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St Georges day

To paraphrase George carlin "being English isn't a skill it was a genetic accident". I'm happy to be English but I won't take pride in the accident of birth I'll keep that for when I achieve something through my own skill.

*ndeeper895 minutes ago *limbiwashy
Blow jobs


*imeout5633911 minutes ago *imeout5633
Putin - haha!

Does he put in or take...? Is he Vlad the Impaler or the Impalee...?

*obC891241 minutes ago *ikkjel.dag
A Question For The 'Big Boys' On Here

I like 'em big or small. They don't go up my arse anyway. It's the man attached that I'm more interested in.

*van Arden1542 minutes ago *hkar
Heat sauna Stockport

Could there actually be three doors - one white, one black, and one blue-ish grey? That would probably make it Britain's most adoored gay sauna...

*ackofalltrades3547 minutes ago *ikkjel.dag

cock to cock action with lots of hot cum spurting over each other- what's not to love?

*rog_prince72132 hours ago *ockles

The thread has turned into a load of complete nonsense with posters wanting to moan, snipe and accuse but who are completely ill-informed. Dont most threads get turned into nonsense on here,, some guys just like to hijack threads

*lumber4u162 hours ago *overofold
cancer caused through oral sex

Remember that cancers are not 'catching'

*242 hours ago *etropolis
How to recognise a timewaster

tried to cant.but i have a few tips. a few guys on here will put you right though.

*ervalan23 hours ago *ollydee

A lot still depends on the guy inside the hoodie. So many look painfully thin, gormless and have an attitude problem so don't appeal to me. However I did have a lovely stocky lad visit me at one time and he looked sexy in a hoodie.

*ennis6123 hours ago *ordic-knight
Spit Roasts: in front getting a bj; in the middle being fucked both ends; or up the back, pounding ass?

In the middle every time $-)

*owcester943 hours ago *ottomBearDad
dieing mans last wish

good luck to you mate I hope you enjoy whats left to the full

*ndrewuk2013123 hours ago *ondo
How do you know?

What's the best way of letting a guy know you're interested in them? My work takes me into people's houses a lot and sometimes I fancy a guy who lives there but don't want to say or do the wrong thing if he's not that way inclined.

*artinhaswood14 hours ago *artinhaswood
wifes knickers

Anyone in Northants or Cambs want to sniff my gf's used knickers or swap some?

*564 hours ago *antyperv1

i hope everything work's out well for you

*ondo84 hours ago *nookerman1
if only

I'd meet you in there when I have my lung op..

*ondo24 hours ago *harlie1147
Buying your lingerie

remember if we don't have what you want just leave us some details and we will have a shop around for it ;-) xxx very discreet service assured and expected xx

*un4some145 hours ago *un4some
Boxers or briefs feeling my bare helmet rubbing and balls swinging all day...but for running and gym I wear a jockstrap- like it all snug then.

*cot_harbour1306 hours ago *utroundhead
What kinda arse do you like to sink your cock into?

Any top like to sink their cock in my arse

*408 hours ago *az7777
schoolgirl look

I'd dress any way a guy wanted , feels horny fucked dressed

*ocksucker kerry178 hours ago *az7777
Rimming - Is It Safe?

I love deep rimm before kissing

*ersgregor178 hours ago *az7777
Saunas - do's & don'ts

Would love to be watched wanking and fingering, then see who want to fuck me,

*harky1234879 hours ago *az7777
town names

I now live in sunny Blackpool, not much better!!! hehehehe o-) im back in wales lol

*7112 hours ago *ice guy 36
TV shows you watch because of actor

Jeremy Piven yum yum

*RICEY19713014 hours ago *aysbiglad


*ullbimarid214 hours ago *ullbimarid
Looked at me

Bloody hell 5 weeks and 6 feedback, good for you matey :-)

*Izo1015 hours ago *h23..

Made a Shepherds Pie and Bread and Butter Pannetone Pudding...I can make scones, cakes, baked cheesecake; tiramasu too

*tx155015 hours ago *oke
would Scotland survive on its own

Scotland could survive independently yes, but they're better off remaining as part of the UK, at least for a few more decades. The EU is currently far too unstable right now.

*12015 hours ago *ighart90

codeine will give you a scratch !-)

*iffa916 hours ago *ub-liminal2013
Eastville Park, Bristol

The toilet block is there, but i have been looking around on the net and i have found out it is a good place to go on a night for fun and i just wanted to know if it is true or not and this is the site i found the information from. :) http:

*avt1976316 hours ago *avt1976

jaymeejay123 if u want, 30 up for fun

*orodan816 hours ago *
Cruise Ship

In a couple of weeks I am going on a cruise round Scotland and the Faroes. It would be great to meet someone for a bit of fun! Has anyone any experience of meeting folk (either other passengers or crew) on a cruise?

*amishmac116 hours ago *amishmac
Heat Sauna Stockport

Enjoyed it the first time but only a couple in last two times

*3517 hours ago *ornyguy46
KIK deebooty94

I probably will get around to uploading a pic onto this but in the mean time often take pics/vids of my ass/lips etc :P to send on kik and can also chat easy:) so add me deebooty94

*eebooty94118 hours ago *eebooty94

chat on yahoo...msg me

*overofpanties118 hours ago *overofpanties

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