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If you actually read what I wrote, The Official Statement came from the DUP not the Government. The Government could as my MP informed me have carried on as a minority Government, but knowing the clock was ticking as far as Brexit was

*illanihole5448 minutes ago *heshire baldie
why waste time with no confidence vote?

They can vote at 18 if they want to, but a lot can't be bothered to. Don't think lowering the voting age would be a good idea. Across the world by far the most common age eligible for voting is 18, the lowest is 16 but the highest

*annyboy875620 hours ago *oondog
236 Party

Could someone remind me of the other parties that are accepting votes? Theres the libs and the greens and then i am stuck. I do not even know if the raving looney party exists, did they merge into ukip? Their colours went that way but that is all

*aravaggio3821 hours ago *etssee5

Yes, here in Hertfordshire I've seen a few dentists advertising for nhs patients in my town.

*annyboy87501 day ago *oondog

What is yello and would look good on Boris the clown? A JCB!

*orum reader521 day ago *eeksYounger
Political Hooligans

Did Guy Fawkes have any beliefs? He as a mercenary soldier fighting for the Spanish for a fee. He was paid good money to come to the U.K. and blow up the Protestant king and kill everyone else in the vicinity. Certainly not a man of principle.

*ordic-knight882 days ago *ikey1973
why is they talk of second referendum? 2nd

Dannyboy: This is not a criticism but two days ago on the Political Hooligans thread, you began by stating that you voted remain. Must admit it confused the hell out of me. I now realise that you were in fact quoting the final paragraph of

*annyboy871123 days ago *annyboy87
public transport

Whatever … its a crap idea and simply isn't feasible, least of all because of the enormous cost involved. That said, given that we're undertaking such pointless projects as HS2, this might be considered a mass employment project, as well. Indeed,

*annyboy87203 days ago *aravaggio
Splendid Isolation

There should never have taken that straight jacket of Trump

*ordic-knight874 days ago *annyboy87
Prison trouble

All the cuts to the police and prison service is doing the damage, but of course the government deny this. Cameron was told years ago by Chief Constables that they couldn't carry on guaranteeing an efficient police force when his government

*annyboy87156 days ago *annyboy87
Migrants 2

May is the wrong person to negotiate with the EU the quicker she gets the sack the better for all concerned Once again I reluctantly find myself defending her. In the circumstances I don't think she is doing a bad job and negotiating Brex

*aravaggio496 days ago *annyboy87
Yellow Vest - new tactics.

The Yellow Vest demonstrations in France are about to take a new turn. All supporters of the Yellow Vests are urged to take all their money out of the banks. The French banking system currently has very little in cash and 46 million people withdraw

*pheliaBalls11 week ago *pheliaBalls

Can you imagine being caught in a tit for tat tariff war with the EU? We all know what the French are like and would just shut down the ferry ports. Some people need to wake up and smell the roses and see where some of their basics come from.

*illanihole1761 week ago *iman60
I'm a Politician, get me outa here

Give them a year each in ordinary housing estates, with no bodyguards, no specially trained driver, no car (buses, or walking), welfare payments or low wage amounts, bedroom tax, council tax, electricity, gas, rent, water and life to pay

*heshire baldie391 week ago *abby60
ferry's with no ships

Of course you are right Danny. All parties “massage” statistics although there is nothing inherently wrong with that. They don’t have to lie or even exaggerate as it is easy to present statistics however you want and all parties, companies, councils

*orum reader672 weeks ago *ikey1973
Eugenie's wedding

I like a girl with a fascinating fascinator.

*aravaggio612 weeks ago *ikey1973
Surprise, surprise

But Brexit won’t be judged on all the minor negotiations of today even though they are of some importance if we want to succeed in going it alone. Brexit will be judged on what we do as a people and how we all work together to make it work. Pers

*aravaggio472 weeks ago *ikey1973
Corbyn resigns ?

Corbyn should go because he is dangerous for the country and the Labour Party. He has already done too much harm. Actually we need the knowledge and wisdom of older heads and the new ideas and modern thinking of the young. Both would be

*orum reader832 weeks ago *annyboy87

politicians should be trying to make society fairer rather than focusing on rich entrepreneurs who are quite good at looking after themselves We need the rich entrepreneurs to create jobs and create wealth. Otherwise there will never be a

*eedude353 weeks ago *annyboy87
Paul McCartney (Theory or Fact?)

there's a guy works down the chipshop Elvis McCartney?

*E23London273 weeks ago *ikey1973

Quite a decent politician. They don't seem to make them like that anymore!

*orum reader43 weeks ago *oondog
Merry Christmas

Thanks Santa. You got a busy night to night. Still it's only once a year. Have a good one. :-) Good thing it is only once a year. He has to deliver to over 900 households per second, drinks gallons of sherry and eat tons of minc

*orum reader63 weeks ago *ordic-knight
let's have some good reasons to like Mrs may

Oh dear Danny, I appear to have rattled your cage. I have no intention of insulting you or questioning your intelligence. However I do wonder if you read posts before commenting on them. Without going into political detail I have often st

*annyboy87414 weeks ago *heshire baldie
Pay to visit eu

Plus you will be limited to a max of 90 days in 180 days. What only 90 days of soaking up the sun, sea and sangria in the Costa del Inebriata? How could anyone cope? :-)

*kws144 weeks ago *ordic-knight
Traffic disruption in London yesterday

Thank you for your advice but common sense developer will be defo good for you too. Some industries make a good money and if this industries will loose this possibility then they will be unhappy. Does anyone understand the a

*aravaggio264 weeks ago *aravaggio
Xmas Shopping

I think someone is trying to say our beloved Mrs may is a transgender or transvestite But she is whole woman as far as I know or am I missing something? Why on earth would Mrs may listen to what I've got to say on a gay site just doesn't mak

*illanihole154 weeks ago *annyboy87
Brexit deal

The major problem with the deal is the Northern Ireland border, and the so called backstop. Maybe there should be another referendum, but just for Northern Ireland. Accept a hard border or leave the UK and join a united Ireland. They

*annyboy87164 weeks ago *cousedpw
No Brexit at all!

Speaking of Blair, he is one of the leading advocates of another referendum. However he got well and truly rebuffed by Mrs May for suggesting it. Of course it could happen yet but the government would need to implement it and they don't seem keen.

*oondog194 weeks ago *ordic-knight
Vote of no confidence

It certainly seems that way, apart from a few enlightened souls. What strikes me is the absolute gall of the self seeking twats as they effect a self righteous stance, proclaiming their devout intent to protect the people of the UK, and to stand up

*aravaggio525 weeks ago *aravaggio
another Mrs may uturn

Mrs may does yet another uturn but is it just to save her own arse or good of the country? I don't have to tell you what I think you sure don't better keeping it to yourself I will keep it to myself as can't post what I think

*annyboy87245 weeks ago *annyboy87
Democracy or Dictatorship

The search for the perfect deal may yet scupper Brexit altogether. There is no chance of a renegotiation. The EU want us to stay and the easiest way to do it is to allow Mrs May to fail. This stage isn't even the final deal. I agree that must

*illanihole215 weeks ago *oondog
Its nice to feel wanted

Two major issues with all the carry on at the moment. 1. If the vote was the will of the people as so many say it was WTF has it got to do with parliament. But if we are going to parliament should the MPs vote for what their constituents want not

*aravaggio195 weeks ago *iman60
Brexit success

In your last sentence you could well be right, but to remain is a possibility with UK taking a more dominant role, Given the submissive role taken by UK representatives throughout the Brexit negotiations, I suspect we would need a radical

*orum reader955 weeks ago *ordic-knight
UKIP:A Step Too Far

You're obsessed Danny. For heavens sake give it a rest or start your own threads so we don't have to read them.what's up don't like it when someone says something against your precious conservative party. I'm not obsessed at all I just hig

*ordic-knight525 weeks ago *ordic-knight

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