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Silver Dads

grey to silver here looking for a nice lad who likes the olda top guy ;-)

*ANINTROUSERS2815 minutes ago *
Number sucked

10000s over the years

*ookman227 minutes ago *loryholebpool
Cumming no hands

I agree,it's getting the position right and also the pace of your thrusts that does it,I get my lads to tell me when they feel it coming on and I quicken my pace and the depth of my cock. The perfect top. ;-)

*ornyorange1748 minutes ago *r precum
Which member of this site would you like have fuck?

Roxywithacock from midland, I would missionary her while sucking her tongue. (thumb)

*1158750 minutes ago *ammywhore
pics on profile?

Personally I like to see the bits in going to be playing with first and foremost, have been very fortunate with the guys I have met blind, have been very good looking chaps, but I certainly appreciate why other people like to see a face picture,

*iccolo658 minutes ago *livebi69
Bi guys please read

I love it when guys send me pics of their wives to turn me on. Nothing better than looking at pics of a guys wife while he's sucking me off!

*ureguy61 hour ago *ot4Cock78
EU Disability

Obesity is a very contentious subject, is it a mental health issue? Probably and we all know mental health is very underfunded and a rapidly growing problem. The nanny state has made it very easy for people to lay blame at any given opportunity,

*rdell192 hours ago *h23..
Rimming - willing tongues?

Oh yes please, I just love it,

*uv 2b Sucked352 hours ago *anup4fun
Being sucked off in panties

Mmmmm getting hot here x

*ature_1692 hours ago *ilklegs1
ladies underwear

White shiny silky knicker, white bra and white stocking, wow. :*)

*oston3053 hours ago *ammywhore
Bi guys

nnyrance cant believe no one msg you im in the same boat

*cunnybic184 hours ago *tevynicks
what's your best christmas song

blue Christmas by Elvis :-)

*e hairy85 hours ago *op-for-sissy
The Christmas Break [or maybe not ?]

Also,in Dickens' magnificent Christmas Carol,did not Ebenezer Scrooge go out Christmas morning and manage to find the wherewithal to furnish the Cratchitt family for a party? Lighten up. I've worked several Christmases. Care and hospital

*ickyboy895 hours ago *ediumrare
cold sore

Always found that those small tins of Vaseline with Aloe Vera have done the trick for me. Keeps the lips nice and moist so the b*stard won't split ever time you smile or speak.

*mallmember175 hours ago *4RG
rate my ass ;)

Does mine rate for some attention? I love it to be played with and rimmed

*nrikey1016 hours ago *resley
Suite 429

That's like asking how longs a bit of string and is it going to rain. Useing a sauna is I'm afraid just pop luck ,you can go one day and be busy ,the next time no one there. Mind you you can have a lot of fun with just one guy . It depends what

*wnsome201427 hours ago *poty
All I want for Christmas

I'd like to give my naked body to a couple of pervy older men outdoors. O:-)

*ick lon4210 hours ago *atenightmeet

Fully paid up member of the pisslovers fan club

*2611 hours ago *ackdoorblackwhore
Christmas Jokes

Poor Santa, only cums once a year and then it's down the chimney.

*oc69813 hours ago *lana
Click and Collect.

I've just ordered a Fleshlight on ebay and it will be delivered to my local Argos store. This service takes longer than the normal postal delivery times, but so much better. Now I can offer my customers this discreet service too. Just ha

*antygerald813 hours ago *dam_In_Lycra
Christmas Decs

I do decorate, but not as much as when I had my late partner. He absolutely loved Christmas and we always had a really big tree as well as all the other items. His son spends part of Christmas with me,so I do have some decorations up,and other visi

*olistichands413 hours ago *rdell
No reponse to messages

I will always reply with a 'thanx but no thanx' or 'sorry but you/I am just not my/your type' If they persist after that then I will blank them.

*ndy2511014 hours ago *ordic-knight
ladyboy holiday

Thailand met a wonderful ladyboy last time I was there cum every where and a lovely tight peach of an arse to fuck shame it's not here

*inchesforyou816 hours ago *s55
Favourite sandwich

Another favourite of mine, is hot peppered fresh beetroot and mayonnaise.

*rassband3416 hours ago *rassband
is it getting worst

we are living in a age where some say one thing and do another i see it everywhere i go and many dont care about your feelings or if they waste your time as long as there ok sadly its the way it is and its no different on here .

*ldguy701417 hours ago *ickyboy

Cumming?? Never let a boi cum for at least 3 days before he serves... And don't let him cum during the session... But bring him close... A few times.... :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D Now thats how i like to be controlled! ;-)

*lan99991018 hours ago *olistichands
Touch sauna swindon

Can anyone tell me more about this place in Swindon ?

*418 hours ago *penminded747
Men in their pants

Take a look at MrAverages profile,there is a pic of him in vest and pants,very sexy. :-) There's nothing average about Mr average :) I dont see any pic as described? Oh yeah I see yeah LOL

*rassband3918 hours ago *ikebeds
never watched two men fuck before

I love getting watched, most of the time they join in!!

*ymboy302818 hours ago *arty
sex bondage

bottom guy glos looking 4 a meet from 4pm box day till mon day night accom travil

*ondage guy118 hours ago *ondage guy

Mine got here today.

*igVincent319 hours ago *ounglad05
Xmas present

Thank you for the kind comments. Everyone should enjoy.

*poty1220 hours ago *etropolis
Thread closure

exactly,conversations change tack,why some here get so exited,and irritated when there is a deviation I can't understand. You never say to whoever you're chatting to "Oh we can't talk about that, it was not a subject we started on"

*rassband823 hours ago *rdell
time wasters

The worst ones are those who keep opening and closing new accounts every day and it's plain obvious that it's them sending the same time wasting winks and messages. Wouldn't be as bad if people were more honest and said they were nervous and unsure

*zos1123 hours ago *op Secret
Tom Hardy

Thomas Hardy also kissed Nelson. A busy man.

*3324 hours ago *rucex

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