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The Humbler

I've only just learned that this sexual restraint exists. It sounds fascinating - anyone tried one? I'm thinking of buying one - for it to be used on me ! Dave xxx

*iganBi2110 minutes ago *iganBi2
What is the kinkiest thing you've done with a guy

Oops, just remembered the string is "What's the kinkiest think you've done with a guy?" I think I've answered a different question:- "What's the kinkiest thing you've NEVER done with a guy?) xxx

*lincsbi46531 hour ago *iganBi2

Will you have to quarantine on return ?

*erybi83 hours ago *ipman
James Charles Harries, do you remember him?

No ones even mentioned the bow tie!

*eyley73 hours ago *ottageboy
Lingerie Shopping?

I love buying my panties and clothes I've been doing it since I got my first wage packet at 16 bought matching bra panties suspender belt and stockings all cream in colour. I've never looked back I love to have a good look round the underwear

*105 hours ago *ebbiegray69
Piss Lovers

I love being pissed on ivebeen lucky to meet the same guy a couple of times who after I've taken a nice mouth full of cum as pissed in my mouth and over my face and my over my bra and panties . next time we meet I've asked him to piss in my arse .

*226 hours ago *ebbiegray69

Went for a walk on the dunes tonight for a spectacular sunset. So many guys walking around. A lot of hot older men with their dogs. I really cannot wait to be able to try and meet a guy for a regular fucking again.

*lderapplywithin17 hours ago *lderapplywithin
Smallest cock?

The best thing about a small prick is that you can get it in your mouth AND the balls The downside of a small prick in my experience is that it wrecks your arsehole, its like being poked by a nasty little pencil

*678 hours ago *ipman
Watched or hate being watched?

Backrooms for me every time

*eyley539 hours ago *ipman
Have you had the Covid vaccine yet....

Had my first shot 4 weeks ago. No mention of waiting around afterwards, straight back onto the street. I was told later that unless you are driving they don't bother ? Who knows ?? On a second point , I basically gave up listening to or watching

*eyley909 hours ago *ipman
Guys cumming quickly

I was with a regulat fuck buddy last week and he worked so well on my cock before I entered him that I could not stop myself coming. I had asked to to stop sucking/rimming me because I was getting near but hewanted to continue for a while and i

*idoggingtoy11318 hours ago *nydale

Tried twice to upgrade to premium member on here and both times not allowed. Anyone know why?. I have messaged admin. twice but got no reply.

*ollydee118 hours ago *ollydee

I like to take photos especially if the guy is well endowed and is fucking me. I used to have a g/f who also enjoyed taking photos of me being fucked and giving a guy oral.She also didn't mind me taking pics of her having her cunt being used too.

*ed5SIB220 hours ago *umup me
Rejected photos...

I got one rejected cos i was pissing into a toilet, yetthe sight is 'cottaging'

*akemeyoursub52 days ago *ubvers
Sex torture

Thanks both Sotoned & PJ for your posts, much appreciated.

*linkybum92 days ago *iganBi2
Swallowing like a good girl

I don’t know, I love to feel it spatter across my face, have to stay there with it dripping off me. Distant bloody memory now. I had mayo in a squeezy bottle, a load shot out, I swear I sighed and thought about...well, you know.

*252 days ago *oredEric
Sex after spanking?

c'mon spankers in Southampton, where are you!

*art_D142 days ago *urgea
Cock Pics etc

We all like to look at the goods, but am I the only one that's noticed some very red and angry looking cocks? If my cock looked that sore and angry the only place I'd be showing it is the clinic. Not angry and sore from too much sel

*van4243 days ago *ottageboy
Flasher on the A34 last night.

Last night I was driving the truck down the A34 near Whitchurch in Hampshire when a car slowly passed me with the interior light on. The driver, a young looking guy was displaying a nice hard cock. I gave him a flash of my lights as he passed and

*akedtrucker13 days ago *akedtrucker
Strange Turn Ons !

a nice meaty arse in tight jeans and a cock hanging out the front.....

*1433 days ago *luebykerboy

To be honest I don’t think your can message on buzz, as it just gives a general overview of what has been changed during a 24hr period, so if you long-on and check things and make no changes etc. or comments it won’t be registered on buzz T

*reeallday23 days ago *atexsub

Looking for new wank buddies for Skype My addy gymbuddy76 Anyone interested get In touch

*riar00713 days ago *riar007

Been commando for years now!! Love it and gate to have the junk tied up in underwear!!!

*imonipswich863 days ago *elshandy

Steph, Come & have a night out in Wigan with me, Doris. Blackpool Will seem tame by comparison. Big love, Dave, xxx

*annaff43 days ago *iganBi2
Lorry drivers on lay-bys

Sunny to Lincoln .van or lorry msg me

*ampaio584 days ago *lovescock
Prostate Radiotherapy - fatigue and sexual effects.

The fatigue peaked for me around two weeks after RT ended, and took some time to dwindle off. Then I got hit by a second peak of fatigue some months later by the Bicalutamide, but that was 150mg. All on top of the prostatectomy. It was a hard

*dge You Shave You24 days ago *igfit
Vaccine passport

I think some sort of passport would be a good idea for foreign travel but it shouldn't be introduced until everyone has had the offer of their first jab.

*esperate jon204 days ago *ittleman01
Bulging lycra

spandexguys dot com, I haven't actually thought about it for years, I think I had a login? My page on fabguys has a few pics of me with my leotard fetish LV

*assivetouse25 days ago *ycraveet

I heard the vaccine can cause memory loss. But to be honest, I don't know if I've had the vaccine yet. or I have but can't remember. :-o

*illwilts45 days ago *malld

You’ll see a lot of companies trying to sell you VPNs in addition to services like TOR: unless you want to conceal your use of TOR, it’s unnecessary. As far as this site goes, it doesn’t use https, so everything written here, or sent via PM is re

*WGuy00736 days ago *ottageboy

They are now saying its also a side effect of taking aspirin every day. Interesting theory but doesn't work with me. I had tinnitus at least 8 years before I was advised to take a small [75mg] aspirin a day. Prior to that I don't th

*rainger22356 days ago *ordic-knight
Making a Glory Hole

How about two small holes below the glory hole and tie the subs balls to the wall whilst you deal with his cock - no need to rush - he ain't going anywhere! Sort of like what happened to me:

*ottageboy256 days ago *ottageboy

Shame u ain’t nearer mate would love a good suck on ya while I plastering my wall!

*ittleman01147 days ago *anbulge
Skype Flash

P.S. you can use the same login details when you have re-installed, this will ensure you dont lose contacts.

*akemeyoursub37 days ago *rit1234
Suck or be sucked?

I too love sucking and always swallow, if I’m lucky I hold it in my mouth after they have cum for a nice mouthful of post cum piss. Now my favourite way of sucking is with my partner on all fours but as low as possible at the head end. That way I

*ornydragon1707 days ago *ralholic

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