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All in a Day's work for a Good Slave

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By *low   profile verified by photo (M) 45 weeks ago

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So today it happened…

I was tasked by a Master (not on this site) to serve as his Maid / House Slave today.

On arrival at the ungodly hour of 7 am, I changed quickly into my Maid’s clothes (see my pics on my Profile) and then presented myself to him on my knees as any good sub / slave would do.

He grabbed my head and pulled me towards his groin so I could provide the obligatory welcome ‘blow job’ which he greeted by pumping a delicious amount of his seed deep into my throat.

After this I was instructed to remove the black lacy knickers that I had only just put on and so was left in just my dress, stockings (integral suspenders on the dress), a pair of black ‘pumps’ and of course my cage.

I was then given my first task of the day, to clean this Master’s bathroom which included the cleaning of the Toilet pan with a ‘toothbrush’ having to get into all those ‘nooks and crannies’ and as a final act of humiliation I was ordered to clean the Toilet seat with my tongue…..

This Master watched me at all times and encouraged me, when he thought I was slacking, with a little swot with a Riding Crop on my prominent backside and on one occasion my quickly shrinking balls.

Having completed the bathroom to his satisfaction I was ordered to attend him whilst he proceeded to urinate in the spotless pan.

My role in this consisted of holding his member whilst he urinated and once finished I was expected to lick him clean paying special attention to any remaining drips or dribbles.

Having completed this task I was set to ‘Hoover’ the Sitting room and then move to his bedroom and commanded to undress and present myself for his pleasure.

I undressed, lay face down on the bed and awaited his arrival, after about 15 minutes he entered the room and proceeded to ‘lube’ my bottom after which he without warning, pushed multiple fingers deep within me, loosening me I assumed so that I could be well and truly seeded.

After some minutes of this excavation of my sphincter, he moved his fingers and ordered me to stand up and go out into the back garden.

Though surprised at this and saddened that I had not been taken by him, I did as I was told and on entering the garden (thankfully, completely enclosed and private as I was still naked except for my cage) was greeted with a large pot of Ronseal ‘One Coat’ wood protector and a paint brush.

I was then ordered to paint the small (but large enough for me) Shed.

I have never painted nude before and to say that it gave me a thrill is something of an understatement especially as the albeit tall garden wall bordered a Public Footpath.

Whilst passers-by could not see me I could hear them, if only they knew what was going on on the other side of the wall!

Like my activities in the bathroom, I was constantly being monitored by both this Master and his ever present crop.

Not only was my back and bottom reddening in the mid-September sun, the colour was being helped by the occasional swot to make sure I was on point with my efforts.

Take it from me Ronseal ‘One Coat’ does not do what it says on the pot and after about an hour and a half it was clear that I would have to do this all again.

However, I was informed that I should stop for now and let the first coat dry.

On a closer inspection of my work, this Master noted that I had splashed some Ronseal on the cement base of the Shed and he commanded me to count the splash marks.

I counted some eleven drips and he then ordered me to prostrate myself in front of him and he proceeded to beat me with his crop on my already red bottom.

I was told to expect eleven swots but unfortunately I lost self-control after the eighth blow and yelped.

I was then advised that he would start the count again and if I made another noise he would recommence my punishment from number one!

Needless to say I kept quiet and the rest of my punishment proceeded.

When completed I was commanded to stand facing the wall and a collar was place around my neck which was chained to a hook at the base of the wall.

I was provided with a bowl, not unlike a dog bowl containing bread and another containing water. This I was told would be my lunch as it was now well past noon.

This Master then left me naked and chained outside whilst he went in and I assume fed himself.

After half an hour he returned unlocked me and ordered that I present myself on my knees again and proceed to give him another blow job.

After pumping another (though less copious amount of seed in my throat), I was ordered to clean him up this time also having to lick his bottom inserting my tongue deep in his anus.

When he was satisfied I was then ordered to give the shed another coat of ‘One Coat’, again monitored and corrected by the occasional swot of his crop on my bottom and legs.

When I had finished I was ordered to clean the brush and myself and present myself in his Sitting Room, for my final task of the day.

On entering the room ( I was still naked except for my cage) this Master stood next to another man and I was ordered to service both of them with my mouth and ended with two sets of seed being pumped deep in my throat.

When finished I was ordered to dress and then was excused further service and driven home by this other man.

Other than giving directions to my home there was no conversation during the short drive.

On arrival at my home I was deposited at my front door without any comment and this mysterious man then drove off.

I am now left sore from both from light sunburn and of course varying degrees of ‘Swotting’ with a tummy full of seed and pleasingly tired.

I now only hope to hear from this Master again or be summonsed by somebody new to serve them as a Maid or whatever or however they wish………

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*etropolis By *etropolis   profile verified by photo (M) 45 weeks ago

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You didn't say what colour the Ronseal was.

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XXX pic...
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By *low   profile verified by photo (M) 45 weeks ago

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Medium Oak...not as red as my bottom was...

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