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video anyone?

*ldons142 minutes ago *ldons
Herbal Viagra - Warning

Viagra now is out of patent so can be bought cheaply on a private prescription if the GP wont give you a NHS one.

*iganDrew356 minutes ago *hastitynot
The bi question

The classifications confuse people. I know that there are a lot of bisexuals who are hetero-amourous. There are few that are bi-amourous. The distinction is the emotion felt. Whether a guy could have a same sex relationship or not. Gay men can beco

*372 hours ago *cousedpw
sons friend

I got propositioned by a mate of my dad and i learnt a good few things from him :*) My dad didn't know thank goodness ;-)That was many, many moons ago.

*ust4292 hours ago *hastitynot
I Wanna Be Black

Its. Other good to dwell on fantasy and forgot to live

*laveboundx102 hours ago *aloclym
wank diary

5 days held back twice sacs are aching .. *-)

*hickmeatmilker642 hours ago *hickmeatmilker

Can I be pissed fucked as well please? *-)

*isi661093 hours ago *atenightmeet

I want to know the answer too. When you go to select on the BUZZ drop down menu, it has new video by user, never seen one. I would upload if it was possible.

*ovegivinghead34 hours ago *isionAMD
spunk wiping

If I'm in bed, I spunk over my hairy belly, pull my tshirt down and drift off to sleep. Love looking at the dried up spunk the following morning - feel horny again ;-)

*ike young394 hours ago *lad2be

There's 2 venues as far as I know. One is called 'PINK' and its on Stafford Street opposite the 'Iceman' sculpture that used to be Lewis's (now Debenhams). The other is at the top of Hope street just around the corner from Pink. Its called 'Gos

*on.C85 hours ago *uv4old

I often use winks when i dont have much time. Alwayd better to message but sometimes I cant with family around

*atass4use85 hours ago *aspman
Fisting,yes or no?

I,v always wanted to fist someone but I,v never found anyone who wants it done :-)

*mmabebad255 hours ago *xkinkxxxx
W/S anyone like it?

Yes please! I want it all, to be marked and showered by a horny bull top man (and any of his friends) as he sees fit(and or just politely hold their dick for them as they piss on another!). But would also dearly love to relieve my self on another

*igbits1345 hours ago *issyBoiToi
Is the meets forum full?

Another gay site has only three forums but guys are forever posting meet requests in their equivalent of the lounge. I always used to think gays were a lot more intelligent than straights but obviously not.

*cousedpw86 hours ago *ordic-knight
yep it's time for another Pervypoof rant!!

well pervypoof a switched on poof xxx but reads the sun, oh darling !!

*ervypoof506 hours ago *imon-mature

Do it yourself if you must I prefer not to shave, you will look like a oven ready chicken not nice, that's my preference.

*nydale26 hours ago *essla
weirdest meet

Well I've had more than my fair share. One of the strangest was with a cute teenager when I was in my 40's. Cute as a button but a small cock, smaller than mine facid maybe 2". I sucked it. It was like the fucking beanstalk! It just grew

*zn45356 hours ago *ewcocol
Would you rather

Would you Rather Hear the thought of those around you or Be able to see into the future Would you rather cum first or second?

*eymck93237 hours ago *ike1960
Biker forum- for bikers and biker lovers

Anybody doing any bike rallies?

*ungrylips467 hours ago *i guy nw
Rate my pictures

Suck your cock and swallow all, then get you hard again to fuck my hole

*shford22107 hours ago *onely bear

I know this is an old thread but would love the same whilst cycling in Cheshire.

*iman5578 hours ago *imotaman
young guys interest

I've not met a much younger guy yet, plenty get in touch but they all either disappear soon afterwards, or they're that annoying type that message you at midnight while pissed saying "MEET ME NOW!". The next day they're either not so keen, or

*rdell208 hours ago *itchin33

Have you considered a NOW TV box (basically pay as you go) or An Apple TV (best wait until the new one comes out in summer) as an alternative?

*cottie1829 hours ago *lbie Buggard
whats you most wildest, kinkiest fantasy?

Where to start xxx

*409 hours ago *erybi

What i'd like to know is why i get winks from guys in London or even further south at night and when looking at their profile the status line says something like 'at home alone for fun tonight' or 'meet local now for kinky fun anything goes'

*ebelatsea139 hours ago *reemason59
mens thighs

Was told a while ago " I saw your profile,and love your hairy thighs and legs in fact everything below the waist is good" Maybe he was not that enamoured with the top half,haahaa, but we did meet,so he was OK with even that apparently :-)

*ennis6199 hours ago *rdell

piece of card with letters stencilled out .. "looking?" .. see what results you get .

*rincessbearfag910 hours ago *ndybasildon

wow 3.5 is indeed very good im trying to get nearer 4 next time round . anything below 5 i was told was good

*laywith me4610 hours ago *ickyboy
men in boxers or knickers

I like wearing nix or thongs or just go commando :-D

*otcumshooter12710 hours ago *punkingonuts
grand prix

I just cannot think that anybody who pays tax if he or she could find ways of not paying it they would. I can only think that there are a lot of jealous people out there who hate to see anybody earn big money. Lewis's career as a F1 driver is a

*ndyBath1611 hours ago *ldguy70
facial or swallow

i had not done facial up till recently, got to admit i love the warm cum shooting over my face, i keep my mouth open though and catch some.

*ndyBath4212 hours ago *ovegivinghead

Had a great time Saturday morning with three other guys in West Norfolk. Got two loads of cum in my mouth. O:-)

*6513 hours ago *lfuric
Guys on TV

Declan Bennet :-)

*amco7915 hours ago *NCUT66
1st time fuck

Yes, just slow and gentle and perhaps sitting astride your partner as in 'girl on top!'

*ockarolla818 hours ago *mall guy
First time toying.

Welcome to the rabbit hole...

*319 hours ago *laveboundx

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