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Cancelling Article 50

I'm with Nordic Knight on this. I live in a city that has had a Labour deathgrip for decades. Where's the Socialist paradise they promise? They've had the opportunity to deliver it, where is it? Always at the bottom of the good things list,

*ordic-knight863 hours ago *oredEric
Tom Watson

Update.Corbyn has intervened and overruled the 'abolition of the deputy leader's post' motion. However he has said the deputy leader's position is to be looked at and reviewed. In other words clip his wings and make it a totally titular position in

*ordic-knight1312 hours ago *ordic-knight

I am English & live in Wales but find most documents wont let me put that down I have to say British & U.K. its an irritation . I'm in the same situation but it doesn't bother me in the slightest. I've spent approx. half my life in W

*ikey1973816 hours ago *ordic-knight
So many experts.

“I, like most people, would never stoop to second-hand lewd comments about the irrelevant sex life of a politician. Even Blow Job deserves such privacy.L LOLOL ... LOLOL. Stoop .. irrelevant sex life .. BLOW JOB .. do you see the irony?

*ikey1973782 days ago *ikey1973
Law or no law

They are throwaway comments which most of us will hear (not the deaf buggers) many hundreds of time each year. They are not intended to be offensive and no sane person would be offended by them Oh Mikey1973 you mentioned deaf peopl

*orum reader792 days ago *ordic-knight
Laugh of the day

Bozo accosted about using the NHS as a press opportunity says, 'There are no press here' - they were feet away and he was being filmed by a camera crew! A truly Trumpian moment. Yeah, accosted by a planted labour activist who used

*astkenter62 days ago *usansilkysubcd
Yellow Hammer

I have a potential solution - instead of a UK-wide referendum, propose a referendum to the people of Northern Ireland on whether they wish to have this backstop arrangement (specifically the one proposed in 2017 that was NI only). After al

*otscot50694 days ago *ordic-knight

Do you mean Laura Doomsberg? I turn the news off if she's on. Probably. That nasty biased woman with an irritating smirk and a raucous voice

*orum reader45 days ago *ordic-knight

Mildly amusing

*tsMyLife25 days ago *etropolis

Cut and pasted from an American article, which contradicts itself in almost every paragraph.

*ikey1973135 days ago *onsterBlast
Farewell To The Dwarf

I was replying to marits post where he compared Sein Fein MP's with Nigel Farage's followers. The Brexit party have no MPs so cannot be compared. "She" hunni not he. Just my little foible. I accept if I identify as "she" Vaggio will star

*ordic-knight442 weeks ago *orum reader
Remains to be seen......

Who knows about the future? At the moment it seems like civil unrest from the far right who have adopted Bozo as their pin-up. Thugs chanting 'we love you, Boris' and Remainers are to blame? Pull the other one :-) What about the yobs wail

*oondog492 weeks ago *otscot50

In industry, it would be called a "hero forecast", it can't possibly be criticised as it assumes the worst case in every aspect. So very easy to prepare, and absolutely bloody worthless, to the point that in the real world, if you prepare such a

*otscot50242 weeks ago *

Let's make it 2219, just to be safe.

*illanihole132 weeks ago *onsterBlast
Twisted politics

Blair certainly lost all the money and decided to get out whilst the going was good, leaving Gordon to take the blame! Mrs T was stabbed in the back by those who wanted her power.

*attthew21362 weeks ago *
Question Time last night

For the record there are, as Mr C says, about 15 million Jews worldwide. However only about 6 million live in Israel and 5.5 million in the USA. Most, if not all, European countries have a small Jewish community. France has the largest.

*652 weeks ago *ordic-knight
Would you rather break the law or break your word?

getting back to the topic I would never , ever break my word or a handshake, it is what defines me my word is my bond, and its final. I can honestly say I would go to prison rather than break my word Back on subject? T

*astkenter512 weeks ago *ikey1973
amber rudd

She wasn't THE blonde, that was Ms Formby, but she's bottled blonde and was married to the fellah at one time. LOLOL Very ummmmm informative

*ollydee122 weeks ago *ikey1973
Politics no longer exists

What a democratic solution - exactly the kind of policy favoured by people like Mugabe. Robert Mugabe??? What a fine fellow, lovely man. met him once, what a charmer! He's dead???? Really?? What, dead dead??? ……………….. What an

*242 weeks ago *
Let the sackings begin !

Thats because they cant spell X

*ikkey69872 weeks ago *ikkey69
And another thing...

It must be really hard to have a big brother. (I have three) Apparently he’s always watching you.

*attthew223 weeks ago *ikey1973
Please explain Brexit

Ha ha ha ha ha ha loooooooosssssseeeeerrrrssss !!!! Legit though.... sorry to double-post but what is this? A party-political broadcast by WCW-era Hulk Hogan? "....And taking to the podium, the leader of the opposition, That

*um-Loving Boy423 weeks ago *um-Loving Boy
It could be worse.

I'm still of the opinion that most people are sick to death of the whole sordid Brexit business irrespective of the way they voted in the referendum. Plus there are far more important issues. Brexit could be solved in a very short time

*ikey1973143 weeks ago *astkenter
National Flags

I think the St Patrick's Cross was included when the whole of Ireland was officially united with the rest of Great Britain 1801 I think. From what I remember of Northern Ireland the Union Flag was mostly flown in Loyalist areas. Sometimes

*illanihole143 weeks ago *ordic-knight
“They dont like it up them Mr Mannering”

"Mainwaring" Mannering would make him prickle. ;-) Legit though, this was my main thing when I saw this post. 'Mannering' is totes have Corporal-Colonel Square would spell it :P

*ikkey69333 weeks ago *um-Loving Boy
Parliamentary Democracy

The Italians, renown for having had more changes of government than almost any country in the world, were seriously thinking of adopting our rather outdated FPTP electoral system at one stage, in order to bring some political stability. They've had

*otscot5023 weeks ago *ordic-knight
Chasm between remain and leave

The Brexiteer story is that the EU has been needlessly uncooperative with the UK in these negotiations. Let me remind you all, firstly, that Theresa May said 95 percent of the WA deal was done back in October 2018. That much went relative

*1273 weeks ago *atamite
Pissed off people !

I doubt that we'll be asked, and if we were the terms would be so onerous that the Government of the day would never agree. I think we're growing our own version of the 4th Reich; the UK isn't a comfortable place any more - just read the newspape

*ikkey69863 weeks ago *heshire baldie
It's all the fault of Brexit

Good point - at the moment Council Tax increases are capped at a low percentage. If the Government chooses to remove this cap and tell councils that they can do whatever they want without a local Referendum taking place, then the increase

*203 weeks ago *heshire baldie

opinion poles said the referendum was going to be remain, Mrs May was going to get a huge majority at the last General election , perhaps they ask the wrong people the wrong questions

*ollydee873 weeks ago *9al
Future King and Queen fly budget airline.

Well, we have a family imposed upon us ! I am just saying democracy can be a good thing. I don't believe in presidents, simply not needed.

*284 weeks ago *havedchris
More of the same......?

I'm not a Boris supporter but I do think what he's done has been to up the ante and force people to put up or shut up! He has started to show the EU that he is serious about no-deal and put some pressure on them. I do believe that they wholehea

*oondog14 weeks ago *oondog
Peaky Blinders

Perhaps I should add that maybe our critical friend thinks William Shakespeare was an historian, not a playwright … ;-)

*64 weeks ago *
Caretaker PM?

Tend to agree with Mikey1973. I'm of the opinion [and note this is my opinion] that there are 5 to 10% ardent, blinkered Brexiteers who want a Fareagean xenophobic get-out-at-all-cost type of Brexit; and there are another 5 to 10% ardent Remainers

*ordic-knight1764 weeks ago *ordic-knight

cue return to thread title ….. :-) :-) :-)

*uymann445 weeks ago *

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