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beachut fun

Mmmm great story, sounds like a perfect end to an evening at the beach xx

*inovice218 hours ago *liss
Schoolgirl Jess

Very nice Jess, love schoolgirls! Pete

*lut tvjess...22 days ago *eteg
Cinema treat

Many years ago used to go in the cinema on wicker in Sheffield, it only showed sex films, very tame compared to today, if you managed to get on back, you were looking for fun, I never left there without being sucked or wanked, Then from there into

*ixtaka242 days ago *iplayer
Big knickers

When I ordered my DKs online I based the size upon my wife's knickers (size 18); however they're a very generous 18, because when I pulled them on they almost come up to my tits (does feel lovely though), and I'm sure that two people could

*hemaligfreund1422 days ago *od20
who has seen your nylons by accident

I’ve accidentally shown off my tights when my shirt has raised up reaching for something in the supermarket before now. Had a few people see but nobody has said anything yet. Once had an old housemate walk in on me when I was putting on stoc

*lackmini2202 days ago *ysteryMachine1
underwear swap

I am happy to send anyone my old thongs or jockstraps. i would love to have an old thong of yours to sniff and lick and try on x

*nsteadyecho162 days ago *od20
Eating another guys cum out of wife’s panties

I would love to wear my wife’s panties for another guy, older the better and let him do as he pleased with me, spunk over them would be amazing, getting my wife to eat his spunk even better ;-) would love to do this or vari

*arlncl62112 days ago *od20
she saw my briefs

yeah you cant leave it like that

*oorknob93 days ago *ove.tights
How many cocks in total

Reading some of the comments, I feel I ve wasted my time lol. I had first cock at early age then nothing for a while had cple raund when I left school. Then nothing. All in all I think I’ve been fucked by 8 different cocks. And sucked about 15 sinc

*443 days ago *edesi
what do you think of my ginger cock? i want some cock to suck on!

I've long had a thing about ginger guys. Especially ones with ginger beards. So ginger pubes would be a bonus.

*glo43 days ago *ordic-knight
Limericks R Us

There was an old geezer called Frank who is obviously up for a wank but he lives far away what more can I say? For his contribution, I thank

*emused1564 days ago *amekeeper
m62 services

I travel the M62 a lot and never had any action - which services?

*ndianlancs74 days ago *mbler

Nothing better than being tied up & unable to resist & being attacked with nettles. Had a Mistress do it to me - she had never used nettles & enjoyed making me suffer!

*ounda375 days ago *lutstacey2
Cottaging, the good old days part 2

There were so many in my locality in the 80s: across the road from Rayners Lane station, at Chapel Lane Pinner, by Hatch End Library, in the park at Pinner Green, by the church at Northwood, by Ickenham library, by the A40 at Hillingdon, and Falling

*ravis77595 days ago *ldbidogger
Pissing on myself

Love being pissed on

*786 days ago *mbler
Meeting an old friend

When I first met Stroodboy (I will call him SB from now on) many years ago, I used and abused him fairly regularly. Eventually, however, I exhausted the list of degrading things I could do to him and began to be distracted by newer, fresher subs. I

*ent_Abuser16 days ago *ent_Abuser

Love to swap some stories on kik, Kevinsmith432

*evin smith17 days ago *evin smith
punished by older

Has to be a much older guy for me. 60+ or more

*1157 days ago *teve_thomas84
Old woman

I would love the chance to be with an older couple

*1067 days ago *teve_thomas84
Cleaning my friend's cock

Wow Carlnc162, that is such an erotic story. I am rock hard at the thought of it all. *-)

*ockboy101132 weeks ago *evn7
Weirdest turn ons?

I love playing in my gfs daug panties and bra in her bed and tasting her panties as I wank in her bed Cumin all over her bed and panties then leaving her cum soaked panties on her floor so she finds them and sees my cum all over her tight little

*1612 weeks ago *ohnmc1989
Homeless blokes

Many years ago used to have sex with a young guy in Eastbourne in the shelters on the lower prom used to give him a couple of quid had great sex with him but actually I found out he was not homeless lived with his parents but went there for sex

*lowngo69132 weeks ago *enior 74
Cycling and panties

love to get into my panties and lycra x

*1752 weeks ago *od20
Smooth or Hairy Arses - What's your preferences?

My ex used to shave me and rim me and when she moved on I carried on the shaving and have never had any complaints! Love my time in the shower keeping myself clean and smooth just shame others are not able to enjoy it currently

*elano Jones1522 weeks ago *uriouslyhard
Wife willing to watch ??

FUCK, I loved reading everything above. Sadly for me the reason I am here is mine will not entertain anything like this. I am therefore available for a couple's pleasure. Anything considered. Discretion a must.

*ssmith382 weeks ago *illgossard
Lost my virginity

I was in my early thirties when I got relieved of my anal virginity. I actually only wanted sucking sessions as I was a total newbie. But in the space of seven meets in two weeks with this guy he had me begging for it. I couldn't believe how much

*ilad28452 weeks ago *plorer
Tranny on control

It was horny for me as I love the feeling of being helpless to resist. Having someone on top of me makes me want to surrender

*ndyBath52 weeks ago *ndyBath

Screamer, if I could afford it I’d buy next door just for you. Massage me anytime x

*rimme1202 weeks ago *17panties
First time as atop

On a saturday afternoon in 2019 I got home from working thinking about meeting a guy for fun I had been looking at sites while at work on my phone. A few weeks ago I found 4 viagra tablets in the office at work ! I was keen to try them as though I

*achel Kent12 weeks ago *achel Kent
Pantyhose fetish

Tights or Stockings hold up's in any colour ...LOVE THEM ALL

*1102 weeks ago *i75S

would love to try this x

*52 weeks ago *od20
Wearing Condoms

Love the feel and enjoy wanking into a

*hkp2000622 weeks ago *untime32
Giving and receiving a spankig group

Please I need a spanking while my wife is on hoilday can accommodate x

*1192 weeks ago *untime32
Spanking fantasy

A nice spanking while im getting fucked balls deep very nice thank you

*eetmetoday432 weeks ago *arbi
Coffee and Cock!

Hmmm group virtual masturbation parties maybe a thing for us all to consider? Whilst it’s not personal we can all be very discreet if needed and until we are safe to meet in groups again it maybe an option to keep us all satisfied for seeing other

*ockpleaser1022 weeks ago *uriouslyhard

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