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Rude to Spit?

I'm not very experienced with guys buy when a guy came in my mouth I couldn't taste the spunk, I think it just went straight down. Anyone else had this?

*uildfordAngel1245 minutes ago *aul282
Throat training needed

I think we are looking in a wrong place. Nobody would like to train (from my experience on here). Almost all guys just looking for one off

*nello947 minutes ago *nello
Same old faces

I'm on quite a few different sex sites and dating sites both gay and straight (and the others)and I have been on them for a number of years now. Some of them I log on quite a bit and others as little as once a month but no matter how long the brea

*sunamiwarrior12 hours ago *sunamiwarrior
Small Cock Problems

Mines only 5” when erect on a good day. It’s what I was dealt with, wish was bigger, but it works so I do what I can with it.

*ayM1313 hours ago *auline55
susan says

I live in a condo?

*usan200144 hours ago *angkokjoe
Wank club in Birmingham

Anyone got any wank clubs happening? Never seem to see any, always talk but they don't seem to turn into reality :-(

*ant_fun_today15 hours ago *ant_fun_today
Boiler room improvements

Steam room They are good for a fuck...all slippery bodies....yum. But after 5 mins of heat I want to pass out

*illing175 hours ago *illing1
Gay sex house parties, do they exist

Met a guy in GDar a few years ago,would have 4 maybe 5 guys round who he knew guest appearances of newbies( he would fuck em first to check they were kosher) Had some great times

*eyley75 hours ago *illing1
Kings lynn Pride

Anybody going to Pride in Kings Lynn tomorrow?

*ill4u16 hours ago *ill4u
grandad sex

I adore older mature guys, I become super attentive and want to please

*hickmeatmilker96 hours ago *lip72
Phone sex now!

Sub cumslut here for your dirty kinky phone use, make me cum for you.

*ionysus00716 hours ago *ionysus007
Gay jokes

The Scottish Gays Ben Doon and Philup McCavity

*ockplay4u86 hours ago *ngliangent6
Blank Profiles...

I'll go one further than Martin, the OP. You get quite a few profiles with absolutely nothing on them other than the users name and age. Not even a location. They look at you and sometimes they even wink at you but what are you supposed to

*artinfrimley86 hours ago *artinfrimley
Bush or Shaven

Personally I like having a shaved shaft and trimmed balls and bush. On other guys I'm not too fussy, but sucking their balls into my mouth is easier (and more likely) if they're shaved.

*exgodismyname1507 hours ago *uildfordAngel

Anyone here have motorbike meets in southeast at all :-) :-) I have a motorbike, near Guildford (is that South East?) I've never been to a meet before though.

*ob3337 hours ago *uildfordAngel
FabGuys Accommodation

I am on fab guys as well and a couple of other sites too. At the moment I cannot accommodate as I dont live alone,and no I am not married. From 29th August till 7th September I will be meeting guys to play with there foreskins I hope. And from

*estOxonBi148 hours ago *ld man small cock
sex in the woods

I love outdoors - so much fun so exciting and risky... has to be with someone I know tho - people who cruise don't want the social side of things and I enjoy that as much as the sex. I'll say it again... if you want to find a cruising spot get

*INGER ME579 hours ago *artinfrimley
Anyone found out by family

Never been caught by anyone in the family - mainly because I'm out to everyone, as I'm gay and living with a partner of 19 years now.. my mum even knows I sleep around a bit - I don't think she approves of that but it was difficult to hide it after

*529 hours ago *artinfrimley
Disappearing members

It happens so often. It does indeed - even with people I've met multiple times - they come and go - same username tho and same person - but it does make it tricky. I think a lot are so paranoid about being caught out that

*etepurple39 hours ago *artinfrimley
Sissy dresses

ebay is a very good place,,, just search for sissy clothing

*egatrucker29 hours ago *esplease3
Throat fucking who has done it who has been throat fucked

It's almost the main thing I do. I reckon you need 6 inches to have fun with it. The feeling becomes second nature and the drooling great fun. Just don't fear the gag and remember the top loves it. I prefer to swallow at full depth it's just so

*16210 hours ago *inches
Not gay !!!!

I think that's worth more than just two pennies. I'm gay, but that coming from a bi man seems to me to sum it all up perfectly and succintly.

*avid931115418 hours ago *t one fell swoop
Aretha Franklin

Reading obituaries online and listening to some of her icon music is heartbreaking. Shows the power and influence of this amazing beautiful woman. Remember the tune you did with with the other icon George Micahael.Yeah RESPECT,xx

*ollydee618 hours ago *orcsfun
Website Query

I usually reply even if it's a 'no thank you'. I even reply to the ones that just say 'hi' or 'hows you' as it may just be an ice-breaker that could lead to something more. The ones I am reluctant to reply to are the monosyllabic demands like 'meet

*avy691019 hours ago *ordic-knight
Night fishing

U fish glouster park , aquatels very close to me.

*aceyknickers1620 hours ago *andyx
First time sauna visit

and nr1

*exy-serg4022 hours ago *iscovery602
Ben Stokes: acted in defence of 'two gay men'

If Stokes wasn’t a minor celebrity I doubt this case would have even come to court. The accusers probably saw a quick buck on the horizon what with all the subsequent press coverage. What a ridiculous thing to say. Unless the video shown on

*oner4u2suck161 day ago *ordic-knight
Phone sex now!

Sub here for dirty kinky phone sex now! Use me on the phone and make me cum for you.

*ionysus00711 day ago *ionysus007
Any sites like this but straight?

There's a sister site called Having been on both sites, it's waaaay harder getting meets with women (on any sex site)

*ornyBoy456931 day ago *ornyKett
Fuck, Be Fucked or Both ??

mmmm love to have my virgin pussy flooded If you're a virgin how do you know you would? That’s the hypothetical meaning of virgin.

*wistedhood671 day ago *sunamiwarrior

I was the same many years ago god I feel old I need a young thing to fuck 8-)

*eyItsRyan21 day ago *azzzaa
Phone sex now!

Sub cumslut here to be used on the phone by you now! Make me cum for you.

*ionysus00712 days ago *ionysus007
Gay cinema

Cheers thanks for the information I guess I will just have to go to one of the saunas instead. I used to go to the chariots out the back of Liverpool Street station which has now closed, has anyone any views on the best one to go to? All advice is

*illyjizz32 days ago *illyjizz
UK sex Cinemas

There one at walsall angels and sinners

*irtyperv71112 days ago *idspaul
Locker room London

Want to go to the bear night at Lockerroom in London, would anyone recommend it? and how safe is it?

*nude12 days ago *nude

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