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Neither is accurate enough.

*ambridgejohnboy712 minutes ago *ambridgejohnboy

Thanks guys

*risman9823 minutes ago *risman9
Southampton common

Any one in the common now?

*lersons11 hour ago *lersons
Where do you like to cum?

If i'm wanking him off then over my hand as he cums is good, but a guy wanking himself on me can cum anywhere, but my face is a preference

*oungMark451 hour ago *olwankboy
You spin me round

I can remember him from probe records too he treated all the customers with contempt practically threw the records at you ...we loved it what a character another one gone too soon

*uckyboi123481 hour ago *an-next-door
Throat fucking who has done it who has been throat fucked

I haven't been throat fucked but like the sound of it. When I go to saunas I spend most of my time on my knees in the glory holes sucking cocks so hopefully one day someone will ram a big cock down my throat.

*1023 hours ago *omtomz
Ouch !

I live in jeans, and come to think of it, only ever buy button flies... perhaps that's a subconscious decision based on youthful experience :-D Whereas I live in jeans and only ever buy zip flies (far too concerned with a button c

*ANINTROUSERS193 hours ago *ornygaylad26
favourite position for anal

I dontcard as long as I have his cock up me !!!!!!

*ndyBath533 hours ago *lickk
Bleeding after anal? First time!


*riddith414 hours ago *riddith

I use a few, custom made DNA200 with a Goon dripper when I'm at home usually... tend to use an RX 2/3 with a Cleito 120 tank for work and out and about. Home brew everything these days, got a few litres of Lemon Tart, Kanzi and Pink Lemonade

*andyandy6854 hours ago *acchus82
sauna rules

Thanks for the advice

*on Edwards375 hours ago *imdon
First contact with guys

Met a guy from here and went to his place where he sucked me to completion, loved it just felt so good

*hick or black106 hours ago *i8oy

anyone for skype

*ommy1000017 hours ago *ommy10000

I used to wank off over one of my work mates. We got 15 minutes or so to shower towards the end of our shift. I always tried to get to the shower when he did. He caught me wanking over him once. We never closed the door on the shower and I

*orn in hanley418 hours ago *upiternuranus
h20 manchester

Glad you found it friendly. As I pointed out in your other thread, small can be friendly. It does help to have a few people in; I once visited Lindum in Bradford and had the place to myself for an afternoon.

*an197428 hours ago *ikkjel.dag

Is there a gay sauna in Bristol? They would have them.

*risman929 hours ago *ikkjel.dag
De Vere Hotel Blackpool Village Gym Herons Reach

Hi, Yes i am a member of the Leisure club there.

*amie1987212 hours ago *hionix
bristol blitz

Yes! That's why they called it a blitz! Google it!

*hopper2017212 hours ago *ambridgejohnboy
Pardon or Apology

If there is a pension for gays, do bis get twice or half the sum? - speak to Marcus ... I think he is the man :)

*ordic-knight5913 hours ago *sunamiwarrior
adult cinemas in london

is there any? and any recommendations??

*an1974113 hours ago *an1974

I have a fantasy! Imagine there's no heaven It's easy if you try No hell below us Above us only sky Imagine all the people Living for today... Imagine there's no countries It isn't hard to do Nothing to kill or die for And no re

*8113 hours ago *sunamiwarrior
Pipeworks glasgow

i always have a good time in pipeworks its very clean. just go and as yves32 says have a walk about first to get used to the place.

*astendboy22313 hours ago *rish_bi_sporty
Trim down below

I forgot to mention that there's no tugging or pulling as with a conventional electric shaver and no chance of cutting yourself(nicks ect.)which is the best part.

*4514 hours ago *dinaBear

Anyone want a meet today at Blaise in Bristol

*rismurph114 hours ago *rismurph
Dolgellau ish hotels

I'm sure there is a gay owned b/b or hotel in Barmouth, not sure which one though.

*ent62415 hours ago *ATURE HORNY LIVERPOOL BI
cannot cum !!

I have had this problem where, if i try to delay cumming too long then I sometimes just cant seem to get there. Let it go when it first feels ready lol : )

*hatstheway315 hours ago *orchlight
Desperate for a mouthful

Will suck and swallow cum and piss Spalding

*teve g 1234115 hours ago *teve g 1234
anal orgasm

Came once when a big toy slipped out. Caught me by surprise ;-)

*4115 hours ago *orcsbiguy
what do you like most about another guy sucking your cock

Him choking when my juice hits the back of his throat

*11215 hours ago *riedatlast

Done, he left there for just over 11 hours. It was freezing, just had a scratchy wooden blanket to try and stay warm. He slept in so it was a bit longer than he intended. It was a good, rewarding time but I will definitely sleep well tonight

*appybound5616 hours ago *appybound
Boipussy and simi

Doh! ..... the not knowing was far more exciting! ... :-)

*ambridgejohnboy816 hours ago *aravaggio
Soiled panties

Geezer to twink "I'd love to get into your panties!" Twink, blushing, "And why's that Sir?" Geezer "Cos I've just soiled mine!"

*iffa1316 hours ago *ambridgejohnboy

Anyone up for some skype

*i guy69117 hours ago *i guy69

I've lived and worked on Anglesey many years ago. Never on the scene then tho but I would have thought Anglesey is a bit scant anyway

*onnycokke418 hours ago *hats
Gators Exeter

I have been there on my own whilst on holiday in that area and found that the chap on the desk was very helpful and the times I have been the other patrons very friendly so you don't need to worry about being alone.

*hil67220 hours ago *aunsell

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