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Meets online

Hello 1 st you need to fill in your profile a bit more or SOME may think u r a timewaster and ignore you Look in the archive past posts sections and put in Horrible Meets It will blow your mind :-p

*un4fun27219 minutes ago *ervypoof
Best Bellend on here

I nominate myself :-) :-) :-)

*assageGuyJake961 hour ago *un4fun27
Tyson Fury -BIG mouth

About 50years ago a young kid from Louisville Kentucky challenged the then World Heavyweight Champion Sonny Liston for his title. In the build up to the fight He called Sonny an 'Uncle Tom' and made racist remarks that made him so unpopular that

*assageGuyJake601 hour ago *ayj65
can anyone suggest a good cheap lube

Goose fat

*tyfuck1432 hours ago *ayj65
What do you think about?

glad the wife cannot see me know. lol

*rumcocksucker45 hours ago *suckcox
Just Because.

Is discussing anything other than sex the done thing ? Not sure ?

*136 hours ago *an375
School out fit and dirty old men!!!

Ok just for you any dirty guys find me in my school girl outfit how would you abuse me

*punkmonkey6936 hours ago *punkmonkey69

Thanks. We are still together - and long may it continue. We are now celibate with each other (rather like brother and sister) but I have no sexual interest in women, only in men - hence, I am happy to describe myself as gay rather than Bi.

*roctat67 hours ago *roctat
Find me in bed in my sexy stockings and panties

I would insist on taking precautions, ie inspecting receipts for thong and stockings.

*exi Suki97 hours ago *ooder
Mr Savvy

Could be that PP actually is Miss Marple, because she never gets bumped off in any of the stories.

*H23187 hours ago *ewcocol
Have You Wanked Over The Guy Above's Pics?

Not done it myself, but had a message from a young guy that said he has done it looking at mine a few times. and no I'm not saying who it was obviously :)

*mbrella28 hours ago *rdell

Hi,never know what to put in these but I have always thought to know where I can get some naked sex on the beach later on at night

*wantips5218 hours ago *wantips52
first time anal

Good luck, I haven't plucked up courage to lose my anal virginity yet so fair play to you! I guess you just need to use plenty of lube and take it easy. All the best!

*piceyvicar28 hours ago *ike2suckUoff
Road Cycling

Out in the cold,wet,wind,snow etc. Buffeted about by passing vehicles. Arriving at your destination all hot,sticky and uncomfortable. No I'm not a bit jealous of cyclists.

*5Lancs518 hours ago *ordic-knight
What's your fetish

For me..... its being naked outdoors. Even better if someone has a camera and a few ropes. Love being hooded, tied and photographed in compromising positions. Tied to a tree, a gate, a road sign or perhaps some machinery... get a real buzz out of

*1759 hours ago *l087
Does your wife/gf know

My gf knows I crossdress and is relaxed about she knows I love being a sissy she hjobs me whilst dressed with lots of verbal humiliation we are intimate together but rarely am I a sissy with her she knows I want to suck cock she doesn't know I

*849 hours ago *ikimarriott
Holiday cruising

Looking for somewhere to go where there are plenty of older gay men for sex any info please let me know :)

*t121219 hours ago *t1212

Ud look good in a potato sack hunkychops $-)

*roypup209 hours ago *ervypoof
Gym buddies

What's people's experience with meeting gym buddies on here? Because I like the gym and I like cock but would the two mix or would I end up just getting banned from my gym?

*semenow19 hours ago *semenow
Trannie on nudist beach

A stroll along the beach from Maspalomas, with all the naked people, is the most horrendous experience.

*di cross1910 hours ago *etropolis

i fitted a bathroom for a gay couple one of them used to fuck me when I turned up in the morning and again when he came back from work that bathroom took me along time to finish

*ockcurious19752310 hours ago *atiscuming

There;s me thinking this is supposed to be a website for gay guys not a cd/tranny second hand swap shop Me to !!

*aker5551410 hours ago *rty99
Asian and Indian tops

Shame you guys are not in yorkshire, theres a brilliant gay sauna right in the heart of it and there are always plenty of Asian lads willing to take on older euro men - speaking from personal exp

*tmforyou810 hours ago *hebestrimmer
Being gay/bi

Going back 10 years, I had a thing going for 18 months with an older couple. It was quite straightforward really, but in a way, quite sweet. We'd sit and talk for what seemed ages, then she would stand up, and slowly undress down to her underwear.

*hagmehardtwice2113 hours ago *aravaggio
How do I actually get a fuck on this site?

That's a fair summary. I've had someone cancel because his other half was off sick from work. Sometimes guys just get cold feet, especially if this is a new thing for them and they were previously up for it. I'm getting laid more from people on

*8414 hours ago *ockaroundsussex
Suck /wank/fuck the guy above?

All 3 and then some :-D, specially running my hands all over his chunky hairy body too :-p

*ipaulsun6715 hours ago *couselad89
Coaster fans

Love coaster!! Been following the Darren brown ghost train for months and excited to see plans for sw8 at towers

*nglomanian1215 hours ago *ubredhead
northwich sauna

Haha would make a great gay venue in the middle of nowhere lol True but in such a sparsely populated area way off the beaten track it may not attract that many punters unfortunately.

*ylife2516 hours ago *ordic-knight
pervy old men on kik

Group seems to work now, cheers Pat!

*atiscuming2217 hours ago *ooder
Plastic Ivy - Dewsbury

anyone fancy it this afternoon, I will kiss, suck and bottom for you x

*mbler1117 hours ago *aryleeds1

I totally agree that any cock can be clean or dirty, its definitely down to the individual

*northodoxed717 hours ago *northodoxed
Bottom wanted.

think this should be in the looking to meet section, it raised my interest as looking to be fucked asap, little far away unfortunately x

*ighlander40218 hours ago *aryleeds1
Getting Caught!

Especially if your moans of pleasure send unaware pple to investigate.what they are. :-p

*ordic-knight1318 hours ago *ervypoof

Just been into Leicester (The Champions!!) ---- kept shouting "UP" but no-one offered!!!! $-)

*ave bottom218 hours ago *ld4yunga
What should I...

No car but big dick X

*1319 hours ago *ervypoof

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