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All-Male Opera

Definitely interested, always have loved opera, and this one in particular. PM me please.

*dventurescout52 minutes ago *diphil

we all on here for same thing and should all be disceet so who cares

*tx15133 minutes ago *9hull
What are you doing this Easter?

Hoping to find my Easter bunny for a good breeding session!!!! :*) :*) :*)

*ANINTROUSERS910 minutes ago *ld4yunga

Have been with quite a number of Indian and Mixed race and Chinese guys - mostly tops - but enjoyed sucking them all before letting them have my arse. All around the 25 to 35 year old age range, all excellent fuckers, but different sizes too.

*ingjammy511 minutes ago *ld4yunga
prepping for anal.

indeed -all the above points are relevant and true. sadly--for we bottoms--and annoying for tops it is a very basic fact-no matter how much we whine and whimper-that the ass has two primary functions----we know what. but please tops try to under

*ambscumdump2925 minutes ago *oland butter
cam on beach

hi guys ,I want to be able to cam on cam 4 from a beach,can anyone tell me if I can do this with a I pad with a sim card or do I need to get a different computer.if I can with I pad ill be down the phone shop today :)

*exdan157 minutes ago *exdan

There for 2 drags anyone for a meet

*woblue1960158 minutes ago *woblue1960

Unless you pay for a Static IP address, it will be a Dynamic one which changes each time to connect to the net.

*esslovescock3558 minutes ago *etropolis
What's you favourite posision to get fucked/to fuck in

Any way you like.... top or bottom

*owcester431 hour ago *etropolis
Whats your moto in life

There are many reasons some people cant spell. The most common being that they aren't natural English speakers.

*1611 hour ago *etropolis
Where do u prefer to shoot yr load ?

First load...over his face...and have it dripping off his chin. Second his arse then play with it with my fingers im with you on this one a load in the mouth dripping down my chin then all other loads deep inside me mmmm

*1151 hour ago *OE-BBURN
Sydney Uni

Putting these stupid warnings on profiles just takes up valuable space on the servers.

*bsass51 hour ago *etropolis
Mac or PC

Haha, which is code for "I can't afford one". Of course Apple is unique in its exploitation of foreign workforces. Life sucks, get a helmet!

*ake me wide381 hour ago *IM CROW
Spit Roasts: in front getting a bj; in the middle being fucked both ends; or up the back, pounding ass?

My virginity was taken during spit roasting, so I always want to be piggy in the middle pleasing both cocks as much as possible. Cannot wait for another spit roasting...

*owcester851 hour ago *ason_aaa_1999
black cock

Love to be a black mans toy x any offers?

*481 hour ago *perm nurse

I go the ponderosa quite often, Sunday mid morning mostly, on to other parts of North Wales, Denbigh, Ruthin, Corwen, Betws y Coed, Ffestinog, Llanrwst, Abergele, Bala, great roads and fab views. Will prob be there next week, looking and wonderin

*renig42 hours ago *arcurious

Mmmmm nice story, wish i was a plumber :p on the other hand if you ever want to act out the above gimme a shout, ill be round in my trackies on all 4's for u anytime!! :-p

*sittho232 hours ago *kallanjam

Try fabswingers or

*auli4sex42 hours ago *h23..

Hi can anyone head me in the right direction too any good cruiseing areas or cottages in Blackpool please

*incblueyedboy13 hours ago *incblueyedboy
Why are so many men sucking cock these days

internet makes ir easier but can't miss a good cottage x

*ay-Black1123 hours ago *perm nurse

when taking it deep I give hands and suck there tip to rest my throat and to finish them off so I get the full tast of there load

*eepthroat 1114 hours ago *etstryall
lap top

thanks for that lads,ill pass it on to him.

*ollydee44 hours ago *ollydee
Fun meet

I'm dressed now bra pink bench sun top with blond wig and denim real right mini skirt stockings suspenders an heels anyone want to meet round Durham I live alone got free bed come an look after me I want my head hanging off edge of bed being throat

*xrmark17 hours ago *xrmark
Suite 429 Chelmsford

Who is up for going to sauna on thursday morning??

*ature Dom 4 Subs210 hours ago *uckinglad
first time helsinki ipswich

Who is up for going to helsinki sauna on thursday morning??

*uckinglad410 hours ago *uckinglad

Who is up for going to helsinki sauna on thursday morning??

*orcester Sauce1410 hours ago *uckinglad

yes please...whats your addy

*eded211 hours ago *imee
older guys

so difficult for find willing guys, over 60 who are gay (not bi/married) but proper gay x

*udgie111 hours ago *udgie
best place to fuck outside

was sucking a guy off in a forest when i noticed an old woman walkin past. She stopped just stood there lookin holding her handbag so i stopped stood up all embaressed and she just walked off... wasnt until i had finished with a mouth full of jizz

*jsex2311 hours ago *ibs71
Pierced cock

If you're feeling especially hardcore go for an ampallang. Only seen one on here! That would be me, then lol A PA is one of the easier genital piercings to get. It is not as painful as most guys think it would be. As was said, it can

*teveessex7772712 hours ago *lueeyedhexe

im horny like hell someone help me message your skype before i explode *-)

*tealth1212 hours ago *umswallow2
The Beacon

Tight bottom available for you on the Beacon tonite good o levels xx

*ubjohn114 hours ago *ubjohn
Billericay area taxi Drivers and Truckers resting

Looking at some of our local taxi drivers and truckers I would not want to go near them let alone suck their cocks. Besides some of the former are women!

*ooner48314 hours ago *ordic-knight
oswaldtwisle accrington bottom

hey bottom guy looking for top asians welcome

*ndyboycraig114 hours ago *ndyboycraig
Suite 429 Chelmsford

Hello guys & gals, silly question but is suite 429 open Easter Sunday?

*ittle will114 hours ago *ittle will

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