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I’m going to Mablethorpe in May could someone please PM the road name and details please ? Thanks

*hickmeatmilker645 minutes ago *aul2102
meeting places

Any good places in doncaster anyone

*HE GARDENER31 hour ago *annyboy87
favourite position for anal

For me, most relaxed and feels like I can take more, if the top is on his back, straddle across him and slowly lower down on it.that's the position that's been turning me on alot recently, as a top. It allows the sub to go as low and

*ndyBath1761 hour ago *allingken
sunny &hot

Weekend weather really brought out a true contrast! First the overweight, flabby woman in tight blue vest over an ample red bra - bursting out in all directions. Skirt far too short revealing fat thighs and pale white legs. Then the toned an

*2suck12 hours ago *2suck
Hottest April Day?

That's it. Spring over. Back to type today. Bitterly cold out there with a keen wind and drizzle. :-(

*ordic-knight262 hours ago *ordic-knight
Hard work trying

This is a meeting site. dating sites are another ball game all together Imagine the headache you would have trying to find the love of your life on here! It's bad enough just trying to get sucked off once a week I agree with you to

*yall8910252 hours ago *ordic-knight
What kinda arse do you like to sink your cock into?

Smooth and juicy

*1452 hours ago *irganal

Love to kiss very big part of sex . More intimate . And such a turn on too .

*0 plus only1003 hours ago *ry again
Hairdresser Jailed for Life

I think it is worth remembering that he will only be eligible for parole after 12 years, and not automatically released. If he is felt to be a danger, he will not be granted parole. Also the conditions of parole should mean he must be on m

*igtrygg363 hours ago *ancFella
Mature top Men 60+

I have a 'thing' for older top men....older the better....I think it goes back to my first experience with a school caretaker (a long time ago).....BUT why is it so difficult for me to find/meet genuine older top guys now in and around Liverpool?

*ubformaster14 hours ago *ubformaster
suck or fuck the person above

wow he fuck me

*79ilc1674 hours ago *de67

I often book in advance. It's not a mistake honest $-) Already sorted a hotel rendezvous in December. I like to be organised.

*engreen198045 hours ago *ancFella
dirty phone sex now.

Sub cum slut here wearing black tights and black crotch less panties. Use me and make me cum for you! Isn't crotchless one word? Tut tut!!!

*ionysus00727 hours ago *cousedpw
Men who wear womens clothes

Wearing women’s clothing turnes me on instantly especially tights or anything Lycra I just love the feeling of it against my cock and as soon as I’m dressed up all I can think about is sucking cock

*488 hours ago *amluvs2suck
Rimming - How do you like it?

Let you know if I'm lucky enough to be rimmed. :-(

*rselicker1211618 hours ago *orecum4u
Opening messages

Another weird message I got was from another site. Some 50 year old (too old for my tastes) sent it to me IN ALL CAPS and it basically said something about sitting on his face as he rimmed me, whilst I was jerking off and cumming, getting peppered

*earhunteruk128 hours ago *earhunteruk1
trades, blackpool

I have stayed at Trades three times, The first twice I had no issues. Last time they put me in a tiny filthy room. I mean really tiny and disgustingly filthy. I could not stay...Even though I had paid up front I found another hotel for the night.

*wace308 hours ago *tephanie_cd

Still looking for someone to try docking with me.

*499 hours ago *ora 123
Cock ring

I have a 50mm stainless steel one. It fits over my cock and balls and is not tight. It pushes my balls out and feels nice and heavy. That’s what I’m looking for. Don’t want to pay an arm and leg for one though.

*tevem884189 hours ago *ora 123
jack's Hydro, Pennant Hall

The website is saying that it is closed permanently as from January 13th. A great shame as a visit there was on my to-do list for this summer.

*ardiad839 hours ago *ordic-knight
Cycling buddies

Looking for cycling buddies - with benefits - in local area. Given up smoking and now need to get fit. Any guys interested then get in touch please. Hairy guys to the front of the queue. Went out cycling yesterday in tight lycra...had a raging hard

*ornyenderby111 hours ago *ornyenderby
Southend/Essex Gloryholes

I used to be in the one at Faringdon Car Park every day.

*arkLewis917 hours ago *azzax83

LOL, yep, had that text problem myself. I think I mentioned it on another thread. Shows what words I use a lot, when my txt to a friend said "Been wanking hard this week"

*ob584719 hours ago *eadsmat
sad loss of avicii

Avicii to me is the kind of person that I didn’t really know as an artist that well but recognised some of his songs that were played on the radio. It always seems so surreal and crazy when someone so well known such as him end up passing on,

*ickyboy324 hours ago *earhunteruk1
Laid down critera for meets

Other than being allergic to garlic, I see nothing wrong with detailing ones dislikes. To me, I list my turn offs/dislikes as a friendly warning to people who fall under that criteria that I won’t be accepting contact from them or meeting them if

*ike young71 day ago *earhunteruk1
Campers, Motorhomes & Caravans

If any older guys with a camper van are ever in the Northampton area please look me up. Would love a meet in a camper van or caravan x

*ldcock40801 day ago *anturcock1
Smallest cock?

The guy that took my virgin arse yesterday but sort of glad he was short and thin but good way to start

*441 day ago *riedatlast
Gay Orgy

If it's a gay orgy, does that mean bi's can't go?

*orny kent81 day ago *etropolis
Recording your cam 2 cam sessions

Ive just bought a new iMac and discovered that you can record your computer screen. My machine has Quicktime installed and one of the options under "File" is "new screen recording". I tried it during a cam 2 cam session on another site and

*rjeep21 day ago *eadsmat
Shower or Bath together

Love playing in the bath or shower love a juicy cock in wet knickers

*hes601201 day ago *arbi
matharon runners

good luck to runners in London. and hope you finish well and pain free ;-)

*ennis6111 day ago *ennis61
The Voyeurs Motel

I love to be watched when I am dressed like a tart being used by a man.

*ddardvee292 days ago *ewferry Tart
Sydney University

Lots of mugs had it on their profile on Fabswingers years ago. At least8 years ago.

*ockyDad152 days ago *kullduggery
Being fucked on my back

I want to be fucked on my back legs open knees up small feet pointed forward like females do mmmmm with me in my black tights ( ripped open ) or my white schoolgirl socks, fuck me slow then hard and deep as you feel my legs and thrust into me as you

*erKer1602 days ago *irlieLegs
Fa cup semi final

What a brilliant fa cup match come on you reds

*ylons1252 days ago *annyboy87

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