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Time wasters

Twice in the past two weeks I've had people no show. You give these people your address and they still don't show. Anyway to easily spot a time waster?

*onny191996121 minutes ago *onny191996
need v

im essex accom

*dalessex221 minutes ago *dalessex
Climax wrestling group

Hi Any guys into horny wrestling, school boy pins, face sits, scissors bum on bum pins in tight gear or nude wrestling til cum - looking for guys close to weight but any horny britpro guys welcome

*RESTLING151 minutes ago *RESTLING
Kent Wank Club

Sounds like a cock up event......or rather not a cock up

*eoff290351231 hour ago *osonstring
Pee lovers only - what clothes

I usually go in the shower nude and drink fro the tap and let some run down to bathe my nipples and cock in. I would like to wear some nickers and pull the front out and let the guy piss inside over my cock and watch the wet patch spread.

*ame brune aime1591 hour ago *stringpete500
Minds set on buying a secret dildo

I buy stuff from either Bondara or Lovehoney. Pretty plain packaging so you can get stuff easily without anyone knowing. "Private" shops are just as easy, but depends how shy you are as to whether you go into them or not. I kinda

*equim3882 hours ago *equim38

ive got a spare room , can supply condoms , lube ect , can even take pics if required xxxxx

*hickmeatmilker42 hours ago *ex kitten

My profile worked for me - within a very few weeks I had found more than I had hoped for in my wildest sreams $-) "screams"? Guess it makes a change from Ra-Ta-Ta-Ta-ing ;-) Thank you boys for pointing out my typo! My profile wo

*ung_dad144 hours ago *spley
Bum fun

Not unless you have the shits??

*e5835 hours ago *e58

Looking for wank fun

*andyAmour18 hours ago *andyAmour

He's 58. So he is mistake. Still wonder why bother though when there are numerous hook up apps and dating sites. IMHO these are far safer than hanging around cruising areas. Each to his own though and doubtless the

*andy815r98 hours ago *opek
does anyone else fantasize about sex in the woods?

Got loads of woods in charfeild village and surrounding areas!! I would love to know if any action and fun goes on x :*)

*378 hours ago *orsa1976
No face pics.

I have no pics, will send a face pic if asked and I'm interested in him. never had a problem, had loads of\ meets on here & on fabguys

*ld seeking young59 hours ago *spman
Has anyone wanked over me before?

I have wanked over you

*uriouscum1639 hours ago *4marriedguy
PM Theresa May calls General Election

Mrs May may not be perfect, nobody is, but I do not see anyone else of any party with the experience, guts and knowledge to take on an EU beaurocracy hell bent on making life as difficult as possible for us to stop others following Brexit.

*wdChris14111 hours ago *oom42
Anal Climax

What's the difference? one involves spurting semen through the penis and the other is deep within the anus (no spurt).I dont have a prostate and dont spurt cum as a result but I still get orgasms. They can't be from stimulat

*illary19681512 hours ago *etropolis
Fat guys in saunas

As far as I know, (could be wrong and please say if I am) theres only 2 gay saunas now in West Yks, Leeds or Dewsbury. I use both, but with a strong preference to Dewsbury. I am over weight, but its never stopped me havingg my fill of fun, or

*alVerrar5212 hours ago *hebestrimmer
Do open relationships work?

i would say an open relationship can work if both parties , can sit down and talk bout it , me and my hubby have an open relationship we have seperate rooms as we both like our own space , we both have different friends and what goes of behind our

*ucgy915 hours ago *yson hoover
rent room

Want to rent room Essex London area.would like it bi in house with tv or cd

*onatell117 hours ago *onatell

Still waiting for my first experience of being pissed on and/or tasting. Something that I feel I must try :-)

*ob587019 hours ago *955_steve
oral treat

cocks, arseholes and spunk all taste delicious, I'm addicted :-p

*amesbummed120 hours ago *amesbummed
bum // piss

its on my bucket list to have it done to me mmm

*andyuk17221 hours ago *ob58
Being cummed on

love to b cummed on between my panties and bra - let me know if you would like to provide xx

*5821 hours ago *creamer
Want to meet TV's place near Cambridge ??

Good morning everyone , I currently live near Cambridge and really wanting to go to a gay bar or club for the first time but would also love to find somewhere that specialises in TV's and their admirers ( me!! ) I don't mind staying over and

*aughty696969121 hours ago *aughty696969

I suppose docking is nice but I really want to feel his cock sliding between my slips and into my throat, want my tongue to be caressing his cockshaft. I love cocksucking, it's my obsession.

*ennis611922 hours ago *oy_1948

Haha I did this at steam finally I plucked up the courage to go in went in and was in ore of the place was quiet when I went but glad I managed to go I wanted to go again shortly after but it's sadly gone now so will have to go through the same

*anShrops2222 hours ago *uke_bradford
drinking spunk

Up to the man - if he wants me to swallow I swallow if he wants to cum on my face or arms legs etc then it's up to him.

*INGER ME822 hours ago *umwhore Spunkbitch
Ball Stretching

Any one into ball-stretching? My nut-sack is extremely tight and needs stretching - I'm not sure how to do it. I always admire men with low hangers in the gym showers.

*aul61123 hours ago *aul61
Low hangers or a tight sac?

Anyone into ball stretching - my ball sack needs stretching?

*d-jane7723 hours ago *aul61
Who makes the best porn?

What spoils a lot of the bigger budget porn, straight or gay is, apart from the cheesy script, the actors cocks, they look so false, Botox or enhancement surgery possibly but to me they don't look real or attractive, for example, a huge fat dick

*avey003uk331 day ago *xLedZepxx2
Truckers in laybys

Not many truckers post on here, but would love to hear your experiences xx

*lippery152781 day ago *odgycd
Hot guys at festivals & gigs

Well I'm at a festival this weekend, and the number of guys there who are hot (in more ways than one!) is amazing. So much eye candy :-D

*ornygaylad2611 day ago *ornygaylad26

Who likes Skype wanks?

*outhamptonboy9411 day ago *outhamptonboy94
Being owned by master or domme

I have had some great off line conversations with a couple of guys on this site. One of them told me why he particpates in it and that was because he wanted to be wanted after having been scarred by being dumped by a gf.

*rian2112 days ago *rian2
Chariot's Shoreditch, Helsinki Ipswich

chariots Shoreditch closed last year!

*ddam7622 days ago *exi Suki

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