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Where has everyone gone?

I think this strategy to get members to go premium is having the opposite effect,maybe if they introduced a few new unique features to the site just for premium members might do the trick. :-)

*sl8r5 1 minute ago! *ANINTROUSERS
Motorway Service Showers

We've all had that: bloody stairs!

*akedtrucker1337 minutes ago *ikkjel.dag
Pee lovers only - what clothes

There are over 10,000 cases of bladder cancer per year diagnosed in the U.K. I wonder if anyone considers that when they open wide and drink someone's, potentially dangerous, offering.

*ame brune aime1172 hours ago *ewcocol
Meet Requests

Not that it's anything to do with anyone else some people just can't keep there noses out but I got a meet arranged within 5 mins of it being posted , do I tell u what u can or can't do It's a bit unkind to have a go at Mr Aardvark as the

*he_ardvaark252 hours ago *ikkjel.dag

next month as well as March

*ockup73 hours ago *he Blue Knight

It's the best, I live on there! Plenty to satisfy your curiousity on there but it's not a dating site it's a photo sharing site. x

*egularwanted24 hours ago *ye Candy
Rosebay meets enjoy Lin x

*ukeme55 hours ago *incdtv

It is my belief that a lot of the artwork and notes on today's CD booklet etc. are intentionally designed so as to make scanning and reprinting them difficult. A friend of mine who is a graphic artist, who has designed a large amount of covers and

*he Blue Knight245 hours ago *ewcocol

I thought canarys just tweeted :-D :-)

*ittlepaws196 hours ago *ernicd

Anyone for no limits phone fun?

*risheyes16 hours ago *risheyes

Any masters in Mkt Weighton or York ares who would like a nice novice arse to train?

*ast hull 196577 hours ago *ubyork
Hair Removal Which is best way

This was on another thread a while ago. I used to shave but an now a convert of removal creams. The stuff from Wilko, about £1.30, I recon is best. If its the first time you have used it just leave it on for 6 mins. it might not remove all the hair

*aturebiguy53297 hours ago *orchlight
Local guys Thurrock grays essex

Any local tops who can accommodate grays Thurrock lakeside essex areas pm guys xx

*ayler28 hours ago *ayler
Trans friendly hair dresser sought in Coventry

Trans friendly hairdresser sought in or near Coventry Please read my original post in forum thank you xx

*inbitv28 hours ago *inbitv
Were/Which is BEST! Sauna???

The Lads Locker room in Bristol. Good range of ages and excellent sexy areas.

*OT8_4U_BhamUK78 hours ago *amienewcastle
Would you prefer to be filmed while having sex

I would enjoy being filmed again, anyone want an enthusiastic cock sucker and occasional bottom? I would be up for it, again

*ayboy16691069 hours ago *allcumslut

Anyone Leeds 12 area want to come and play with my Hornby train set? :-)

*ristos19 hours ago *ristos

I'd love your massive cock balls deep in me MMMMmmmmmmmm :-)

*ick PreCum379 hours ago *ionysus007

Anyone Leeds 12 area want to come and play with my Hornby train set. :-)

*ristos19 hours ago *ristos
Condom Swapper Web Site


*imonipswich139 hours ago *osonstring
How to last longer?

You have to be careful of thinking of some horrid person to delay ejaculation! I had a mate who used to think of Ann Widicome to help him last the distance. Problem is he did it that often he has a thing for Ann Widicome now & it's totally ruined

*1710 hours ago *uymann

I think a decent body pic is a must.

*tayfitter2211 hours ago *orchlight
The Blair Mission Project !

My only contribution to this thread is to say string the bar steward up.

*aked4u213014 hours ago *W321
Old Guys

70...he had a body way better than most 25 year olds. I don't really care about age, I care about whether they take care of themselves.

*ldcock6511914 hours ago *W321
Premature ejaculation

I've suffered with this problem for many years, but have found a solution that suits me. It's a prescription drug called Priligy. That's the brand name, but the actual drug is called Dapoxetine. It may not be suitable for everyone, and you should do

*uriousguy4email3921 hours ago *devonsubboi

Anyone wanna cam?

*oroteenbi122 hours ago *oroteenbi
What does Cum taste like??

I'm going to find out asap :-D

*eavyteencummer5823 hours ago *ynamic1970
Jeremy Corbyn

Yes spot on. They are two party leaders who stuck by the courage of their convictions but the country does not need extremists we need sensible level headed politicians with viable ideas who are capable of bringing society closer together.

*dowannafuck1001 day ago *sunamiwarrior
Unrequited love

Can you ever truly love someone who does not or does not seem to love you back. Somehow the absence of love reciprocated, diminishes the love you have for that other life. It does not however diminish thoughts and notions of love. Lust is the u

*ariousArtists11 day ago *ariousArtists
Me1 sauna

Still in plaster operation this Wed so hopefully not too much longer until I can sample the pleasures of being with naked like minded men

*301 day ago *utitinmybum

same at greenhouse in luton

*ottomguy4u71 day ago *edfordpete

Any one up for a quick Skype wank?

*tiffhard16911 day ago *tiffhard169
Wank each other now

Happy to accommodate for this and have great porn.

*neforall41 day ago *orth London Guy
i am sorry to hear of a friend of ours Tommy of Scotia Rd is no longer with us since tuesday

Sorry to hear that. My love and condolences to his family and friends x

*teph3737931 day ago *ornyfun69

Had one while popping a large sex toy out. Much as an surprise as anything ;-) ;-)

*asonHorn61 day ago *orcsbiguy

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