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Brexit the aftermath

So how many of you theoretical patriots own and run vehicles made in the UK - maybe a Nissan or a Toyota - for those of us who can't justify the cost of an Indian JLR, or a German RR or Bentley? Personally I might have bought an MG, or m

*essa_M546 hours ago *ordic-knight
End of the Union

You keep on going that there are only an few unionists and the majority want independence. This just goes to show how far removed you are from reality. As previously mentioned to you, which you chose to ignore, yes there have been a string

*essa_M2416 hours ago *essa_M
Equality in Brexit

Having been asked to check the facts again, I have and yes its true. Please read the New York Times 21st Dec or The Washington Post, There you will find out why we were able to have the vaccine before the rest of Europe. I quote "the European

*tephanie_cd2118 hours ago *havedchris

Meant to add that I doubt a naked picture of the Dalai Lama would do anything other than make me feel sorry for him. Parading around in the nude at his age is not advisable

*ollydee1482 days ago *ordic-knight
Branson begs for cash

An interesting read after nearly a year of the pandemic.

*ass65665 days ago *cousedpw
Political extremism compatable with you being Gay/Bi/Trans

A good question. I suppose it all depends on how important you see your sexuality. I think this is the crux of the matter. Is your sexuality the most important thing as regards your political view.

*eyley65 days ago *cousedpw
UK travel 'corridors' finally down from Monday

Why anyone thought going into another country where they're all suffering from caronvirus is beyond me? As other's have said in the feed they'll be trying their hardest to get back by Monday and moan at the cost of extra price's of air travel, but

*deviantx-67 days ago *esperate jon
Muslims/'Radicalisation ---- Trump/Radicalisation

Ooooooh er! ....and on a Sunday too, look away Vicar.

*eyley181 week ago *eyley
Plague island

What a depressing end to an already awful year. Even the weather is gloomy. I am starting to believe the saying 'be careful what you wish for'. Some of us voted for splendid isolation and for a clown to oversee the process. Add coronavirus to

*astkenter621 week ago *etssee5

May be worth filing somewhere: Cut and Paste for ease:- b. Th

*rit1234191 week ago *eyley
Reading Murders...!!!

Open to correction, but didn't the right to arm ourselves apply to protestants only? Also the Bill of Rights isn't law and laws passed particularly in the 20th c reder that provision meaningless. What does 'c reder' mean? Sorry,

*eyley402 weeks ago *eeksYounger

It's getting a bit like Fake-Book on here

*poty1762 weeks ago *ordic-knight
America and the phrase Coup D'etat, who would believe it?

.... think you're word's are final, Nope! Just giving you an insight to the views of Agent Orange and his followers like the ones in Geogia where my family are based who would string you up for your sexuality as soon as you came

*eyley382 weeks ago *eyley
Why do SCotland want Independence?

FREEDOM FOR SCOTLAND Couldn’t resist as an old thread was restarted

*1762 weeks ago *essa_M
Are you signed up to the Anti-Vax movement?

Or as some of us say Damn Tories You and your bestie on here might say that. It is to be expected of you both. I think you'll find even your supporters are turning against you. One year of Bozo and it all goes tits up

*eyley242 weeks ago *essa_M
LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP+ Personality of the year 2020.

If nothing else your posts invariably make me laugh Tessa In the words of Bicentennial Man “One is happy to be of service”

*eyley222 weeks ago *essa_M
Happy New Year

I join the others in wishing everybody a aafe,healthy and Happy new year lets hope it is better than 2020, a very low benchmark :-)

*essa_M53 weeks ago *orum reader
Brexit Deal done

Looks as if I rattled someone's cage again. Wasn't actually planned but still quite funny. BTW, unlike you I don't have a great leader. I admit to a prerence to one political leader, despite his many faults, gaffs and strange sayings. Main

*essa_M953 weeks ago *essa_M
Covid and the Christmas break

I've still got some 'Eat Out And Die Later' voucher thing kicking about somewhere. Mint condition and unused. It'll be worth a bob or two on eBay one day. Two of those and a promise to vote Tory may get you the vaccine that litt

*essa_M123 weeks ago *essa_M
Nightingale hospitals. What would Florence say?

Hancock on LBC today. "Yes i heard that the Nightingale's weren't being used. they are ready and are on standby"

*cousedpw203 weeks ago *hrislikesmen
Is the UK going to hell in a handcart?

Along with the handcart came the cry, "Bring out your dead!". Sadly, that may soon be an appropriate cry judging by the way the situation is deteriorating.

*eyley134 weeks ago *astkenter
Oh really!!!!

My reply was also a bit tongue in cheek. Hence the little smiles at the end of the comment. I obviously didn’t think such a well-travelled soul as yourself considered Scotland a “culinary desert”. Where the natives eat only Haggis Tatties and Neap

*illwilts124 weeks ago *essa_M
Bojo the Bozo

There have been some interesting articles this weekend (here and in the US) suggesting that the traits that served Bozo well in getting elected (elected to be a 'good times' prime minister) are precisely the same traits that make him a very

*illwilts324 weeks ago *essa_M

Bruxelles en francais, Brussel in het Nederlands and Brussels in English. Surely you mean in Walloon and Flemish. :-) Walloons speak French or at least dialect French. According to a friend who ran a business in that area for many ye

*ollydee524 weeks ago *ordic-knight
Grooming Gangs HO report, whitewashed?

I’d have to charge you an obscene amount of money. I think you may have done, (cough) when I was doing my professional job. I would have likely taken on board yours and others research and findings and totally understand your rea

*eyley114 weeks ago *eyley

BREXIT??????????? As usual this has descended into a few people sniping at eachother. Looking at this thread almost shows how and why the EU and GB (remember that?) cannot agree on anything . o-) Probably because the Brextrem

*ollydee1765 weeks ago *essa_M
Case for a written Constitution.

Totally understand... and can agree with. I voted 'Remain' purely for personal reason in that I want to move to another European country and being in a Brexit situation will make things 'awkward'. I wasn't interested in voting for the 'you

*essa_M555 weeks ago *etssee5
Labour shows who they really represent...!

It's a was state of affairs when the forum seems to be just the domain of members that only want to snipe at each other. This forum is purely dominated by less than half a dozen people. The rest couldn't be bothered posting because the infa

*eyley1545 weeks ago *ordic-knight

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