought. So I took off my makeup and resumed my male mode and returned home.

I wondered why I did not have any luck? But while I was chatting to someone on the Internet they said one thing, which now is pretty obvious .. “Everyone just sits in their cars and no one makes a move”, haha of course he is right.. with that I devised a plan

Some websites that are used for sexual social media, you can leave your “status” so I put “Will be at Bishop Burton layby Friday 2pm, see my profile”, in my profile I put “anything other than a hand job condoms are a must, no cum on me or my clothes, please be clean and respectful”. I’m on at least 4 websites some for gay people others for swinging couples or dogging etc. I could not believe it, I must have over 25 to 30 replies wanting to see me, I thought even if 50% turn up I would be happy.

For the next couple of nights, I couldn’t sleep, if they all turn up what do I do? Maybe it will be a gangbang :) maybe wanking a couple sucking on other, one or even better two attempting to enter my pussy … my mind was filled with hard stiff cocks.

Now for the past few months I have been watching these brainwashing videos.. probably not healthy but I do really get off with them, especially with my p0ppers in one hand and my little clitty in the other rubbing away.

The morning came, again just a couple of jobs to get out of the way, I had it all planned. Finish by 12 dinner, clean my pussy, put on my black leather jock strap with no knickers, black hold ups and my black evening dress. I would then put on over all this my male mode gear. Be ready by 1 pm and get there and finish off my make-up, put on my heels and wig.

Unbelievable everything went like clockwork, but this time I added one more feature to my plan.

It was 1:30 pm, already cars where turning up, some would just pass me by, others would park across from me. Right I thought, got to get into position, I opened my car door and put my legs out showing my black cladded legs and my heels. I wait for a few minutes, then stood up adjusting my black dress.. I have never walk any distance with my heels on, but I had to make it work. I thought I would walk to the boot of the car first.. steady I thought.. eyes are on you.

I made it, so I took a walk back, but then realised how cold it was. The wind around my legs and on my bare bum. I open the car door and reached for my black jacket. I sat down and spread my legs…. A bit like Sharon Stone? (lol no not one bit) I could see them watching me. I did have their attention and loved it.

I decided to wait and hour to see what would happen, every now again a car would pull up but they just stayed inside. I got out of the car then lent against it tapping my feet, in my mind I was trying to will them out and approach me.. but still nothing.

Then I notice a guy in the woods, he had taken out his cock and was wanking, he waved at me. I started towards him but I had to climb the embankment, which in heels and it was steep, was difficult and not very lady like.. but I made it to the top.

He had a cock to die for, it was thick and cut. I just thought to myself what it would taste like, he must have read my mind because he said “suck it” , “No thanks not without a condom”.

As I was busy wanking him someone else approached, “you want to join in” I said “If that’s ok”. He undid his pants and took out a 7-inch cock with a cock ring on. I grabbed his cock and started to wank them both. Between me and you it took all my will power not to drop to my knees and start sucking. So I filled my mouth with spit and spat of the first cock, then did the same on the other one.

I hitched my skirt up to exposed my bum and immediately they both start to caress it, one cheek each. The first guy then moved behind me.. should I let him.. “Please not bare back” I said then bit my lip as he backed away.

Wanking two cocks simultaneously takes some doing but soon I racked up a rhythm, suddenly the first guy took hold of his cock and started to wank himself while I caressed his balls, then both of them came almost at the same time.

They both pulled up their pants and took off, I was left there standing with my bum exposed on the embankment, knowing that others were looking I straightened my dress and made my way down back the embankment to my car, it must have looked like a badly dressed guy in a women outfit stumbling about in a sketch out from the Benny Hill show (for those that are not old enough to remember him.. it was a slap and tickle comedy show), and on the way realised my bollocks where frozen

I stayed until three and left, still disappointed that I did not attract as much attention as I wanted and sad that those guys that said they would be there did not turn up, but now I will alter my strategy. My intention next time is to be on the embankment with a picnic blanket, and wave to them to join me :)

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*ichard Slipper  (M) age 47

Last online:
14 minutes ago

From: Hull

Description: Like all of us here I'm simply looking for fun. Very easy going, respectful and in to many things sexually, just ask.

I am often in work very early and on my own getting frustrated so if anyone fancies an early morning meet at my office it is quiet and private.

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*otaman55  (M) age 63

XXX pic...
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Last online:
15 minutes ago

From: HULL

Description: Mature Bi versatile guy . I'm looking to meet with mature guys,older the better in the Hull / East yorks / North lincs area who can accommodate. Enjoy kissing, mutual masturbation and oral, very tactile and love to be naked, Will also CD if that's of interest.Sorry but I'm not into smokers or men with facial hair

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*iker boy  (M) age 52

Last online:
17 minutes ago

From: Hull

Description: Good looking fit bi guy looking for a bit of fun

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*ishmash71  (M) age 47

Last online:
20 minutes ago

From: hull

Description: single gay man,looking for a relationship,but likes sex,

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*nethinkonly  (M) age 50

XXX pic...
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Last online:
21 minutes ago

From: hull

Description: marrid bi lad descresion is a big must

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*odgerrabit4  (M) age 62

Last online:
31 minutes ago

From: Hull

Description: like to occasionally spend time with a man when the desire strikes. Have played, wanked and sucked other cocks and enjoyed the experience hence the desire becoming more regular. Open to suggestions

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*uildatrucker  (M) age 41

XXX pic...
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Last online:
41 minutes ago

From: hull

Description: 40's bear looking to meet guys for nsf

Preferably tradesmen truckers visiting hull.

No knicker wearers or sniffers. Not my thing at all. Just chunky manly bear Types

Discreet and friendly

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*ortyseven  (M) age 51

XXX pic...
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Last online:
43 minutes ago

From: HULL

Description: bi male looking for all types of fun up for anything .

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*eversaynever  (M) age 57

Last online:
45 minutes ago

From: hull


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*cnut73  (M) age 45


Last online:
50 minutes ago

From: Hull

Description: Bi guy looking for cock and balls to suck meet in car love uncut cocks please kik me and send me your cock and I will send you mine ucnut73 is my kik

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*aysexhull  (M) age 45

Last online:
50 minutes ago

From: hull

Description: Hi , looking to meet top guys for sex have wifes permission to be fucked by men (while she enjoys real guys that can show her a good time) .Safe sex only she enjoys watching guys fuck and willing to join in if you like bi cannot accom

We also on dogging hullcpl4fun


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*tevios  (M) age 58

Last online:
52 minutes ago

From: Hull

Description: Married bi missing cock. Looking for nsa meets, one off or regular. Discretion a must and respected. Into most things legal and safe. Weekday lunchtimes best.

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*anlion  (M) age 61


Last online:
56 minutes ago

From: Hull

Description: I can't accommodate unfortunately which is a shame, I would prefer some naked body contact rather than a quick wank so better if you can accommodate. Would do one offs or regular meets if preferred.

I was watching a couple of guys in a field although they didn't realise it, the one in undies really got me hard watching so would defffinitely like to meet an undie wearer, not set in stone though, naked will be good.

Must admit I would like my cock deep in someone's throats and would love someone astride me sliding up and down on my hard cock until I shoot my load.

Would also like to be voyeur and watch two sucking and fucking, maybe take some photos for them.

Anyone know any decent places outdoors for some fun ? Fancy walking up to a car and standing near open window and have my cock taken out of my pants and sucked dry while I keep watch. Got to be somewhere nice and discreet.

Email best if I'm out and about, you never know, I may be near you. Centurion2000 at mail dot com





Bisubjohn, told him to far, got a weird message off him then he blocked me.

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*tanx2x  (M) age 75

Last online:
1 hour ago

From: Hull

Description: Widower new to the gay scene would like to meet someone of similar age who is experienced.

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