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online sites

does any one feel put off by the time wasters and hours on lap top getting no where when all you had to do in the past was go down bournemouth gardens and you would get some cock I agree things were better back then you just simply

*ackaby518 minutes ago *hoknows9
What aftershaves turn you off

Givenchy and jean Paul gautier for me. But I love Boss, and Lacoste and Diesil on both myself and other guys

*uckservice4u1824 minutes ago *amiewalsham
black guys

I think it's pretty terrible to base assessment of a guy's attractiveness on his colour alone. Threads like this always seem to have a touch of racism to me. Surely a man is attractive because he is hunky, or good looking or slim, or whate

*ub cocksucker for older3349 minutes ago *asculine se13
Swallow or Spit

Waste not, want not........

*axman444473 hours ago *um_store
dirty sex

If i have a day off or a day when im planning to go online to find a meet, i have a good clean in the morning, inside and out, and then if its a bit later in the day when the meet happens ill have another wash. Id feel embarrased to turn up dirty to

*ornybottom1193 hours ago *adforfun90
Estate Agents

I was messing around with an estate agent last year, 3 meets and 2 were in houses his company was managing. Pity both were empty and it was a quick dinner hour meet. He told me they all did it, well the ones who were that way inclined and it

*ixty9er106 hours ago *ayjay2020

Is docking any good?

*ockmuncher9517 hours ago *ockmuncher95

Doug Fordyce one of the pro gymnasts is drop dead gorgeous. Google him if you don't believe me. Would not be surprised if he liked a bit of willy

*assageGuyJake137 hours ago *antersbi
kissing or not

Man to man I dont like it.....but when Im dressed, I just think Im a slut, if they want to kiss give them what they want.

*ndyBath1108 hours ago *reamclean
Preference Uncut or Cut?

As mine is cut and very straight and fairly thick that's how I prefer them

*osh556628 hours ago *axman4444
Fuck or bj

Definitely fuck after the bj (I am greedy)

*y-holes-your-goal638 hours ago *axman4444
rough it in woods

if you looking to keep dry bandstands and bird huts are good. park benches are quite comfortable. there are bothys all over the remote mountain areas where you can stay free.

*raffitiblue198 hours ago *artney
group wank..

If I wanted a group wank all I have to do is go to our local dogging site :-)

*RAD0928 hours ago *axman4444
Northwich Sauna

Thanks guys. I went on t-girl day which I think was a mistake. Are Sundays often good.

*illyballington109 hours ago *illyballington
Time waisters

If miles away i say no first time, if they are looking to meet, decision is made straight away with me if i dont like whats said on profile etc, think one can be more of a timewaster leading people on

*ute boxers99 hours ago *asculine se13
Bj time

Went to a sauna this afternoon, met a couple of really nice guys. One sucked me off in the dark room, then he went as soon as I had cum. Met the other in the steam room, we played around for a while,and he wanked me off,I reciprocated. So far s

*ornybottom1410 hours ago *rdell
scrappers BBC.

BBC 1 , Tues n rerun Friday nights, not sure what time though

*dammanc1910 hours ago *ames46

M.smith38.....on skype now ;)

*JHappy110 hours ago *JHappy

found a website that lists where apparent gloryholes are, think the closest one is like a 35 min drive from me but i might have to give it a look. think its the only way I'm going to get the nerves to suck cock for the first time unless an

*eimdall111 hours ago *eimdall
United solutions

Never been interested in Premiership football, you only have to look at the latest Sky advert now on television, a sports channel paid for by Adults but the new publicity ad. is full of Children, aiming at 'pester power' know doubt ?

*oung sub867511 hours ago *lley52cat

Definitely masculine and furry a BIG plus..but if he has a naughty smile,can kiss passionately,a beard to rub over my face,nips and ring and maybe some biker gear,centurion leathers or the like then he's PERFECT!!! ;-) Thats

*ANINTROUSERS4211 hours ago *punkswap
Fun in Manchester

Can anyone accom in Manchester City centre tonight looking for good times bottom here

*annyd88212 hours ago *annyd88
Thoughts and feelings towards orientation

I love you,I adore you,I can't get enough you,I want you always,I,..I..I..just came! See ya! **************** Regretfully sometimes true ;-)

*analxx1112 hours ago *rdell
I'm Back!!!!

welcome back mate xxx

*1412 hours ago *xford panties
hotel 3 + fun night

my fun night in edinburg is filling up nicely louise annal is cumming!! Along to add a touch of class to the night cant wait to rim her butt as she face fucks young liam . Still hoping for a few more to join the party. Have time slots for 2 more

*lhands112 hours ago *lhands
benidorm 08-18 Sept

thanks for that Dom but having lived in Almeria in the '80s I realise all that but they can still have 2 prices as long as it is on the listo de precios

*kws313 hours ago *kws
hairy guys?

love hairy guys mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sexy ! :-)

*arcgb151913 hours ago *ssexmature52

Sky is a great broadcaster. I enjoy it all. Its a little pricey though.Anything from the Murdoch companies is over priced ! They have been showing ab fab and fawlty towers since the late 90's !

*xford panties5114 hours ago *om44
The final curtain. . .

h.norfolk, you're a bit out of date. CD's can now be legally copied. And, you can be buried wherever you like and not even have a funeral. Most crems have a time-limit of around 20 minutes for the service, so leave enough time for music an

*onik6215 hours ago *herry picker
Please explain the attraction

It would have to be thoroughly cleaned before I tried it but I wouldn't say no. As I love being rimmed before I have anal sex :-p

*ambridgejohnboy2315 hours ago *enny Sometimes
Location, Location

yes willinguy, i did look just teasin, O:-)

*enny Sometimes1015 hours ago *otsobig
Nothering Hornier Than A Massage

Love a good massage, can't beat it!! me too

*eo97652115 hours ago *eo9765
When Chatting why do some take forever to reply when on line

You need to be multi-tasking and have something else on your screen while chatting. Lots of people look like they are on-line, but they are doing other things. The whole point of email, text, chat is that the mesaage will just sit there until you

*odyrock916 hours ago *enny Sometimes

Seems a lot of trouble when you can just use the shower hose. Dont put soaps in your arse either. Yes but if you go to guys house for a meet you can use it instead of his shower hose.

*e58517 hours ago *e58
best site for bi-guys

Im a Bi guy , hit me up if looking for fun

*etcat517 hours ago *eedsTop

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