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Hell no!!

*ust42163 minutes ago *ornyboy1945
pic backgrounds

but at least they have some pics to look at

*rassband529 minutes ago *ressforme
Random Question Time

War and peace,Leo Tolstoy,Oxford University Press.

*ukaas6134 minutes ago *ovingarse
abs leicstershire

ok people so where are there any adult book stores,adult cinemas or gloryholes in leicstershire??

*ufc135 minutes ago *ufc
is it only me ?

personally i have a habit of staring in to guys eyes fallng in love runing away together in my mind then he walks away and brakes my heart every time

*ychman1037 minutes ago *1991
Well that's a shock......

I understand the frustration of failed meets, had a few myself, and meets where the person didn't live up to the pic. His pic was so old I thought he had sent his Dad! But... all worth it when it works? for us married guys, and there are a lot of u

*lfamale198061 hour ago *orchlight
Non profile readers.

I cannot understand guys who are in a relationship need to come on here. If you need to keep in touch with friends surely you have their private addys to send your intimate details to. I had a relationship of sorts ( only when he wanted a

*ersatiletony111 hour ago *essie201
East Dereham loos

What have they done to the loos I know they was old and need doing up but now it's like peeing outside stupid I love peeing outside! well and wanking outside also as it happens ;-)

*eretowank21 hour ago *fternoon adventure
who likes a good cock outdoor

ive had many naked times outside,my best is on beach where many men can ogle me and I can show off for them :)

*212 hours ago *udistdan
nude pic ideas

hi guys im going to be doing some new pics tomo,any ideas?

*udistdan12 hours ago *udistdan
Being naked with other guys

".. a discarded used blade "? Baffled by this. Are men really using cut-throat razors in public gyms? Seems very odd. Surely a conventional BIC/Gillette/Wilkinson 3-4-5 blade razor which can be carried through hand luggage on to aircraft

*inydick692 hours ago *laywith me
married men

@ scousepw and anybody else, Don't blame the str8 guys, they were born that way. :-) :-)

*iverfuk1282 hours ago *laywith me
fuck suck be fucked by the guy above - continued....

Just when we all got sick of seeing the last one 176 posts came up to end it and....... somebody carried on the silly thing. And you contributed too - thanks! :-)

*rny_btm_guy112 hours ago *rny_btm_guy
time from first message to arrival

I had two fairly quick meets from this site in my first couple of months on here. Exchanged a couple of messages and then they drove here to my place for sex. 36 and 32 miles respectively so about an hour in both cases. Both no longer on site but

*lkcruiserboi152 hours ago *ordic-knight

That's sad to me, makes you sound like your sad loser men who have no pride at all in you, so sad. Why's that? Is it any worse than wanting to be "treated like a slut", as it says on your profile? That's different as its a one on o

*ike young183 hours ago *org
fuck suck be fucked by the guy above

Most definitely fuck !.

*tyfuck1763 hours ago *ANINTROUSERS
Re: closing of thread 'Gay Holocaust

It's been explained before, and comes up every so often, from what I can make out; Although the debates are popular, they can often become quite heated, then bans have to handed out, then the forums go quiet and the complaints start, so maybe

*teve4073 hours ago *h23..

I've been having Chinese therapy for the past few weeks, not for depression, for lower back pain, it helps, along with it he gives you needles elsewhere to help the body balance itself. I must say I think it helps with my depression, not sure if

*arcels444 hours ago *h23..
It's Official

I Know my place... :-) (thumb)

*ordic-knight244 hours ago *iganDrew

I love ginger

*exxy412474 hours ago *arlowguy46
Hairy rugged men

I can fuck you on your back with your legs up,you can kiss my chest and beard easily in that position. :-) Where you will be fuck him in this position he rather will be scream ''oh stop, stop your cock is too big'' :-)

*okingcub64 hours ago *115
no-one wants to meet me

No info one grainy photo no profile information and "straight". Then wonders why he doesn't get meets O:-)

*iverfuk1164 hours ago *assiveguy66
The Houses of Parliament

Bear in mind,if we all took over Parliament,the expenses would rocket. Fortunes in condoms,lube and poppers. New tights and panties by the thousand ( nit much call for laundry though.) They'd have to move all the equipment from the Tower Dungeons

*h23..285 hours ago *onik
Shrinking cock?

I know that I don't have the biggest cock in the farm yard and I do refer to it as a small cock but... When I'm with a guy, my cock doesn't seem to get as long or thick as usual. I have no problem in cumming or getting hard but the girth is

*estOxonBi95 hours ago *astertim

This seems to be all you hear about these days what fun can you get out of this.

*ollydee65 hours ago *imon104a
Saunas in Hull

Heard a New Saunas opening in Hull - anyone no anymore? !-) ;-)

*hopper4fun106 hours ago *rit2004
Oscars Cinema

Now closed :-(

*asmus42310 hours ago *azgraz
Best maturbators

So is the double stroker from love honey. My best Christmas present lol

*azdevil1969510 hours ago *orchlight
London area saunas

Hi guys I live in kent. Me1 sauna is in Rochester. It's a lot easier than going all the way up to London ,and much cheaper. Allways have a good time. $-)

*iBoy821211 hours ago *poty
favourite crisps

Walkers Lamb and Mint were the bomb. Sadly not sold any more though. :(

*exxy4123512 hours ago *odoeMK
what did you think of Cucumber.

I agree with a lot of the moments above. Until last Thursday the series had been banal with a very sketchy storyline and often difficult to either follow or see where it was heading. I also think there are no really likeable characters in it

*ddardvee14513 hours ago *op Secret
Coitus interuptus

yes this has happened to me, while my girlfriend was on top giving her best, unfortunately I was a bit pissed and fell asleep, I think my snoring gave me away lol

*cousedpw513 hours ago *ralentry53

I love a cock with the foreskin pulled back love the big knob bit at the end love licking the underside makes the guy moan.

*harityd214 hours ago *imon104a
What's the big deal with cock size?

A really big one is nice to look at but can be just painful to take. And don't forget; what is more important size or how it's being used? Ill take the one with the nicest person attached to it ...sable

*odoeMK4714 hours ago *utchtrucker
oral fun

Love a bit of lubed finger or moist tongue on my perineum and happy to return the favour. However, as a personal thing, I will not allow my tongue to venture any further south. If rimming is your thing than you are welcome to rim me. However, I

*urhamcock1415 hours ago *utored

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