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No pix, no nothing...

I only realised the other day, after being on here for years, that you can block people without profiles, in you account details.

*eans2201820 minutes ago *H23

Has anyone here needed circumcision after getting their foreskin stuck in a zip?

*laywith me1530 minutes ago *utroundhead
Circumcision Advice

I was also circumcised for balanitis bxo and dithered for too long, worried about the outcome...but it's been great...much greater sensations in both wanking and sex, looks better and so much easier to maintain....

*3536 minutes ago *utroundhead
can you still selfsuck?

I did it once when I was twink at a gay house warming party in front of a crowd of older guys,I look back on it now with embarrassment,I was drunk at the time though. :-)

*ondonPETE1345 minutes ago *ANINTROUSERS
When will some guys learn?

Many years ago I drove from Manchester to Leeeds for a meet with a guy who couldn't show his face because he was married ... said his wife was away for a few days. I was so disappointed! he was not my type at all..his description of himself was way

*astSussex2454 minutes ago *entonman
First time sauna

Go and enjoy, you will find most guys are very friendly, ask the staff to show you round first so you know the lay out of the place, don't worry about getting a stiffy, you will see plenty of others with a hardon, feel sure once you have been you

*171 hour ago *otrod69
Who has the nicest cock

The nicest for me is the one that's in my mouth or deep in my arse :-)

*oungMark1121 hour ago *ockluver

I find it very sexy for some reason! it might sound perverted to others but I like to hold a guys dick for him whilst he takes a piss. I did it once for a drunken mate and ended up on my knees giving him a be!

*urly201431 hour ago *entonman
Male Nipples

I am so disappointed that my nipples are not, nor ever have been erogenous:-(. I feel really left out ! lol now my left ear is another matter! strangely not so much my right ear! I just melt when a gay sucks and licks at that sensitive part of my b

*ickerman1541 hour ago *entonman
Be honest about cock size!

In my experience...thankfully quite extensive...the younger guys,regardless of height or body size,have larger thicker cocks than previous generations. Magnificent yes but they r very hard to cum by (the acco factor) :-) O:-)

*itpassivekett702 hours ago * Bttm
Snog suck or fuck?

Suck and fuck :-)

*oodsman1443 hours ago *hubbyhairy1966
Sheltered Life?

Tho it's all always happened It went out of fashion with the introduction of the internet which opened up all the various and wonderfull opertunities of the imaginative mind and the human need to experiment.Vanilla is good so is all the other

*emused183 hours ago *ee Harvey
Looking for fleetwood

My wife wont let me fuck her in her nice tight bum. So im looking to meet someone in fleetwood with a nice bottom to fuck. I prefer older chubby guy or someone willing to wear stocking or tights, no knickers and mini shirt so i can bend you over

*uckmyCock7818 hours ago *uckmyCock78
First time anal

Wondering what it's like feeling a cock ease in to my virgin hole

*ari19 hours ago *ari
Caravanning etiquette.

week end of 16th, any one on here going to Bashley Caravan Park in New Forest ?

*otguy332611 hours ago *ookin4fun59

Would u let a tv xd dress u then make u there slut. just one of my fantasy i wont to turn in to a reality. Eney tvs xd intrested

*iWankandsuck111 hours ago *iWankandsuck
group wank

Hi guys im a newby and still need to try sucking etc but id love to be involved in a group wank :)

*edium6111 hours ago *edium6

I have just kicked one of those in to touch

*ete19092111 hours ago *adison
piggy in the middle?

Lucky bug**r more like :-D

*omcat3042512 hours ago *ublet07
Cottaging is truly dead

Yes there are plenty of sites but a good many of them are expensive eg free to join but then you have to pay to even send and read messages. Some of them are pretty naff too. Side-tracking slightly. On the subject of cottages. With the incr

*mandasissy213 hours ago *ordic-knight
For the guys who love giving BJs, Do you spit or swallow and why?

My ideal is for the guy to deep-throat me as he cums. My gagging reflex gives him a tight hole and he ejaculates straight down my throat. If one coughs at that point, incidentally, it can cause dragon breath, i.e. where the cum comes out through the

*7614 hours ago *eter
Statins- sex drive side effects?

Believe me I have had enough of doctors it was a doctor getting it wrong that gave me a problem that put me on permanent tablets in the first place. I tried 3 different statins all had same affect then asked could I control it diet wise and told

*lana4214 hours ago *ldguy70
Small cock

Looks fine to me! I'd give it a good suck O:-)

*unter man314 hours ago *inger
Old Guys

been with a couple of guys in their 60s (i'm in my 20s). really like older guys!!!

*ldcock651514 hours ago *remner50337
Buying a jockstrap

I get my stuff from Kiniki, British made they say. Good range but don't know if they are competitive.

*winkyboii616 hours ago *pixa
Senstive Nipples

Mine are the key to my cock. Nipple play alone can make me shoot

*ulwoodMat13716 hours ago *wimfix
Cheeky finger

Just sucked & wanked a guy off who's 70 but with my finger up his bottom he shot gallons

*ornyfucker761019 hours ago *avebi67

Ex army 12yrs not out illegal back then only two encounters in that time

*inger3719 hours ago *avebi67
Big cocks or small

Id love to play with a nice hard but very small one, uncut and shaved

*onybrowneyes3419 hours ago *hemaligfreund
Blank profiles

It's just the same as guys not reading where you live on your profile. I had one the other day, did I want to meet up? Sure! I went to look at his profile he didn't have where he lived but when he told me he was over 5 hours drive away. I said to

*ervalan311 day ago *ncutguy2015
Nasty Spanking

I had one hell of a spanking naked in the woods by an older man well dreessed and spoken. He started by getting at my erct nipples and then down my shorts and in my knickers. Then I was pushed up against a tree and stripped and legs apart and

*ax6701151 day ago *astertim

I give oral without condom if i know the guy a bit, but anal only always with condom. Been meeting a very nice young guy which i know is clean and get checked regular, but out of respect if nothing else i always wear a condom with him when having

*hopper2017361 day ago *ookin4fun59
Hijacking of the word "dressed"

Thank you sir,,

*airyrugger461 day ago *r.Savvyguy
Hands free cumming

Several guys have cum whilst massaging them, and I've only got to their backs and buttocks!

*liverbottom192 days ago *rty99
pc david phillips

An 18 year old man has just been charged with murder - newsflash on BBC News

*ex kitten192 days ago *lue Knight

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