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E15 sauna

Visited E15 for the first time yesterday, 26 Nov, found staff and fellow customers very friendly and welcoming. Customers were a mixture of 30 to 60 year olds but more importantly all were active which is important if you travel a distance

*48 1 minute ago! *eithCambs
crossdresser looks

I have to say i very much agree with yorky

*eicestetfun123 1 minute ago! *onnylikesitall
Being sucked off in panties

I take it that comment was aimed at me Brassband. Well you are correct in one thing and that is that the majority of panty wearers/panty lovers are bi as opposed to gay. The rest of your argument is, however, illogical.

*ature_15312 minutes ago *ordic-knight
premature ejaculation

I think of mowing the lawn with nail clippers holds me back. If that doesn't work, Trying to remember a speech by Ed Milliband certainly will do...

*pool81314 minutes ago *iguy7000
Strange Turn Offs!

That's soaps as in Hollybollocks etc, not as in a bar of soap, I do own one of those :-D At least Hollyoaks has some decent looking men in it (except the sinister looking Cameron who gives me the creeps) even if the storylin

*ANINTROUSERS6220 minutes ago *ordic-knight
Ass to mouth

This thread presumes bare back, all the way through it !!!!!!!! YOU'RE ALL MENTALLY RETARDED !!!!!!! That is a ridiculous thing to say because we are not. Some guys would do this bareback or at least fantasise about doing it.

*igsub4625 minutes ago *ordic-knight
Swallow or Spit

swallow every time nowt better

*axman44447626 minutes ago *loryholebpool

If you were older, I'd wear my Panerai Luminor 1950. I can be such a watch slut with the right person ... xx Stop teasing!

*ick Me Up Only10446 minutes ago *ibloke44

i really want to watch a couple go at it either mm or mf..anything goes

*damtalbot80156 minutes ago *damtalbot80

He's very good at what he does .... which is dividing opinion. Lets face it, anyone who doesn't manage to create a love/hate situation amongst the public is failing miserably in their journalistic attempts .... and that's what he is, a journalist

*ylviacdnorwich6959 minutes ago *rassband
Where do you like the cum to go

I feel so much sluttier with it dripping down my face $-)

*wallow1953921 hour ago *earPantiesBottom
Best Rock Guitarists

Gary Moore ............ makes Clapton look like a busker ..... also, he's the king of natural sustain

*1184 hours ago *rassband
How to make your cock bigger

i had cancer a few years ago,and an erection is there but could do with a help, going to doctor and asking for it, bit shy, tried to message you but im blocked ?? xxx

*ribb764 hours ago *ee Harvey
Prostate massage

ir your doing it yourself best to squat

*244 hours ago *ee Harvey
slim cock

I want thin cock certainly for first few times as i can't stand pain so come on thin cock guys near rugby come show me what im missing

*livebi69214 hours ago *aura6949

Lovely cock but too far

*etitdangle211 hours ago *ldpete50
Cottaging - easier now or when you were younger?

Certainly easier in the good old days. cottagers were content with a kitchen range, a Belfast sink with a cold tap and an outside loo. These days they want double-glazing, loft insulation, central heating, fitted kitchens en suite etc etc. Oh! Have

*hapeau3013 hours ago *ordic-knight
Site is full of time wasters

I think we all have had our frustrations in no shows but I understand with some that have doubts in a meet as I do too, The main thing for me is, is the guy going to be 100 % discreet after we meet up? I think that's the main call offs for most !

*unlover69282713 hours ago *etweenus
Do photos get you more interest?

And enjoy looking at your picture Regards Ady

*5813 hours ago *lassman
Name a band for each letter of your first name

Icicle Works New Order Electronic ELO Depeche Mode ABC Glen Campbell OMD Orbital Duran Duran Waterboys Aztec Camera Nightwish Kraftwerk

*4516 hours ago *uffolkcock14
Gray Body hair/ pubes and chest.

Well spoken there. We all dread growing old for various reasons but age doesn't have to be a barrier to stop having fun or living life to the full. Last year I went on a stag weekend which involved paint-balling. The guy getting married was (sti

*ddardvee1916 hours ago *uffolkcock14
piss enenema

Very nice ...definitely one of my favourites !

*inchesforyou7619 hours ago *ellissimo
Sleeping together

oh dear it's pity. I slept ptlenty nights with my daddy. Love fuck in the night but even more in the morning when we woke up with hard cocks, and again good time mmmmmm again 2 nights with my dad this weekend 8-)

*rtman8220 hours ago *115
worlds biggest penis

Well...what was the result then please? Whatever it was,they were probably no good. They'd faint every time they got a hard on. it was Taurus the bull in old McDonalds field :-)

*illparkslut1321 hours ago *ovingarse

Hope u trim the top or use a condom A friend nicked his hoop with the brown crusty bit once he said it was a bit scary. Little bit of blood cos it scratched the walls so be warned! :-D And whatever you do... Don't try a pine

*inkywatford421 hours ago *astertim

Agreed, If I am spotted by colleagues (my family know) then it wouldn't bother them or me. Personally, I look completely different when dressed as I do when I am male. It's all in the wig.

*ubforfun523 hours ago *acqui_N
Hull sauna

What ever floats you're boat, didn't say they don't work hard, just that I prefer it to be a male attendant, each to their own, be a sad world if everyone wanted the same thing

*ikerfun1971511 day ago *otrod69
ever had a shower with a guy u like

Absolutely love having a shower together, so sensual kissing under the running water and soaping each other up.

*641 day ago *uddy321

Love any sort of sheer nylons on a pair of sexy legs. Always such a turn on to see and feel

*isitskent201 day ago *ylonJim

Oh sheer tan tights look and feel amazing. No need to wear any knickers with them as the feel of the nylon directly on your cock is an added bonus. I love seeing others in them and wearing them myself. Am planning on wearing some today when I g

*291 day ago *ylonJim
Would you buy your panties from the high street

M&S , no problem , especially at this time of year O:-)

*1142 days ago *azco

Just re-read his contact preferences and apparently I'm too young! :-D Mmmmm.forget about him. You look nice to chat to.You're an acceptable twink to me too! Really Jonik? He's the same age as you??? Pmsl :-D Read his profile,soft

*etitdangle162 days ago *h23..
Wierd requests

met a guy who still is on here. so if he recognises this please don't be offended. everything started of great we met a few times regular, but then he started off with messages where are. if I was held up in traffic. then came the I don't want

*842 days ago *atass4use

I once went with an older guy who just wanted me to rim him while he wanked off,wasnt complaining tho.

*renig252 days ago *ancsdave39
Un Favourite Quotes

If you want to keep your youth don't introduce him to your friends

*rdell42 days ago *ellowvictor

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