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Would love to arrange for 2 min or more guys to come use my ass n mouth, me dressed in tracky bottoms n t shirt on bed . When they get here i say ive changed my mind i will never say no as no means no i just say ive changed my mind and they say we w

*incsloaded3128 minutes ago *incsloaded3

Just curious as to whether guys can cum while being rimmed Yes I have cum being rimmed by men and women. Dont like sticking my tongue literally up an arsehole and I dont expect people to do that. However the area between my b

*ubslut1231135 minutes ago *igtrygg
Shower fun

Anyone else like to hold the shower head about a foot away from there asshole and have a soapy want?? Soaper, er I mean super

*lorybucket238 minutes ago *igtrygg
Insulting Trump: 'deranged' more like...

They would never find an orange man in a vat of marmalade. As for Mrs May she juggling a poisoned chalice and managed not to drop it up to now. As always it's the snipers and naysayers shouting from the outside who couldn't even begin to know wher

*oner4u2suck182 hours ago *ewcocol

I love kissing, it always gets me really hard and ready.

*obbygee252 hours ago *irty Old Pervert
West Yorkshire

Then change your profile. 8-)

*illwillin23 hours ago *ionysus007

I think you're too old for a spot on the first manned flight to Mars.

*omad51554 hours ago *ewcocol
Help needed with brainteaser...

9567 + 1085 Do the arithmetic yourself

*oner4u2suck24 hours ago *ewcocol
Piss Cum

If I'm really turned on I often piss while cumming, mostly if I'm taking it up the arse at the time.

*teiner6924 hours ago *lchemy666
Apart from cock, what else do you find sexy about the male body?

You're a right barrel of laughs, aren't you? .... what happened to your comprehension skills, not to mention your sense of humour?? Now look, just because I don't fancy you, doesn't mean we can't be friends .. xx 8-) :-o :-)

*xLedZepxx2854 hours ago *aravaggio
Itchy bum caused by lack of cock.

Toothpaste works, aswell ....... go on, I dare you! .. :-) :-) *-)

*ionysus007115 hours ago *aravaggio
Brexit: What exactly is a good deal?

In Germany the UK leaving the EU isn't even being discussed or making the serious newspapers. Germany aren't bothered if we stay or go and their automobile industry is too busy sorting out their own legal and public relations problems to

*oner4u2suck135 hours ago *aravaggio

I'll taking mine to; I know I won't get as much for them as selling them privately, but I'll get more that just letting them drift You could be in for a nasty shock if the bottom falls out of the market. You only

*he Blue Knight225 hours ago *ewcocol
kent bi guy looking 4 dirty old wanker luv 2 find a regular

no she not join in she not know i meet guys

*atiscuming25 hours ago *atiscuming
It's back by popular demand

And you'd b wrong as always o-)

*oofdepervy375 hours ago *oofdepervy
Do you like to be sucked or do the sucking or both equally?

I’ll test to see if he can suck half decently, if not (and sadly, it’s usually the case a non-talent) I’ll suck him off divinely.

*oner4u2suck1765 hours ago *mint

Go to Northwich : closer to you [I think], big, clean.

*ockhunter0045 hours ago *ikkjel.dag
brexit deal being pushed back two years good or bad

I think we are struggling to get some sort of decent deal after Brexit and it's important we do not have some dickhead jumping off a cliff and taking the country with them. Brexit was never going to be easy or quick or troublefree even if you were

*wantyouinme25 hours ago *HIOG
Does The Weather Affect Your Sexual Appetite?

I don't. Care as long as it. Is dry cold air around. Ur balls as it. Cock is. In a warmv mouth. Can't beat. It

*ordic-knight66 hours ago *wantyouinme
What would more likely make you 'swallow' than spit?

I NEVER spit. Sometimes I dribble, so I can lick it off you, very very slowly.

*oner4u2suck157 hours ago *teveWilts
With great sadness... to announce that: William G Stewart

Yes he made the 15 to 1 game show very popular from January 1988 on Channel 4 - RIP William G. Stewart !

*oner4u2suck28 hours ago *aked4u2
Suits and Cuts

Anyone with a suit and tie fetish get in touch. Also anyone in UK with a desire to circumcise and uncut guy send me a message.

*uitman63110 hours ago *uitman63
arse rating

how about my ass also nice and pink inside cheeks $-) o-)

*w19888510 hours ago *tsuptoyou
West Yorks is Dry

Sorry, just letting off steam.... Are you in the sauna?

*illwillin510 hours ago *ristos
Stupid Laws

I would like to see some of the TPD rulings on E-cigarettes scrapped. eg. the maximum size of tanks and the maximum size of liquid bottles.

*5711 hours ago *ippintn
Phone Sex Now

Sub cumslut here for dirty kinky phone sex. Use me and make me cum for you.

*ionysus007113 hours ago *ionysus007
Butt plug

As so as I finish work I'll be playing with my TeX butt plug. Then maybe something bigger Doc Johnson fist!

*uesucker414 hours ago *oy_lover

The same is true of your pics Shep, consistently amazing and a real pleasure to see them. Keep them coming :-) :-)

*hep62414 hours ago *astkenter
Ceredigion fun

Any guys 18 to 35 fancy fun with an older guy in Lampeter ?

*aled115 hours ago *aled
the ones that got away

i am sure we have all had these moments when u see someone and due to other things nothing came of it and you regret it forever i have had a few moments like that where we both knew we wanted to get naked but because of other things it n

*oole.guy116 hours ago *oole.guy
the ones that got away

i am sure we have all had these moments when u see someone and due to other things nothing came of it and you regret it forever i have had a few moments like that where we both knew we wanted to get naked but because of other things it n

*oole.guy116 hours ago *oole.guy
Leeds Pubs

Viaduct it is then. thank you

*leaser56317 hours ago *leaser56
Do you share your birthday with anyone famous?

There are a few, like Gary Moore, Graham Norton, Heath Ledger. It is also an anniversary of the death of Martin Luther King.

*oner4u2suck2922 hours ago *lbino1951
Where Were Your Last 10 'Looked@Me' profiles From??

It's probably because they've seen your posts in the Forum or you've uploaded a new photo or something. In its wisdom, this site doesn't give peoples' locations very often so you have to go to their profile to discover it... Would b

*lue Corrado82 days ago *lue Corrado

Hi nilts, way to nervous for lads locker room myself although I drive past it on my way home from work most nights. Let us all know how it goes.

*anShrops522 days ago *ristolcuriosity

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