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Peaky Blinders

I do love the 20's. Got the oxford bags and all but I don't have Spats, so all help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. :-)

*ee harvey1117 minutes ago *ancFella
Role-play. What does it mean to you?

Tried to mail you

*obinrobin1518 minutes ago *ee harvey
Being shaved

i keep myself smooth but would love some one to do it for me

*aytripper781 hour ago *limsubguy
Wanking in a cinema

It also resembles a toilet frequented by old men who smell like they need a bath. You're a patron then ? ;-)

*adpuppy372 hours ago *ancFella
chef to work

im a chef in warrington

*eteral72 hours ago *limsubguy
no longer on site

cristos why send insults in private messages and then block me from replying not a very adult or normal way to behave??? Really? Get over yourself mate no one cares. o-) You mean you dont care, some of us have empathy for oth

*llana733 hours ago *igtrygg
Crossdressing clothing

I bought my first French knickers this week. I wore them first time last night. Amazing. The last time I wore any was over thirty years ago. I'd forgotten how amazing it feels.

*issy J63 hours ago *illgossard
Drunk and gay/bi

Another plot lost :-p Drat and double drat :-( :-(

*im999124 hours ago *igtrygg
Jockstrap briefs boxers or commando?

yes, you right due to circumstances it will be easier for discreet fun ;)

*ullworkiebear615 hours ago *115
who else likes

Love to play on Skype. Add me **c_7465@... [register free to see email addresses]

*mooth mature nudist225 hours ago *mc_7465
A conundrum

Likely it tracks the login email account name rather than the cottaging user name. So they deleted their account, came back, used the same email, then then it checks for last login time found that old email address and used that leading to

*ikkjel.dag125 hours ago *deviantx-
sex sites

Could be a block on the unit u didn't know about? Look in settings and change them I was thinking the same. Also I think some servers are set up not to allow x content.

*purs1056 hours ago *ristos
Sextoys and clothing! Read you may be interested

I have also let guyz ride their mountain bikes over my jeans, laid out on footpath etc I never heard of that masochistic kink before. It must bruise...

*ovlad8446 hours ago *deviantx-

Anyone interested in swapping porn dvd's please get in touch as i'd like to change some for different titles

*ndyBath16 hours ago *ndyBath
Were you strapped at school?

Just because we were kids didn't mean we had to be victims guys.perhaps I was lucky my dad knocked out his seargent majorwho was an orange man for calling my gran a finian bitch Didn't do it again lol and thevrest backed off as well

*aggedmale447 hours ago *horlton bob
Do you have a pet hate?

People who either use or check their phone whilst driving, Also the same whilst they are crossing the road as they should be aware that the driver approaching a crossing may not be looking. Dog owners that don't collect and remove the poo. cance

*oner4u2suck1668 hours ago *ndyBath

has anyone ever had a guy shave there cock and balls before, love to have this done

*oveolder218 hours ago *oveolder2
Younger / Older Scenario

Have to say though that I prefer same age or younger and I find younger guys are usually less likely to rush and are less rough or into weird offputting stuff lol.

*1339 hours ago *uicyJoy
Dvd swap

Sure, always up for a porn swap :-)

*ddardvee310 hours ago *rsefiend
tie and tease

well I am still looking

*oveolder2310 hours ago *oveolder2

Any Yorkshire guys fancy a docking meet?

*ee harvey2212 hours ago *aggar
Sex Cinemas (London)

If anyone in London wants to relive those days you could do worse that visit Taboo in Birmingham. It's just like Fantasy was in it's day. It's also a short walk from Birmingham Moor Street station which is on the Marylebone line. Please PM me if

*K Bi Guy11814 hours ago *he Shooter
taking cock up your arse

I live in grantham would love to sleep over with a guy who wants to cuddle suck rim kiss and use my ass as well as piss on or in me mmmmmm

*berant8614 hours ago *weetbut

At first I find it very humiliating, especially when told to bend over and feel my knickers being pulled down, exposing me. Then slowly a sense of release starts to rise. Deep down knowing that I can't do anything but give in to the situ

*limsubguy2315 hours ago *laine
Bulges in trousers, jeans and pants!

Thank you, you two. I can't say I was bothered by DJ: he'd obviously not understood a would-be humorous comment but took it as a personal insult as a result of that lack of understanding.

*ickerman12421 hours ago *ikkjel.dag
sneak peek

Changing the thread a bit more on to football: I believe there is a Norwegian team called FL Fart, and a Peruvian team Deportivo Wanka :)

*ityhull121 day ago *ovebears

a worrying bit of DIY in this post and knowing how bad some guys can be at DIY this can only end badly so i dont think i will be getting my tool box out to try it

*annos311 day ago *ickyboy

I live to wear knickers too, for meets. It's makes me super horny. Love sering guys in sexy knickers too.

*oppy141 day ago *allingken
Dom Master

Does anyone Know of a Dom Master in southampton Several, thanks. :)

*rcherymarc21 day ago *deviantx-
What makes a good profile picture?

Eroticism, suggestive,sexial leading. The picture dont have to shoe ang private bits as suggedtive turns most guys on

*orchlight231 day ago *hmactive
Gay Bars of the Past

Does anyone remember a private gay club called legends in Birmingham, it was above an old cinema close to the jester, I used to love it in there I remember Legends. I went a few times.

*eedsRhino75821 day ago *addyTopB21

But not on a gay or bi site Keep that for str8 sites We have too many straights trying to take over our gay sites Thanks Only saying I am bi it does no harm just to mention or joke about the str8 aspects of one's sexual

*uriouspat151 day ago *igtrygg
perfect meet

:*) :*) :*) :*) :*) :*) :*) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) Haha.. don't think I have a blush left in me as far as you are concerned ;-)

*antsomenow123161 day ago *ancFella
Still awake? How about a phone wank?

Any daddy's around who wanna dominate a little slut over the phone?

*myRose191 day ago *myRose
Full balls

I dont wank, but when I do cum I havent noticed any extra spunk if I havent shot for a few days. Im definitely more sensitive to touch though. I do remember once shooting in my own face when I was having a session with a very lovely older gentlemen

*onnie202 days ago *ven66

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