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Contacts in Hull

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*odgerrabit4  (M) age 62

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From: Hull

Description: Bi male explorer

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*ullworkiebear  (M) age 41

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online now!

From: hull

Description: Chunky bear instrested in meeting other men for no strings fun

Especially interested in visitors to the hull area.

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*ceman60  (M) age 60

Last online:
4 minutes ago

From: hull

Description: I'm a bi guy cant accom

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*tockyBrad  (M) age 42


Last online:
7 minutes ago

From: Hull

Description: Bear looking for accommodating gents

Massage fun with a hint of darkness, Rope, Hot Wax, Ice, Hope you get the picture

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*tmhull  (M) age 38


Last online:
7 minutes ago

From: Hull

Description: btm guy

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*elissa_wilson  (M) age 58


Last online:
8 minutes ago

From: Hull

Description: sissy slut who is heavily into being used as a slut by men.

I enjoy a sound spanking..Looking for kind but firm master/Dom to serve. Tv dommes especilly sought,

I love humiliation play and feeling submissive.

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*ishmash71  (M) age 47

Last online:
9 minutes ago

From: hull

Description: single gay man,looking for a relationship,but likes sex,

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*eltablue  (M) age 63

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Last online:
9 minutes ago

From: HULL

Description: Mature man with a young outlook looking to meet light minded men for one on one fun ...or maybe more with the right man

Prefer slim to medium build guys. I'm very tactile and like plenty of body contact.

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*ombitools  (M) age 62

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Last online:
11 minutes ago

From: Hull

Description: Married bi guy looking for secret male only fun

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*ay-loves-bareback  (M) age 32

Last online:
16 minutes ago

From: hull

Description: i love sucking swallowing licking balls riming being fucked

freshmancunt is a timewaster

i have pics just ask

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*onny125  (M) age 34

Last online:
21 minutes ago

From: Hull

Description: I like older men , I would prefer to be fucked but versatile. I love rimming and sucking

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*everbeenused  (M) age 34

Last online:
28 minutes ago

From: Hull

Description: Iv never thought of myself as gay, but just recently iv really started to appreciate big hard cocks, I watch a lot of gay porn and i always wish i was on the recieving end of those big beautiful cocks......but iv never done anything with another guy, and I'm looking to take it one step further and actually see what I have been missing out on. So feel free to message me and we can take it from there. But I am definatley up for getting my holes used and abused for the first time. Oh an i like wearing women's knickers while playing with I'd be up for the idea of wearing those while getting fucked hard and been treated like a little cock slut:-)))) also it's always been a dream of mine to have a big black cock

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*moothfckr  (M) age 55

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Last online:
30 minutes ago

From: HULL

Description: guy with cut and dark cock, looking for smooth botom,anal,kissing,, TV/TS are very welcome

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*aysexhull  (M) age 45

Last online:
31 minutes ago

From: hull

Description: Hi , looking to meet bi guys for sex with male and girlfriend . Clean easy going friendly guys that would like to become regular "friends" most welcome .Safe sex only she enjoys lots of oral attention and loves cock also likes to direct guys having sex while she watches . Alround discretion a must.

We prefer non smokers no beards .

We also on dogging hullcpl4fun


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*ull2459  (M) age 59

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Last online:
32 minutes ago

From: Hull

Description: Hello ther im married and cant ever accom

But like car fun or fun at yours

I have kik or skype if you want to chat on ther

I do love to see a man in sexy nix mmmm

Im bottom and like to give and suck

But i arnt bothered about if i get anything i just want to try been fucked x

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*artyn001  (M) age 64

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Last online:
36 minutes ago

From: Hull

Description: Bi Guy, love cock, Love a nice cock fancy an uncut to suck and wank. I'm cut and not huge, Discretion assured and required as married

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*anlion  (M) age 61


Last online:
38 minutes ago

From: Hull

Description: I can't accommodate unfortunately which is a shame, I would prefer some naked body contact rather than a quick wank so better if you can accommodate. Would do one offs or regular meets if preferred.

I was watching a couple of guys in a field although they didn't realise it, the one in undies really got me hard watching so would defffinitely like to meet an undie wearer, not set in stone though, naked will be good.

Must admit I would like my cock deep in someone's throats and would love someone astride me sliding up and down on my hard cock until I shoot my load.

Would also like to be voyeur and watch two sucking and fucking, maybe take some photos for them.

Anyone know any decent places outdoors for some fun ? Fancy walking up to a car and standing near open window and have my cock taken out of my pants and sucked dry while I keep watch. Got to be somewhere nice and discreet.

Email best if I'm out and about, you never know, I may be near you. Centurion2000 at mail dot com





Bisubjohn, told him to far, got a weird message off him then he blocked me.

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*d44  (M) age 47

Last online:
42 minutes ago

From: Hull

Description: Hi i live in hull looking for local guys only between the age of 30 and 50

No cocks in frocks its not my thing


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*i-curiousInHull  (M) age 54

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Last online:
42 minutes ago

From: hull

Description: Groan.. here’s the shorten version

I'm smooth (very little if any body hair)

Can’t accommodate

Only have a small dick which struggles to get hard

Mainly bottom

Looking for tops, versatile or bottoms

Love kissing

Blow job yes but swallow no

Buggery yes cream pie no

Outside or car meet possibly

Now for those that want a bit more info… here it is

First I will say I am 100% clean and discreet so I expect the same.

I'm of mix origin, my parents came from India but I was born here in hull, so I have a darkish complexion, my cock is small and I’m very passive so if you want ass fucking or your after a good hard cock look elsewhere, and I can’t accommodate so its at yours or car meet.

I’m really looking for tops or maybe someone in a similar situation that just want to have body contact, fondling, showering etc or just try having sex with another guy.

I have been absent from this website for about 10 months now, trying to convince myself I’m not bi or gay, but its hopeless. I did meet a guy, more of a bear and we had about 4 or 5 sessions together, really good time but now I have lost his contact details :(

So basically that’s it, just contact me and see if we jell :)

Well since I have been back here’s what’s happened.

Sunday 21 January 2018

Been chatting to this guy, a bit of a bear, looks as if he has a nice 8 inch cock. On the Saturday we arranged for a Sunday meet, he only lived about 6 miles away. Sometimes you know when your chatting with a time waster or not, because they describe what they are going to do, and you can just imagine that they are sat at their pc with their pricks in their hand frantically rubbing away (to be honest I do a lot these days lol). Then all of a sudden they stop chatting for no apparent reason (could it be they spunked ). Anyway this guy was different and I could tell that he was no time waster. So the day was set, 12 noon Sunday and he gave me his address.

It did not start well as I was delayed, but managed to get to the destination 15 minutes late. I messaged him through the website with no answer so I did it twice more, and he had not even read them. Still no answer so the last message I sent was “Will be here until 12:30”. So I logged onto another website that uses mobile phones to locate people, sure enough he was in “Touching distance”

On the Monday I got a message from him apologising saying his sister and her husband had turned up and could not get rid of them, he then asked if we could meet on evening or again at the weekend. Conclusion, I don’t think he was a time waster, things can happen out of our control. Anyway I hope to meet him one day at a weekend at his :)

Tuesday 23 January 2018

By this time the timewasters where coming hard and fast, “Will you come now and suck me off”, “ I can accommodate so I will fuck your ass” etc etc. Some of them was tempting, then this one guy username Handy_n_60 contacted me, he seemed very pleasant and at times he gave me the impression he was a time waster, but he gave me his address, near Beverley. So he invited me to his home, I don’t travel much these days as it is expensive and time consuming and it does not always work around my time table. Anyway, he said he want to meet me at 1 pm on the Tuesday, after I had finished my work I slip home for a shower and an anal cleansing, even if anal is not on the cards I always feel cleaner after it. The night before I shaved my genital area along with inside and outside my bum. I hate my black hair so I try and keep it short. After filling the car up with petrol I messaged him to say I was delayed but on my way. The traffic was heavy so I sent another message to confirm I was on my way. I arrived and sent a further message and waited outside his home for a reply but nothing came back… he was a 100% time waster, why people do this I don’t know. Even if he had lost his bottle I would not have minded if he had messaged me before I started on the journey. Anyway for those he makes offer to.. stay away.

Wednesday 24 January 2018

Normally I dont do names but this top guy has as me to name him it is Assertive Bi Guy :)

As I said sometimes you develop a six sense when someone is just after cybersex. This guy I knew was genuine from the start, having said that he had no feedback so it was a bit of a gamble. He is a top and emailed me a number of times to visit him at his home, expressing an interest to dominate me. It’s a long story but my past relationship has left me somewhat as a submissive, and maybe I will include it here someday, but enough said I wanted to be submissive, besides with a small cock that does not get very hard what else could I be.

So we swap a number of emails, now you have to bear in mind I have been off this site for over 10 months, that was the last time I had any sexual activity so I was ready for anything.

He lives 20 minutes away but had to wait until his wife went out, once she had gone he would close the blinds, I was then told to ring the front door bell and go to the side gate.

I greeted him as “Hello Sir” and he showed me in through the back veranda into the passageway. I noticed he was rubbing his cock through his pants and I could see the outline of it. He said “You do know I’m aggressive don’t you?” and I nodded and once again said “Yes Sir”. “Take off your coat and top”. He then undid my belt and his hand went into my underpants as he started to fondle me… it felt goooood, first touch by another person in 10 months!!

“Get down on your knees” as I knelt before him he lifted his cock out of his pants and told me to suck it. I haven’t done this in months could it be like riding a bike?

Now I will stop here and say there is nothing worse than a cock that smells, but his was clean and tasted rather good.

He then told me to get up and reach out and picked a bag. From this he took out a bra and told me to put it on. Never been able to do bras, so I turned and he fastened it for me.

He then took out an underskirt, a pair of hold up nylons and panties. Now I have to confess this is not the first time I have dressed and it was beginning to feel like old times again. He gave me them and told me to go into the toilet, which I did and I first put one of the stockings on. A shiver went through my spine; this seems so natural. I put the other one on then the panties and finally the underskirt. I said “I am ready for inspection Sir”. He came through to where I was, just outside the toilet and pointed to the living room, “In here”

Once again he told me to get to my knee in front of him and he took his cock out once more, my lips surround the very tip and I could feel his hips moving towards me so I would suck deeper. He then grabbed my head and his cock hit the back of my throat. This went on for number of minutes while he called me “cock sucker” and several other names. He then pushed me away, “You nearly made me cum” he said an I appetized. ”Sit there” he said as he pointed to a leather chair, as I sat he started to stroke my nylon legs, then he pushed his hand between my legs pull out my tiny cock and once again started to wank it.

He then started to twist my right nipple and said “what is your safe word”, “Red Sir” and started to twist is, as he did the pain started to grow. He released it then with both hand twisted them both simultaneously, I knew I could say red and the pain would stop, but I didn’t and he released them.

Next he told me to get to my feet and he pulled out a red collar, “this is to remind you that you are owned by me” as he put it around my neck. Then he told me to bind over, as I did he lifted the underskirt and pulled down my panties. He started to tap my bum in rhythm then, whack came the first slap. I never realised that not being spanked for a long time has made my bum sensitive again. Again a few more taps followed by a number of whacks, left cheek, right cheek. He told me to face him and asked if I kissed and I nodded “Yes sir”, as soon as our lips me he dug his teeth into my tongue, once again the pain went through me, but my hands was on his nipples and I started to rub and twist them.

He then told me to get to my knees once more and he pushed his cock into my mouth, by this time it was like a drug, I was hooked, I made long licks along the shaft of his cock, sucking his balls then the head of his cock, I could see he was near then point, and he pulled off my bra, I continues to rub and kiss his balls and he started to wank his cock, then final his cum spurted on to my chest, and I continue to rub his balls.

He asked if I had enjoyed it, as he said he did and I told him I did. He directed me to the bathroom and told me to clean myself of his spunk, once again asking if I enjoyed it as I wiped myself clean. “Take all that of and leave it there” as he pointed to the bag I stared to remove the panties etc. He also told me that the red collar was mine and if I was to visit again I should wear it.

We then had a small conversation and asked if I would like to see him a again….. LIKE YES.

I am sure you will read this, I have deliberately left out your name and where you live because I respect people’s privacy and as I have said I am 100% discrete, but looking forward to the next session. thanks for a great time xxx

1st February 2018

Do walls have ears?

A friend of mine asked if I would do some work in a property he owns before he rents it out. I do do a bit of DIY so I told him I would help him out. He gave me the address and I went to look at the work, the house was Edwardian with a tiled entrance. The ceilings must have been over 12-foot-high, the doors to the room where 8 foot high and over 3 ½” foot wide. I could see he had some work done to it, mostly being restored. I love these old homes as I always wonder what the walls would say if they could speak about the people that lived here and the things that went on.

The work that wanted doing was upstairs in the bedrooms, there were 4 upstairs, again high ceilings and large wooden doors and some Edwardian high back and arm chairs with typical green cushions. A very large bathroom that included a seating area, shower, toilet and all the trimmings that you would expect in this type of grand building..

By the time I had finished the work it was noon, I took out my mobile and checked my messages. I had few from people that wanted to meet me and it was the same old story… can’t accommodate… or can I?

Most websites have an Update Status, or what’s on your mind that sort of thing. I decided to go for it and update my status, “Working in an empty house” then added the location but not the door number. I kept refreshing the pages waiting for someone to pick up. I did notice that my number of visitors where well in the fifties, which normally at that time of day would be in the twenties. “Come on.. someone bite” then the message indicator showed one… “Got ya”.. it turned out to be a reminder to upgrade my account.

Over an hour went by, the number visitors had climbed into the eighties, still nothing. But then, three messages, the first one I recognised, some guy who just likes to chat about sex and I know I will never meet him, not a timewaster more of “Don’t have the nerve”, so I did a quick reply to him.

The next message was from a guy with very little in his profile and he asked if we he could meet. We had a quick chat and I made the decision that maybe would turn up, so I gave him the address and told him he had to be here about 2 o’clock, at ten past two the door would be locked.

I added, “ The front door will be unlocked, go through this then the second door into the passage way, climb the two flights of stairs. All the doors to the bedrooms will be locked except for one and the door of this will be open, just sit on the chair and I will do the rest” I gave him the number of the house, then looked at my watch, he has just over 15 minutes to get here. I ran and closed all the doors except the one I would be entertaining him in. Thoughts ran through my mind, how am I going to do this? There are no beds, most of the floor area was real wood, but there was that Edwardian arm chair.. dare I?

I made my way downstairs and carried on of the arm chairs into the room, I remember in the kitchen there was a rug and a couple of curtains laying on the floor in one of the other rooms. The stage was being set.

I put the rug in the centre of the floor. There were some mirrors in the wardrobe so I positioned the chair at an angle so we both could see what was happening. I put one of the curtains on over the arm chair and the other I folded in such a way it became like a pray mat. Then closed the curtains that still let some light in. I darted off to the bathroom and got hold of some toilet paper. I looked at my watch and it was just two minutes to two.. I ran downstairs and left both doors ajar so there was no mistake.

I returned to the bedroom, now what? I decided to strip off but leave my socks on.. that lasted about a minute then realised how cold it was. The outside temperature was 3 degrees and in the house much colder than that as there was no heating. I looked at my watch and thought if he was coming it would be soon, so I picked up my jacket and put I on.

My cock is only small and does not get that hard as it used to, maybe because of my age or circumstances that has made me a bottom guy? But it decided to make an entrance, it was getting hard !! I then heard something and my heart started to beat, thud, thud, thud I drop my jacket so I was naked but for my socks… but then nothing.. I waited a little long but there was no sound. It must have been a car or maybe the building having a giggle at me.

Ten past two came went, I put on my jacket once again, then quarter past two came and went. I had to admit to myself….. he just was not going to turn up.

By this time there was a few more messages, but before I answered them I put my clothes back on.

The first was rubbish the second one I knew as a timewaster but the third looked promising, 49 looked reasonably fit but no verifications. I messaged him and asked how long would it be before he got here. “Not far” he said, “In fact I live in the same street, in walking distance, not even 3 minutes”.. wow.. I could be sucking cock in 4 then lol

I message him with the same message as I did with the other guy, but told him the door would be locked at 2:30 pm.

Once again I striped leaving my jacket and socks on and I laid in wait.. it was now getting dark and the room was now much dimmer. I heard the outer front door open then closed, then the inner door opened and closed. My mobile rang to indicate another message, but I turned it off.

Next I could hear foot steps toward the stairs, the creaking of the steps. Then I heard him on the first lading, so I took of my Jackie and let it slip to the ground. I then had a horrible thought.. could this be my friend who owns the house?

I was behind the door as he entered the room, it was not my friend thank god. As I approached him he turned around and I swung the door closed as I approached him, “why not take a seat” I said.

He never said anything as he sat down, I started to pull at his belt but he pushed my hands away, stood up, undid his belt pushing his trousers and underpants down, he was hard as a rock.

As he sat down I gently started to fondle his balls, they hung down as I caressed them. My hand then reached out to his foreskin and pulled it back. At the end of it I could just make out in the dark signs of pre-cum, as my face started towards his cock he cried out “Fuck !!” and a fountain of cum shot from his cock, his hand pressing against my hand while holding his cock “Fuck, fuck, fuck” he continued. I could feel his cock in my hand pulsating, his warm cum on my hand. “ I am so sorry he said, I have been trying to get a meet for of a week.. and I was ready for it.. hope you don’t mind too much”. As he got up I handed him some of the toilet paper and we both dried our hands. I think at that point he was to embarrassed to say anything else to be honest. “Thanks a lot and I’ll see you again?” and he left.

Well I have had some guys cum quick be that seemed a bit too quick, I got dressed and check my mobile again. Two more wanted to meet but time was marching on and I had it for the day .. freezing my knackers off lol..

In a way I’m glad walls don’t talk otherwise my dark secret would be out lol…..I might just try that again tomorrow :)

Monday 5 February 2018

Headache !!

Bought a new leather jockstrap … nar flax look haha. Tried it on and the front pouch is a bit big for my balls and cock but it gives full access to the important area of my body… my bum. So have been keen to meet with it on :)

I’m sure everyone here is the same, but when you have not had a meet for some time, whether it’s a few days or months, the urge builds up inside you and sometimes it difficult to even think straight, in my case it’s been only 5 days !!

If I see someone that has some “potential”, which usually means “A top that can accommodate” I drop them a wink or a “Hi”. I had seen this person profile a number of time, she is a TV and wondered if we could hit it off so to speak. After a wink she came back to me and we started to chat. She asked me about what I was looking for and what she was interested in. The first these messages came about 10 am in the morning, by 11 ish I was in her bed :) NOW THAT’S HOW YOU SETUP A MEET lol

I told her that I was the submissive type and she asked if we could meet for a coffee. I agreed if this could be at her home and she said it was fine. I quickly went for a shower and put on my new jockstrap in the hope it was not just for a coffee.

When I arrived at her address I parked outside and sent her a message, “Can I come in” and she messaged me back “Yes”, I crossed my fingers, got out of my car and knocked on her door and let myself in, she had already started to walk to the front door as I opened it. My jaw dropped !!

She was dressed all in black, black top, tights shoes and a blond wig. She was a size 10 dress, now anyone who knows anything about women clothes know that a size 10 is what most women aspire to be, very slim without looking anorexic.

She greeted me and asked if I wanted a coffee and we went into the living room. I told her that black coffee was fine with no milk, idiot I thought black coffee is without milk.. she had totally caught me off guard.

She went into the kitchen to make the drinks, turned and said “You may as well take off your clothes if we are going to chat”. I took of my jacket and top followed by my jeans, she glanced up and saw my new jockstrap, then did a double take “You can keep them on”.

She came back carrying the coffees, after putting them down she pulled open my jockstrap and grabbed my cock, “That’s not that little” she said “I think I will take you to my bed for a cuddle” so I followed her up stairs. In her room she had a display a number of collars, whips, dildos and other play things

More or less as soon as we entered the bedroom it was all tongues, hands running over each other’s body. I could feel her cock starting grow and we melted into each other, onto her bed.

She rolled me over on to all fours, and I could feel her finger probing my ass with some cool liquid, I guessed it was lubrication. Next I felt a dildo being pushed in to me, and at one point I pulled away, then she showed me it, much bigger than I am use to !!. Once again the kissing, rubbing started again. At one point she stopped and again told me get on all fours, then whack, she started to smack my behind, this then changed to a whip then I think it was a paddle.

She then gripped the check of my bum between her teeth and started to bite down along with a sucking motion, her hand would grip my cock from time to time. When she stopped I turned and garbed her cock, which now exposed. I push my mouth over the top of it and started to suck, while my hand was fondling her balls.

She was totally smooth and had a good 7 inch cut cock, wonderful xxxx. She was twisting my nipples, always love that and at one point she said “Lets stop and have our coffees” she sat on the side of the bed with her cock fully exposed.

I sat on the floor beside her legs. To one side there was a cabinet with various toys on it, and then something caught my eye.. a bottle of poppers, “Can I” I said, “Yes of course you’re here to enjoy yourself”. I have seen these poppers before, a bit stronger than the ones I get I took off the top and put the bottle to my nose and took a deep breath, until I could not inhale any more. I was going to do the same to the other nostril but before I could the poppers took their effect and the room started to spin, my head became light and I could feel it take effect throughout my body. I laid down on the bed with my bum in the air, hoping that she would take me… and she did not disappoint me one little bit.

I felt her cock enter my ass, then she pushed hard and I felt the pleasure of pain as she went deep down inside me. In and out she was fucking me well, while I was in popper heaven.

As the effect started to wear off I asked if I could have a further hit.,this time both nostrils. Once again I laid back on the bed, I could hear her saying that she wanted to breed me, buy me a cock cage. With combination of her cock thrusting away and the effect of the poppers I just laid there and let her do what she wanted, no question asked.

From time to time she would allow me to suck on her wonderful cock, I would try and let it fuck my throat. I took a third hit of poppers and the pounding started again, “I’m going to make you mine” she said, time after time, I had no control now, in a feeble whimper I said “No” but carried on just lying there. Then that was it, it was all over.

She got up and said she would like to do this on a regular bases, and I agreed. She disappeared into the bedroom and she called out “Its nearly 1 o’clock” as I had asked her earlier what time was it. Our meet had lasted an hour !! One of the longest meets I have ever had.

So now I can add this to my repertory, been mounted and fuck by a tranny.. loved every bit sweetheart hope to visit you again.

My only problem now is dealing with the head ache I always get after a session with poppers. but worth it :)

Tuesday 20 February 2018

Keep your hat on

Some of my past experiences have made me quite submissive, which means my tiny willy does not always get hard and that means I don’t always cum, although I do want to. So if I don’t cum for a few days, I start to get a built up feeling, and think my head will explode !! But when I do eventually cum it’s the best feeling ever :)

I get about maybe 50 or 60 views a day, I’m not sure if that’s good or bad, but this Monday I had no more than 10 so I thought I could spark a little interest, “Faggot looking for training by Top or Master”. Soon the interest started, a lot of the messages where from other bottoms asking if I had much success, some from tops that could not accommodate, and of course the usual wankers.

This particular guy messaged me on one website saying he would meet, so we arranged it for the coming Thursday, I did think it was going to be real tight as I had an out of town job on that day, and Wednesday was totally out of the question, so getting to a meeting was going to be a logistic nightmare, but I had not cum for four days and I just knew I had too soon as it was driving me crazy.

Tuesday came and I completed a job unexpectedly early in the morning, so more or less the rest of the day was to myself. I got back to the office to plan out the materials for the next job, which also fell into place.

This guy did say he would message me the next day, and he did while I was out and managed to pick up his message on my mobile, “Do you want to be used this afternoon”. I had to think, what was stopping me, I had completed my work for the day and any other stuff like paper work I could do later that evening?

The problem was it was now getting on in the day almost 3:30 and he mentioned about meeting at 4, I messaged him back and asked where and he told me he had a safe place to meet. The usual excitement started in my stomach, the butterflies for want of a better description began fluttering, my mouth turned dry and my mind was quickly turning over what would happen. The decision was made; we would meet if he agrees.

Another message came, I had to meet him less than 8 minutes from where I live, at a pub. He said he would then pick me up and take me to a place where we would not be disturb. It seems as the secrete adventure had begun.

I striped and did my usual anal cleansing, a quick wipe over my body then sprayed myself with deodorant. I then put on my black jockstrap, my jeans, boots and a top, just three pieces of clothing to remove and I would be naked except for my jockstrap, it was still cold so to keep warm as I don’t have much hair, I put on my Benny hat.

I parked up and watched as other guys crossed the front of my car, watching which one would be him? One car pulled up, a four by four and parked to the left of me, was he the guy? He glanced over to where I was, and I stared back. He opened his car door, he was over 6-foot-tall with a beard with jogging pants on and did not look very clean at all. I remember thinking at the time “Please not him”. This is always a gamble, he locked his door turned and walk by my car, relief.

Time was matching on and still no sign so I thought I would and message him, and while I was doing this he approached the car.

He was a grey older guy, more or less the same height as me and he did warn me before that he was hairy and bald. I got out of my car greeted him and made the way to his car, just chatting on how long I had been on the website, if I had meet many people, and of course about the timewasters.

I was expecting to just pull around the corner to where he was taking me, but to my surprise it was over 5 miles away and the traffic was getting heavier.

I’m not sure how long it took but must have been 15 minutes or more. He told me that the building was only used at certain times of the day and he had a set of keys.

We went in then up stairs to a room, and he asked if this was ok. We stated to undress, I was the first to get naked. After removing all of his clothes he came closer and I started to wank him, his cocked started to get hard. He pulled at my jock strap and jerked out my limp cock, wanking and rubbing it.

Every now and then we would kiss, our tongues touching. Pulling and twisting nipples, I then dropped to my knee and took the end of his cock into my mouth, and started to suck just the end. I could feel his hips swaying towards me.

I continued to suck him while fondling his balls, his cock was now really hard and he pushed his cock far down my throat. This went on for a few minutes then he squatted down and we were both in the same position we wanked each other and kissed.

“You want me to fuck you” and I said yes. He disappeared and returned with a bottle of lube and a condom. I took the bottle and poured some onto my hand and applied it to my ass, while he put on his condom. I bent over and he tried to enter me, by this time he had lost his erection.

He stood up and said “I hate these fucking things” we tried again but this time I managed to pull off his condom with my ass. I pulled it out, “Can I bare back you, I wont cum inside” and I agreed. I went on all fours with my ass in the air, and his cock squeezed into me.

He started to thrust deep in me, the familiar feeling of anal fucking stated to fill my body. I have to admit, anal fucking was not a great pleasure to begin with as it can be painful, but ironically its that what makes it pleasurable after a time. There is nothing that one can do to imitate the pleasure of a cock hitting the back of your anal passage then it being withdrawn, even a dildo is not the same.

His thrusting and pounding had become quicker and harder, I pushed my bottom towards him to enable him to get a deeper penetration. Suddenly he pulled it out, I stayed still and I could hear him panting and visualised that he was now wanking, then I felt a wet warm feeling on my back and his sign of relief, it was apparent that he had cum on my bum. We both just stayed there still, he then got up and disappeared to find some kitchen towel, I felt my cock.. it was hard.

I knelt there wanking, one hand was frantically moving up and down my cock, the other around my balls then pinching at my nipples the feeling of a climax was imminent, then it came, the blood rushed to my head, my heart pounding my breathing was deep, and I was there, I held my breath, the pulses rushed through my body for what seemed minutes, but in reality would have only been a few seconds. My first cum in days :)

He returned and I’m not sure even if he realised that I had cum. I wiped myself down and his cum from my back, we both got dressed and returned back to my car talking about people we had meet in the past and our experiences, and that if I ever wanted another meet was to message him.. oh I will. It then dawn on me in the excitement.. I never even took off my Benny hat :)

26 February 2018

Finger fucking good.

Since being back from my absence from this website, which was more than 8 months ago, I have been trying to find one particular guy who I had lost contact with, until now. It was only just recently I saw his profile so I messaged him to arrange a meet, and that was about a month ago, my problem is with work I never know from one day to the next what I’ll be doing, not any good for a horny bottom :( or top for that matter.

He’s is a polite, friendly chatty guy, I would say he is a cuddly size, almost a bear potion if you like you can almost bury yourself in him, lol I’m sure he would not mind me saying that. I think he lives alone so accommodation seems to be no problem, and always seems to be keen of meeting (horny bugger)

On the Saturday that had just passed I sent him a message to meet on him on the Sunday, but he did not pick up the message until today being Monday. It turned out I was finishing early so I message him back, he said there was no problem so we made a date for 2 pm.

I think today was one of the coldest days it’s been for a long time, there was snow and a cold wind but despite that, I was happy to just to wear my jacket, underpants, jeans shoes and of course, what is now becoming to be my trade mark.. my jock strap, and surprising thing is I didn’t really feel the cold at all.

I love my jock strap as it give easy access to my important part of my body.. my bum :) and it covers my tiny cock.

I rang his number and asked if it was still ok to come and he agreed. As normal he always makes you feel welcome and we chatted for a bit before we entered his bedroom. We both started to fondle each other through our clothes, that last for less than 60 seconds then we both striped off to be fully naked.. well not quite I still had my jock strap on :) and he kept his socks on lol.

He almost pushed me on to his bed, I like a guy that can take charge, and laid next to me, my hand found his hard cock and we started to kiss. I tell you this guys tongue must be the longest I have had the pleasure of tasting; I’m sure it hits the back of my throat.

This is my third meet with him and I do know he has a short fuse, no offence intended, just that some guys do, and those that do sometimes have a quick recover, so all ready to go again.

I started to squeeze his balls, his hands frantically running over my body, pinching at my nipples, pushing his tongue into my mouth, swapping mouth fluids. Things had become hot and my head moved to his cock and I started to suck. As his hips move towards me I opened my mouth wider to allow it entry in to my hungry hole. I moved away from his cock and started to suck on his nipples, one hand slowly wanking his hard stiff cock. At some point he pushed me so I was on top of him, I let go of his cock and grabbed my body towards him and I could feel he had positioned his cock against mine.

Every now and again he would smack my ass, then smack my balls, his head found my tiny cock in my jock strap and he start to suck. He would grab it from to time and wank it hard or his fingers would find my mancunt and he would push them in, then out and back in again.. I try and always wear lube just in case. Finally, I positioned myself so I could suck on his cock, I knew he was ready to cum, I would jerk him then stop for a short time, then again and so on. Every now and again my mouth would be sucking his cock as a baby would suck on a teat, my tongue would try and find a way into his pee hole. His body was now jerking his breathing was deep I could feel his body become tense and stiff, “Fuck” he cried, one more pump I thought and I was right. The cum came oozing from his cock, this is the bit I love .. I could feel his cock pulsating, pushing out his cum onto his belly and me helping the process by milking him. He now just laid there, my job done.. hopefully satisfaction reached lol.

I do get a lot of guys asking me what do I get from it all .. that’s always difficult to say really. On some occasions I will wank and cum, others I will re-live by writing about it then cumming, or maybe just using my dildo and a bottle of poppers thinking about and reliving the moment, thanks babe.. look forward to our next meet :)

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