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Me1 sauna

It's in Rochester Kent ,just of the high street. Go on the ME1 sauna web site for more info and pics.

*40 1 minute ago! *poty

Why have you posted 10 blogs/threads all at once? Have u got a tile loose? I'm sure you'll manage to get a word in lol.

*rQuiet37 minutes ago *HIOG

Hmm .... I think I'll have a word with my chum on here. I could quite easily manage a few days in Westminster each week to top up the pension. Are you listening Charles??

*rQuiet513 minutes ago *aravaggio
Brexit talks... what the hell is going on... does anyone have a clue?

That makes no sense. UKIP are no longer a party but never talked sense. Labour and Conservatives have millionaires. Very few politicians have never had a real job. Greens are fantasists but have good ideas. LibDems are possibly the best of

*oner4u2suck2414 minutes ago *HIOG
Electric cars

There are 3 "filling stations" within a couple of miles of me, and each one is actually a mini supermarket that happens to sell a few litres of fuel, now and again. Long gone are the two pumps and kiosk type, with a till and a few fags stuck on a

*aravaggio3116 minutes ago *aravaggio
Do you like to be sucked or do the sucking or both equally?

i like to suck both ways and swallow

*oner4u2suck6423 minutes ago *ichael john
fcking a tranny

i treat a t girl as i would treat a regular female ,t girls are so hot .ive been with 4 in total and always eager for more ,id love to meet a dom tgirl too that would tie me to the bed

*3829 minutes ago *suckmeslowly
user no longer on site

14 mins between getting initial message and "User no longer on system". Is this a record?

*ldcock65431 minutes ago *onnoc

I like Corbyn but Tweeting is for young guys with quick minds. Corbyn and Trump are of a previous generation and should stick to pen and paper.

*rQuiet244 minutes ago *aladin1950

I live in Slough and we suffer from exhaust emissions as we take a lot of motorway and airport traffic as well as to our own enormous trading estates. I think the OP was alluding to the fact that Sadiq Khan praised the French for their policy but

*rQuiet346 minutes ago *aladin1950

It was a lie that worked. Students believed it and voted accordingly.

*rQuiet252 minutes ago *HIOG
Sex sites

What do you guys think are the best gay sex sites to meet guys ( please don't say this one)?

*amworthhole11 hour ago *amworthhole

Momentum last night posted a rushed rebuttal video attempting to limit the damage of Corbyn’s student debt u-turn. An eagle-eyed co-conspirator has noticed they employed the services of the same actress who starred in Vote Leave’s famous campaign

*rQuiet12 hours ago *rQuiet

Abi Wilkinson’s plan for a 100% inheritance tax in The Guardian was met with derision and some scepticism. She has now revised her plans and would actually quite like to inherit thousands from her parents. A tax loophole for her own little personal

*rQuiet12 hours ago *rQuiet

Momentum have released a new video parodying a middle class garden lunch where the capitalist classes sneer at young Corbyn voters over glasses of white wine. The film mocks one posh character who says “People think they deserve a job without doing

*rQuiet12 hours ago *rQuiet
Caning my bare bum

not keen on being canned do like being hand spanked and lookin in mirror see hand prints on my cheeks

*42 hours ago *atiscuming
Never understood why mention a persons sexuality, they don't do it if they are straight!

Because there is still a very strong train of thought, irrespective of protestations to the contrary, that gay, transgendered and bisexual people are not normal. Pretty much the same as the official line that we enjoy a well integrated,

*oner4u2suck32 hours ago *aravaggio
Portsmouth shaving service

id LOVE someone to shave me

*jay9672 hours ago *atiscuming
Petrol & Diesel Cars to be Banned!

Politicians claim road pollution kills 40,000 people per year,but this is a blatant lie. Even greenpeace says the figure is bogus,and that these victims are not real,and that it is more realistic to say that pollution shortens everyones life

*wdChris292 hours ago *aravaggio
TV Piss whore + drinking spunk / 1 or groups

its in rochester high street :)

*83 hours ago *atiscuming
Washing basket knickers

"liberate"= steal what a nice friend you must be

*ing-monkey93 hours ago *dowannafuck
Phone sex now!

Any Dom(ish) guys want to use a dirty kinky cumslut on the phone now? Make me cum for you.

*ionysus00713 hours ago *ionysus007
The U.S. President made the announcement that transgender service men and women would cause ‘disruption’ within the ranks of the military

My last post should have read “There are “closeted” gay men who don’t LIKE other gay men”

*he Blue Knight104 hours ago *he Blue Knight
Nettles - Men or mice

So many previous contributors to this thread "are no longer on site" I hope they haven't done themselves an injury with the nettles!!

*244 hours ago *ikeport
The U.S. President made the announcement on Twitter and claimed that transgender service men and women would cause ‘disruption’ within the ranks of th

I haven't seen the details but I know Obama put in place the facility for those soldiers wanting transgender re-assignement to have the costs paid for by the military and for those having the op to not be on active service during the transition so

*he Blue Knight75 hours ago *sunamiwarrior

Abbots Farm in Norfolk and Rosebay near Peterborough, think they are naturist as well

*oveolder226 hours ago *otrod69
Who Buys your Ladies Lingerie

I totally agree , buy my lingerie on line . xx Good for you. At least you don't nick it off line :-D :-D :-D

*686 hours ago *ordic-knight

I have tried a bra without much sucsess . Probably need a training bra or a jogging bra . xx

*407 hours ago *curiousj
When you was a teenager who was your famous person secret crush you wanted the pants off!

Mine was Sean Cassidy when he was in the Hardy boys and Nancy Drew mysteries. I would get an erection and horny every time I saw him. I still find him very attractive (the younger him ) :-)

*oner4u2suck447 hours ago *umdoyoudo

Anubis51 and Caravaggio........ I'm sure Miranda Hart and Dianne Abbot think the same about you. Cara thingy says he doesn't like gay men, but is quite happy to have anal sex with men. Strange........ who is Cara thingy?

*peedos5238 hours ago *oe Browne

Well written Blue Knight. I watched this drama/documentary last night and was both deeply moved and captivated by the programme. It did leave me pretty drained. What was so moving was the testimonies of the gay men who lived through those awful

*he Blue Knight49 hours ago *ohnp68
Personal Hygiene

This is once reason I prefer guys to visit me at my home. I can guarantee it will be clean and tidy and if needs be I can offer them a shower. Done it a couple of times with guys who look hot but appear a bit whiffy. Agree

*otalsubguy1715 hours ago *pen_all_hours
Let down twice in one night

My general rule is two out of ten meets work out. Any more than that and you're ahead of the game.

*ave 79315 hours ago *ewcocol
Bulges in trousers, jeans and pants!

One can not wear trackies as its is too obvious a big boner is ready to be leashed on some victim! ;-) :-) ;-)

*ickerman10816 hours ago *oner4u2suck
Cardinal Pell: Vatican treasurer denies sex offences... thought all this had ended?

Sorry Gerald Ridsdale, not Peter.

*oner4u2suck816 hours ago *ewcocol

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