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Need a cock in me

Louth area,need a clean cock to suck on and maybe fill my ass too. Any takers?

*iscreetsteve156 minutes ago *iscreetsteve
Wife's worn knicks

Love to share wife's worn knicks with similar local guys

*urious welsh guy12 hours ago *urious welsh guy
meet in skem

going my local tonight ...looking …..msg me asap because am not on here 24/7

*AVE445514 hours ago *AVE4455
Coach tour

I have seen messages on here from people going on cruises but what about coach tours. North East 6/6.dressed in my room looking for callers.

*igantv14 hours ago *igantv
Mums knickers and lingere

I was brought up enjoying mum and sisters clothes. But always clean. I once raided the washing machine because a neighbor was borrowing it. Horrifically though it hadn't begun to wash. That sight put me right off. Each to their own. I'm not one

*exy69becky244 hours ago *illgossard
Bare arse spanking.

Being spanked makes me soooo horny. Anyone who spanks me can do whatever they want to me!

*aughty2210246 hours ago *ayMan007
wank to my wifes pics

any1 want to wank to her now message me

*ull back again1066 hours ago *ull back again
bank holiday car suck

anyone free bank holiday mon to swallow my cum in yur cars in leiston suffolk? i can promise u a big load

*uv2bsuckeddry16 hours ago *uv2bsuckeddry

Anyone out and about in Glasgow tonight?

*arald16 hours ago *arald
This afternoon

Travel to me and tan my arse.

*raig12126 hours ago *aughty2210
Hust St B/ham today

Hi, I'm going to be in Hurst St later this afternoon/eve it would be nice to meet someone local for a bit of mutual fun, No inhibitions open to ALL sugggestins Msg Me soon to arrange Plz

*inbitv17 hours ago *inbitv
Car meet Sheffield/Derbyshire NOW

Open to all W/E tops. Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Staffordshire areas I am a sub bottom looking for Deep hard gagging deepthroat fun. Yours... Andy

*ohn John32138 hours ago *ndeeper
Into the Woods - Basildon

Can't get in the car park by the church because if height barriers anywhere else to go please

*ssexbill488 hours ago *prilxxx

Hey chubby bottom lad looking for top guys who can accom in the thurrock basildon essex areas?? Can dress if you like that or just as guy as well pm me x

*ayler18 hours ago *ayler
Phone sex now!

If anyone wants to have me on the phone now, I'm totally up for it. Make me cum for you while using me.

*ayMan00719 hours ago *ayMan007

So horny for some dirty phone wanks

*een_lad_125610 hours ago *een_lad_125
Satin phone fun

can you skype?

*ilk69000311 hours ago *umatron3
Skype & swallow cum

Horny today

*hillman4911 hours ago *hillman

Anyone up and up for it?

*om113312 hours ago *om113
A1 meet today

Travelling up the A1 today from M18 upto Sunderland and looking for a horny meet. If interested then get in touch. Hope to hear from you.

*damxxxx115 hours ago *damxxxx
Belmont common and Habury picnic site

Forgot to say, near Burton on Trent.

*apt.Jack217 hours ago *apt.Jack
Sissy sub needs online Dom

Can I find a Sir who can keep me in my place online?

*lossub67118 hours ago *lossub67
Anyone up?

You only accept messages from your OWN contacts, so don't expect many responses!

*eencockforolder318 hours ago *ayMan007

Bi dom top looking for horny bi bottom sub on skype send me your skype or download it if you don't have it

*om113118 hours ago *om113
Anywhere south of Birmingham

Damn! Only just seen this! Are yoh vack thus way often?

*arried and curious221 hours ago *igBamboo
Panty sniffing your wives/GF's panties

It is hot

*eycock135124 hours ago *exy69becky

sucking cock immediately after he has just peed is very horny, the slight taste of piss followed by his pre cum Yes, this is something else I love too.

*megma91 day ago *over me in cum

Yes at last, someone else who shares my lust for unwashed cock.

*umInMe2121 day ago *over me in cum
Leeds sissy and knickers

Free all alone at mums house with access to her lingerie and her dirty knickers

*exy69becky11 day ago *exy69becky
piss drinking

You should all try SOP at kings x hotel on Sundays check out

*tevehx1671 day ago *itchjoe
Luton Greenhouse

Work used to take me to Luton fairly often, I would always try and get to Greenhouse while I was there and always spent plenty of time in the gloryholes, sucking every cock I could.

*rimera33uk21 day ago *over me in cum

Not tried it, but would love to show someone daddies willy and what he does with it. I don't wear a nappy, but would love a Daddy like this guy, to 'show me his cock and what he does with it' :-) Dave

*obbyab71 day ago *over me in cum
Southampton / New Forest

I need fucking at Milkhams tomorrow, either in my car or in the woods. Shaved nice and smooth, will have lube and condoms. Also fancy a spit roast. Contact me.

*akedtrucker11 day ago *akedtrucker

Skype wank anyone

*abih11 day ago *abih
gay nudist beach sucking

On a string round your neck

*uv2bsuckeddry131 day ago *hriscm9

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