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Wanking a guy while he looks at my wife pics.

Mmmmmm wanking and sucking a guy off as he watches pics of my 65 year old wife is sooo erotic. Mmm yummy cum

*ayne8059314 minutes ago *ceptic50
Fantasy video, city road.

And me too please. I never got to visit so am desperate to go to any new venue

*ravis772424 minutes ago *teven72
Older guys

Older guy in Chapeltown, sheffield anyone interested?

*punkmonkey69291 hour ago *ature
Anyone help me with this?

I'm looking for novice skinny 18 year twink looking for a DADDY who plays with his willy in Blackpool

*ucylushxxx32 hours ago *ovesrings
Wedding Dress Fantasy

I like them to, i have some bridalwear, though im still looking for the percect dressthat doesnt cost the earth as i would only wear it in private.

*borosissy46 hours ago *hubbyarse
why do young guys enjoy being spanked

older guys love to be spanked as well and if im tied and gagged even better

*r Darcey777 hours ago *otalsubguy
The "girl" on the bench

I wore the heels all weekend, I was so used to it that this morning I almost opened the door to the postie while wearing them before work. We had text quite a bit over the weekend, both flirty sexting and more getting to know each other. She seem

*martxdress98 hours ago *martxdress
Horniest thing you've done

Piss fucked sounds fun but few guys practice it

*orchlad743119 hours ago *akeitdeep
Fantasise about old men so much

Sounds great but alas no guys around in Bristol area.

*eencockforolder10219 hours ago *akeitdeep

Nxt category is type of guys sluts go for..i go for skinheads and dom daddy cock poppered up

*amela311 day ago *lut tvjess...
out door sex.

I was out walking were I took my dog before he passed.when a oldish man came up to me and said hello and were is my dog,tale him and he said same happen to him.well we got talking and said he only comes here for sex now.WO did not exp that,any way I

*irsttocum11 day ago *irsttocum
Ballet Outfits

Sounds like fun

*borosissy21 day ago *ifesknickers69
men cross dressing

I used to cross dress often, but can’t really be bothered not. (Although I wear knickers and tights most days.) Have seen some really hot cd’s in Manchester, so when I sort out what I need to sort out, I’ll be off up to the village.

*yson hoover1011 day ago *ubbymunky
navy blue or bottle green

A small thing will do me :)

*inson57301 day ago *oodguy68
Cutting the grass with a twist!

That was a two wank story,great

*ackoff242321 day ago *riedatlast
Watersports. What Clothes

Being very desperate and having an accident in my tight spandex always gives me a great wank.

*ame brune aime311 day ago *hris48mt
Unexpected Sex.

Great story - got me wanking as I know all of the places you mentioned.

*eil_J21 day ago *rjeep
Ever had a woman watch you with another guy?

My wife has no idea how horny it makes me that she enjoys watching gay porn...have fantasised about watching it together...

*1632 days ago *tiff Bi Perv
Sucking an older guy wearing panties

Me too, mutual sucking with wifes panties, please. West Norfolk UK

*eniorfun472 days ago *earfem

Love a spanking n being tied

*lapper122 days ago *i52sub
Father in law

I have sucked my nephew off; saw him at a dogging site being fucked and rimmed. I stood watching and wanking with another guy, when he saw me he was gobsmacked; I touched his cock and said May I? Dropped to my knees and gave him my best

*213 days ago *ikes2look
Best bluetooth name to meet other guys

You can personalize your own Bluetooth most phones have a factory setting which can be changed by the owner. Mine ATM is Me!

*io Bravo73 days ago *OB72
Gagging for mature guys.

Me too, or perhaps a small group of older men that like to share lol, If this is you I live in Wigan wn6 area lol

*83 days ago *ndywigan

Love to spank, am in West London if anyone is interested

*EXY GIRL63 days ago *atenite
My Master

I would love to claim the credit for that one but it should be copyright Kenneth Horne about 1966. Still a great joke though!

*amedSlut83 days ago *asperJ
Hold up stockings

Tesco stocking are great the gloss Hold ups in the green box are fantastic i can wear a pair all day and all night never move i am 6-2 and the M/L are the best fit

*ec1944473 days ago *lackmini2
Nipple sucker

Absolutely love my nipples played with

*74 days ago *anazzi
Pickup fantasy

Panties not pay!! Ffs

*eekingOlderGent34 days ago *ornypanties
Ann Summers Parties

When I ran a pub my female business partner had Anne Summers' parties in the restaurant once a month on a quiet night when we weren't serving food. Totally female affairs and I was banned from the room for its duration.

*borosissy24 days ago *ordic-knight
Sex in a Cottage

I'm fussy about tidiness at home and it smelling fresh and clean and like my meets to be in that environment or a Sauna is great. Yet as another said, there's something so horny about seeing a guy hard and wanking at a urinal, then I just don't care

*ld Rooster244 days ago *eadsmat

Another thing that has long vanished is the communal bath in rugby and football changing rooms. They could be quite sociable places but not ideal for getting clean with all that mud and I suspect some guys would have a crafty pee. Wonder how many

*ge511951264 days ago *ordic-knight
My sub training

Thank you i love reading these and my cock so hard too xx

*ocksy324 days ago *lo2005
Suck circles

The only kind of suck circle I have participated in is me on my kness surrounded by me wanking off andI selectively suck their cocks and take their spunk. Most in the circle I've ever done was 8 but that was many years ago. These days I most

*nyone for...44 days ago *saac.Cox
Northwich sauna

Hi you like TV's then Wednesday is well catered for at Northwich, very good sauna and huge place, I would reccomend

*hris2044 days ago *aking
Panty fun

mine Never wears any unless visiting doctors,though not much of a buzz any more

*384 days ago *riedatlast

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