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cut uncut

As my site name implies - cut for me every time. No disrespect to uncuts - good that we are all different.

*mmadawn1215 minutes ago *ral4cutguys

Anyone know why I can't upload any new pics I'm within my max limit I've tried standard uploading via your photos page and will not let me pick a image and when I try via email a couple of hours later says it's failed to deliver I've obtained a new

*ondom lover119 minutes ago *ondom lover

'eanking'? !-) o-) It's yanking, a more vigorous form of the ancient Chinese form of wanking from Nanking. I thought it was the scream made by maiden aunts when they saw you wanking :-) :-) :-)

*raigallen2711 hours ago *ordic-knight
Shaved or hairy cock

Smooth is good cos i dont hav to get his cock or balls out of my mouth every time a hair goes down my throat.

*rimera33uk1012 hours ago *ountain
went to me1 sauna friday

yes even when ive not been lucky its still nice to walk about in nude and then have a wank somewere

*endmeoverputitin617 hours ago *endmeoverputitin

I once had twelve orgasms in one day. I was about fifteen and it was over 12 or 14 hours. The last few times were drt, all spunk was exhausted. It was also quitepainful at the end.

*rishcockray217 hours ago *lain51

It's not my thing, but I've just looked on FetLife,and there's loads of groups dedicated to it there.

*ob581718 hours ago *ubbymunky
my birthday

Happy Birthday! Hope we might be able to celebrate soon.

*ashaxxx1323 hours ago *eniorsex
fcking a tranny

I love being fucked doggie and cowgirl on top facing guy but fav is on my back with my nylon legs around the guys neck watching him fuck me mmm

*5723 hours ago *ylons12
Sex Free Cottages

Can't be a serious story. Imagine the litigation. It's a true story alright. Obviously planned by idiots who haven't got a clue about the real world.

*ordic-knight1824 hours ago *ordic-knight

I love to look at what girls are wearing and think I'd like to be dressed like that but as for men I love to see them naked and only have eyes for the cock as that I s the only thing I'm interested in in men.

*arbus60161 day ago *ebs69
Have you ever starred in Amature porn if so what did you do?

I video all my meets so I have over 40 videos of me being WELL Fucked,every one worth wanking over

*oner4u2suck781 day ago *riedatlast
Club Linger - Fact or Fiction?

Just printed off the instructions from the website. Turned left into Eric St, walked 50 yards and turned right at the pub, following the arrows in the picture. One double door, padlocked. Beyond that, single door locked, on the right hand sign as

*im S91 day ago *im S
Driving in London?

Have not been to London recently but best Idea is to park out of central London and use the tube

*uckmeawf102 days ago *enior 74

Anyone suggest any meeting places in South Wales?

*ockdemon12 days ago *ockdemon
Part time jobs.

I recently moved into a small bungalow, and was lucky enough to have my cleaner able to clean at my new place. Sadly, is now taking full time employment, so I am looking for a replacement - and wondered whether there is anyone here interested.

*ld4yunga12 days ago *ld4yunga
Leicester saunas

will be in Splash on monday 19th around 1pm

*rMontyD152 days ago *stra50
Is the law enforceable?

Public decency is a very tricky crime to commit. Ive nearly been caught several times.

*roypup102 days ago *ountain
Question Time?

Does lying down make a difference?

*emused92 days ago *etropolis

I do not use my teeth just take the out and use gums

*athanNorfolk152 days ago *olin8uk
how Big is your cock?

I think the average size for hard cocks is between 5 and 6 inches-comfortable in any hole then.

*hegaypringleuk1043 days ago *roypup
Meeting places.

There is a site somewhere which offers dayrooms (like 10 am till 5pm) -- probably on a par with hotels cost wise but might be worth a look

*umpadik23 days ago *afendiscreet

Yes I always have as I rarely produce pre cum

*ubvers23 days ago *l360
Warfarin-Does it affect you?

About a year ago I was on Warfarin for 6 months, it killed everything down below, but back to normal now, but it takes ages for me to cum, sometimes the right type of porn helps-anyone else have this problem?

*roypup13 days ago *roypup
Anyone wanked off to my pictures ?

Anyone wanked of to mine x Yep xx i must admit i have had a wank or 2 looking at your photos stanley xx

*493 days ago *mmadawn
Kinky Fetish

My pics (message me if you can't view them) show a number of the kinks I am into, such as bondage, ball stretching, spanking, E-stim and more! Too many to list!! :-)

*123 days ago *hanger
Why ?

There can be lots of reasons for people not replying quickly, but no excuse not to reply at all. Obviously if someone does not log on for a couple of weeks, then you will not get a quick reply. I always reply to messages, although if they are very

*irlielegs93 days ago *hanger
Ban on grindr

I often get banned from squirt,for says on my profile the site is shit . ,I think the site is a complete rip off even if you pay ,like ihave you can't chat to people who dont pay ,so no chance of getting new cock ,plus they are likely to try

*rac5993 days ago *ldbidogger

Hi no from fab swingers a couple from Medway Definitely report them. The admin of Fabswingers may be able to help the police with their enquiries.

*ldcock65143 days ago *ordic-knight
What is the best Lube?

found a lube on Amazon, called Spunk-cant remember the price but I know it wasn't all that expensive, looks just like real spunk, and lasts for ages before having to reapply.

*illy99993 days ago *roypup
Kinkiest Thing Done Outdoor

My daddy fucked me on the beach St. Osyth near Clacton. It was not too many guys around even it was warm but when I was cumming just suddenly one guy appeared lol

*ycamorebib433 days ago *115

Biggest cock ever taken?

*andrew1214 days ago *andrew12
first erotic book read

I didn’t read, but I did watch 120 days of Sodom I think the first real sexy novel was a book called Tim and Pete, I don’t remember who it was by and I must have leant it out as I can’t see it on the shelves. It was a good homoerotic follow u

*onavan69264 days ago *H23
Can anyone tell me what happens in the Birmingham taboo cinema?

I'd love to sit there pretending to watch the movie (as someone else has already said) but have guys stand behind me cumming over me hoping I don't notice. That's something that would turn me on. Of course, I'd soon feel this was a waste of perfe

*914 days ago *over me in cum

I had a 3sum meet today off Fabguys, and we met at a guy I know from earlier meets home. I arrived early and stripped naked and stood blindfolded, hands tied behind my back in the middle of the room. The third guy, a top, we had never met be

*emused14 days ago *emused

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