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236 Party

The coal industry was a dinosaur just waiting to become extinct. Miners were paid far too much for doing the most basic of jobs. If your job can be done by a trained monkey or a machine then you are on borrowed time. Plus if you factor in the

*aravaggio12810 minutes ago *and
Cottaging and The House of Commons

No he was based at Dolphin, lived in Gosport, last diesel boat he was on was HMS Olympus when that went blades, or sold to Canada as was the case he finished his service on a nuke don't know the boats name but he definately did not move to

*cousedpw474 hours ago *aravaggio
Would you change your vote?

When the vote to leave or stay was held I had no doubt whatsoever I voted remain and I was 100% certain. If there was another vote now I don't know what I'd do! I think a lot of what I've seen from the EU has been ugly and arrogant and

*oondog5316 hours ago *asepaul71
NO DEAL Brexit

So should we have a referendum every 5 years at the same time as an election?? Lol I do take your point on being able to change your vote for general elections, as I have done..... I'd never vote for labour, even when they were almost centre lean

*ohnBoy6712117 hours ago *ohnBoy67
teenage returnee

Absolutely agree with Alba. The only thing is that once she has her husband over here then they will want their mothers and fathers, sisters, brothers, cousins and all and sundry over here. ALL CLAIMING BENEFITS and probably living in the most

*ollydee1592 days ago *ed5SIB
Do we need an new political system?

Thanks for comments Now if you had to change it What would you personally do to change it?

*annyboy87103 days ago *annyboy87
1000 Days.

I'm with you Caravaggio!! (thumb) (thumb) (thumb) (thumb) (thumb)

*ohnBoy67103 days ago *abby60

Metallica's end of the line

*illanihole354 days ago *annyboy87
Was Mr Corbyn right to refuse to talk?

Mr Corbyn has spent his political lifetime of demonstrating, opposing and walking away from things in protest, This latest pretence of his, in his dotage, to be some kind of sensible 'elder stateman' is a total joke. .

*oondog164 days ago *ordic-knight

In order to receive such an honour he would be required to open his financial dealings to a full and Frank examination. This is to avoid any possible hint of scandal coming back to haunt Her Majesty the Queen. Mr Blair it is believed declines to

*436 days ago *oredEric
Farmers and Brexit

I used to have a good friend who was an EHO and she told me that she closed a Chinese restaurant down after finding parts of cats and dogs in their freezers. Evidently badgers were eaten during WWII in some country areas to supplement meat

*aravaggio357 days ago *ordic-knight

Shush everyone , sit down listen , the great nordic knight is gonna instruct us exactly how EVERYTHING is. He was there , he knows first hand . Please dont hav other opinions. Just look at him and be happy he is amongst us.

*illanihole1627 days ago *heshire baldie
Brave tax move by Labour

There are also regional variations regarding salaries. What is considered a small fortune out in the 'sticks' would be considered a pittance in London or other affluent areas.

*aravaggio91 week ago *ordic-knight
Exit Sir Vince

Vince cable is a very astute businessman as he proved when in the coalition govt as minister. The Lib Dems are a defunct party now , however there is need for a shake up in parliament .A third party would likely mean more coalition Goverments

*ordic-knight212 weeks ago *aravaggio
Eugenie's wedding

no envy .Why should I be envious of her long chin little mouth, She and her sister are ideal for pantomime ugly sisters What a silly comment Very well said I was told as a child if you have nothing nice to say then say nothing

*aravaggio662 weeks ago *ikey1973

And on this site guys who claim they are stocky or slightly overweight. Hmmm new words for fat. Lol Nothing wrong with that. I fall into that category and I like my men to be the same

*aravaggio52 weeks ago *ordic-knight
police and crime

People talk about Orwell being a great "seer of the future", well, maybe just as prophetic, certainly regarding youth culture, was Anthony Burgess with his "A Clockwork Orange". Massive parts of that book have now come to fruition.

*annyboy87542 weeks ago *ikey1973
Blair uses Macron

Mostly animal penis’ but it’s a worth a visit as is Iceland itself.

*ass65292 weeks ago *ikey1973

No need for appology but thankyou anyway, there where a number of amendments voted on earlier and i only posted on the one so can see the confusion over it I understand why there's multiple votes, but parliament couldn't have obf

*illanihole1522 weeks ago *ormicb
may running clock down?

Cut n'paste was a tool oft employed by BK, but you have to admit, he did present facts to back his argument. Unfortunately, a lot of people on here prefer the "bloke down the pub" information source rather than the truth. Me? I consider "Private

*annyboy87222 weeks ago *aravaggio
Quentin Letts

We all have our like and dislikes. Having different views to ones own doesn't necessarily me a personal hatred. The ones I really cannot abide are Emily Thornberry, Ian Duncan Smith, Laura Kuenssberg, Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand. As soon

*aravaggio442 weeks ago *aravaggio

I work in the waste industry, the various regulatory authorities insist on paperwork & are very fussy about it, that's to move a lorry 10 miles down the road, the idea that you can have an electronic boarder is not realistic in the

*illanihole442 weeks ago *aravaggio
New leader

Well said Danny. You have been shot down in flames many times for daring to criticise Daisy May (and, as you so rightly point out, by the same people who deflect your remarks to bash Corbyn at the drop of a hat) so it is fair to assume she is

*orum reader512 weeks ago *annyboy87
Mobile Phones

I have it on good authority that many are checking twitter feeds …… now, social media! Why is it needed? I don't use facewhotsit, twatter, lookatmycock, or any of them, and I really don't think my life is missing anything, and I'm as well informed

*illanihole63 weeks ago *aravaggio
MPs Pay Rise

Altruism is not a common quality of MPs - is their charitable cause the Tory party by any chance? :-) No. Probably Labour MPs giving it to hard-up Champagne Vinters in return for a few cases :-)

*ass65103 weeks ago *ordic-knight

A very cruel business indeed

*83 weeks ago *havedchris
An Interesting Vote

am I missing something? Wtf is a sabbatabors? Is it urban slang since I can't find anything anywhere and so many people are using it are you for real You can tell what it meant even though I've spelt it incorrectly. Showed the wo

*ordic-knight753 weeks ago *ottagingOfficial
Prime Minister

Danny has been on the wine or the whisky :-D :-D :-D :-D :-Dno I haven't been drinking not since Wednesday night in Paris celebrateing red devil's super victory over psg :-)w :-) :-)

*ATURE HORNY LIVERPOOL BI353 weeks ago *annyboy87

Would she forget she was in court? It was nothing to do with her job. She broke the law. Committed a crime. Exactly. She is a barrister/lawyer herself so she knew exactly what she was doing

*JUST4ME433 weeks ago *ordic-knight
Please sign

Agree with most..... these people are traitors! Simple as that. They should be allowed back, ONLY to be detained in isolation, tried, found guilty and then, as it is still possible for treason and piracy, they should go to the gallows. A

*hriscm9274 weeks ago *aravaggio
Honda shutting Swindon plant

I passed my test in 1964 My first car was a Ford van which slowly rusted away well before it was 10 years old and that was before the MOT so it was probably unroad-worthy well before that. Cars last a lot longer today, Toyota Landcruisers are desi

*issthepink104 weeks ago *pheliaBalls
New Labour Mk11

It isn't so much Jeremy and John you have to worry about, but the unelected Seumus Milne, Len McCluskey and Jon Lansman.

*aravaggio994 weeks ago *aravaggio
Brexit Day

I would suggest National Fornication Day because if these useless politicians don't sort it we will all be well and truly fucked! I'd support that (thumb)

*heshire baldie45 weeks ago *astkenter
why waste time with no confidence vote?

If you start picking who can vote it becomes ridiculous. How about banning people with no hair? That’s a good idea! I volunteer to put my hand down their pants to check if they have hair!

*annyboy87695 weeks ago *udekeith

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