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Intrigued by pic background trivia

i think that's true enough in one sense because the people that we initially perceive online are rarely the same in reality, or in fact when we simply get to 'know' them more online, but as others have said, background 'clutter' in photographs can

*afendiscreet1419 minutes ago *laveboundx
wearing panties and/bra in public

Sorry to say but you would stand a fair chance of being ridiculed and humiliated or even worse. Of course that might be you 'thing' Sorry to say but your comment sounds like personal intolerance.

*un In Oldham354 minutes ago *laveboundx

Mr Dell I was going to reply as you suggest to the thank you text but as I went to send it I got a pop up saying my mobile account would be charged again. Hence I didn't reply. Once bitten twice shy now I'm afraid. *

*herry picker152 hours ago *rdell
Persecution in the 60's

the sad thing is this is not a generation or age thing, i know its not as bad as it used to be but its still there in all walks of life and in all ages groups, sadly i dont think it will ever disperser I can confirm that gay into

*uckservice4u352 hours ago *ordic-knight
Just hugs

Then there is after-sex cuddling. Nothing nicer than when you have done the deed to stay wrapped around each other kissing and feeling so at one with each other.

*asepaul71202 hours ago *ordic-knight

When I was in a notorious sex cinema 2 years ago a guy who had a bottle of what looked like liquid gold the useless stuff in my view Sat next door to Me and offered me a sniff and I told him I rarely use em now as they r useles now. Anyway I

*addy56192 hours ago *laveboundx

Anyone up for a kinky chat mail me feeling horny as hell ;) no boundaries

*ornyguy23513 hours ago *ornyguy235

Someone message me I wana naughty chat or Skype or FaceTime or snapchat?

*eorgeyBoy13 hours ago *eorgeyBoy
Great Gay Fiction

Currently reading 'Felice Picano - Like People in History' by Edmund White..... I'm finding it's a good read, so much so that I can't put it down. Described by the critics as "the Gay Gone With the Wind".... Always looking for a good Gay

*onik243 hours ago *asbax
Pre-Cum turn on or turn off

Definately a massive turn on

*nterestingtimes21174 hours ago *umswallower121
eye contact

eye contact with someone you care about is a must, my friend and i when making love have full eye contact and never seem to blink lol It's so intense and incredibly intimate. Makes sex something special for me.

*JTaylor199364 hours ago *hy42
One for the Bi guys.

There's a young, pretty good looking couple over the road from me. She swans around the bedroom naked sometimes, thinking no one can see her. I would love to fuck her while being fucked hard by her partner. And yes, I have wanked over thi

*ike young494 hours ago *hy42
cock sucking

Have I ever mentioned that I'm happy to offer my penis to anyone who needs something to suck on? I'm very giving like that.... $-) O:-) $-) once or twice!

*iguy87676 hours ago *ikebeds
spunk drinking

only my trusted 24 yo friend, who has a lovely heavy load. Cant be too carefull :)

*eep-pen467 hours ago *ookin4fun59
Another charity

It surprised me too but make and female underclothing is much sort after for the homeless. I was involved with the clothing because I had a couple of dozen brand new gilets and hoodies that had been surplus to requirements on a promotional weekend.

*sunamiwarrior57 hours ago *sunamiwarrior
Older guys

i'm an older guy (49) love being fucked n fucked by younger guys ;-)

*lackm1518 hours ago *tupidboi
Can your taste in men change?

i prefer a older gent...they are more kinky :*)

*auliooo1410 hours ago *athrin
Eyes open or closed

eyes closed....i want my lover to admire my eyeshaddow and my long eyelashes :*)

*rian21410 hours ago *athrin
Why are so many men sucking cock these days

Because men are good at it and like to perform it how they like it.. So it's win win :-p

*ay-Black13410 hours ago *aul2102
Laburnam sauna

How was the sauna?much action? Worth going next week daytime?

*ight11410 hours ago *ig8er
profiles without pics

Everyone should learn 'vulgar' and 'body'. I have 'O' levels too... they are put to frequent use, but they don't half make your knees sore :*)

*5111 hours ago *etropolis
blow jobs

I love to be gently sucked and I've been known to suck the odd cock or two. :-)

*11713 hours ago *ANINTROUSERS
big balls

There is something really nice about tonguing a heavy pair of low hangers.

*edjed2010314 hours ago *al111
Nettles on ya cock yes or no

It obviously hurts some people more than others. I also have only to slightly brush against one and it hurts not just tingles. I am straight away looking for a dock leaf.

*3316 hours ago *r precum
Rock/metal festivals meet

Great minds. I'm doing exactly the same thing. 8-)

*akememetal6661318 hours ago *attthew2
ring of red M60 M25

Check out rideofrespect2014 M25 or M60 Bump

*itstop4319 hours ago *itstop4
Your favorite anal toy

My glass dildo..I keep it in the car most of the time just in case I fancy it.

*un In Oldham1619 hours ago *e58

I'll be kneeling at the bottom of the chimney in red lingerie waiting for Santa to cum $-)

*ewsburydom8719 hours ago *earPantiesBottom
What do you think is the real percentage of gay guys on here?

agree with composerman labels are rubbish you do what you do you are what you are and as unlabelled friend of mine once said theres no such thing as normal.oh and i do actually love men not just cock so get in touch xx :-)

*8021 hours ago *duk2011
Rate the original post

Still don't understand this "rate my" trend. I guess it's a confidence booster for some, but mostly it seems like a case of showboating.

*rdell51 day ago *JOA
Grayson Perry

Yeah Claire's a force to be reckoned with, i think, and a shame that she doesn't come out to play more often.

*laveboundx31 day ago *laveboundx
Cherry lost

50 shades of gay?

*nything once32 days ago *nything once
Shaven or hairy

hairy EVERY time ... yummmmm... :-)

*uze132 days ago *lwayslookin4cock
How would i get to Northwich Sauna, from Liverpool?

i love the tv which programs do they have on itv or bbc ?? :-p

*ungHornyScouser172 days ago *ickyboy
Being called Daddy

ive had fantasies of having a white daddy :*)

*okingcub542 days ago *hubindian

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