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power bottom

Another fantasy I have is to be used by a bottom so that I fuck them. As a submissive male I enjoy the feeling of being used and pretending that it is against my will. One of the ways this could happen is for me to meet a bottom who agrees to tie m

*ndyBath126 minutes ago *ndyBath
taken advantage of

Not a true story, just a fantasy that turns me on as I get turned on being in a submissive role.

*ndyBath741 minutes ago *ndyBath
Outdoors woods

Never been fucked outside always worried someone would walk by and catch me. The thought of 2or 3 guys taking it in turns to use me is a big turning though. You never know one day.

*944 minutes ago *akeitdeep
MMF..should I let it stay a fantasy?

Yeah definitely..some of the messages I've had "I'll come fuck your wife"...have a re-read this is not what my post was about she has even said she's not interested in another cock so sorry guys sounding greedy but would just be for me..ive

*punkeymonkey01132 hours ago *punkeymonkey01
Sucking an older guy wearing panties

I let a uk mail driver borrow my toilet once I don’t no how it happened but he was on his knees sucking me after he said I allways thought you was like this .. I do have plenty of parcels of him tho so I wasn’t saying no now he’s on his knees every

*548 hours ago *reeloader

whereabouts is this?

*1013 hours ago *ncomplicatedmeet
Fun on cruise ships

Ill try it out

*ottombunk6514 hours ago *ames deep
Swallowing cum

I also think you should swallow when giving BJ's unless you want the guy to bend you over and give you a real good shafting! :-) I like to start by giving a BJ, then bend over for a good shafting and finish off by completi

*12319 hours ago *955_steve

Tube galore

*laytex223 hours ago *uskey59
June A666 and at home

out for a ride this morning and in the layby two cars are parked in my favourite area. Stopping I stroll into the trees and meet a young(30 ish)chap and soon I'm on my knees with his growing cock in my mouth and I had him moaning and telling me how

*ard8on323 hours ago *ard8on
Paid Sex ??

Many years ago I used to meet two rough scallies, my flat in Hackney. Quite happy to give them a tenner each. They were very naughty boys in real life, drug dealing, robbery, but in private with me, fantastic at sex. Of course we were all high on

*200gs24924 hours ago *earnelg
Strange meet

I Wish he would contact me can you put me in touch with him please

*hoebury guy32 days ago *dam6909
My sub training

I would love this to happen to me soon

*ocksy432 days ago *eefer
Fantasy video, city road.

I have very fond memories of FV. I used to work a few tube stops away and often popped in after work. The porn that was playing was always crap, but it was more about the turn of of just watching guys (and the very occasional woman) openly sucking

*ravis77332 days ago *arkLewis
panty clad handyman

Handyman available for jobs around the house will do most things with panties on or naked you choose

*932 days ago *eefer
Big knickers

I truly love big knickers on men on women even on me sometimes

*hemaligfreund1362 days ago *rossthefreak
As any body had fun with a delivery driver before

t to a house to do some work a couple of weeks ago, and really wanted the guy to make a move. took me a lot longer than expected and I kept showing the top of my tights by bending over and stretching in front of him, but he never said anything or

*632 days ago *otalsubguy
Swindon Suck

sorry wrong room and I cant see how to delete

*tina Dee22 days ago *tina Dee
Massaged and fucked

love to know website you used, message me place .

*ohnismynameto552 days ago *orkshirebull4U
Cruising. How does it work?

you can get lots of fun there , but you need to be careful this time of the year I take my top off and wear a pair of shorts, and open my door catching the sun lol ,jon

*horpeWood122 days ago *lutjon
My straight mate

Wanna -- his experience with you may not have been his first. Maybe he's done it many times, but always needs it to be a crazy spur of the moment event because he can't just come out and accept his feelings.

*anna162 days ago *ormat
Trades Hotel Blackpool

Shame they're no smoking rooms. Might have been tempted to stay there one day

*392 days ago *etraSuxx
Huge balls

I sucked a guy off in a sauna a couple of weeks ago, his bollocks were massive - I couldn't get them in my mouth! He shot a nice big load.

*ravelboy272 days ago *hrisUK1971
Finding panties 2

Like minded, West Norfolk I have left lots of panties around for people to find. I started a panties tree in Brandon Gate layby on the A10 and the knickers stayed for ages, I added a bra and thong. I travel quite a bit and

*oulou CD1073 days ago *orfolk_Naturist
Have you ever met someone you know

I very much doubt anyone would say anything to anyone about meeting up with a known person while cruising for cock :-)

*ellman1533 days ago *H23

Any active toilets in hartlepool?

*irganal13 days ago *irganal
Sex in a Cottage

Private gloryhole BL11PX Discreet with off street parking.

*ld Rooster253 days ago *haven One
Sub and master

And another sub here if any tops interested!!!!

*yan94783 days ago *i52sub
Pub Gangbang

My best gang bang was many years ago on a naturist beach. 33 guys fucked me in an afternoon. Soooooo much spunk in me.

*otfunmale183 days ago *ionysus007
Cruising and a cinema meet?

As far as cruising spots go...get over it. It's really hit or miss, and sometimes when you go, you will be the only one there. Too bad, try somewhere else or go home. Try again some other time. I haven't found any reliable method -- day of week,

*ornyBoy456923 days ago *ormat
Rent boys

why not ? nothing wrong with it provided all parties are happy with the arrangement !!! ;) personally I wudnt pay unless sumone very special was available as such , and on the other hand I have had experiences where I have been paid , when very poor

*affy48493 days ago *orfolkboyUK
Any experiences in west yorks?

Would love to hear about any sauna/cruising/toilet experiences in my area

*oy713 days ago *oy7
wife and stranger

Macbri, did you suggest to him that the next time he gives your wife a massage he starts to rub her bare pussy as you are sure you wife will enjoy it?

*1214 days ago *orthwalesmale1
Used by old men

Once had a last minute offer to be fucked by an older guy. Went to his house and he let me in. Went upstairs and his friend was there naked on the bed. They both used me over and over again and even gave me my first DP. Never went back as his

*824 days ago *akeitdeep
At the table.

My stiletto heels Tapped as I walked across the tiled floor. My foam FF breast forms pulling my minidress tight, lifting the hem, revealling the bottom of my bum cheeks, the six strap suspender belt holding up my black seamed nylons doing nothing to

*etraSuxx14 days ago *etraSuxx

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