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user no longer on site

I must admit I did it recently. I had been on the site for around 6 years and could never understand why poeple leave the site. Just dont use it I thought, wahy do you have to leave. And then, one day I just started to question what I am doing? A

*ob S1415 minutes ago *llide1
What's you favourite posision to get fucked/to fuck in

i like it on my back laying on the edge legs up once his in feels lovely and we can snog

*owcester14335 minutes ago *elaniec
naked in the rain

Well I went to my favorite spot and got naked. Even left my clothes in the woods and walked along the road a bit diving back in when cars came. it was so good but no rain just wet road under my bare feet

*llide11247 minutes ago *llide1
Gay pubs

I would like to meet someone in a gay bar then go to theirr house and have them fucking me.........

*arried n bi82 hours ago *arried n bi
Hell Week

well my childhood was great and i would not change it for anything,it's being an adult is the hard part and it is and any chopper rides going free is good for me. :-) :-)

*ottom 4 U662 hours ago *antyman11
driving while dressed !

Is easy if you dont like those that cross dress which I do then dont reply to them is easy o-) It's not a question of not liking cross dressers. The sensible ones are cool. Each to their own, as they say. There are so many stup

*ot sexy arse334 hours ago *astertim
What do you think is the real percentage of gay guys on here?

Then nordic knight woke up :-D

*uy4u506 hours ago *r Walker
Male Underwear

I like to swap underwear.......

*honged1126 hours ago *iman.rams
Chat room

that's because everyone thinks its just for camming . there has always been a chatroom on the site. it used to be full many years back. these days instead of enjoying an audience people prefer kik or snapchat .

*sdsissy87 hours ago *ndybasildon
Undies swap.

LOL :-D :-D :-D

*astertim27 hours ago *nookerman1
Household Toys

I also made my own douche bulb. A small shower gel bottle - the squeezable radox ones are good. I shaped the bottom of a wine bottle cork with a stanley knife to fit the shower gel bottle. With a phillips screwdriver I made a hole up through the

*heffcurious167 hours ago *ezzer
many thanks..

Just a big thanks for the love on my picture, and it almost went in the bin, but happy you like it. Thanks chaps for putting it to number one. :-) :-) :-) Cost me £100 in false profiles that did... :-o :-p :-o

*ime-life257 hours ago *astertim
wanting relationship

anyone like to chat at all?

*aviaxd17 hours ago *aviaxd
Handy Man Wanted

I know my way round a PC, I see a few people posted they need help with that

*ottagecottage348 hours ago *uyInPanties
Suck, Fuck or pass

Suck & fuck ;)

*lackm638 hours ago *avt1976
cocks in lycra

love wearing lycra panties and thongs, and playing with a nice juicy cock in the same, and yes love a girls camel toe in them as well, can imagine sniff her gusset

*olepole149 hours ago *arbi
gotta ask

well guys I do meet if I like what im looking at and I don't time waste.yes I was asking as I love to hear what youd do to me,it was just a horny question.

*udist dan149 hours ago *udist dan
plastic ivy


*eatleon200829 hours ago *eatleon2008
Liverpool taxi drivers

i'd also love any Liverpool taxi drivers who want a suck

*210 hours ago *adwolf2418
Wank in work

I do at college :-p

*ingjammy3810 hours ago *otandhornyv2
teeth whitening

i reckon spunk is the best teeth cleaner its taken all the tobacco stain off my teeth anyone else noticed

*ampervanman110 hours ago *ampervanman
erection and cum

any tips for keeping erection longer and cumming more than once?

*aturecocksucker110 hours ago *aturecocksucker
leatherhead and bookham taxis

fancy a bj in there cab (?)

*1mon110 hours ago *1mon
whos wanking now?

Bloody keyboard wankers! :-p ;-)

*93800911 hours ago *h23..
Semi Nude Wrestling

No but would not object to giving it a try. Love guys in their pants.

*ike1960211 hours ago *ove_pants

Attractive male available for Top tonite

*ubjohn111 hours ago *ubjohn
Older men 40+

You could just ask for a more mature young guy? $-) *-)

*pforanything691211 hours ago *h23..

Habe sent you a pvt message mate x

*oesmith21211 hours ago *entplatinum

Attractive male available for Top xxx

*ubjohn111 hours ago *ubjohn
Bristol/Bath Taxi

Local sub Cabby here :)

*illmymouth1112 hours ago *illmymouth1
Organic semen

Isn't that like pâté de fois GRAS ? Where they force semen down your throat until you burst?

*abbitt1512 hours ago *oondog
Is taking piss right or wrong !

In answer to the original question :- if you are both enjoying it and not causing any harm to others then how can it be wrong? not really my sort of thing but wont say I will never try it. but if it's your then enjoy. I agree comp

*omewankonme2112 hours ago *uanking
Daddies and Chasers

i would love to go back to my youth and gave as many older guys as possible xx

*ortoise6912412 hours ago *uanking

anyone up for a horny chat?

*oesmith21112 hours ago *oesmith21

If a guy sang "Little Things" at me...I'd punch his fucking lights out

*laywith me712 hours ago *onik

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