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New to this

I don't think any guy can claim to be totally straight, given the right circumstances most guys will play and wank another cock even if they don't go any further. I reckon most guys are at least 'curious'

*ello49 minutes ago *akky1943
Tips for sauna I'm bottom never been

Don't be curious about using a gay sauna, give it a try on different days, if your 1st visit was too quiet for you. Another day another cock to play with !

*oysinme2329 minutes ago *aked4u2
wanking over pics

Well if I was near then I would wank over our hole am smack it softish maybe

*osietv691345 minutes ago *ackaby
TVs and CDs

crawley lingerie I can meet this morning :-p :-p

*cunnyslutcd702 hours ago *aulj9248
Warm Weather

Love how this warmer weather has the guys taking their kit off. Was up on the Malvern Hills yesterday and saw a bloke running in just his shorts. Nice hairy chest, couple of tatts. Would loved to have licked the sweat off... :-p

*eadyeddiego12 hours ago *eadyeddiego
Pleasuredrome Sanua

Dazla76, you have two better options from Southend and so easy to get to. From Southend Victoria, go to Maryland and just across the road to the station is E15. Always a good time to be had there and tends to be a older crowd, but very frie

*azla7693 hours ago *tich
'Inflation' - just add one

and love two three two

*ikkjel.dag996 hours ago *ikkjel.dag
London 'vote' advertisment

If the examples of posting online are an indication of how ill-informed the general public is and how quickly they will spout off any old rubbish when it suits them I fear the referendum might only reflect the gross stupidity of the nation.

*Preferolder617 hours ago *ewcocol
in or out

I think that it is very sad that this forum has degenerated into a political slanging match. I always though politics was a taboo subject on here. It obviously brings out the worse in everybody. Unfortunately people do not view a d

*kws1657 hours ago *ewcocol
bi guys

your wife or both.. O:-)

*hickmeatmilker27 hours ago *hickmeatmilker
hi anyone in st johns

any horny guys in st johhs I so need a smooth ass to eat

*ee66918 hours ago *ee669
TV prog: Secret Life of Human Pups

humping visitors legs again, they're going to have me seen to :-( :-(

*idlifecrisis1358 hours ago *ooder
Would you prefer to be filmed while having sex

my WhatsApp is maturemaleslave can you share your videos please

*ayboy1669368 hours ago *aturemaleslave69
Angels and Sinners, Walsall

Paid a visit here today and contrary to some previous statuses on here it was a very enjoyable day for a Saturday. You pay your nine pound and walk in. The leather sofas are clean, there is a lovely aromatic smell in the room, it is dark and

*inovim19 hours ago *inovim
tights or stockings?

Definitely hold ups, on guys or girls. Tights are a close second :)

*869 hours ago *exytxts

dont know about swinging, i could string her up sometimes :-p :-p

*ondo29 hours ago *ooder

Anyone looking for a filthy phone wank?

*cotguy1149 hours ago *cotguy11
Quiet night

Rene Artois? the bravest man in all France? Tres Bon etc etc

*erbypoz59 hours ago *ooder
Hotel for Benidorm Pride

Try Hotel Fetiche in the Old Town. VERY nice, small, private and secure.

*essa_M211 hours ago *ockjunkie

Dysonboyuk kik

*niboy95412 hours ago *ysonboyuk
In the minority

Everyone is different but I think guys who are openly expressive and unafraid of showing their passionate or affectionate side are much more satisfying to play with.

*uperdiscreet1413 hours ago *afendiscreet
rate arse

10!!!! I give extra points for tiny thongs ;)

*1156814 hours ago *l_666

In Old Blood or maybe In Cold Bloo

*ikkjel.dag6114 hours ago *ikkjel.dag
Run for the hills!!!! It's another Pervypoof rant

Mastertim oh th sweats rolling down me legs in torrents ha ha ha a hard slap indeed :-p That old slapper is just a puppy dawg puppet Worked by The Great Pervypoof

*ervypoof3214 hours ago *ervypoof

Any hung guys in Mcr?? city centre meets!

*igcocksukka115 hours ago *igcocksukka
Only in America

As my friends in Canada [one Canadian born, the other British born] say 'it is like living next door to a large, open lunatic asylum'

*ewcocol915 hours ago *ordic-knight
experimenting with ladies clothes

Although I am personally very attracted to men wearing panties, stockings, minis, heels etc and looking tarty and slutty, I am not turned on in the slightest by wearing them myself. When I first started to feel for men I was watching some dressers

*antasyman218 hours ago *wallowingman

Find a local sauna, advertise on here when you're going. Have fun!

*odfreywilliams2018 hours ago *zinty
skype fun


*nor219 hours ago *nor

Anyone wanna cam?

*oroteenbi119 hours ago *oroteenbi
Homemade Dildo

I started with a carrot,then a cucumber then tried an aubergine,but when I tried a marrow, I got thrown out of the supermarket!!

*emote34019 hours ago *ookie
nudist beaches

Any in Scotland?

*anderingcock3120 hours ago *2suck
Urgent newsflash from Pervypoof

Oops soz got carried away with my icons Well it's a bit better than sniff my rate my posts CoS I says so $-) $-) $-)

*ervypoof1820 hours ago *ervypoof
Suck wank fuck the guy above

Suck him, until he cums all over my face :-)

*enzone2921 hours ago *ornygaylad26

Ok, East Lincolnshire too ;-)

*pen24hrs1021 hours ago *H23

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