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Stephen Crabb for PM

Quote from Pink News 19th March 2016: 'The new Work and Pensions Secretary Stephen Crabb previously took interns from a religious charity which opposes gay equality and sponsored a ‘gay cure’ event.' Agreed, no proof that he espouses these i

*arttybum37 minutes ago *ackregan

EdinaBear, can you please tell me why do you go on about the "working class", we are all working class, we work. I work sometime from 5.30am until 10.00pm I finished in mu office at 10.10 pm 16 plus hours today and I expect the same

*lue Knight508 minutes ago *dinaBear
Wanking with foreskin

As a boy I always caught my load in my foreskin to prevent soiling the bed sheets, still do use my foreskin as an easy way to catch it, unless a guy wants me to shoot in his mouth ! Oh, thank you, I thought I must be the only one!

*utroundhead517 minutes ago *ullPhil1950

I wonder how long it'll be before the Spanish get pissed off with British Immigrants? Or the Australians or the Canadians ...

*H2314017 minutes ago *onik

Had my tite panties filled with nettles and my cheeks bared before he gave me a good spanking with nettles WOW it was a brilliant tingling feeling for a long time

*ondo3920 minutes ago *eather xd
Labour in melt down?

It seems politics in general is in meltdown !

*astingsman6829 minutes ago *aked4u2
Married bi guys....why?


*4538 minutes ago *riankk
cum marks

Use Ariel big box standard powder and wash at 60 degrees ! Your undies will be like new ! Guarantee it ! All this low temp washing maybe good for the environment but not for your clothes!!!

*exytroy649 minutes ago *ustuz

I went for my first meet in a public toilet on Monday Got there as arranged lubed up condom ready Totally bricking it Then I started to feel a bit slutty I was standing bent over in a cubical waiting for a 26 yo stud to come in and fuck me Wow

*iboy11156 minutes ago *iboy11
anal orgasm

Would love to experience an anal orgasm. Can anyone make it happen?

*302 hours ago *ottom_poole
what do you like most about another guy sucking your cock

i must admit, i prefer to suck than be sucked, mostly because i dont always get fully hard, a guy can suck me and i might get semi, or if i do get hard i will lose it so i will often suck them, they shoot then go ,then 5 mins later im rock hard i

*662 hours ago *astingsman

- This is football. Not rugby. Your argument is a non sequitur... :-p :-p Well MT, what England were playing wasn't football either :-D I reckon we might have done better sending the rugby lads out. Sadly this rath

*ooder842 hours ago *ordic-knight
Sheffield sauna

Looking at your cock you would be very popular, I for one would love to suck it.

*otherhams-slut23 hours ago *ockfun4you
update on my anus

Good luck hope it all goes well for you. x

*laywith me64 hours ago *etboy
Indian Guys

yes love um.ive sucked a few big and small

*otIndian4U284 hours ago *inyone77

I'm a member of 4 sites, one of them for the best part of 10 years with only limited success, the most successful site for me is the one that starts with Sq, all I've had from this site is a a few winks, a couple of guy message me but after

*otherington thomas144 hours ago *xLedZepxx2
Come back the EEC we need you.

That cursed internet...sometimes it forces you to repeat yourself.

*rdell964 hours ago *onik

It os true really. A peaceful revolution that rocked and has nearly brought down the establishment. The only thing I would say about referenda as such is... Do you go to the doctor and tell him what's wrong with you?

*ALLEYMAN455 hours ago *onik
Norwich Group Meet

This afternoon/tonight, June 29th, get in touch if interested ;-)

*kmonkey8115 hours ago *kmonkey81
sucking tips

Lick his cock like you're French kissing his mouth. Running your tongue over the head. Use plenty of saliva while you're doing it. Mum, fill your mouth in no time.

*evw91338 hours ago *eek-a-boo
Is there anything you wouldn't do?

Hard pain, blood, public, the word slut, rude people, poor hygiene, piercing, humiliation. That's about it. Everything else I am open to talk

*258 hours ago *ottom-Beth
Smokers cum

But after sex a smoke is not a bad thing ?

*rembleman249 hours ago *an375
Home visits

I think this has been discussed on a previous forum not long ago. I have to admit when I have had tradesmen in I have always been tempted but I am scared in case they talk and give me a bad name. I did have an electrician come earlier this yea

*ust4229 hours ago *inovim

I have been in a relationship for 2 years, but am craving some serious cock! I love her dearly and I know she loves me but would never even consider staying with me if i were to cross dress in front of her. I'm sure I'm not gay as I only crave cock

*islutsub95110 hours ago *islutsub95
Prostate orgasm

Never had a Prostate orgasm, but many of mine have been when prostrate. :-)

*6311 hours ago *ewcocol
london porn cinemas

Does anyone know of any porn cinemas in London that's still up and running? I have always wanted to go but cannot find anything still open. Have they all closed? thanks for reading o-)

*entralondonman111 hours ago *entralondonman
tights or stockings?

Hold ups with suspender belt of I'm dressing

*10711 hours ago *oungginge2
Hiv catching

If this sounds naive or ignorant - im sorry. A friend of mine had a meet recently, a mutual wanking fest. The other guy came into his tissue/cloth. Two minutes later my friend came and the other caught my friends cum, and wiped h

*1112 hours ago *dowannafuck
Wanking in public

wanked off in Taboo and other midlands sex clubs/saunas. Also cracked a few off at work.

*addysboy014212 hours ago *lagfucker
Please comment I won't get offended

i would say your profile is good it has all the detail needed is not too long and some pics hopefully it will get you some meets

*ottomguy1974412 hours ago *dowannafuck

If this sounds naive or ignorant - im sorry. A friend of mine had a meet recently, a mutual wanking fest. The other guy came into his tissue/cloth. Two minutes later my friend came and the other caught my friends cum, and wiped his belle

*onathon essex2212 hours ago *shococ
Big brother

OMG .... Guy been trying to fuck me all day asked if u was a time waster wanking over his messages Said no am actually watching big brother His last message read fuck off your binned don't Talk to twat heads!! Wtf lol..... And his blocked

*ylons12113 hours ago *ylons12

I'm in.. PM me the details

*ALLEYMAN4413 hours ago *ame guy
Welcome back England football team

Right that's it MT I hearby call forth the Kraken Badseeded from the island of UNLOS Come forth come forth fly my pretties Fly my pretty Rid us of this scunny slapper MT and banish him to the dark crevasses of the naughty step Begone cre

*ervypoof814 hours ago *ervypoof
12th and 14th march fuck days

mmm count me in on your next group fuck day colin xxx

*limtony214 hours ago *ot55

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