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snog suck fuck 2

Kiss and most probably fuck $-)

*ommess1206 minutes ago *amanthaCD
Your first time with a guy - what was it like? Need help.

Funny I have the same feeling myself even after many years It's always been worth it tho

*obsie41 hour ago *iscot42

I've only one ball but I seem to do ok. Still manage a good load when I cum.

*raig6961 hour ago *ottomguy888
Tight or stockins thong's or knickers?

Never tights Hold ups or stockings... Though I did were tights once When I had food sex... They were filled with food related items Custard ect... Ripped a hole in the seat area.. Pushed more food up my Arse.. And fucked me like that..

*1722 hours ago *inuiteman
What don't you like about your body?

My cock, it keeps slapping against my kneecaps. Oh and my short legs :-D :-D :-D

*inudistdad862 hours ago *ublet07
Opinions on inexperienced guys

when I visited first time my daddy at his home we were playing on his sofa. First he started play with his cock to brake my shyness. It was good it make me comfortable but form other hand it made me complitely wet pants from precum. LOL I felt so

*162 hours ago *115
I love cuddles

True. Who doesn't like a cuddle?

*imon Dolby32 hours ago *iBilly
Cum and dine with me

I'd have to make Badseeded cock au van ;-) ;-) And Mr Pervypoof could dine on toad in the hole... Loves a big juicy sausage I hear.. :-p :-o :-o :-p eh I'd rather some Spotted Dick personally

*H2353 hours ago *adseeded
Time for another Pervypoof rant

, as 95% of tv is produced for the lowest common denominator and just utter shit Couldn't agree more, actually I couldn't disagree with anything this man said. And by the way, if a childs television is confusing for you, maybe th

*ervypoof224 hours ago *owel94
Taking a break

Idowannafuck makes a good point fbb.. Stay around. You'd be surprised how many on here can be helpful and supportive if you need it. Even so. Watching us bicker and have fun with each other can be a little light relief.. As well as chatting

*atBottomBear114 hours ago *astertim
Shopping In Nylons.

often go shopping in nylons panties n bra love popping to the loo

*ocksucker176154 hours ago *exy jade
Guys cumming quickly

can cum quickly but do like the other guy to be satisfied as well so happy to play as long as it takes other times I can last for ever

*idoggingtoy174 hours ago *exy jade

Pity you're not local!

*orn in hanley75 hours ago *cotsman54
Would you belive it?

I don't have a mobile phone at all,you should see the looks I get when someone asks for my mobile number.

*arlman155 hours ago *lexander12

Stick a diamond necklace around your cock,and I guarantee you'll at least get a blow job off the missus x

*ex kitten36 hours ago *onik
Time on here?

were did i hear that before but i think it help lol :-) O:-)

*an Springfiled266 hours ago * Bttm

I'll always douche. Wouldn't dream of turning up for a meet without being clean. I've sucked a guy after he's fucked me so it's in my own interests to be clean.

*idnightwater136 hours ago *ottomguy888
Spit or swallow

Always swallow. I used to gulp it down now I keep it in my mouth and savour it.

*ockloverroth956 hours ago *ottomguy888

Just had a surprise and very welcome early Christmas present. A young guy has been round to see me this afternoon who I have not seen for ages. I know he is bi but he is one of the most fantastic kissers I have ever met.

*ex kitten866 hours ago *ordic-knight
What's your favourite type of porn?

I like watching old/young, Bondage, fingering/fisting, bath/shower, naked massage, nude play wrestling.

*ollypopsucker1608 hours ago *din4younger
drinking own cum, good or bad?

Just love to lick my fingers and hands after a good wank

*149 hours ago *lfuric
Who has the biggest muscles on here

The guys with the biggest muscles on here will be the fisherman from GRIMSBY. :-) (thumb)

*allmwade219 hours ago *poty
Should ginger guys shave their pubes?

I adore ginger, red or auburn haired guys, almost to the point of worship! Their body and pubic hair is always so erotic, in my view they should never shave or trim but of course that's only my opinion it's of course entirely their choice.

*aveyipswich1209 hours ago *akedwanker
Sissy Competition

lately I seem to love being a SISSY... been going to toppers club wearing my frillys and being led around by a cock lead then bent over a bench and f..kd for all to see.. don't know why I just like it these days..

*utchmaleeastkent11610 hours ago *inalondone14

I visited a young lady for a medical roleplay.She had a real uniform and lots of equipment and during our session she used sounds on me (among many other things!).Very intense but she knew what she was doing and it was very horny!

*obby chorley2411 hours ago *arry101
Weight loss advice.

Cut thr crap out of your diet, eat less in general and exercise, high intensity stuff like pull ups in sets of 5 until you can do 50 in 10 sets, then introduce leg lifts with the pullup. Do cardio if you must :)

*itan1413911 hours ago *arrow1boy
Age range

love the over 70s type anyday

*UNGGUY332212 hours ago *andeman
You know you're Bisexual when...

When you vision a cock in your mouth to get your cock stiff enough to fuck the mrs

*mm..maybe7114 hours ago *andy
Kamagra super P force

yes get it on line works fine

*arry101414 hours ago *ambedford2
Help please

You should NOT use baby oil if its going in your arse. It is not for internal use. Also it will damage any rubber toys you have. Use a lube specifically for anal use.

*andycain714 hours ago *etropolis
Newcastle bigg market

believe it or not they are a listed building, last i heard council was trying to sell them.

*imjobber19861116 hours ago *roypup

Great stuff

*troker4u618 hours ago *troker4u

That's nice.

*edditch 51bi218 hours ago *onik
Mouth full or over arse?

My preference is over my ass but im happy to aggree elsewhere if its what a guy wants

*j541611722 hours ago *endmeoverandtakeme
Anonymous meet

If its someone you know it could be very akward as they might not like you knowing there secret. But on the other hand they might like the fact they can have fun with someone they know

*RICEY1971822 hours ago *endmeoverandtakeme

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