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Site Security

*ikeysam1946 By *ikeysam1946   profile verified by photo (M)  over a year ago

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Do any members share my concerns that anyone who is not registered and is not a member can view info we post on our Current Status bar, including phone numbers.I get many genuine contacts by posting my mobile but also many time wasters who know nothing about me because they are unable to access my profile page.I have expressed my concerned to Site Admin and am awaiting their response.

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*ordic-knight By *ordic-knight   premium paying member (M)  over a year ago

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I was quite shocked that you can read the Forum without becoming a member.Don't know what else you can access.Of course joining is hardly foolproof as so many come and go sometimes within hours.You are advised not to print your phone number or email address on a public page and I certainly would never dare do that.Get enough nuissance calls and weird spam emails as it is.

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By (user no longer on site)  over a year ago

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As a premium member you can change some of the settings from "Your Account" page.

This stops your profile being found in search engines, and you can look at profiles without leaving a trace.

But as you say don't post phone numbers/email addresses in the forums, as they will still be there even if you delete your account.

Guys seem to be in the habit of posting numbers in their status bar, which is also a bit random and is not advised.

Anything personal should be saved for private messages... after all you wouldn't put your address and phone number on a public toilet wall

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*arah-Jane By *arah-Jane   profile verified by photo  over a year ago

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Don't forget that the site is free to join and anyone can register in less than a minute and see your profile/status or anything you make public. Over 20,000 registered users view the site each day vs just hundreds who are not

For this reason, would advise anyone against posting their phone number anywhere on their profile but it's a personal choice . We would advise keeping phone numbers to PMs as per bean's suggestion


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