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bad meeting

i have posted my worse meet on here before but i know it made some guys feel ill lol

*eejon49 minutes ago *ee Harvey

(thumb) (thumb) (thumb)

*chaye58512 minutes ago *ee Harvey
Skype with xds


*ullbimarid232 minutes ago *ullbimarid
kik me ;)

kik me lee181818 for some fun ;-)

*oungmeat137 minutes ago *oungmeat

Definitely shag him and the rest

*ick Me Up Only12842 minutes ago *ifucker

A1/A14 layby early Saturday morning

*obotan1149 minutes ago *obotan1
caught in the act


*oole.guy2950 minutes ago *ucknwankonly


*ub spankee254 minutes ago *ee Harvey
first sauna meet

funny that. i have been sucked off in number52 cinema many times. perhaps my cock and ur mouth have met b4!

*960 minutes ago *l_monkey
Peaky Blinders...........

Helen McCrory

*ellhornyjamie111 hour ago *ee Harvey
New member intro

Thanks mate, and yeah it is a shame ;-) :-(

*ambs2042 hours ago *ambs20
Money and relationships

Very grounded and sincere sentiments.good for you!

*RCHESTERLAD202 hours ago *dammanc
bugger Ebay wont let me auction my arse LOL

ah well - would not get many bids anyway :-( I'm not surprised. Its got a crack in it.... :-) :-) :-) :-p :-) :-) :-)

*aulatart53 hours ago *astertim
Why do young guys like daddy types

I fucked a totally gorgeous black 23yo only yesterday in his student digs in London. I have no idea why these boiz go wild for sex with me and care even less. I just thank god for it! Long may it last lol. Daddy will continue to fill his boot

*1373 hours ago *ungTopDady4Yung
large in body size a put off?

I'm well up for it tonite Tay :-D

*ayler33 hours ago *aytop4younglads
humiliation & degrading

Villa? For your mansion?? Would probably think you're an icecream salesman :-D :-D :-D

*iedslut134 hours ago *uckerforguys
Fun name for anus

Love chute O:-) $-) O:-) $-) O:-) $-)

*LDER MAN 4 YOUNGER MAN174 hours ago *uckerforguys
Singer sarah Brightman

We all have our money to do with as we wish, Good luck to her I say, It's her money her wish. I remember an interview she had one time,when someone asked her what she saw in Andrew LLoyd Webber when she married him, her answer " He's got ple

*odyrock184 hours ago *rdell
watching men cum

I love this watching a twink shoot his spunk load all over his smooth body after wanking himself off

*1264 hours ago *ike young
Cock pump

I've just invested in a cock enhancement pump I'm looking for 60 + years to try it on

*mour220514 hours ago *mour2205

Love seeing a guy in grey joggers especially with the odd flash of boxers ;)

*odyrock64 hours ago *asepaul71
Fantasy Man

lives not far from us, seems well skilled with his hands and bet he's good with his oil can

*ervypoof155 hours ago *otrod69
Senstive Nipples

Mine are hard wired to my cock..... play with them, BINGO... they are always hard , right one more sensitive then the left but both good. Can cum by just having them played with............ LOVE IT

*ulwoodMat686 hours ago *shbeck
baby oil wanking

wearing 1980s nylon football shorts and covering them with oil is a great way to wank. Oiled speedos are good too

*i-dave1396 hours ago *aul 62

It's pretty awesome, so much better than wanking! Can't manage to last very long though, but then again I never can do nothing unusual there aha ;)

*eimdall97 hours ago *eimdall

Last time I saw a arse like that it was running in the 3-30 at Kempton race course

*ruroSucker1457 hours ago *ptshisname
Dying naked in the bushes, alone. In the rain.

Ive heard of a few old guys dying in saunas

*raggles107 hours ago *ee Harvey
would ya lick cum from a guys ass ??

yes please! Luv the taste of cum & bum

*1337 hours ago *ubbysue
Spit or Swallow

swallow every time love it cant get enough

*olvesCrossdresser1397 hours ago *loryholebpool
Tom Hardy

who,s tom hardly ? olivers brother ??? first off it's tom Hardy and he is an actor who played bane in the dark night rises

*258 hours ago *ukaas
I've got a major disaster here.

Disaster? Out and about when a potential handsome and tactile fuck would be imminent except neither of you have a rubber. Alcohol I can do without and not cry but to turn down a potentially wonderful fuck IS a disaster. Total

*luteus Max448 hours ago *ordic-knight
somewhere to get naked.

A Bang is always good for a change

*udist dan168 hours ago *r precum
Waste of time (site)

I've had quite a few meets off this site and I think all of them have been at my place because I can accommodate. The only thing that gets in the way of me getting more meets are distance and the crazy hours I work.

*umkwik98 hours ago *ordic-knight
How many times have you masturbated

[my brain hurts]yea and sometimes so does my cock and balls :-)

*ike young319 hours ago *carpine
Jenna Coleman

I much prefer Clara to Amy and think that Jenna is a very pretty girl. Given the opportunity I certainly would be tempted. Wouldn't say to a romp with Samuel Anderson or Richard Madden either (her on screen and real life boyfriends respectively.)

*amplaceknickers179 hours ago *illy Wanker

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