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RIP Camber Sands

don't fk with Darwin..

*upiternuranus59 minutes ago *VESPANDEX

I do love piss play too, more a giver but don't mind getting wet either... it's just so difficult to find hot younger guys who want to be pissed on!

*ob581951 minutes ago *artin_surrey
Jock Straps

Smallprint: Bulge sold separately

*acchus82757 minutes ago *acchus82

I fear it's getting more of a problem... I had a free weekend last week, I had 6 no shows and timewasters and no actual meet at all! Free again tomorrow night but not holding out for much...

*aviddog31 hour ago *artin_surrey

Mr Lindsey Bear, I agree with you on the matter of the IOC they should have made a stand against Russia just like the IOC Paralympics who have banned the whole of the Russian team from competing from September 5th. But we Greta Britain are only one

*lue Knight991 hour ago *lue Knight
Come Dine with who?

This could be big, sell it to sky, call it the grumble in the jungle! :-D

*ewcocol141 hour ago *ooder

I can last all day edging if i get the chance. :*)

*uckablenewbie32 hours ago *rankbloke2
fisting, help please

I'm sure if it's done properly it's perfectly safe (if more than a little extreme) but I have to admit to being utterly baffled as to what people get having and entire arm stuffed up their jacksie. Anyone care to enlighten moi?

*ex kitten272 hours ago *imensionaut

In many ways it's worse for Corbyn having taken the moral high ground and then to be found to be as devious, disingenuous and deceptive as those he pretended not to be like. I used to think he as an honest guy just out of touch with reality but

*ervypoof593 hours ago *sunamiwarrior
Bulges in trousers, jeans and pants!

Looking for a nice bulge is a favourite activity. See so many everyday, in shorts, trackies, suits, it's seriously horny.

*ickerman333 hours ago *treatham69
Tonight: my first experience of dressing x

careful.. it's addictive.. $-) Already addicted Eve....and want some stripey socks, just like yours x

*unawayhorses2153 hours ago *unawayhorses2

some remarks on here would have retesting every time you change your socks

*lue Knight1174 hours ago *onjj
Bolton area. X

Hi, gotta go for a meeting in Bolton on Wednesday next week, anyone recommend anywhere to call at for some fun? Or anyone in that area interested in a meet? X

*ito man15 hours ago *ito man
naturist beach

Abbotts farm Dereham might be nearer to you google it for details x

*ippo735 hours ago *ickerless

Can't exactly tell doctor I need to be extra clean as want to get fucked up the bum lol

*uckablenewbie156 hours ago *ellyguy
First glory hole...

Oh aye... awkward as hell giving through the glory hole... but receiving? Had me looking for something to hang on to! :-p

*acchus8236 hours ago *acchus82
Orgie at mine message me for details

Am interested and have messaged you.

*utton ladd26 hours ago *ellyguy
21st century cottaging

I can understand why someone would be loathe to have sex in a public toilet and I can just as easily understand those who find it a thrilling venue. Public toilets generally but especially those attached to shops or venues are very clean and the

*omtimmy147 hours ago *sunamiwarrior
driving while dressed !

Judging by some of the poor driving I saw today e.g. tailgating, lack of use of indicators. Cutting corners, not giving way on roundabouts etc, I now wonder if they were all 'dressed' and concentrating more on their stockings, suspenders etc. than

*787 hours ago *ordic-knight
Suffolk car suck

Cocks dont fill up with cum

*uv2bsuckeddry28 hours ago *etropolis
A sexy shower or a bath with a guy?

Love having a shower with a guy before moving to the bedroom for hot sweaty fun

*rummer308 hours ago *rebor15
London Sauna closed

E15 in Maryland is still open. Never failed to have fun at this place.

*pheliaBalls138 hours ago *ingdon
Anyone wanna be my daddy

Any old guys up for a dirty no limit chat? O:-)

*ounglad15418 hours ago *ounglad154
White men

For want of a better expression ... The talk of skin colour expressed in a way that some idiot might think it makes a difference in any way other than skin colour is pathetic and I can only assume it is down to lack of knowledge and experience. I

*ebrus581711 hours ago *sunamiwarrior
afternoon chat

anyone for a horny chat this aft - need to get off again!

*W55112 hours ago *W55
First time up for grabs?

Never been with a top before and would like to know if anyone is available to accommodate and show me what it's like?

*irsttry44114 hours ago *irsttry44
Balls in or out

Go on, thne. Tell us .. :-)

*hemaligfreund7214 hours ago *aravaggio

wank chat anyone?

*W55114 hours ago *W55
Taboo air con

That's ok NK,its all good reading and its nice that the thread got read and as a community a bit of info goes down well..have fun guys :-)

*ittleman99816 hours ago *ittleman99

anyone find use for a sub cd.

*rocks2118 hours ago *rocks2
naked walk leicester

We just in from a nude walk well just our tights and heels round local wood and cam back home through church and grave yard

*2421 hours ago *i_tightsCD
Different Sensations

I have to agree with you when I started anal sex was not top of the list but love it now. As you say different strokes for different folks

*ordic-knight521 hours ago *i_tightsCD
Cum in panties

Sorry, phone posted reply before I had finished...... typing lol

*ablock212 days ago *itstop4

Going to Weeley

*enny. w142 days ago *enny. w

bi guy from cwmbran looking to set up regular morning meets with older guy that can accom,who wants to teach me how to suck a dirty mouth if u dont like being called a dirty fucker then i may behave....maybe..torfaen area

*wmbranbicurious12 days ago *wmbranbicurious

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