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How do I actually get a fuck on this site?

for the original poster privateguybath your profile is good and has pics so just keep being yourself and the good guys will come along i work all over uk for long periods of time and have found some areas are good some bad so look around as

*rivateguybath51just this minute!  *art timer 54

I play golf and id love a golf partner to play golf with , message me

*llsss66 minutes ago *issytasha
Junior Doctors Contracts

All this discussions on here about this and that and which party is in power etc, I wonder what the out come would be if both sides took the politics out of this and got on with sorting it out. How many on here have looked at the offer they hav

*assageGuyJake8416 minutes ago *aland

This may not be much help, as I haven't been in the job market for many years now and times have changed considerably since I was. Have you considered a different role within the supermarket, which will either give you more hours, better pay (or

*entlad86219 minutes ago *eadyeddiego
Feedback; can it actually work against you?

Good observations guys makes good reading With me its zero tolerance lol no patience with time wasters I am the same

*imbob7642 hours ago *aulj9248
serve u

hi anyone find a use for sub cd.

*rocks212 hours ago *rocks2
question for those who like sucking

Ditto, nobody has ever complained about my cum, and the cocks I've sucked, no difference. Yes smokers can smell if they don't wash or change their clothes regularly, the smelliest guys I've ever met have all been non smokers, smokers tend

*.wales admirer273 hours ago *aulj9248
Portsmouth sauna

Does anyone go here? Know which times and days are best and busiest. I would love to meet locals and suck and be fucked.

*oBottom13 hours ago *oBottom
Reading Hotel

any one staying at the Tower House hotel in the near future.

*iana116 hours ago *iana1
Ipswich cottages

arboretum block in Christchurch park used to be awesome,

*annyds46 hours ago *luttyXdresser

Unless he buys a copy of 10 I neglected to say.

*kws58 hours ago *ewcocol
Sauna Hates

I was in the gloryholes last time I went and a guy started pissing through the holes which is something I am not in to, there are special areas for this

*lovesit118 hours ago *lovesit

nice replys guys ...... *-)

*hickmeatmilker128 hours ago *hickmeatmilker
Who like tiny cocks

Small all good .

*arloswebber311379 hours ago *an375
Best Bellend on here

Hmmmm too many to choose from here...

*assageGuyJake639 hours ago *i cur Norwich
What would you do to the guy or cock above.

Perhaps savour it then really taste it. Just only for the right guy, right timing and hopefully adding to experience

*alkDirty19Kik11410 hours ago *ostsoul1977
What's your fetish

Mmmm love my shoes being tajen off and my socked or nyloned feet played with by their cock and then sucked on ... both love feel of their tongue between my nylon and / or bare feet ... mmm Also love feel of a tongue exploring my arse ... mmm.

*un In Oldham7410 hours ago *irals
Sauna in Sheffield

I built up the nerve to go in today went in around 1 but I was a bit overawed by it all. Had a spell in the gloryholes but only wanked a couple guys a bit and then I left as I didn't really know how to handle it all! Hopefully I can go back soon and

*exyrichard1310 hours ago *heffBiCock
anal orgasm

Some of the tgirls I fucked told me that an anal orgasm was different and better than one where they shoot their cum. Maybe it's the effect of having the anus stretched and the sensation of having the cock deep inside for a while. Don't understand

*oolebottom1311 hours ago *roxyman
Anal hook

Really enjoy the thought of being restrsined with one in place like a piece of meat.

*eorge500x1211 hours ago *obbyab
coming out

Never trust a woman to keep a secret like that...its in their DNA to pass it on!

*orksoporion1211 hours ago *lana

Whilst chatting to a member on hear my tablet "froze" with an official looking notice saying that I had committed various online crimes including downloading underage porn. Witch l have never done and would never do. At a cost of £100.00 it

*33702633111 hours ago *din4younger
it's pervy rant time!!! so u don't have to

;-) :-) :-D $-)

*ervypoof4212 hours ago *H23

I'm on kik as RedhillRomeo

*ik. Bradford9Lover214 hours ago *iSecksual
chat fun?

chat fun and play anyone?

*ightassbanbury114 hours ago *ightassbanbury
Savour It

You can't beat a real cock smell. It's such a turn on. However it needs to be a clean natural smell. A really rank cock or one that smells like a stick or deodorant is a total turn off.

*eadyeddiego215 hours ago *ordic-knight
Up toghill

i pink knicker with a shemale porn mag lube and jonnys waiting for u message me xxx :*)

*shleigh115 hours ago *shleigh
This is hard work..

It's when all eateries triple their prices and a card cost £4

*ick2556201915 hours ago *ick255620
Naked on Skype with my dildo

Naked on Skype with my dildo

*ouis1997sissy116 hours ago *ouis1997sissy
Outlines Festival in Sheffield

It's on 27th Feb at a few venues in Sheffield. If you search for Outlines Festival in google it should come up.

*remner50337316 hours ago *remner50337
Hair or no hair :) (not talking on head !)

I definitely prefer guys with natural hair on their bodies - very sexy.

*10517 hours ago *ifocussed
gay sauna

off to bristol sauna in a few weeks, anyone want to meet?

*heltlad921818 hours ago *heltlad92

Try fab swingers ,fab guys sister site

*ever318 hours ago *oword
Norwich 4-way

What age you looking for Ideally 50+ as I've got a thing for older guys. I'm not sure if there's room for any more though I'm afraid. If there isn't then perhaps we can count you in on future group sessions.

*un-guy69818 hours ago *un-guy69
Gym changing rooms

I agree unless you are 100% sure the guy is into its very risky trying anything on. The staff are very aware of cruising or other acts in changing rooms and monitor them regularly. I would just stick to known safe sites or places were you

*hangeme201318 hours ago *aysbiglad

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