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Racism and homophobia

I will repeat an oft offered argument of mine, and that is, the United Kingdom is inherently racist and homophobic, and until we accept that there is a massive problem, we cannot go any way towards solving the problem. All this, "we are a

*heshire baldie182 hours ago *heshire baldie

Dominic Raab …. I find it difficult to take him seriously, as he reminds me so much of Rick, from the Young Ones..... looks like him, and distressingly, sounds exactly like him … :-? Funny you should say that but a friend of mi

*poty734 hours ago *ordic-knight

It doesn't really matter who the leader is ….. its the LibDems ffs!! The "lets all cuddle up and stick our heads in the sand" party. Perhaps the new leader will pull his or her head out of the sand. Though Jo Swinton handled hers

*ordic-knight84 hours ago *ordic-knight
Political humour.

Political joke:-Labour

*ikey1973404 hours ago *ordic-knight
can the High Street be saved?

Thats all very well, but many towns, like here in Macclesfield, the high street is slap bang in the middle of town How unusual, the High Street being right in the centre of the town, city, or even village … who'd have thought it?

*ikey1973435 hours ago *aravaggio
Bloody EU foisting laws on us.

When i was in hospital for two weeks 4 years ago it was about 50-50

*ikey1973271 day ago *ountain
Fishing Industry.

If anyone bothered to read Mrs May's deal the fishing industry was going to do quite well out of it thats great news, thank you Sir NK

*ikey197352 days ago *heshire baldie
Danny Baker

The world is not flat and salmon dont live in trees and eat billiard balls BUT good old Harry isnt a Charles and Di creation !! There is none so blind that those who will not see lol My dad was ginger with wavy hair, but neither me or my

*ikkey69202 days ago *ikey1973
Should terminally ill patients be allowed to end their lives via assisted suicide?

They are our lives and we should be able to end it if we desire it. I can't abide to see people suffer when there is nothing that can be done. My family know that I do not want to have to be looked after, if I cannot do it myself.

*sunamiwarrior262 days ago *etropolis
Local Elections

It just amazes me that people are so lazy & have money to burn paying someone to wash a car I have 4 slipped discs, so can't wash mine without excruciating pain. Those lovely men at Tesco's do a wash and vac for £10 and do a far

*aravaggio302 days ago *etropolis

One thing I do not understand is why television sets are still measured in inches. And the size is measured using the diagonal measurement. Look at the box a TV comes in and you will see the metric measurement. They are measured diag

*ndyBath342 days ago *etropolis
What will be different?

Jess Phillips ... I like her a lot :)

*ikey1973653 days ago *ikey1973
Running scared of Farage

Vote whatever you like today, will it make a difference? Not one iota. Today's vote is a very large and expensive opinion poll more than anything else. It should never have happened, those who are elected may not even take their seats, and

*aravaggio273 days ago *aravaggio
We now know what Brexit means

Paxton? Who's he? …. Paxman. Evidently Paxton is a self made millionaire, or rather, was, as he died recently at the age of 53...RIP. Didn't he design Crystal Palace? oh no that was Joseph. Also sadly dead.

*aravaggio1763 days ago *ordic-knight

Whover comes up with a genuine way of managing expectation should be treated as the Messiah. Right now, we are our own worst enemies, irrespective of what colour government we have. There are far too many people who feel they are entitled to

*ackey1032 weeks ago *aravaggio
Archies feet !!

What?? Me come to Wales?? …. Not on your Nellie, its full of Welsh people, plus my ex lives there … :-?

*ikkey69132 weeks ago *aravaggio
Political Correctness

Its even worse than certain elements expecting things to be done their way! We, the natural British citizens, are expected, by our own government and law makers, to accept these changes so as to not antagonise the minorities. Why? Can someone

*aravaggio432 weeks ago *aravaggio
Who will be voting in the Euro elections?

The change party are a rag tag collection of non discrips who have never done a thing in their lives and think everyone wants them!! If they get more than 1 seat in the euros then I will be flabergasted !!

*aravaggio273 weeks ago *ikkey69
Are you prepared?

Do you often have strange visions of Nigel, Mr NK? I well remember the dream you told me about, where his Farageness was lounging amidst a bevy of semi naked teenage boys, and you were so frustrated at his Pretorian Guard of well muscled

*aravaggio153 weeks ago *heshire baldie

Which is why I will always be totally amazed at the deference shown to political parties who are not in government. Anyone, absolutely anyone, can SAY they will do such and such a thing, but actually having the ability/nous/balls/ to carry it out

*ikey197373 weeks ago *aravaggio
Mr Williamson

He was, in my book, that most hated breed of individual, the "teacher's pet"..... and more fool whoever his bloody teacher's were, says I.... 8-)

*aravaggio134 weeks ago *aravaggio
UK Growth Rates

Growth rate I thought you were on about my cock Stupid boy!! …. :-)

*aravaggio54 weeks ago *aravaggio
Corbyn strikes again

The real one naturally!

*aravaggio474 weeks ago *oondog

There was a previous case when a LibDem MP was attacked by a man with a sword at his surgery, sadly his agent died. This was long before Brexit was even thought about.

*illanihole1715 weeks ago *Ybear
The Brexit Party

I could never agree with her politics especially her anti gay stance, but I do respect the way she stood up with her “something of the night “ speech when the sensible (career wise) thing to do was keep quiet.

*aravaggio65 weeks ago *Ybear
Jess Phillips

Can't stand the woman, personally! … Typical Labour gobshite, as far as I'm concerned. Interesting that her own party sent her death threats! Now that's way over the top, but no smoke without fire, eh?

*Ybear55 weeks ago *aravaggio
XR pain in the arses

Just a question but how many of you would have spent the last few days discussing climate change ? Unless the protests had taken place,I'd guess the answer is none of you ( or me) so by getting us talking about lt they have

*aravaggio505 weeks ago *aravaggio
France news

:-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p

*hris48mt436 weeks ago *ebelatsea

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