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I've noticed this too, Doncaster is full of hot bears, i did momentarily think of moving up there, but my cock got so sore with all my wanking, I thought I'd never make it north of Oxford :-)

*hilandros43 minutes ago *H23
Next week

Well im just what you are looking for son,such a shame you are so far. :-)

*wink953210 minutes ago *ANINTROUSERS

Like the group, haven't heard the new album, just found it on spotify, really pleased I did, great sound. Cheers Lee x

*ee Harvey212 minutes ago *H23
Support our Struggling Seaside Resorts ,eh?

I'll show you a good time in the New Forest, free, well almost, I may ask for a protein shot :-D

*etchsub5925 minutes ago *H23
Rugby League Cup Final!


*hilandros527 minutes ago *eepthroat 1
dirty mind

Complete no limit perv mate msg me

*ornyguy235328 minutes ago *umluvinlad
Suck, fuck or pass?

If a newbie offered you his pussy but was not to sure would you go ahead and fuck. also would you breed him yes or no No because you could end up with a house full of kittens o-)

*mg776450 minutes ago *ordic-knight
Cannock Chase

Is anyone near Cannock chase who fancies meeting this evening? let me know

*lex1288m11 hour ago *lex1288m
oral from denture wearer

i would love to try this.

*762 hours ago *oung hard cock 4 u
How often do you wank?

I don't have time for a wank, I am too busy shagging !!

*he Hedonist482 hours ago *lipandfill

why not google it..spelt that wrong but you know what I mean

*onsy22 hours ago *llands

Guys this is really simple, Just can't beat " a Chix with a Dick" lol :-D :-D :-D It's a question of perception. I prefer cocks in jocks.. ;-)

*ill4u313 hours ago *astertim
love on meet

I have fallen in love with many men over the years,My first real love was in Australia,my second was in New Zealand, my third in Wales and then Warrington and runcorn,but they were mainly afaires over many years,most gays fall in and out of

*undee18243 hours ago *onik
Nudist beach

I have also been to maspalomas, I was a lot younger then and had to hide my hard Cock as I was with a group of lads. To the best of my knowledge, none of them were bi but who knows? I have met people on here who I know outside of this site and

*hris98765432174 hours ago *hris987654321
Shoe Size v Cock Size

Shoe size 9: cock size 6" cut with a lovely big bell end. So how do we get the bell end to length ratio??

*evanian1164 hours ago *iona_cduk
Too close to home

If I had a guy who was local I would be there at least once every two days. Maybe he could give me a key to his house so I could come in at night and cneak into his bed, careful not to wake him and take his cock in my hand as I slowly jerk it to

*uietone11325 hours ago *i-and-curious

In my pink panties, watching the rugby and having a wank

*ames4444485 hours ago *aner
Bank holiday

Penile ...more like xx

*atnbi215 hours ago *onik
virgin ass

i am a virgin ass looking to be fucked in Watford, very horny, want to suck and get facial, cannot accomodate

*ottominwatford_4515 hours ago *ottominwatford_45
"Blockbusters" you've never seen.

I loved the character " Poofy Galore ". X

*ewcocol205 hours ago *onik

There's a brand new board game out you need to buy,as it all starts again tonight. Only two rules. 1 ..Switch off TV 2 .. Fuck off to pub

*onik16 hours ago *onik

PERVYPOOF Perfect efficient ravishing valiant yummy perverted outward outrageous fellaAnd modest......

*athanliam227 hours ago *uff_Cub

love being naked just so good to walk around the house starkers wife doesnt always see the funny side and often have to grab a pair of shorts in a hurry when people cum to the door lol

*laytogether127 hours ago *ennydumfries
Kinks and Fetishes

cross dressing. I love to dress up :D

*458 hours ago *i-and-curious

lucky bugger haha i bet u be walking all day with a big smile in ur face lol :-) O:-)

*onik49 hours ago * Bttm

I managed to shave it once and it felt really good. I am too nervous to try waxing but I wouldn't mind being handcuffed to the bed and having someone wax me...I best be gagged for it as I may shout a little ;)

*isawood199 hours ago *i-and-curious
Bicycle gears!

I just cycle in the highest gear anyway, no wonder my legs are so muscular and the rest of my body is kinda mixed

*w1224159 hours ago *ikethingy
wanking in public loos

I've wanked in many public loos but never in front of a camera. Not sure I'd go there.

*luteus Max610 hours ago *ifocussed

I did flirt with the idea of a chinese character, perhaps 'noodle soup'.. like a lot of those ladies who think it says 'peace' have.. Remember a story about a lad, with a Chinese characters tattoo, walking into a Chinese taleaway and the staf

*VESPANDEX1610 hours ago *vchristine
Silver Dads

Any lads in kent looking for a dirty dad ?

*ANINTROUSERS8810 hours ago *irthy_1

Sure is !!!

*oolbop 6216 hours ago *hubby Lad

anyone interested in meet at Warrington hotel sometime in September

*lackbush117 hours ago *lackbush

I take viagra prescrived by the GO all it does it give a headache n I don't get hard just a semi but plenty of pre cum I'm going to ask him about m.u.s.e n see how that works ..... :-) O:-)

*tocky99920 hours ago * Bttm
Star Trek

Like them all up to Enterprise which I couldn't get fave is Next Generation but I have a soft spot for B'lana Torres.

*sdsissy1421 hours ago *lana
Sensitive Balls!

I had an op in my early 20s on both testicles so it's something I have to live with! I still have slight scarring and if my balls get touched in a certain way I get pain otherwise you can do whatever you like with them!!

*w1224421 hours ago *inger

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