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UKIP defends British way of Life!

Well said, tsunamiwarrior. I agree!

*wdChris3021 minutes ago *astkenter
serve u

hi anyone find use for a full slip , wearing sub,

*rocks2127 minutes ago *rocks2

And me Get messages when I am alone for a couple of hours and try to set up a meet but to many want to wast time so meets are hard to cum by

*sunamiwarrior528 minutes ago *illy7
who thinks older guys more fun than younger guys

I prefer guys around my own age.

*atiscuming3241 minutes ago *andiman
caught in the act

This was funny. I was at a work colleague's house and we had joked about playing with each other. I was stood in the centre of the room drinking a cup of tea ... cup in one hand and saucer in the other (he was a bit posh - no mugs lol)and he

*oole.guy5644 minutes ago *sunamiwarrior
8 week Heatwave!

The Express and Mail both love a sensationalist headline and every year we are going to get a heatwave in summer or a return to the ice age in winter. What with their weather related headlines and others about the Princess of Wales, it's rare

*wdChris1160 minutes ago *sunamiwarrior
manchester arena

I have seen and heard Muslim leaders from all over the country condemning this latest outrage.

*oland butter1012 hours ago *ollydee
kik chat

Any pervs on add me dirtycunt4filth Specialist pervs mainly *-) ;-)

*artan8643 hours ago *ervyboi4filth
Gay Cinema

Would love a dom top to take me to a cinema strip me and have me please men or use me like a slut there! Then offer me to other strangers or have me bend over a seat and hold my cheeks open for men to use me xx

*enryDarren64 hours ago *ubhemelboi
Maspalomas beach

I'm going on a family holiday on sept 2nd

*lave flossy105 hours ago *atnbi

Even if you are gagging for it, lubed and well prepared some ignorant, selfish (usually adolescent in my experience)fool jabbing a cock in roughly with no consideration will hurt. Surprisingly so, given your preparation. It will, however, be

*97 hours ago *2014
user no longer on site

Yes, capital letters do have their uses.

*tsoursecret348 hours ago *ikkjel.dag

Or make wine or beer: both delicious.

*ALLBIMALE5238 hours ago *ikkjel.dag
Cross dressers!!

....a few minutes late Widow Twanky emerged And there's the rub. Most of the dressers i've seen on here are exactly that. True, but then most guys on here don't exactly look like Brad Pitt either. Just saying x

*iggy379 hours ago *usansilkysubcd
Grubby builder or suited bussiness men

Had a few experiences with farm workers in muddy wellies and overalls. Far more sexy than a smart bloke in a suit. Tend to avoid their arse though if they've been working all day. Not always nice :-o

*ruckers wanted239 hours ago *orderguard
Fit gypsy lads London

When I use to watch My Big Fat Gipo wedding I use to thing some of them where fit mmmmmmmm

*rish-USA310 hours ago *ightoldham
son 4 dad roleplay phone

Pervy/Kinky bottom son looking for Dad/Son roleplay phone wank, my call

*heffpunklad110 hours ago *heffpunklad
Layby etiquette

Need to work on my layby style, hardly ever get a 'honk' lol x

*ollypopsucker1511 hours ago *hloelovesfur
Truckers in laybys

Thanks xx

*lippery1528111 hours ago *hloelovesfur

like going to the sauna and sitting in the piss room

*ohnnybottom5912 hours ago *atiscuming
Cum in your panties

like to suck and lick spunk of guys cock

*ummertime014112 hours ago *atiscuming
Favourite porn star??

oooo I google him

*oreskinfan11614 hours ago *avey65
luv licking smooth arseholes

I'd love to get my tongue in your hole my cock balls bum are smooth love it licked

*atiscuming614 hours ago *atiscuming
REQUEST-reg.manchester arena

having intially posted -and feeling a tad guilty about it -the arena forum in the first place could I ask that we all acknowledge the minute`s silence today at 11.00, including perhaps no posts during this time. -And !!!-please let u

*oland butter816 hours ago *eightonpa1
Campers, Motorhomes & Caravans

I'm off to a nice site with all the facilities in Silverdale this weekend, get your caravan out and join me in the pool, steam room,sauna, bar??? I just came back, last Friday, from a week in a hired, static caravan, at Silv

*ldcock403718 hours ago *ld seeking young
Pee lovers only - what clothes

I would like to wear some nickers and pull the front out and let the guy piss inside over my cock and watch the wet patch spread. I quite like the sound of this too

*ame brune aime16519 hours ago *urreyNylons
Phone sex now!

I'm a sub cum slut and would love a Dom guy to use me over the phone NOW and make me cum for him!

*ionysus007121 hours ago *ionysus007
Being cummed on

I think feeling the hot splash of cum on the skin is one of life's great pleasures. Seeing the eruption is always a huge turn on, for me especially if I know I am the cause of it. Love it on my chest- but the hottest is that hot bursting sensation

*7022 hours ago *artlebi

I love kissing before and during sex , tongue action welcome

*ennis61122 hours ago *ennis61
Who thinks labour will win and set up a coalition

I don't actually see Blair as Labour - more of a sheep in Tory clothing. I would like to think the meek might eventually inherit the earth, but we have probably become too selfish for that to happen now :)

*llide13322 hours ago *astkenter
swetty bell end

Sweaty pits and precummy/sweaty/cheesy foreskins and sweaty bollocks are intoxicating smells for me. Why would humans run from their animalistic pheromones? Yuk

*ft8_stocky_hung_lad523 hours ago *otoned
Old Guys

I lost my virginity at 18 to a man in his late 40s, he was a patient and considerate lover and we were together on an off for a year, I still think about him. I am now 62 and if there are any young tops in east london who want to fuck me, please get

*ldcock6516223 hours ago *rtybear
Roger Moore

Picked him and John mills up years ago in my cab in Mayfair he was funny really nice man ,

*ewcocol31 day ago *ax1212
found panties

Love finding panties and stuff always on the lookout in lay-bys etc Same here! Over the years I've found several pairs of panties, some tights (surprisingly unladdered!), and a pair of heels.

*ndy123491 day ago *inky_chris82
Instant sexual attraction

More meets at school gates no doubt lol

*aul210221 day ago *oke

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