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old fashioned enjoyment.

I've been vanilla for as long as I can remember and love it. I'm very much a 'to each there own' sort of chap, which is why I get pissed off when I've been accused of being boring because there are certain things I won't try and have never

*onik3622 minutes ago *asbax
Porn Collection

Anyone local want a stash of porn?

*i widnes22 hours ago *i widnes

The perfect cock for me would be 7 - 8 inches, thick and uncut

*assageGuyJake23 hours ago *iangy
bi married guys

Really would make a great story for the "Woman's Own" or Men' sHealth weekly - kiss and tell and get your revenge - would makes great reading

*753 hours ago *assageGuyJake
virgin arse on offer

any takers :*)

*aulatart13 hours ago *aulatart
Sauna etiquette

I went to the Basement Sauna on Friday afternoon, all ready and gagging for cock. (You know the feeling....) I quickly busied myself with lots of sucking, but I could get no-one to fuck me! What am I doing wrong?!

*ord Monkey13 hours ago *ord Monkey
who likes my cock........who has the best cock on here

Lots of guys seem to focus on a mans cock,its as if its the only thing that defines the man,I capitalise on my cock size and can you blame me,It gets me what I want at the end of the day but personally I find it all rather shallow. :-)

*ardthrobbing1774 hours ago *ANINTROUSERS
Virgin ass

Anyone want to take my cherry?

*aulatart14 hours ago *aulatart

Pre cum and kissing??? Err yea to both ..... I don't get pre cum so love it when the other guy doe's

*nterestingtimes2234 hours ago *inydick
Wife won't suck me

Get her one then... sounds as if you're up for it.

*ingerieman655 hours ago *etropolis
english parliement

it does not make sense to see the three other members having a say on their own affairs whereas England does not. On Same country matters surely it is only correct and fair that those countries seek to do the best for their citizens and only that

*lhands45 hours ago *ldguy70
spanking implements

I just need someone to put me otk and spank me

*aulatart467 hours ago *ohnta

I'd love to fuck you with your gf watching getting involved

*957 hours ago *attyH

It's hardly disgusting , it's just something I've tried, and no no1 ran away they were happy with it

*attyH57 hours ago *attyH
Just taken an enormous step

I am 83, wife is 69. I came out to her 3 years ago after 45 years of marriage. She took it all in her stride and has actually seen me with a guy but prefers I meet elsewhere. We are now closer than ever and I love her dearly for her support. We

*owerball207 hours ago *ature7long

its the one word i hate

*ee Harvey457 hours ago *oodforme
Greenhouse Darlaston

Love Darlaston Greenhouse. Never failed to come away from there completely satisfied.

*isexual77 hours ago *ature7long
Downton abbey

I love maggie

*poty108 hours ago *urban86
Being sucked off in panties


*ature_1309 hours ago *ature_1
who hates the CUM and RUN scenarios?

Works well for me, though some guys after a couple of meets become relaxed in my company and a few even stayed the night, give it time if your good they come back

*exysuemi1089 hours ago *asculine se13
You ever pissed on a guy??

I have never pissed in or on a guy. Edu like to give it a go though.

*1099 hours ago *i in hamilton

Shot in the mouth but then dribbled over my lips so I can lick them and swirl the cum round my mouth before swallowing

*etsgoforit8910 hours ago *attyH
Pre-Cum turn on or turn off

I have a foreskin full of pre cum all the time, only have to think about sex and its like a dripping tap

*nterestingtimes28112 hours ago *attyH
Greenhouse Luton

im going next saturday for my birthday :)

*oromir213 hours ago *ellsdarkangel

If you like to see a lot of amateur guys having straight sex check out Lots of public, beach and group sex.

*ew and curious514 hours ago *odrick
Skype show for you!

Anyone like to see now?

*E12215 hours ago *E12
safe sex?

I gave way once in the past but never again. The fear afterwards until I had the all clear was indescribable. However, everyone thinks "HIV" but Hepatitis B is far far easier to catch than HIV, and can be caught through oral sex, and can lead

*amesconnolly1015 hours ago *wertyasbo
First time

well in response to this you will get all sorts of advice posted here me personally find some one who fits your mind set mine was to find someone who was slim and a cd it just sat in my mind better the thought of someone sexually dressed

*ito man215 hours ago *un4some

Anyone in Cornwall fancy a lot of fun ;)

*ungbig82116 hours ago *ungbig82

Had a major timewaster Friday night, on here from Edinburgh, had messaged me a few times for a meet and this time I was free so said I could. Drove to meet him where I had arranged to pick him up, he text a few times on the way there to make sure I

*ig-guy 12618 hours ago *addy_chaser

i have an english northern accent.but i come from an irish family.i spent months at a time in ireland in my younger days,and my friends and family always said my accent had changed when i came back to england.i never noticed it

*orksoporion3518 hours ago *RANK2647

old guy needs a jolly good rogering

*ob58118 hours ago *ob58

I can't seem to get the short wave Empire Service from Daventry anymore

*ew and curious1021 hours ago *rucex
Meet on Wednesday 24th in Leeds

Hi TOPS I'M FREE AND AVAILABLE on Wednesday 24th and i want to be taken to the Viaduct in Leeds for the evening and then well what ever happens happens xxxxxx my kinickers always seem to drop infront of a hard cock xxxxxxx Plse messsage me if you

*eorginaSlut121 hours ago *eorginaSlut

Hi my names nappys xxx by my name you will relize i like wet and messy ana will love to wee wee on anyone that wants it i love drinkink my own wee wee and tasting other things mmm.... if you want to pee on me or be peed on im hear and love the

*5622 hours ago *appys

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