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Bloody Romans

they gave us tight little bums in dresses and make up and the whip lol :-o

*opcd116 minutes ago *ogirl121

I do enjoy whipping someones cock with nettles

*ervalan13532 minutes ago *ardvark04
New Baby Princess

With regards to the new Princess, it is good news, not that I've opened any content on the net to read about it and 'gush' over photo's - there are more newsworthy things to read - like the ongoing situation in Ukraine and the aftermath of

*etropolis11433 minutes ago *opesquire

no I don't like cycling lol :-) Nor me but I am into recycling O:-)

*iman552135 minutes ago *ordic-knight

That's quite common here in Wales where the NHS is run by the devolved government in Cardiff which is, of course, run by a certain party.

*ature7long245 minutes ago *ordic-knight
Nudity party

This sounds very similar to one i used to go to in holland in a club there which was good .a naked party within a club what i find so funny is although you seem to be allowed to do this sort of thing down in london if we in north west manchester

*antasiasean91 hour ago *ickyboy
Sexy undies for the larger man

doing some nice underwear on amazon also.

*ick_in_hand31 hour ago *ollydee
Add another 3 words

sliding deep inside

*ewcocol491 hour ago *aked4u2
Rate my Rate My

Wow it's still here, yippee. Nicola Sturgeon hottest babe on planet, love you Nicola $-) $-) :-) :-o I mean, I admire you're dedication to calling Nicola Sturgeon sexy? But I'm a little confused about why. :p Your confu

*um-Loving Boy181 hour ago *artyne
Do you rim?

My hole is clean and ready for an eager tongue

*owbiguy69903 hours ago *resley

Looking for older man to watch me on Skype now. my Skype name on my profile. x

*hris838319 hours ago *hris8383
spunk eating

The trick is to lie on your back, wank off so it shoots in the air and catch it in you mouth. It's harder than you might think. I saw a video of a Dutch horticulturalist doing it made, i think, in 1957. His movements were so graceful and athletic it

*ike young1210 hours ago *hastitynot
dilemma advice needed

Grab his balls when he's shaving a customer with a cut-throat razor.

*frontsbloke1610 hours ago *hastitynot
Guys on TV

One or two fit weathermen.....

*amco8211 hours ago *amco
i want a Dom to use & abuse me in woods.

im looking for a dom to use,abuse and fuck me in woods during daytime and evenings. I'll only be wearing black shiny wetlook leggings or lycra shorts and a black shiny zip up jacket .

*etlookSubguy911 hours ago *etlookSubguy

In the Sunday Times Mrs Mill had a question about missing teeth from a lady who lost hers in a bicycle accident.....wondering if a man she met would be put off. Mrs Mill answer I think was spot on. He is not going to be put off by dentures,

*eavyteencummer2012 hours ago *rdell
Sauna gloryhole

Someone said when you're cumming just tap on the wall to let the guy sucking you know,he may want a mouthful or maybe he just likes sucking. I don't know if that's correct as I prefer to actually see who is on the end of my dick. :-)

*uriouser69312 hours ago *rdell
Nudist beach

studland nr poole

*ourmasteruk1114 hours ago *irsuite56
profile no longer available

has the profile sissified been taken down by the admin profile police?

*ardguy114 hours ago *ardguy
What is the nearest train/tube station to your home

Rhyl here $-)

*17314 hours ago *ngelbiTV
Wanking a circumcised cock

There's a good website called which describes and illustrates various techniques...for both circumcised and uncircumcised cocks....I too would like to find different techniques,,,maybe find a circumcised wank

*utroundhead816 hours ago *ongingfrit
cock sucking Peterborouigh

I'd love to play with you! Do you know anywhere possible to meet?

*ittlePinky216 hours ago *tiff one 69
Fisting,yes or no?

Hands up anyone ? Not sure about hands up but would go for thumbs up!

*mmabebad5316 hours ago *ike1960
Predictive Text

Haha,I know !

*anderer87061116 hours ago *.I.T
Britain’s Got Talent Gibraltar dancer Jonathan Lutwyche

Does Gogglebox count as reality? That is brilliant and always has me laughing

*ickyboy3416 hours ago *onik
lancashire sauna

I believe there are some in Blackpool, but i generally go to sauna sauna in cheshire

*ancsdave40218 hours ago *resley
Suite 429 Mixed days

Has anyone been to suite 429 in Chelmsford on either Mixed Male/Female days or TV/CD days? Is so, what's it like :-p

*ature mark118 hours ago *ature mark
Rate my cock

what do you think of my hard cock? Anyone want it? A nice young hard cock...the things I could do with that $-)

*shford224018 hours ago *ngelbiTV
hypo cock

biguy100 I have one as you can see in some of my pics, mine has never caused me any problems and like yourself I was told I have one rather thyan knowing.

*iguy1001218 hours ago *heoman

Im fairly new to golf but have caught the bug big time! Be good to meet that friend with benefits who's also as hooked as i am right now! :-)

*usty291519 hours ago *oung sub86
What colour and style panties do you like the best?

French Knickers for me. I don't mind the colour as long as they fit properly

*nelover15819 hours ago *ngelbiTV
Fucking photo

I'm still waiting for my pics to get approved lol I get pics rejected all the time. Despite my profiles on fabs and dogging having the same name and pics, they get rejected as others lol

*ixty9er220 hours ago *ngelbiTV
Where's all the originality gone?

Rate my post!!! That is a good one mrdell x

*illy Wanker2621 hours ago *ervypoof
Anal insertions

I have developed a d.i.y enema kit ! It`s great in the shower with warm water running inside you, and of course, washing you out at the same time! Just unscrews from the shower hose when you`ve finished, and nobody none the wiser !! :-)

*5222 hours ago *Preferolder
piss up your bum

Love pissing and looking for a piss slut local to me.

*15922 hours ago *ancs321

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