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Dirty old men

Yes the good old days. In my youth you could find these dirty old men in toilets. I was great wanking these guys off and sometimes getting a bit more.

*eniors Only7323 minutes ago *appybiuk

love a good fisting session or toys, giving and taking

*tm4u2use1139 minutes ago *ijonessex
Nicholas Parsons

Another one of he great entertainers. Age did not dim his charm or wit one iota. RIP Sur you will be much missed

*etropolis614 hours ago *ordic-knight
Suck or fuck?

My God, whatever he wants in whatever order...multiple times!!

*ipaulsun4918 hours ago *airybear67
Dirty chat

Yes please

*ours48218 hours ago *ssmith
Country walking.

Been a while since I have been on here. I saw the guy last year in his garden coming out of his estate car and bang I started talking. He was my type of man. Apparently he lives on his own. Wife and kids left him. Very interesting to talk to

*inovim4719 hours ago *inovim
well then how did you !!

I met an older man in a toilet and he encouraged me to do it to him. Then he did it to me and I thought I'd pissed myself but all this white stuff came out. Never stopped doing it after that lol

*oole.guy319 hours ago *oondog
Did They Really?

I was sent to see a psychiatrist in the late sixties, I was almost sent for electric shock therapy but thankfully the psychiatrist deemed I was a homosexual and that my family should accept me for what I am and wished me a happy life. I met some

*atinesque320 hours ago *otoned
homemade cock rings/straps

You can buy a selection box of rubber 'O' rings,, which contains lots of sizes and thicknesses from 'nipple' size to very large penis sizes, you can get them from most auto part shops or engineering suppliers etc etc and they're even better quality

*auber1921 hours ago *inbitv
Best position for sucking

I simply LOVE sucking cock but especially being face/throat fucked, so my favourite is laid on my back, restrained or not, on the bed or sofa, with my head hanging over the edge, so he (or she) has total control of how hard and how deep they go.

*ldcock65171 day ago *over me in cum
Bacton woods

I've not heard of anyone playing there. It would certainly be possible, as you say, there are loads of places, even during the day. If you get off the big trails, there are some pretty dense areas of brush.

*annaff22 days ago *ormat
submissive / bottoms ?

I'm a Sub in Pembrokeshire, South West Wales and class myself as bottom, even though I'm actually a total anal virgin still. Guys who are domineering, guys who know what they want and how to get it are a big turn on. I also love really dirty, kink

*702 days ago *over me in cum

Initially I had no wish to kiss a guy but one day it just happened and I have grown to like it providing it's soft and gentle and sensuous

*obbygee842 days ago *anpleasure
A new journey

Take care and experimenting isn’t an issue. Who’s clothes are you going to wear ? Will they fit ? Will they need cleaning afterwards and would you have time ? Some practical matters are worth consideration. You’ll know soon e

*ariousArtists42 days ago *ariousArtists
Piss In Your Mouth

I LOVE having people piss in my mouth or anywhere over me. Also love when sucking a guy, he suddenly starts to piss, with no warning at all and even better if he holds the back of my head to prevent me from backing away.

*nurmouth312 days ago *over me in cum
Well Used Sex Toys, etc wanted

I'm still on the lookout for a nice sloppy well used fleshlight etc, if anyone has anything, please get in touch Dave

*over me in cum102 days ago *over me in cum
Darlaston or Northwich sauna, which is better

Personally, i LOVE Northwich, been there quite a few times and is the best, cleanest sauna I've been too, not that I always want a nice clean place. Sometimes the dirty seedy ones are amazing too.

*hropy32 days ago *over me in cum
Skinny cocks

Another total virgin here, also looking for that slim/Skinny cock for my very first time.

*42 days ago *over me in cum
Eating your own cum.

I've never actually had a woman sit on my face, I've only ever been with two women. I do like big women though

*323 days ago *ubvers
sub cumslut needs feeders

my sub whore is looking for plenty of sperm doners to send him there cum to feed on

*ssexbukkake83 days ago *ssexbukkake
skype cam group

Nairb Smith

*an uk83 days ago *airbd75
Foreskins which wont retract.

As a kid, I didn't even know you could pull the foreskin back until my early teens. I could pull it back in the bath for cleaning etc but once hard it was so painful I soon realised there was something not quite right. It wasn't until my early

*evanian813 days ago *iverpoolCumFun
black cocks

You don't need to apologise. Your post was perfectly understandable.

*393 days ago *etropolis
Chem sex

There is no 'safe' way to use drugs

*havenbiguy43 days ago *etropolis
cock sucking

When I am with a guy I don't want wanking or sucking prefer my little cock to stay limp and useless. I only maybe cum once or twice a year at most so my cock isn't important prefer to play with my nipples they turn me on.

*iguy871133 days ago *tm4u2use

Something I wouldn't mind trying some time is making a video of someone's Saturday night romps. I'm a skilled videographer and editor, but never had the courage to advertise my service. Needs be local to me though.

*anksock5713 days ago *anksock57
Spunky socks

If any of you lads want to blow your load in some socks one or more times and send them to me, I'd be so obliged. Private message me for an address.

*anksock5713 days ago *anksock57

A good few years ago, I got in contact with a guy via the old MSN chatrooms, we arranged to meet in the lovely Derwent Valley in Derbyshire, he was wearing black trousers and a black top, we had a fab time in the forest, afterwards we used the local

*853 days ago *evanian

Tom of Finland, it’s really rather gay. Personally I lean to the femme end of the spectrum, but Tom of Finland...dear me, he must have been a busy boy.

*ackoranks213 days ago *oredEric

I’m looking for phone fun I’m dressed up like a slut

*ohnstockings14 days ago *ohnstockings
Dash Cams

I have a Dash cam bought and fitted by Halfords,a next base cam. My journeys are short these days but it gives me peace of mind with all the twats using the road. By that statement i mean the mobile phone users who walk out from my local statio

*lan Cheshire244 days ago *abber44

Young guys are much more sexier than guys my age I meet up with a guy of 26 and he’s very sexy and knows exactly what gets me horny I totally disagree! Sex is much better with older guys, who know what they're doing and how to use me![/quo

*ondo174 days ago *abber44
Error message AGAIN!

WTF????????? Trying to upload a picture, and I’m getting error AGAIN WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON ??

*irlielegs14 days ago *irlielegs

Get your self a suction cup one , I’ve got several sizes . Great for use in the shower or on a stool like the one in my pics

*lex99424 days ago *omersetpvcfun77
Angry looking penises

I tend to steer clear of cocks that have warts or growths on them. I guess I'm frightened that whatever it is will be contagious I'm fairly ignorant on the topic of genital warts. I also am quite scared of cocks that are very red, look sor

*oondog25 days ago *eros54

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