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how often do you need to cum most weeks

I usually need to cum once a day, occasionally it's less often, but I enjoy cumming so it's often more.

*exytroy1321 hour ago *entshybi
Has anyone ever wanked over my pics or at least got hard from my pics?

Jaymeejay its a ten hun x

*eavyteencummer174 hours ago *osietv69
Public Loos

Yeah the do-gooders have really spoilt our fun, haven't they? It was all innocent, we never hit on anyone who didn't want sex!

*ornybastard00744 hours ago *art69
Adult Circumcision

I had a general anaesthetic for mine, all on the NHS. All the staff were amazing, can't fault them.

*ammarays664 hours ago *rmpitLover


*r Data25 hours ago *illingbttm

Perhaps they can not send you a message because of your preferences.

*ampus25 hours ago *cott friend
kinver edge

What times are best

*ed14105 hours ago *ed14
A Joke

In response to the UK raising it's security threat rating from Substantial to Severe the French government have raised theirs from Hide to Run Away. They have only two higher levels: Surrender and Collaborate. I assume that your las

*erbypoz125 hours ago *ackup
skype fun now

Anyone ?

*enny60025 hours ago *aws100
Trump Inauguration

As political speeches go it was mediocre. It will appeal to those who voted for him but dismay those who didn`t. It`s not one for mending the wounds he inflicted on the country. The tone I noted in Trump`s speech was a flat contradiction of all US p

*otonchubbycub85 hours ago *indsey bear

'Hi there you look amazing fancy meeting up tonight?' One day later he is UNLOS Guess he just played out his fantasy to a happy ending and checked out. Hopefully full of guilt *-) *-)

*306 hours ago *2014
Old Guys

I'm coming at this from the opposite point of view as the older guy. I'm a few months short of 70 and am getting far more sex than when I was 30. I have a large and very hard cock, and I'm strongly attracted by guys much younger than me, say 50

*ldcock65687 hours ago *ycrathong
Throat fucking who has done it who has been throat fucked

fantasy for me. its quite a lit of varibles need to come together for it to work. throat bruising is not quite the same. the penis needs to be a little flexoble to get down my troat. i love to keep searching though.

*1327 hours ago *illgossard
wank suck or fuck the guy above


*bccbaabccba688 hours ago *ndertheboardwalk

de rigeur if you are under 20...

*orchlight298 hours ago *ikkjel.dag
Tom Daley

Thought he went there every year for his summer holidays. Oh, you meant THAT Tom Daley....

*arconi39 hours ago *ikkjel.dag
Favourite porn star??

Kris Evans, he's hot!

*oreskinfan11110 hours ago *apri280
Sauna rules / Newcastle

I've never been to a sauna before. What's the "rules?" Do you bring a towel or are you provided with one? Obviously the staff know what's going on there but if a staff member walks in on you getting busy, do you stop? Anything else I should be

*lderbetter110 hours ago *lderbetter
Cyclists on the pavement !

It just gets boring blaming cyclists all the time. Yes, there are some that cycle on the path but there are an awful lot of pedestrians that think they can wander all over the cycle paths without getting a bollocking. I cycle to work every day and

*aked4u22210 hours ago *-FRONTS
'Loving' Pictures

If I like the pic, I'll add another Love.

*lue Corrado511 hours ago *issy graham

you know you may get better result if you took the trouble to place this in the right section !! MEETS

*mylovercd212 hours ago *oole.guy
Sauna in Bristol?

Does anyone know about the bristol sauna scene? Where to go?

*rist0lMan412 hours ago *ean3591

In surgeries,clinics and hspitals they have those wall-mounted anti-bacterial liquid dispensers so that you can clean your hands, without actually washing them, and hopefully cut down on the spread of germs. I was using one one-day and a passing

*cxxx1113 hours ago *ordic-knight
WoS Wrestling

WoS? That's not the old World Of Sport wresting that used to be on years ago is it?

*eff819804613 hours ago *lue Corrado
Saving cum

have you put the plug in the bath?

*ewboy86123ab1313 hours ago *allcumslut
Is there a Problem with people who cant spell

"I don't care about spelling but I hate to see a misplaced colon. " Sounds painful, maybe best to stay away from cocks that are too long! Ouch. I can vouch for that! :-( - (thumb) (thumb) (thumb)

*5814 hours ago *sunamiwarrior
whats your fetish

Big mushroom heads so they hurt my hole a bit till it's past the thickest point

*ewukman12514 hours ago *aughtyLad98
What turns a good BJ into a great one?

being able to suck him at the same time.

*aughtyLad98314 hours ago *artlebi
Y fronts

Yeah, it hasn't happened yet but I've wanted an older guy to stick his cock through Y fronts and fuck my face.

*5015 hours ago *aughtyLad98
Sucking cock

Love to be sucking a nice big cock or cocks right now mmm

*ike young915 hours ago *i cocklover

Following my prostatectomy, my urologist has prescribed daily viagra. I just need a willing volunteer now, to test the effects :-D

*hrewsm1217 hours ago *etropolis

Got my nipple done it kills

*illary19681319 hours ago *orthingsub1986

it feels great I love the feel of lace. then I progressed and now I'm Amber and I love the lot and being her xx

*ackson45519 hours ago *mber Wolves
Union jack

Anyone fancy coming to mg room?

*athan7211 day ago *athan72
pre cum

I love to taste of my pre cum. I was taking pics today to put on here and was surprised and excited to get loads, yum...even took a pic xxx

*hickmeatmilker321 day ago *enuine meets

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