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where Do You Normally Holiday At And Why That Area?

You always have something to say n/k guess is cos there is nothing on the box to see :-D

*2327 minutes ago *r Walker

N/K You really should get more and get into the real world. You said it yourself you come one here tor read the threads. If you had two sites to read and post things you would not be able to do. Its called multi tasking :-D :-D If you did th

*incolnbottom2251 minutes ago *r Walker

Anyone in aldershot need their cock sucked to completion? Pm me. ;-)

*ndymac196611 hour ago *ndymac1966

anyone want to make me cum dirty talk humilate me on skp im for add

*mallcock13 hours ago *mallcock

Have just written a fairly long post about a conversation I had about a week ago with someone I have often suspected of being a member. I know him only socially and arrived at this idea from standing next to him at urinals (and you always peep) and

*udistdan163 hours ago *ewcocol
3Queens in Liverpool 1000`s flock to see them!!

Dont get it ....seen one cruse ship seen them all ! Come and have à look at a shop most of us Will never be able to afford to go on :-(

*aglite74 hours ago *an-next-door
Northwich sauna

Northwich is a great place. Always something or someone there to get you going an the staff are very friendly. Go there as much as poss and have enjoyed every time

*165 hours ago *unlover6928
Spit or Swallow

Swallow... It's only polite :-)

*olvesCrossdresser1675 hours ago *3rry
Bi guys

My wife knows I have been with other guys. My best man was gay. My wife quipped - you hear stories of where the best man has fucked the bride but in my case it was the best man has fucked the groom.

*cunnybic215 hours ago *amBot
premature ejaculation

complete opposite here. I never cum at a meet. I take ages because of an old injury years ago, in the right circumstances it will work but it is fun trying.

*abbitt195 hours ago *busemyballs
How big a cock can I take

Never had one in me but hope to try ASAP. Love the tast of cum though.

*arcusforsex107 hours ago *razy Davy
Popper advice wanted.

Love em sniff long and deep then let yourself go its great

*isterClumsy87 hours ago *ohnsmiythe

Not sure if there is a known " average " . Mine can depend on so many factors time of day phase of the moon etc. But I will ask next time I'm blown . Interesting question xx 8-)

*eavyteencummer27 hours ago *toryteller

Just watched Tim tales wanking outdoors beautiful cock and fabulous load mmmmmm Tim can fuck me anytime! :*)

*amesnorthants148 hours ago *orestbottom
Membership Time

Just had a guy message me a couple of hours ago and within 15 minutes his profile was deleted That must be a record! It might have been a cd!!!

*xonbitom158 hours ago *laywith me

I imagine it will look better now, neater.

*osmanos118 hours ago *lan Cheshire
Do you know where your towel is?

So MT gives his real identity away. It's Ford Prefect in disguise. Don't worry.. I'm mostly harmless... :)

*VESPANDEX99 hours ago *astertim
Spanking a CD TS TV

I love being spanked while dressed as a slut...

*ulham55479 hours ago *aspman
dirty pub names

The Fighting Cocks is a pub in the New Forest, just up from Sandy Balls holiday park :-)

*8310 hours ago *H23

rubber nix

*.smith3610 hours ago *vc111
im ganna ask!!

so ive seen other people do this so would you fuck me?with a bottom like yours it would be rude not to (thumb)

*udistdan1211 hours ago *uclid

I've added a lycra photo to my page. So, that's where you keep your pump ;-) ;-) ;-) Rich xx

*iman5510912 hours ago *ick_in_hand
Intellectual High

facial or swallow - not mutually exclusive if you don't mind a cold platter

*onik913 hours ago *ichard Lyubov
The Lane sauna in Glasgow

I love going to the lane sauna, if you love to play with mature men and naughty men that dress up as girls Last visit i had in the lane sauna was hot very hot for me, i met up with a mature daddy who got angry at me for teasing all the old men

*ummlover414 hours ago *igbigthickcock
Senstive Nipples

Chest and Nipple massage and nipple play is so so so sexy

*ulwoodMat12214 hours ago *assageGuyJake
never watched two men fuck before

I love a guy watching me being fucked - especially if he whispers words of encouragement to the top - a real turn on. I also love watching an older guy fucking a young fit guy - masculinity being had by an old fella.

*ymboy309016 hours ago *earnelg
Blow job while he watches porn

I don't care what he is watching while I am sucking as long as he cums in my mouth

*itpassivekett3017 hours ago *ndyBath
small cocks

Yes, and the measurement for cunts are taken from the labour and SNP side lol

*ssvirgin99718 hours ago *usansilkysubcd

looking to get some done, yours are great! wish i was able to clean up after you sometime?!

*ewukman219 hours ago *rumslut
Swallow or Spit

i will always swallow, but don't mind when a guy wants to cum over my face! cannot recall the last time i didn't swallow!

*axman444410019 hours ago *rumslut

A face picture is a must for me,I'm not that interested in a cock pic. :-) I so agree. Looks turn me on more than anything.

*arty2220 hours ago *onik

Mine rolls backwards and forwards easily. :-)

*lackbush1121 hours ago *.I.T
free random cam 2 cam chat app for android phones- bolton

Yeah... This post hasn't really worked well has it? 43 weeks and no response might be a subtle hint... :-o :-o :-o :-o :-o

*ankmebolton523 hours ago *astertim
Sex Cinemas (London)

going there tmr 2pm~ :*)

*K Bi Guy721 day ago *pbear1
Who like leather/PVC/rubber

i love wearing pvc, and love guys in it

*1391 day ago *vcgayguy

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