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Next Year's Election

Mr Ikng, before you go spouting orf about what we did not do with regards to the recall of MPs perhaps you really should check first before saying we have done nothing. So for your benefit I will inform you that The Recall of MPs Act 2015 is an Ac

*ewcocol5810 minutes ago *lue Knight
taste my own cum

I love cum kissing...soo horny,I can usually cum again pretty much instantly

*eavyteencummer4040 minutes ago *punkmyface
Andorra information

I lived there for 8 years (La Massana)but always went to France or Spain for sex fun. Was once invited to handle an enormous cock in the Gents of the largest departmental store in Andorra La Vella but had to decline as I was not too sure about

*ushdenpanties51 hour ago *ustard
Suck, Wank or avoid the above..

Suck this beauty

*ig Cock Norfolk181 hour ago *aul401

Yes I saw him last week and googled him. Very intelligent too

*lue Knight22 hours ago *uttlefish9
sitting in the nude

Love being naked in the house if I'm home alone. Don't worry too much about curtains or blinds (even when I've got a nice stiffy on) as I reckon it probably gives the neighbours a bit of a thrill. I'm a little more discreet when it comes to wanking,

*ave 79232 hours ago *entup47
Coming out

When I told my Mother I had something to tell her, she just said "Is that all". And when my dad dies my mum said "You will bring your friends to see me, wont you?" I miss her so much. No-one in all my years has anyone said anything against me bein

*msjb113 hours ago *etropolis
best sauna in London

It's under the arches

*ogliapercazzo73 hours ago *etropolis
Thinkers or sheep?

There's already more freight on the railways than you might think. The problem with it is that somehow the freight has to get to the train road. And at the other end, how does it get to the user?... by road. For each container on a train, y

*sunamiwarrior143 hours ago *etropolis
threat of outing

Admin don't tolerate people threatening to out others. Please report and let SJ take a look. To others this applies to, the man didn't ask for his profile to be critiqued, it would be wise to read all the forum rules before posting as it saves peop

*allcumslut134 hours ago *ottagingOfficial
big cock ugly guy. . Or cute guy with small cock.

Not bothered what the guy looks like - it's the cock I find attractive so big cock for me (thumb)

*igbaggie1595 hours ago *arriedguy1966
Coming Out

Who knows, the wife might have been having lesbian encounters behind hubbies back!

*redded4summer405 hours ago *etropolis
Male underwear

new n used try b4 u buy at mine in bournemouth

*airyrugger906 hours ago *oole.guy
Acton area for 2 days

Beefy bi straight. Looking to be used safely.

*arrieduseme18 hours ago *arrieduseme
What are you doing tonig?

Sleeping with one of my bfs who is asleep before me

*erbypoz4813 hours ago *i_tightsCD
Celebrity Nausea

Same as all those other antique road trippers .

*ublet0710914 hours ago *an375
gay pubs

cheers was in tonight about 10 but was empty suppose it kicks of later in the evening

*tew1715 hours ago *tew1

hi closeshavedass tryin 2 contact u I can meet 2morrow at yr plc at 10 ive winked u msg me addy

*ddy69115 hours ago *ddy69

Anyone wanna cam?

*oroteenbi115 hours ago *oroteenbi
Dating sites vs hookup sites

Indeed, I was wondering where the "gay/bi" bit got lost in translation, on a gay/bi site :-D

*acchus82815 hours ago *acchus82

Edinburgh, lovely old city and friendly people. Lived in London for 30 years, I love the place but it is so unfriendly.

*ALLEYMAN4816 hours ago *rmpitLover
Northwich Sauna - first time review

Think I'm gonna have to attend here some time sooner than later

*oo112358132117 hours ago *airyHungGuy
Evaluation of life

There are a few things I regret but doubt I could have put right. The one thing that I really regret is not throwing caution to the wind and going back to college when I left the army. I was only 32 but I felt I needed to re-establish my life by g

*entlad86218 hours ago *ordic-knight
Erectile Dysfunction

The alternative drug, Cialis, is already available as a daily 5 Mg dose. I don't know if it NHS available though.

*RANK26476420 hours ago *ewcocol
prostate op ?

what sort of info you looking for I did prostate assessmenst and clinical management

*irtyfcuk1822 hours ago *raxt
What way gives you the most pleasure when you masturbate

Knock it? Try it! Pop down one weekend and try it.

*exytroy4222 hours ago *shford to please

Oldham / Failsworth area..

*izzieredlips523 hours ago *ightoldham

I do like to see men in briefs. Especially Y Fronts. I only wear panties now. Michelle xxx

*imdon723 hours ago *D_Michael
Swallow or Spit

I always swallow but I do love a good facial too :-)

*12124 hours ago *racknell Cum Eater
real spankers?

Love a good caning... with a slow build up in intensity... it releases a sea of endorphins. All the guys who want a good caning on here are from up north(ish). is there anyone down south, near Southampton,Portsmouth that wants ca seriousl

*udistdan331 day ago *ungryCumPig
Spunk do we love it or hate it??

Absolutely love it. Love tasting it, love swallowing it.

*1421 day ago *ungryCumPig

Anyone fancy a quick Skype wank?

*heffBiCock11 day ago *heffBiCock
suffolk car suck

8inch cock needs sucking dry in yur cars in the next hr in leiston suffolk any offers

*uv2bsuckeddry11 day ago *uv2bsuckeddry
Late realisation

I had a couple of experiences when I was 18 or 19 but that was really just as a young lad finding my way. I decided back then that it wasn't for me. At 45 I met a woman who asked me to join her and her bisexual male lover in a 3sum. She wanted t

*ornyguy197941 day ago *wallowingman
Leicester Abbey Park

Any action at Abbey Park toilets nowadays?

*ostrings689111 day ago *ostrings6891

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