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me to I just love to push the skin back with my lips and lick all round the rim and to flick my tongue over the jap eye but there again any cock will do for me

*ottom 4 U4just this minute!  *adison
spank or cane

Spank & cane ..... yes please :-D

*aulatart252 minutes ago *ottom 4 U
Capital punishment

why worry over a man that killed 2 people, he did not care if they died a slow death, so let him suffer as well, live by the sword you die by the sword. TL,we're not arguing on a particular case or a moral judgment,just on the point that

*onik711 minutes ago *ime-life2
holiday single supplement

people seem to think if you pay for the room and not the people in it you are getting it cheaper. Not so. If it's a 2 berth room then you're paying double!

*agiclips21515 minutes ago *r precum
who complained

there is ob guy on here that likes to dpout his mouth off he. bk. i you critise him. your post. gets deleted. hes got. sone sway with admin. so be warned dont soeak against b k now watch this thread will be removed

*toryteller616 minutes ago *cottie18
Why do young guys like daddy types

Love to find a young top into bottom older chub's :-D

*10427 minutes ago *ottom 4 U
edging tips

I dress, smoke, then poppers then sissy hypno vids....after 4/5 hours i orgasm whilst soft...its amazing would love to try for longer tho xxx

*ictoriasecretcd2247 minutes ago *ikimarriott
commonwealth games

I watched the programme about the Indian Hill Railway. Entertaining, Informative and educational. The complete opposite to sport on TV. High time such things were given there own channels.they do only you have to pay for them. But

*ychman111 hour ago *lbino1951

As I said earlier, the advent of the internet has seen a lot of new terminology, I was one of the first online TVs with pics etc back then and we were all called TVs but since then a lot of new forms have evolved - CD,Pantyboy(boi),HPw and

*aturecocksucker101 hour ago *ikimarriott
trent park enfield?

Anyone know if Trent park is good for random day time meets if I just wander around

*atch26141 hour ago *ardvark04
Transvestite Sluts

me lmto xxxx

*obbyslut51 hour ago *ikimarriott
Who prefers fat/chubby guys

I am looking for an older chubby bear for long term fun. Let me know if you are close to Shrewsbury, Shropshire and want to use me on a regular basis. Katt xxx

*uckwell1372 hours ago *attxxx
2 Cocks in 1 hole

Not done it yet,but I recon the guy would have to be gradually fisted first,and I also one guy would have to be lying down,the bottom sat on leant over and the third,taking up the rear so to speak. I reckon the 2 tops would have most fun with thei

*enlandlad762 hours ago *onik
Trannie Slave

Are you not aware of the massive Master/slave BDsM community in this country then "Ann"?

*nn Cd43 hours ago *astertim
~~~mens nuts~~~

I have tried a pump on my dick with a meet who brought 1 for me to try....didn't really feel nout, mind you I did fill the pump to its fullest, but the question is what if I just put my goolies in the pump would they turn out like ostritch s eggs?

*entralondon163 hours ago *entralondon
DVD Copier

DVD shrink then Nero both free

*ervalan193 hours ago *uperslinky
Rate my cock

PS Did you know by viewing that pic as a negative in a photo editing prog you can see it in it's original form so your face is clear to see in it ?

*ockhungery88243 hours ago *esley_leeds
Cottage etiquette

Apart from this site, and visiting friends who live in twee country cottages, I have never been into cottaging. However I do think the OPs limitations would make it difficult for him to go cottaging. There is every chance that some of the guys he

*ulham19104 hours ago *ordic-knight
What's you favourite posision to get fucked/to fuck in

i love to be fucked on my back with my legs open thats best

*owcester1424 hours ago *igby
cottaging vids

this is one I posted other day dunno if you saw it but it is on the site mentioned above, same guy has a few other interesting ones

*ictoriasecretcd34 hours ago *esley_leeds
blow job

practice on a banana.

*ar.deb35 hours ago *mall guy
Face Fucking

I used to see a guy some years ago who I let occasionally handcuff my hands behind my back. that way he was in total control of how fast, how hard and how deep. that was horny, esp as he was in control of the poppers too mmmm

*ass6512512 hours ago *ictoriasecretcd
fun in the sun ?

Forgot to say it's in monastir about five minutes from skanes.

*RICEY1971313 hours ago *e58
I would like to know if you would fuck me

Hell yeah I would fuck you

*attxxx3613 hours ago *9mark69
Gay saunas

Is it OK to wear a wedding ring in a gay sauna? *********************** That is definitely not the ring some may be interested in.Just enjoy and be safe :-)

*ockmuncher952614 hours ago *rdell
kissing with beard

I like beard... Zach galifianakis, the actor of hang over is so sexy with beard...

*aturecocksucker2014 hours ago *iza
Daddies and Chasers

I love smooth older guys that take the upper hand and tell me what they need :-)

*ortoise6910814 hours ago *cxxx
Grimsby Cottaging

market hall toilets near wilkinsons is usually fairly active...

*ardbiskit1015 hours ago *tricky69
Should I complain?

You live near an airfield, get used to it and stop moaning. End of.

*airyrugger4416 hours ago *arko102
You ever pissed on a guy??

One of my guys loves to sit in my shower wanking himself off as he gets me to piss in his mouth: he likes alot of it in his mouth. Will do it to anyone who might want to try also do kl things with feet :

*oacalFon2716 hours ago *lhands

Posted more pics on here, since tgen I have had less people looking at me and less people or are you all trying to tell me something lol..

*llkneelforyou116 hours ago *llkneelforyou

It's what happens when you put them away wet lol Like tents LOL!

*hopper31717 hours ago *onik

if its a yes vote there will be no Scottish mps in the house of commons and as I said before I hope it is a yes just to get rid of them and end the unfairness of this situation;:: wouldnt solve the situation. N.irlend and welsh mps

*isect1717 hours ago *lhands
Cruel condom

great for someone with a magnetic personality XX H XX

*adwez771117 hours ago *tockingssteve

I love wearing swimsuits on a beach, especially high leg ones. Hmmm, would love to see that

*2818 hours ago *ldTman

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