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horny threesome

Hi guys just had a very horny session with two really nice guys got fucked by both and even did a sandwich I was getting fucked by P while P was being fucked by D then swapped and went in the middle my cock in P and D's cock in me very enjoyable

*ator891 1 minute ago! *ator89
Arse or pussy

depends which way up you are

*treetroad158 minutes ago *etropolis
Support our Struggling Seaside Resorts ,eh?

Newish modern hotel in another country or a more expensive crumbling dirty Britannia type hotel here? Until there is a massive rebuilding of U.K resort hotels there is not going to be any resurgence of the British holiday. And after years of staying

*etchsub2313 minutes ago *ewcocol
Top Versus Bottom poll.

Sub-Bottom born to be used ;)

*APPY ONE12019 minutes ago *ukDoll
photos and profiles

I didn't have a pic on here for ages, I just thought it was too difficult, but after from pestering from some guy called Drewt ;-), I had a look and laughed at how easy it was for me, as I use an iPad. :-) = So now we know who we have to

*ssexcocksucker2533 minutes ago *H23
T-rex Arms

Black and Decker Paint Burner

*ubform1244 minutes ago *onik
Hairy/smooth hole

just going to get in the bath and shave ALL over leaving just a tiny triangle of pubic hair xxxxxxxxx What ?? Around your ringpiece?

*erseylad851347 minutes ago *onik
Coppers & Ex Coppers

I did an army lad who went on to join the Met. Does he count? Amazing body and took it like a good 'un.

*avek12748 minutes ago *onik
cd . names it was the first "girl" I fucked.

*d zoe6252 minutes ago *onik
Older men

Meeting a lot of older men,you're prone to getting water sports,even if it's unintentional. Lol Pmsl (thumb) There you are BH 23....PMSL There's the proof! xxx

*aturebiwed453 minutes ago *onik

And don't forget all the asses on Blackpool beach

*ATURE HORNY LIVERPOOL BI555 minutes ago *ohahh

Two in a bush is worth more than one in your hand. No thats wrong, who wants two cocks in a vagina when they could be in your hand Be more imaginative handsome....I meant you spit roasting me with another dude in a wood.

*assageGuyJake8659 minutes ago *onik
What colour and style panties do you like the best?

I don't really have an opinion...other than to avoid yellow and brown gussets

*nelover1681 hour ago *onik
Describe your sex life with a film title

" 101 Masturbations."

*ewcocol1121 hour ago *onik
Showering at the gym

Well, I can recommend Kieser Training in Mornington Crescent: showers are in individual cubicles with sliding doors. There is a window, so you can watch the guys in front of their lockers. And you can have a nice wank without any trouble (but no

*utroundhead81 hour ago *orris7
Self fucking

Tried again with a little more success, all i can say is it feels amazing wow

*inkyBitch281 hour ago *inkyBitch
Underwear choice

None :-)

*imdon311 hour ago *ixer50
A hopefully uplifting competition.

I can't manage to walk far these days since some twat rammed into the back of my motor and knocked me 30 yds down the road. But on the up side anyone getting into a relationship with can park right outside the door at Asda with my blue badg

*onik241 hour ago *astertim

meet 4 ish Harlow old man or old slutty TV cd. I'm in black lacy thong black seamed hold ups wank and suck me fuck u. Toilet fun message me for number. U won a meet

*ickcfc12 hours ago *ickcfc

On the plus side if you are not over-keen on your traveling companion most cabins have twin beds not doubles!

*laywith me32 hours ago *sunamiwarrior
cocks in lycra

I do love wearing lycra, showing all ive got so thin and clingy

*703 hours ago *mandasissy

nice profile and pics

*atureyorky24 hours ago *23sucker

PS mind you what do I know I like kinky too its so sexy love it

*ich black15 hours ago *ich black

is it not a matter of preference, I am bi and like both, neither one can be bad they are both a natural part of nature,

*ich black15 hours ago *ich black
lotus tree, france

anyone been - i'm booked in end of july. any suggestions/recommendations/tips

*ottsguy7516 hours ago *ottsguy75
Playa Del Ingles

I agree with Nickyboy and Topdrama. There is so much more to Gran Canaria than the Yumbo and Dunes. When I move there I am looking forward to getting to know the whole island. I still enjoy the Yumbo as well!! ;-) hi boatbum

*teveroth246 hours ago *ad4lad111

Why is it some guys expect you to go out of the way to meet them, when they do not have the decency to put a photo or two of themselves on here? Are they hoping everyone is not fussy and that any cock will do, and why don't they read our profiles

*loffus16 hours ago *loffus

Hardly any of the ginger guys on here have any decent photos to show off their best assets. Let's see more. You're welcome to 'critique' mine.

*716 hours ago *oftlad

Just been out in the sunshine nude. Thought neighbors where out for the day, but alas no, so had to don the shorts.

*udistdan227 hours ago *iganDrew
Arse Shots

I am partial to a tight,clean puckered hole accentuated by pendulous balls

*adseeded217 hours ago *onik

Timewaster postings are totally useless and invariably get closed or removed,especially with some of the comments they attract. Oh dear there goes another one.

*exmeup8058 hours ago *r.Savvyguy
How do you like to be fucked ?

on all 4s

*APPY ONE11819 hours ago *exy jade
older guys

Prefer guys my age or older,as we know what we like after trying most things...........

*avy69271 day ago *hubbychub
Snog suck or fuck?

all of that please, snog suck fuck yum yum

*1031 day ago *ich black
naked essex

cant be being naked,having fun finding places to do it :)

*udistdan221 day ago *udistdan

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