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I use CCleaner on my computer, but that is Windows only. It might be worth searching to see if there is an equivalent program for a Mac or Linux machine.

*ot_Arse1024 minutes ago *luteus Max
Over 200 online

It's 03:00 hours on a Sunday, and there are around 230 members online at the moment. We must be mad, or is this some kind of church?

*luteus Max130 minutes ago *luteus Max

I agree with much of what has been said about the need for some form of attraction for any potential contact. I have never been able to explain what it is that makes someone attractive to me but it is not simply looks, there is an addition

*rishstb101 hour ago *lbie Buggard


*hickmeatmilker22 hours ago *aura6949
Married, willing but so much to lose

I always said it was a scratch I couldn't itch after a few experiences in my early years the odd wank blow jobs in the local loos I got married had always dressed in secret just to wank started getting the urges so went out dressed up under my

*carborough31112 hours ago *uzyxd
Anyone wanna skype?

Anyone want to skype now?? Tightbum123

*ight112 hours ago *ight1

Girth but not to long

*assageGuyJake462 hours ago *wlonbottom
be careful who you meet

Best thing you can do is confront the dickhead, ask him what his problem is, tell him it's gotta stop, don't be afraid of him that's probably what he wants, power over you , show him your not intimidated

*ornynow92252 hours ago *attyH

I've messaged u on skype

*ohn1984smith22 hours ago *ight1

It was a Armani belt black leather silver buckle

*etsgoforit83 hours ago *attyH

Anything sleezy goin on in Kent tonight? Message me if there is feeling horny :D

*erryboy13 hours ago *erryboy

*groan* :-p

*1mon83 hours ago *igGuySELondon

I have met many police officers, mainly through work in child protection and when they were visited youngsters whom I accommodated through Social Services. I would say that they are a special breed of people and that they do start out with a

*havvie80994 hours ago *sunamiwarrior
Top Gear

That's a damn site less safe ...bloomin auto correct

*dontwannafuck75 hours ago *ick lon
Making Love

matt i am up for it buy be prepered for a whole weekend of love making , breakie in bed and then back to it xx

*im88175 hours ago *oby66
pet hates

Unwashed dicks and people moaning (grrrrrr)

*ig_laddie1035 hours ago *nakebite

most of them act the same way NK.more money than sense most of them.been some interesting scores today with the likes of man-city,chelsea,spurs all getting beat at home.all their money counted for nothing today.

*dontwannafuck2210 hours ago *ollydee
Pre-Cum. Turn on or Turn off?

love the taste mmmm

*reedyA15510 hours ago *t Elmos Fire
blow jobs

People should feel free to ask whatever questions they want providing they are courteous and reasonable and not be ridiculed for it. It's much better than yet another rate my cock post. This site should be for people to talk about and ask th

*ompletionsucker1010 hours ago *oondog

I joined in July 2007... There was only about 200 members x There's certainly been an expansion of members

*ollydee1410 hours ago *abbitt
Niagara Therepy hand massager

I found an old Niagara Therapy hand unit no.11 in a box of odds during a recent clear out. It's a chunky 40 watts chrome device, and it shakes you up a bit when you hold it. It's difficult not to cum when you press it against your cock. :)

*luteus Max112 hours ago *luteus Max
wedding dress

remember seeing a tv (excuse the pun) programme about crossdressing awhile ago. After a very traditional weeding the very straight couple turned up at the wedding reception wearing matching wedding dresses. Trouble was he looked far better in his

*aucyfarmer22612 hours ago *ordic-knight
Would you let me fuck you?

Yes pl gagging for it

*oungcockforbum5513 hours ago *issy cum slut
posting pictures

Spunkswap wow u got over 95 pics already on your profile - a pic is a pic - u trying to break the record of regularly positing pics on here - how very boring - what are u trying to achieve by doing this - GETTING YOURSELF NOTICED ??????[/

*egradableSlut1613 hours ago *ong tall mart

My mum always told me never to have flower beds. She said 'cats and rabbits always fuck them up' Yeah...the fucking lumps where you bury them

*rm80151813 hours ago *onik
Men as Women

there's a great many guy's on here who cant be bothered to actually read the profiles they are browsing, whether it's guys who don't want to meet crossdresser's or the age thing etc, we have this problem constantly, in our case usually guy's from

*imon104a1714 hours ago *issified
sun page 3

oh no Mr Jonick....its "The Field" one must have it for the "Gamekeeper"...........when he wants to (?) to life...

*lan99995214 hours ago *lue Knight

I love to see guys who play with the foreskin as they piss at the urinals x

*imdon1614 hours ago *ustuz
where do you like it?

No matter what my favourite is at the time, I always let the other person choose where to spunk, they ask and I simply answer " anywhere you like"

*umperbum5515 hours ago *attyH
Dirty unwashed cock

For me, the manly smell of fresh sweat is a more appealing prospect than either stale sweat or a dirty penis. But it's quite disturbing to see so many people believing that the transmission of STDs is anything to do with cleanliness or that

*tinkycocklover6116 hours ago *arwick
Guys on TV

Love to fuck the sexy one on the one show . Matt Baker :-p

*amco6217 hours ago *r precum
unwashed cock

Look at all the gay blokes being "high & mighty", judging other people's kinks! Nobody demonstrates sexual discrimination quite like a judgey faggott

*arl new1117 hours ago *earsandStuff
Shit on a shingle

Royal navy slang for kidneys on toast Shit on a raft that is

*luteus Max1523 hours ago *ager 2 please
Banana channel 4

I enjoyed them both. Looking forward to how the series progresses.

*aul21024624 hours ago *aniel411
Rate my ass

Why do you need to have it rated are you not happy with it?

*al-mouth41 day ago *r.Savvyguy

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