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How many times have you masturbated

no wonder it bends to the left - loosen your grip man!

*ike young44 minutes ago *appy wanderer

ok... been body swerved twice in this thread... makes me feel real welcome guys... Thanks for that! :-(

*ruroSucker11348 minutes ago *indi
Skype now

Anyone want to Skype add me my username is peterscane123

*ounggay12315 hours ago *ounggay123
Skype now

Anyone want to Skype add me my username is peterscane123

*ounggay12315 hours ago *ounggay123

have got far to many to name ill say anything what is filthy

*ick Me Up Only835 hours ago *n2cock
Have you ever had to end a meeting

A few random call offs i have had... Not from this site.. But other experiences... The one who turns up and first thing asks to take use bathroom... Then spends ages in there... Erm excuse me.... Also he wasnt as his pics and very overly camp ( n

*atass4use306 hours ago *rincessbearfag
Tight blue jeans . TURN ON or OFF

Agree with you me the best part of a guy is his firm ass.............gets me going all the time. Often find myself having to stop touching it. Prefer to lower the pants though and get my tongue stuck in a nice hairy crack

*odyrock186 hours ago *asepaul71
Wife won't suck me

My wife sucks my cock now n then & she loves it she even swallows .when she sucks me off wow she can curl my toes n make my eyes spin like a fucking fruit .on holiday she gets real horny she loves being naked on the balcony sucking me

*1076 hours ago *orwichbicd
And you think time wasters are bad here ;-).

I am a member of the Bi group a member of a number of sites that supposedly include women & I can assure all you Gay or Bi guys that most of the so called women on the sites are either, working for the site company, don't actually exist or are over

*org17 hours ago *org
Male Underwear

So pleased to read this thread. I began to think it was only ME who found men in womens underwear a turn-off! But men in sexy MALE underwear thats another matter! (or, more to the point, playing with, and helping men OUT of sexy male

*honged1238 hours ago *aturelovea
Why u love Rimming arse??

That's turned my stomach :-( Mine too... I've had it done to me once and did absolutely nothing for me ( maybe cos I kept thinking this is wrong and dirty) I could never do it to anyone just seems a bit yucky to me...just my choic

*348 hours ago *ick lon
men with beards

Great to snog a guy with bead also good when he rims you or sucks your cock :-)

*1158 hours ago *ittlepaws

I've got the same model, they're incredible. :-)

*eimdall28 hours ago *itchin33
ex partners

reading some of these threads brings a tear to my eyes, it only reaffirms that there are some incredibley lovely people in this gay world of ours. Ive never had an ex because my partner and I have been together 44yrs. I have been so lucky to have

*259 hours ago *sakia
Cock Docking.

yes its very erotic, tried it and it feels great to have another guys skin rub on your helmet *-)

*hatstheway29 hours ago *kman123
Senstive Nipples

i would love to be able to cum just touching my nipples, would be so hot

*ulwoodMat6010 hours ago *eimdall
tall guys big dick?

im 6ft 4" and 8.5" ;) take a look at my pics

*ark_chocolate3610 hours ago *eimdall
Sauna near Lincoln?

Try Zeus in Mansfield or a little further there is always Greenhouse in Luton both are very good It's now called it. Nice friendly place to try IMO.

*xon790710 hours ago *arko102
weekend work

Any odd jobs, decorating etc, desperate to pick up some jobs this weekend...anything considered.

*obotan1111 hours ago *obotan1

licking up the last drops of cum from a throbbing cock

*pup693811 hours ago *obotan1
wont say no

cum bucket mouth ready to swallow any load this weekend.....

*obotan1111 hours ago *obotan1

enjoy toy play anyone into them either recieving or giving :-)

*ub spankee111 hours ago *ub spankee

That's why I spend half the year in Arizona where the water and pee is nice and warm !!!

*6711 hours ago *ellissimo
Keyboard wankers

I don't mind the keyboarders as long as they dint keep pestering to meet but then ho off line when u try and arrange one then 1 hour later they r back with the same ole...... Me I'll talk to most on here and if chattings all they want fine. X

*rdell512 hours ago *ervypoof
Steam sauna, Leeds

let me know how you get on x

*ancashire Guy612 hours ago *ee Harvey
Meet ups and other sites..

Yes it is good. No daft chatting in chat rooms by people who never intend to meet

*ippex512 hours ago *ikeport1
Ever had the urge to suck as many cocks as you can?

im still 'gagging' for as much cock as I can get too

*9714 hours ago *obotan1
blow jobs

69 guy here :-p

*11215 hours ago *2suck
Porn and porn md are good

*ew and curious1715 hours ago *ee Harvey
Feedback issues

Thanks for that your a gent x

*ulie Hastings2715 hours ago *ee Harvey
Rate my pants

So he knows we all stride around, crummock in hand, when we're not dancing with Gay Gordon or stepping gaily to Mairi's wedding ;-)

*uckerforguys3018 hours ago *uckerforguys
x factor fuck

Yup, every morning when I shave. I note your profile hasn't got a face, at least i'm honest and up front.

*ovetobtm3318 hours ago *ebelatsea
kissing or not

Being kissed when your'e being sucked makes it all the hornier,but you do need two guys at the same time for that to happen :-)

*ndyBath16118 hours ago *rdell
black guys

my wife was introduced to a massive asian guys cock sunday night was the cock attached? Maybe single lol.

*ub cocksucker for older7518 hours ago *sunamiwarrior
Strictly Cum Dancing

I find Bruno embarrassing. He's as bad as Louie Spence for OTT camp. *************8 Bruno at least has a personality, Spence is just camp with no personality. ;-)

*onik4618 hours ago *rdell

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