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My wife knows about me being bi but only recently I'm hoping she will come to understand things more and I can be open about meets and the things I do but atm it's don't ask dont tell

*oston3087 minutes ago *ale47
Tight or stockins thong's or knickers?

Thongs as I have a tiny package and the fit just perfect for me and stockings I love dressing slutty xx

*11512 minutes ago *ikimarriott
Favorite TS porn star

Bailey Jay is so pretty and feminine but with a gorgeous cock. I get confused.

*icockwakey416 minutes ago *hy42
Anal sex. Are you top or bottom, experienced or inexperienced?

Been a top a couple of times and enjoyed it but I prefer being a bottom. Don't enjoy it so much when the cock is too big, though. I've had amazing orgasms with a smaller cock (or toys).

*iger72s6018 minutes ago *hy42
born gay ?

PS my dog certainly is :-p My stepsister used to have a lesbian sheepdog.

*ouandme1920 minutes ago *ordic-knight
Gay saunas at the weekend

sundays are very quiet in my experiance and as badseeded said watch out for the guys that don't douche

*speciallyk624 minutes ago *dowannafuck
For the guys who love giving BJs, Do you spit or swallow and why?

love to suck older guys & swallow their load

*iger72s1656 minutes ago *ssexoral

I don't buy makeup in sets. I mainly buy mine in boots from the Benefit counter & the usual counters, just depends what I'm looking for. I find Boots is the best place & usually all the girls are fine with a guy buying makeup :-)

*ressforme358 minutes ago *areham TV
small cocks

nothing wrong with small cocks at all

*lackbush191 hour ago *uanking
Chubbies, chasers & bears

Yeah I get that I mean I would love to meet with you its just fonding the time and the place

*hubbymangay582 hours ago *ellsdarkangel
cruising advice

I've got a lot to learn :*)

*ear darlo172 hours ago *remner50337
Now describe your sex life with a song title

Nightmare Avenge Sevenfold

*ewcocol1233 hours ago *artney
Bum pics

I think i've got a nice bum, but what is between the cheeks dosen't look great to me, I think it's just better being played with!

*referbi243 hours ago *urty12
Sucking another mans cock

I'm very philanthropic like that... O:-) O:-) O:-) I tend to do the same, been at it for many years now. It surprises me still, the number of men, straight or gay or anything in between who love a cock in their mouth. Sometimes I fe

*ike young134 hours ago *astertim
'New fashion ' Beards

I have noticed this new fashion. I like wearing a beard. A mans pubic hairs bristling my face as I serve his weapon. love it.

*ervypoof974 hours ago *aturebiwed

Strange as it might seem jocks to absolutely nothing for me whatsoever.

*utroundhead345 hours ago *affbloke

yes i also love cumming in my own mouth, either legs over head to get it all right in my gob or cos I'm a big spurter I can usually shoot some into my mouth just by pointing it at my face when sitting down, bend my head towards my cock. Love

*imlietz69277 hours ago *isstheblade_69
cd and tv heels

thanks for your help,guys/gals

*aviebi117 hours ago *aviebi
unusual remedies

A little off-topic because it's not actually a remedy, but I use coconut oil for giving oily wanks. It stays slippery and then, when you finally want to get your lips round your fella's cock, it tastes of coconut! SLURRRRRP! Much nicer than the

*lhands178 hours ago *hilandros
Does My Bum Look To Big

Peachy :-p

*artles38 hours ago *inger
Fuck,Suck,Chuck Guy above

Suck and get fucked by him

*akemiller191209 hours ago *ellsdarkangel

recently shaved my rear and I love it! I always clean myself inside with my douche on my days off even if not meeting. Can't wait to experience rimming both giving and recieving.

*439 hours ago *i-and-curious

I can't get my head round guys who don't kiss . I couldn't have sex with a guy and not kiss him ! Kissing is SO IMPORTANT XX

*itpassivekett9210 hours ago *ickrandom
Anal masturbation

Sorry Bi-and-curious, did you mean the Rim Vibrator?

*ayvirgin98411 hours ago *earnelg
Do you enjoy giving or receiving a BJ?


*iger72s10312 hours ago *ovespantys
Your best album

Zebrahead - MFZB

*aked hair cutter4614 hours ago *hubbyCock
Im good at

I'm good at lessening n taking it all in . :-) O:-)

*ANINTROUSERS2714 hours ago * Bttm
Balls and more...

Do love seeing a nice smooth pair of balls when a guy bends over sometimes i find when a guy uses a cockring the guy wearing it loses the softness of his hanging balls but sure makes his cock nice and hard so guess you can't have the best of both

*busemyballs815 hours ago *ittle Man
What part of a mans body do ou like the most..

Cock and pelvic area xx

*poty14515 hours ago *ikimarriott
do you like being fucked?

Would love a stiff cock in my tight ass. Me on all fours.him pushing his cock up into my tight ass to his balls.then fucking me till he cums. Just not had it for quite a while would love to have one this week.

*mandasissy8915 hours ago *ight ass here
Deep anal

its all about quality no quantity lol x x x but please be safe don't push it too far x x x

*oo1976821 hours ago *idsxdresser
Black cock

Would have loved to be in your position . :-(

*ust4211922 hours ago *arcusforsex
emmerdale "outing"

well just make sure robert doesnt trap arron in a barn and then set it alight lol It was Andy--Robert's adopted brother--who set fire to the barn that saw the demise of stepmother Sarah. Of course they are all a bit demented

*frontsbloke2322 hours ago *ordic-knight
Walk in my shoes!

My ordeal ended after many years and met the bastard coming toward me down the street,he said no hard feelings...and smiled...I walked round the corner to the local police station and they got him,he spent the rest of his days in prison,dont think

*sunamiwarrior1523 hours ago *ld man small cock
Favourite bands/artists

80s bands A.HA.. Swedish band KENT :-)

*amanthaCD3024 hours ago *ssexbi53

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