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Smoke.....trying to give up

All most if not all patches sprays will have written on the leaflet or box, that it takes will power. sooner or later these companies that are making a shed load of money, from such products, Will issue a statement saying these sprays and patc

*H2354 hours ago *alltingler
Today, in the woods

And carry the used ones out with you, please. Nothing like a bunch of wipes, condoms, wrappers, etc. to get people upset, and rightly so.

*aravaggio54 hours ago *ormat
how Big is your cock?

Big enough to do the job :-)

*hegaypringleuk197 hours ago *ixer50
Are you into spanking?

I like to spank, cane and tawse guys, I look forward to helping you guys out ????

*hanger1327 hours ago *nonymity
Electro stimulation (E-Stim)

Using a tens machine with anal probe at the moment, divine!!!

*hestinut218 hours ago *ussexNaturist
Kiss, Suck, or Fuck The Person Above?

Johnny can take me any which way he likes!! Hot!

*att25UK378 hours ago *jbarrybj
Cut cock

Done as a baby to this day I wonder what it would've felt like :( Done at 37 yrs old (by choice). 37 wasted years, wish I had been done as a baby.

*2210 hours ago *udekeith
Appropriate locations of site users

Down near Portsmouth, more or less: Lickfold, n. of Chichester Balls Cross, east of Lickfold Nutbourne, near Gay Street Horndean, near Lovedean, e. of Hoe Gate

*5112 hours ago *ormat
Other sites for gay men

The original poster, as most are, is only concerned with the number and quality of meets and in that respect, once you have met a few from your area, he is right. A lack of new members means any search just brings up the same people & most of them

*imbo dancer715 hours ago *reshMeatKent
WoS Wrestling

Love erotic wos style bouts

*eff8198046017 hours ago *RESTLING

Into wrestling in tight trunks and love horny pins and erotic bouts

*pforit928517 hours ago *RESTLING

Just come across a site just for this subject. confidentu (dot) net

*2818 hours ago *etropolis
Panties n piss play

Love piss play will wear panties no limits fun

*ornybastard00712518 hours ago *uckysteven

hi, guys, i am a trained Male Masseur offering free Massage to any guy in the local area feel free to message me

*hegaypringleuk124 hours ago *hegaypringleuk
Rate the guy above

hot cock and ass

*hegaypringleuk101 day ago *hegaypringleuk

Be nice to fid a friend to 'ring my bell' lol x

*espector152 days ago *hloelovesfur
Applaud Joe Root

Banned for 4 One day Internationals

*reshMeatKent42 days ago *reshMeatKent
Face slapping

Love a good slap/smack

*raker6632 days ago *eeswax
Does Cottaging satisfy your needs

I have to say that I have had a number of meets from this site, but also have experienced a number of disappearing guys when a meet has been arranged and the obvious time wasters or romancers! But overall no complaints, some I have met make up for

*alahonda2000612 days ago *ldcock40
do you swallow

for some reason the end of my message got cut off. Meant to end with find it a major turn on, having a spunky kiss and sharing the taste

*INGER ME1612 days ago *omefella
Stocking and suspenders

Love being dressed up and used x

*ecent guy392 days ago *uckscockgood
New Porn Legislation

I could be completely wrong about the following, and I have not yet been and looked on line if what I am about to write is correct or not. However I am almost sure that I heard the following on a radio programme some time last year. The programm

*amesboy40332 days ago *orthwalesmale1
The single sound

The William Tell overture As in the Lone Ranger theme? :-D NO! in The William Tell overture, the Lone ranger theme is only a part of the overture It's not part of the overture. It's actually the finale - March of th

*aravaggio242 days ago *etropolis
Gloryholes in Norfolk

there a very nice one in blackpool

*everbeensucked62 days ago *punkyguy98
Not turning up for meet

I get guys asking for a meet, asking all sorts of questions. As soon as i ask a question i'm ignored,then a few weeks later they will be back in touch and we start the same charade all over again. Got to the point were i just delete the message now,

*ewi66162 days ago *pool joe
Keeping a butt plug in place

Like Mr Pink, I use a training cockplug with a narrow part at the end and an oval flange. This ensures that the sphincter closes enough to keep the plug in, yet open enough to prepare me for a proper dildo or, ideally, the real thing. Tight w

*eander182 days ago *aul vercobrix

There are a few of bars which attract a mature crowd and where fun can be had. Bears bar is probably the best place of those bars situated in the heart of the old town gay scene. Like most of the Spanish run gay bars in the old town, this is

*oicarps52 days ago *ongh
Serious question

I remember that too, At one cottage a local DI frequented it - never saw a cop there - wonder why !

*ebelatsea73 days ago *ebelatsea
Lady Sonia

Just had a look very horny indeed made my cock nice and hard x

*idnes1933 days ago *lo2005
Genuine Chat only

feel free to chat

*hegaypringleuk24 days ago *hegaypringleuk
Plousnet Advert

Research guys. About 4% but define "porn"? Is this a porn site? Its all sex and cocks so does it count in that 4%? Regardless, 4% of the largest human construct and growing is massive!!

*oredEric154 days ago *arry101
Is it true????

Its not american. And..... Who would jack to fleetwood mac? What is not American? I was told, by an American guy, that 'jacking is what we would call 'rogering' [fucking] Hence in their spoof version of Captain Pugwash it was J

*radley294 days ago *ordic-knight

Everyone here is pretty much saying to go to your GP. I agree with them. We can't diagnose your problem here. It could be thrush or it could be something else. I had a similar sounding problem which resulted in me being circumcised and now my c

*aughty221074 days ago *ouncy
Lorry drivers

I'm a recovery truck driver( always in panties/tights).... is there a secret "signal" or "hint" to know if another driver is up for some fun?

*asper56245 days ago *rownieW
Going outside dressed up

I am extending my boundries, but as suggested i dont dress near my home. Fur coat and lingere for me. Sometimes its fun somtimes wonderd why i botherd. Mainly laybys so far.

*issyamy185 days ago *hloelovesfur

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