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wearing knickers to work

Always got lingerie under my uniform x

*6521 minutes ago *perm nurse
Spanking in London

anybody want to put me across there knee? xx *-)

*natidaephobia81 hour ago *ex kitten
A really CLEAN man

Thanks for your feedback guys. I'll take it into account in the next story

*seforyou5551 hour ago *seforyou55
What a night!!

Love to hear about him and his mate

*havenbiguy32 hours ago *arriorboy
Mum caught me naked

Hey anyone else been caught by mum when your cocks been out, feel asleep naked on sofa woke up with her hoovering looking at my cock You need therapy. Inc*st is not a hot or wanted topic in the forums. In fact it's against the rule

*atman4007482 hours ago *cousedpw
Todays cinema fun...

I was in on Friday last about 5 was it you who pined my arms it my side and drained every drop out of me I,LL BE BACK

*ocksuckingman102 hours ago *xkinkxxxx
London group

I have a fantasy of being the only young guy in a group of 20+ older men. Everyone kissing, playing, wanking, sucking, fucking each other off and the finale being everyone shooting a big load each down someone's throat + me receiving both an

*sd18m15 hours ago *sd18m
Rough Facefuck Fantasy

Really been into the thought of this since my teens, receiving at rough and hard facefucking and even possibly by 2 or 3 guys at once. All in different positions all messy and tears falling from my eyes. Even into the thought of racial play

*ndianChubb16 hours ago *ndianChubb
Fun in a van

Wen i was a lad i used to cottage on the a13 in dagenham. Used to meet a big heft bloke in his vw camper a lot. After a while he took me to his mates farm n used me in his farm drive. Fantastic

*lcub847 hours ago *earbare
Public loo

Love to go to my local asda. Pulling all the strsight asda dads n ssuckin em dry

*limDagger147 hours ago *earbare
Milf fantasy

Was in scotland with my husband and he and my father in law went out to pub. I never fancied it. 5 mins after they left she started talkin bout my dad in law who was a copper seeing me get stiff.

*pforit007837 hours ago *earbare
spitroasted at sauna visit

Great post I'm as hard as a rock now needing my arse well fucked now

*ohnnywantsolder178 hours ago *inkfud
Plymouth, gay sauna

Im going to be in portsmouth in sept need someone to show me round the sauna. My ass is up for use by anyone aslong as they play safe.

*appypanties1210 hours ago *undeelad4u
Prison Scum

Awww, i hope she comes back and post's more chapters

*2614 hours ago *eordiecocksucker
Anonymous hotel fun on holiday

WOW, lucky you and him :)

*ksubguy214 hours ago *eordiecocksucker
1st time at a sauna

Can't wait to go! Going to suck every cock I see!

*abgutz2215 hours ago *i-and-curious
Breast forms?!?!

So looking forward to getting some! Can't wait for them to be played with as I get taken from behind.

*ilknSuck815 hours ago *i-and-curious
Do you ever want to walk on the wild side?

Mmm. I would love to walk on the wild side sometimes ;)

*ust for fun915 hours ago *i-and-curious
Best looking t girl

I wish i lived closer, i'd love a meet with you. Your gorgeous xxx What about us old tarts!!!!! (he! he!) x

*uckyboi12342415 hours ago *eordiecocksucker

happens to me too, as soon as they've spunked, their off-ski lol

*venq42815 hours ago *eordiecocksucker
Taxi Driver Experiences

Oh do tell who you use i'd love to suck him. I use blueline, no joy for me either. Their new automated booking system is worse than their old one lol There are willing drivers in Newcastle. There's one bloke whose taxi I got in one night and

*andandan18515 hours ago *eordiecocksucker
Restrained and Milked

If restraining, edging and milking is done correctly, it can be fantastic. I have done this, a few years ago, to a young guy on a regular basis. Once I knew how he reacted to the process, I was able to bring him very slowly to a screaming pitch -

*onHot917 hours ago *earnelg
big bellied guy

I have got of them as well,hope you get lots of action too

*ompliant1218 hours ago *ld man small cock
My balls

I love the feel of my balls being tickled. Feel so amazing.

*ottschris18118 hours ago *ottschris18
The Empire Cinema Club, Huddersfield

I'm here on Monday, 3 August from 4.30 pm and in need of a helping hand ... or two ... or three! I'll have my Y fronts around my ankles / knees, so come over and finish me off.

*eedsRhino418 hours ago *aul61
Beautiful cocks

me :-p Thanks Jodie

*umswallow23220 hours ago *dge me

wood lov to hear more

*hubbybottom920 hours ago *punkyunderpants
First proper anal

I prefer to give but I enjoy the thought of a guy rubbing his cock across my crack which intensifies the pleasure when I come.

*D KATIE2021 hours ago *hkar
Toothpaste fun

I'm gonna try it now xxxxx

*481 day ago *addys sissy x
wank tribute

Would love if someone did that to mine x

*hestertvboy182 days ago *ataid
Any fat men want to talk?

Looks like OPs account has been disabled !-)

*oungcockforbum62 days ago *ookhout
Briefs (pants) or boxers?

Love to see guys in briefs and especially when theyve had few days wear and shot few cum loads in the crotch, anyone wanna send me theres as a cumrag?

*ascal018782 days ago *aga81
First facial

I have always swallowed as I love the taste, willing to try anything at least twice, so certainly willing to try receiving one, but would still love to clean up

*atBottomBear72 days ago *livebi69
Dirty cocks

It's all a matter of personal preference. We tend to be a lot more hygienic these days. Thinking about it even back in my youth,in the '7Os, there were still country cottages without bathrooms. Plus having a bath is quite a chore compared to jumping

*ctitup432 days ago *ordic-knight
best blowjob recieved

its fab - nothing like a sexy fem tv

*emme2322 days ago *enzone

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