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male waxing

I never write personal stuff in a public forum. Good, but he didn’t tell that he has something personal to tell

*ookwarm83 weeks ago *nello
buying on line.

I used to buy my gear from in the indoor market near me sells sexy gear mmmm

*usan20023 weeks ago *tm4u2use
pics with face

I keep face pics available for friends to see.

*red80113 weeks ago *ouncy

Probably best to play safe and post your desires in both. It’s not as if it will be buried under an avalanche of other posts.

*ebxd43 weeks ago *ikey1973

naked skype together?

*mooth mature nudist13 weeks ago *mooth mature nudist

A lot of army lads used to get crabs back in the '70s and '80s. Some no doubt through their sexual exploits but a lot probably from sharing towels and bedding. Hygiene gradually got more strict but circumstances did not always allow.

*373 weeks ago *ordic-knight
the famous doorstep challenge

and im not talking about the DAZ doorstep challenge ( great feedback on my fabguys and fabswingers profile from guys who have called !! ) so who wans to take my doorstep challenge ? you tell me what size style and brand of mens underwear y

*oole.guy13 weeks ago *oole.guy
PC Ads but we are still excluded

I rarely watch any TV. News and some sports is about it for me. Never been a telly lover.

*ordic-knight383 weeks ago *ollydee

anyone know any woods to get naked in Warwickshire area ? dont mind traveling within reason and if anyone wanted to join us, happy days !

*eedsRhino75654 weeks ago *immy911
Sexual encounter oddities

As we stroll through life gaining experiences with our sexy friends have you ever come individuals who are for want of a better word ......strange? For exam For example one met a chap who could turn his feet around the wrong way sign

*radley24 weeks ago *radley
Lou Reed

Perfect Day, penned by Lou Reed, produced by Bowie and Mick Ronson, nuff said.

*194 weeks ago *ollydee

Just think of the down side for a moment guys. One night I went for a stroll in the woods and came across a guy who had been left naked and tied to a tree. I am not sure that he got what he went for but he could have been there all night if

*aughty2210194 weeks ago *hanger

Cum/precum all taste good to me

*ikeRedditch134 weeks ago *usted
Why ?

Why do you think if you contact someone, they HAVE to respond? There can be any number of reasons why someone might not wish to have any contact with you. None of which they have to tell you if you if they do not wish to. Just move

*irlielegs104 weeks ago *irlielegs
Anonymous sex

I love the idea of being fucked blindfolded and never seeing the guys face who's ramming his cock in my mouth and/or up my arse. Sooooooo horny to do that! No such word as sooooooo! !-)

*lgray134 weeks ago *ordic-knight
Quip of the day.

I was prescribed Viagra. The tablets were very large and got stuck in my throat. Now I have a stiff neck.

*oland butter1534 weeks ago *ordic-knight
Blackpool or Preston Saunas

Not Preston or Blackpool, but Northwich sauna is probably the best in the country and not too far away. I go when I can and can recommend highly.

*rinscall44 weeks ago *resley
Crossdressing clothing

I love any underwear , hold ups , corsets high heel , boots, but I really adore pvc and latex

*issy J534 weeks ago *omersetpvcfun77

whats the scene ????

*ubberjohnnie14 weeks ago *ubberjohnnie
Is suck cock for a bi guy with family

Could someme help ....I used to be a cock sucking at a local wood....but now I have babies....but know I can not stop so hoping pete an older guy and hope will turn in to some special. it safe to suck him or should I ask him to wear a condom

*untime3214 weeks ago *untime32

I suppose it is how you classify a timewaster. Don't think I have ever got as far as arranging a meet with anyone off Squirt for them to either not turn up or send me on a wold goose chase. Only ever got one meet off there and must say he was really

*rumbttm69134 weeks ago *ordic-knight
Has 'camp' behaviour disappeared in 2019?

The public perception of gays is that we are all camp and all like being fucked. I have met straight camp men, however, and the campest gay man I know is the most talented top I have ever had the pleasure of playing with. He came the closest

*eyley94 weeks ago *ouncy
That certain fragrance

Public toilets .. even clean ones .. do not smell nice.

*54 weeks ago *ikey1973
What does Cum taste like??

Of course if you're a lucky boy you will have the job of differentiating between the 2 , 3 or maybe more guys who have just drained their balls into your mouth, a sort of sperm cocktail, cheers!!

*864 weeks ago *
Plastic,plastic, plastic.

I think people vastly underestimate the problems that plastic causes. You'd think back in the forties and fifties scientists would have stopped to think of the consequences when someone said "Hey, I've invented some new substances that are inde

*sunamiwarrior134 weeks ago *arkLondon
Huge rise in male breast reduction surgery...

when I was married years ago my wife was on h.r.t. when we went to bed at night I use to wake up with her patch on me and I started to grow breasts which I didn't have before

*eyley64 weeks ago *tsuptoyou
Pork Bender

Are you a fan? I rather partial to them myself.

*ikey197314 weeks ago *ikey1973
went to me1 sauna friday

It is one of the cleanest saunas i have been in

*endmeoverputitin114 weeks ago *addude
Misleading profile

The last two arranged meets I've had, I encountered BO problems. Now, I'm not the world's most tactful guy, and as I abruptly broke the embrace and pulled my clothes back on, in both instances, I asked, "have you bathed or showered recently,

*radley104 weeks ago *

never to late to convert ;) and i get to your neck of the woods sometime

*eic202024 weeks ago *athy.b
Leicester saunas

Celts is closed. Amigos is another option though.

*rMontyD184 weeks ago *urioso2017

Nothing I like better than a good spanking session, whether giving or receiving (or both). Where is a good sight to find like mined people. Wish you were closer.

*ob58224 weeks ago *aughty2210
sun newspaper.. Striker

the sun is perfectly labeled the wapping liar not just because its printed there Yessss. You mean it's a newspaper.

*lhands244 weeks ago *ikey1973
How often should a 65 year old have sex?

cant pm you but looking for a discreet meet mildenhall area

*orchlight154 weeks ago *euken
Older human Pups

Whoever told you that, well its only his opinion. He doesn't make the rules. Lots of people would disagree with him. Hav fun sweetie with all the other men and girls who think like you, which is most of us. xx

*roypup44 weeks ago *ountain
Saunas in leicester

Splash is good especially on Tuesdays.......Amigo’s is nice but a bit quiet mostly when I have been.

*lackberry74 weeks ago *rMontyD

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