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Delivery drivers

I answered the door in my boxers (funny place to have a door lol ) delivery driver asked me if I would take a parcel in for next door it was a huge fucker lol anyway he helped me in with it said put it in spare bedroom out of way .anyway he

*8418 minutes ago *oole.guy
Sleeping together

My first encounter with a guy was a sleepover in a hotel in Birmingham four years ago. He was a 25 year old Indian lad with some experience to my gay virginity. We had chatted a lot online and on cam prior to that meeting. It was bliss sucking his

*rtman582 hours ago *alahonda2000
Swallow or Spit

swallow yummy yummy

*axman4444552 hours ago *ortsmouth fun
Appreciating Beautiful Bums

Been compimented on my arse a few times! ;-)

*erKer233 hours ago *inydick
who want this arse

needs a good spanking

*ef12163 hours ago *artney
The Invitation Game

Wasn't downing the queen. It's the government I was being sarky at yes I know the queen is governed. My error if it came across as having a go at her. I'll make sure I say soz next time I pop round to Windsor for a cup of tea ciggy and gossip with

*poty264 hours ago *ervypoof
Silk - to feel or wear?

I agree great to aroll around in xn :-)

*owcester94 hours ago *rancis69

M&s or Anne summers holds look best I think with a garter belt x

*isitskent78 hours ago *enxd
cock size

" People rAte mine pm me ???? " Its now obvious im on planet zoogaooly

*alley girl248 hours ago *xrsteel
do your prefer to wear thong for full brief

Thong or french knickers x

*498 hours ago *enxd
Young Gaymen and HIV

READ the word does not say drugs, both Oxford and Cambridge Universities have produced DATA and are working on drugs but we are a long way off for a "pill for HIV" No, YOU read what i said! You highlighted my point ex

*assageGuyJake338 hours ago *laveboundx
No one wants to meet

i tried two ask you for a meet you only do premium whats up with my cock lol.

*pforanything69510 hours ago *ooking1234
When was the last time you heard people having sex?

A very irate neighbour complained to the landlord of my x bf years ago of him keeping a hyena in his flat and other wild animals and years later a cleAning lady attacked with a broom a v fit New Zealander I had in my room after a night of awesome

*2413 hours ago *ervypoof
The Lord of the Rings

Lots of interesting points about films and books above. I don`t say Jackson is wrong in his movies, just not to my taste. Still, directors must have the freedom to create their own interpretations of books, etc. But I`ve never seen a film of a nove

*imjobber19863714 hours ago *indsey bear
TS / CD top a rare thing ?

Rare or not, I consider myself versatile. $-)

*nfiniti62017 hours ago *ernicd
say hi

well there is always some idiots in all walks of life. manners cost nothing

*angar419 hours ago *angar
To The Gamers

Ewwww modern games

*oketta520 hours ago *ikethingy
Heat sauna Stockport

Sat/Sun anyone?

*ackofalltrades6220 hours ago *ikethingy
E15 sauna

Last message directed at Arcman not Aromas (autocorrect!)

*2920 hours ago *amiep69
slim cock

well, mine's slim, but it has a nice length. There's a lot of folks out there that want a thick one so that excludes me. All I have is what's on offer and if it isn't good enough, there's not much I'll be doing about it :-o

*livebi69221 hours ago *appy wanderer

Another virgin bum... They seem to be multiplying exponentially... Do they heal or something? Maybe like certain spiders every year they shed their skins and become virgins again?

*rdell1222 hours ago *reckles2014
Late night, less inhibitions?

All joking aside all of you just be careful of the late nighters looking to meet and especially those of you who r sluts like me. When u r really horny or any hole will do syndrome it's so easy to let your guard down. If u r gonna be a slag

*semybodyhard2422 hours ago *rassband
cottaging caution

My local sauna in Luton gives so much more than a quick release from pent up horniness. Nice bar to relax by, jacuzzi, steam room and all the other facilities. I personally think the money well spent for relaxing in as well as

*lasterman3323 hours ago *RANK2647
Pre-sex ablutions

It's a must for me as a bottom , no excuse even if it's a unplanned quick meet

*rassband323 hours ago *igsub
Pre-Cum turn on or turn off

Wow. Here's me worrying about getting wet quickly. Never again. I love it when my bf starts glistening and tonguing him then kissing. Tastes soooo good.

*nterestingtimes21511 day ago *fonly60
ex partners

Bearing In mind I've been with my wife for 17 years im thinking back to a different time in my life. Had a 5 year relationship with a very attractive fun girl who loved a drink who was right for me at that time, in my 20s. Ultimately didn't work out

*321 day ago *assiveguy66
Older guys

Totally agree,love older guys,nothing like sucking a top daddy cock and getting fucked

*lackm1522 days ago *ancsdave39
Effeminate voices

A lot of people do associate a high pitched 'camp' voice with homosexuality. With some men it is totally natural and chances are they are straight. I've known a few gay guys put on an effeminate accent, as well as adopt camp mannerisms, as a way of

*rassband132 days ago *ordic-knight
Too Many Feedback Comments

I notice that some of you guys have been on here a long time and have just one feedback comment, but others have lots. Does anyone else find the latter a turnoff? To me a person with a lot of feedback doesn't make me think popular, it makes

*ntonino46152 days ago *assiveguy66

yes i suppose we only see a part of the whole subject most of the time

*ee Harvey272 days ago *ee Harvey

not at all.. unless you want it to be.. ;)

*502 days ago *VESPANDEX
Would you buy your panties from the high street

Lidl do some nice everyday seamless briefs and vests, MnS are classic.. Matalan, New Look for cheap n chearfull.. there's no problems as far as I can see or have found buying from the high street.. $-)

*1112 days ago *VESPANDEX

Hi I am a BBW cd I was wondering what pep poles thourght are , Do you like BBW CDs or not ? $-) Only looked at this through curiosity but don't even understand the question. Do cds have a language of their own?

*d9632 days ago *orderguard
taxi drivers?

any taxi drivers in south liverpool? speke area? would to get a wank or suck :)

*tr8scouser12 days ago *tr8scouser
"user no longer on site" What's this all about?

All you guys are not alone I get two or three a day without fail if they get a kick out of it f**k them its there loss

*eo9765432 days ago *adison

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