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August 12th Hove -Boiler room

*ee harvey184 minutes ago *ee harvey
Why beards?

I recently shaved my beard off because parts of it have turned white. I didn't like the patchy look that gave me and I certainly didn't like the white moustache. Annoyingly, I miss it. Photos of me have something missing. My reflection looks wr

*etspeedos369 minutes ago *orillaInTheMist
horny slut needs fucking

I'm ahorny little cumslut dresses in stockings frilly panties and PVC dress I'm free for you to use my slutty holes at my place now in Weston Rhyn sy10

*umloverxx126 minutes ago *umloverxx

Poppers are a gay sex thing , the gay mp has helped us out .

*ecretlybi64 hours ago *an375
The larger, flaccid penis

Yea I love sucking flacid cocks yummy

*ick_in_hand154 hours ago *ust4cruzin
Pee lovers only - what clothes

Must try it tomorrow with sissy bf both of us naked and see how it feels

*ame brune aime144 hours ago *i_tightsCD

I used to try and do it when I was married but fucking wife kept interrupting me. Gf helps me and treats me and my sissy bfs to some super edging every so often

*ames307694 hours ago *i_tightsCD
how often do you need to cum most weeks

Our gp recommends as often as we can too and my mother used encourage a twice a day wank or fuck again if you want to know more about that contact me. I usually tray and fuck gf or my bfs at least once a day. She is heavy wanker too and if done

*exytroy754 hours ago *i_tightsCD
Things that annoy you about cruising?

My staff often refer to me as a Miserable Old Git. I take it as a term of endearment as they seem quite fond of me really and were horrified at my recent threat to retire :-) O:-) :-)

*obin79725 hours ago *ordic-knight
scary video for gays

Mock as much as you like...but there are an awful lot of atheists who,with the prospect of losing their lives or the lives of dear ones to them...have found themselves praying to an imaginary God they don't believe in. On the telly, o

*frontsbloke1085 hours ago *ordic-knight

Thanks to the EU I can officially claim to be Cornish. I was born there and spent the first 14 years of my life there. My mothers family were Cornish through and through.

*referbi545 hours ago *ordic-knight
Fuck, suck, or avoid person above

The lot xxx

*urtonfotoldermen905 hours ago *ikey_essex
Truckers A11

Any truckers use the A11 between the M11 and Newmarket North or Southbound... (thumb)

*ezz6615 hours ago *ezz66
Best Bellend on here

What score out of ten would you give my bellend, guys? ;-)

*assageGuyJake1336 hours ago *ipaulsun

anyone wanna cam?

*oroteenbi16 hours ago *oroteenbi
Rate my cock

Really did you like it that much xx

*1206 hours ago *OOLBOP

It doesn't matter what type of food you eat, you still have to clean out any residue !

*ellyguy26 hours ago *aked4u2
CD/TV with best legs


*astmids_man467 hours ago *aughtytwendyCD
Anyone seen the Looking movie?

Bit of a waste of time this.... :-)

*ves3227 hours ago *ves32
Your favourite politician

It's not a classic Tory trick, it's common for inflation to rise during the first period of a new government. This goes on whatever the colour of the party coming to power, and usually more frequent when the outgoing party is in a position where a

*aravaggio1147 hours ago *ewcocol
getting fucked first time.

I would like to try this never done it before any one near me want to help me out ? pm me Sheffield area

*omcat304728 hours ago *h yer 11
Have you ever caught an STD through oral only?


*obin7938 hours ago *acchus82
Arse pics that are a turn off..

usually daddies tell me compliments about my arse ;) $-)

*rdell689 hours ago *115

I would

*hickmeatmilker610 hours ago *punkmyface
Undecended Testicles

Having no balls at all ive just have an empty sack, the standing joke is to tell the guy to suck my balls :-D it can take an age sometime before they cotton on :-)

*ontec610 hours ago *anS6sheffield
What don't you like about your body?

My average size balls,I would love a huge pair of danglers :-) Wishing for more than youv'e got is just being greedy

*inudistdad12911 hours ago *otoned

One of my past profile said: "My body is not a temple, it is an amusement park. Come and have a ride".

*ubnorfolk512 hours ago *etropolis
Sir Philip Green

Or Dom Jolly on his phone HELLO IM JUST IN BHS GETTING SOME MONEY! :-p :-p

*onik6512 hours ago *ooder

fed up with time wasters, why do guys do it, been let down more than a few times, one guy was ten minutes away in his own words, i,m showered and waiting lubed, such a let down :-(

*ersub117 hours ago *ersub
Gran Canaria in June - July!!!

Hi everyone! Me and a friend of mine are going to Gran Can for the first time! June 27th to July the 11th and I just thought I'd ask you lovely people if you had any advice on where to go, we don't wanna go too crazy but we really want to

*ee641618 hours ago *ee64
pubes or no pubes?

Love a clean shaved tv.

*roypup2418 hours ago *shfordtvlover
smelly socks

badly need some smelly worn socks to sniff any guys post some to me please men 16-50 pvt message me

*rewjeff42119 hours ago *rewjeff42
Swallow or Spit

Love to swallow a hot load but also really love it all over my face

*10623 hours ago *acy666
want to try and swallow 10 loads

Just tell me when

*oyboy180923 hours ago *iboy11
outdoors tied up

Sounds like fun

*teve21593923 hours ago *erybi

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