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music, whats your taste.

Hardcore, concrete and old style gravel. Two lads were waffling on about genres of music called 'House' and 'Garage', so I decided to wind them up by convincing them there was an even newer genre called 'Potting Shed'

*URYSUBCD1227 minutes ago *ordic-knight

No idea but, it would be fun finding out.

*eavyteencummer14344 minutes ago *limguy.69

I'm surprised they haven't banned the song White Christmas for being racialist. I surprised 'Dianne Abbott' hasn't got it banned for being racist !! Along with "Baa-baa BLACK sheep", "Good GOLLY miss Molly" & "Little WHITE Bull". Those s

*ayj65931 hour ago *lue Corrado
Texting drivers fines to be doubled

There's absolutely NO EXCUSE for using, particularly texting while driving. What is of such paramount importance that someone simply HAS to respond o a text as soon as it comes in? Yes - i use a hands-free via my car radio which is blue-toothed but

*arlman812 hours ago *lue Corrado
seaside living

The holiday season on the Lincolnshire coast means summer offers probably nearly as many opportunities as nearby cities like Nottingham and Leicester. In winter it`s the reverse, with much less chance of meeting any one.

*aravaggio132 hours ago *indsey bear
Lingerie from supermarkets

Been buying undies at the ordinary till for years with no problem. Usually casually included with the carrots, toothpaste etc. M&S best for quality and no worries service. Only problem was buying shoes at Primark recently when I got a full on

*ssexlad781011353 hours ago *2014
seeding & breeding

I love to be seeded. Best feeling in the world!

*INA NNN63 hours ago *abescot1

I have rectified that .

*PREAD ME94 hours ago *PREAD ME

whats it like then, is it worth a visit tonight?

*avesubcov14 hours ago *avesubcov
Shave pubes and balls

Does anyone offer a personal grooming service in North West - North Wales - North Midlands area, I would like to be smooth down below and would like a professional to do it for me. Thanks. I think the professionals are more lik

*435 hours ago *hubbyThongLover

I would love to get picked up by someone and taken to the local woods and play in the car a bit until you spread me on your bonnet and fuck me till you are balls deep in me twitching and cumming, I would love something like that to happen.

*PREAD ME15 hours ago *PREAD ME

What's a panty wank?

*enise5435 hours ago *sunamiwarrior

Does anyone know if Nero's in Bury is worth going to?. Everything I've read says its dead and not many visitors. I've been to the venue a few years back (The same building operates as Partners for straight swingers, Nero's as a gay

*eddle29 hours ago *hubbyThongLover
Dress size

My guess is you are pretty much in the same boat as buying men's clothes, that is totally ignore the size labels, and try the things on! I do not cross dress, but in both my late wife's wardrobe and mine the labels give sizes from medium up to xxxl,

*rills_n_bows69 hours ago *ookie
random lyrics

Ledzep Ledzep Is mighty hep But sometimes too many syllables in a line mean his verse gets a little bit out of step

*17410 hours ago *ikkjel.dag
Masturbation club/group

Google this gay site in London MA1 they hold clubs in East London for gay naked fun some evenings or days are totally naked others you can be naked wear jocks underpants and sports gear, haven't been to a naked one but went to a day evening where

*erniebolt210 hours ago *azla76
Dirty phone sex.

Any Dom guys want to phone me and use and abuse me, I'm totally up for it now.

*ionysus007111 hours ago *ionysus007
cum kiss

Love it

*ewukman1112 hours ago *airy fairy
Small cocks

Yeah love to watch a guy's face as I deep throat him

*7713 hours ago *hegoons
classical music

Nobody can make me cry in the way that Puccini can.

*entlad867613 hours ago *aravaggio
Mouth or arse

With me as the insertive partner, I'd go for mouth. Reasoning... 1) I'm a lazy bugger. I can just lie or stand there while they suck, and it'll feel nice (if they have any clue of what they're doing.) 2) Some guys have never heard of douchin

*ompeyboy123814 hours ago *hubbyThongLover
christmas decs

I don't put any decorations up because I am a miserable old sod who doesn't like Christmas or fun or anything else. So "BAH-HUMBUG TO THE LOT OF YOU"! :-) :-) :-) :-p :-p :-p :-p :*) :*) :*) :*) O:-)

*dowannafuck414 hours ago *ld-and-gay
Beware of Blackmail Scam People are being befriended on sites like this one, the victims are persuaded to show themselves on webcams, the black mailer then threatens to share the pictures with the victims contacts on social m

*ic19611514 hours ago *hubbyThongLover
Sauna or outdoors

never tried a sauna, not sure if its a cd friendly thing. that's the only reason, don't want to turn up in knickers n stockings n be the lurgy lol x T-Girls really don't appeal to most conventionally gay guys. They're attracted to m

*un4fun271114 hours ago *hubbyThongLover
Birmingham T aB oo cinema

you only need to ask me, have been to a lot.

*um in me 31016 hours ago *rumb26
East London Gloryhole?

Anyone know of an active glory hole in east London?

*hilledguy30119 hours ago *hilledguy30
more to wank over

Remember wanking over page 3, Sam Fox & linda Lusadi got a lot of my early seed. Then it was wank mags like Fiesta, Escort and others named after cars!

*omtimmy422 hours ago *avey003uk

Greenhouse sauna in Luton

*623 hours ago *omcat304

So you're worried about something you can't even imagine??? ..... err .... right .... :-? I can imagine very well what politicians might do with it; something today`s legislators seem unable to do and what they may be loosing on the

*lue Knight4824 hours ago *indsey bear
Any animal what would you be?

BEAR Obvs. Grizzly.

*lassylassyxxx4124 hours ago *indsey bear
Large or Small

it's all about the willy for me $-)

*onnylikesitall131 day ago *remner50337

Mmmm love to be used like that !!!!!

*ob58611 day ago *yson hoover

mmmm me to

*haun3421 day ago *enzone
Weird fetish

I sucked a guy off last year and only realised after that I was still in a suit and had forgotten to take off my tie. More recently I got throat fucked by a guy while on my knees. Even though I swallowed, my trousers were soaked in his precum and my

*un4fun27131 day ago *etersucks
frilly fun

anyone find a use for a sub cd

*rocks211 day ago *rocks2

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