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Fun at the gym

We left the gym as quickly as we could and entered the changing rooms already taking our tops off. A quick look around allowed us to see nobody else was in there so I pulled John into me and we embraced in a possaiomate kiss as my hand worked his

*ungfor69444 minutes ago *ungfor69

Would like to meet a guy out walking his dog and get some nice cock. Anyone within reasonable distance of Ipswich up for it ? Don't mind a bit of a drive, or could meet here.

*aul884314 hours ago *aul8843
verbal abuse please

I would love to have you kneeling before me sucking on my cock before I slowly slide my thick cock into your tight arsehole You filthy fucking cock slut whore xx

*155 hours ago *as1960
Pissing on myself

I did it twice in my bathroom. I pissed over my belly and into mouth. Big turn on. I wish to go further

*396 hours ago *6karramba
First Cottage Experience

Seems there's a wealth of good stories in the archives!

*londpoppersboy596 hours ago *ottager1953
What fantasy turns you on?

15 weeks and still waiting ........ a much better than average story that certainly deserves to be continued ...........

*697 hours ago *ottager1953
Best positions to b fucked in?

I have only ever done missionary and doggy but would love to try piledriver, does anyone enjoy piledriver or reverse piledriver?

*elano Jones628 hours ago *ohnny1978
Ever had a woman watch you with another guy?

I was seeing a girl a few years back who, has it turned out, got turned on by having two guys at once. I asked a mate to join us once and it was her who started to initiate a bit of touching between me and him. I had no idea he was bi but the more

*848 hours ago *idonnyguy
Anyone else love saunas/sex clubs?

I really miss the sauna we had in aberdeen. I think the closest place now is dundee. It sucks...

*1159 hours ago *ariah
helping someone piss

Would so love to get in to watersports!!

*ndyBath749 hours ago *ariah
Action at Work

I keep a bag of girly stuff under my desk at the tiny industial unit that i work in. The boss was away in malaysia speaking to clients and his wife had been in to change the back ups. Two of my colleages were enjoying their work from home day whic

*inchknob79 hours ago *ariah
Cycling and panties

I've seen the odd few cars with (the archetypal) steamed up windows, whilst out riding, but just carry on My dream is still to find a nice TV standing/waiting with a broken down car, or simply 'just waiting for company' Sadly, it's s

*artinhaswood13112 hours ago *orkDefender

Really hot stories...makes me feel like I missed out. I always check out bulges especially on suited blokes. Never noticed anyone semi yet but seen some top tier daddies.

*oncastertop342616 hours ago *aughtyLad98
military guys

I've blown a few (ex) forces guys and they always know what they want and aren't scared to ask for it, very attractive bloke trait. With me being a submissive I like it when they demand rather than ask... :-p

*ooleguy69516 hours ago *aughtyLad98
Total waste of time

Trust me, it's more than fine ;) There are some very very hot guys on this site. Keeps me coming back.

*uzyxd416 hours ago *aughtyLad98
Touched up by stranger led away

Any takers chelmsford or nearby

*ewbiecurious69324 hours ago *ewbiecurious69
Pushing my envelope

Just exchanged a few messages with James. He's suggested that I ask in the forum if anyone out there would like to join us in a 3sum? I realise this is probably now in the wrong thread but it does kinda carry on with whats above. Mature Gentle

*oe8088221 day ago *oe8088
holding a hard cock in my knickers

I was up north with work a few years ago and met a guy at his place in jesmond near Newcastle. We both got naked and where having a kiss and cuddle on his bed for a while which was odd for me as I'm usually just about the duck and cum. But I actual

*571 day ago *heerlover
wearing knickers to work

I only own knickers, have a large collection, love wearing them, and have done for years. Colder months will also wear tights. Wife know and loves it, even buys me knickers ??

*1301 day ago *ennylovescock
Dom bottom or versatile

Don't know if there are Dom bottoms, but I went to a "gang bang" to find three elephantine bottoms waiting for me! It was sexual assault, pure and simple! Me in the floor, held down as one sat on my face, and the third brought to erection and

*um in me 321 day ago *ockStrapDaddy
Pleasing a dirty old man

i love to please old men, they take there time and have a great sex drive and always so kinky xxx

*arkHolloway1691 day ago *oldfox

bareback is the best feeling, love feeling a guy cum in me and then later as it leaks out xxx

*uscletranny91 day ago *oldfox
A Fantasy Trail

One of the joys of travel is staying in hotels far from home and the opportunity this offers for encounters with others who share my tastes. This time I'd struck it lucky, not only had I been able to arrange a meet but when I got to the hotel I was

*etra_d11 day ago *etra_d
Cum Covered clothing

Love walking about cruisung areas with cum down my tunic and face x

*421 day ago *perm nurse
Anyone sucked off a builder in gear?

Hot stories guys, it's on my list too!

*aughtyLad9881 day ago *aughtyLad98
New life

Do you genuinely believe you are a girl or do you just fantasize about being one in the hope of getting more sex? Be sure what you really want as there's no turning back and you could live to regret it.

*a13482 days ago *uke-inforu
Would you ever have, spurof the moment sex with a total stranger?

many's the time ive had a cock up me in public toilets within a few minutes. cant beat it. mmmm

*1692 days ago *omad51
Guys with feminine bodies

It was a general observation and not a dig at anyone. However if anyone thinks the description fits them they probably have their own reasons for that and who am I to argue? In amongst all the good guys of which there are very many are a nu

*layhead102 days ago *layhead
Cottages closing

most have been remade so it's mad to try for a good session ,but one near by has a great set up as one guy sat up on the watertank cover ,as sucking his cock as a 3rd guy gives that guy a good seeing to now done this a few times ,and today was

*ocksuckingmarried222 days ago *onavan69
Hull porn

Count me in xx

*kipper8882 days ago *ooking4olderhull

Had a nice oily sensual massage last week the g/f was present and we were all naked.He massaged me 1st and slipped his oily fingers up my arse,then turned me over and worked on my front for a while he slowly worked on my cock and I had a massive

*992 days ago *utitinmybum
watching the wife get fucked

Well thats 15 minutes i'll never get back!

*riankk992 days ago *eatseeker
Used by old men

reading some of these and they are great would love to be naked in front of a group of older gents and then let them do what they like to me

*thpool811593 days ago *eycock
Gym and exercise.

Forget the gym withma sauna look for a bi/gay sauna thats the best

*adMonk12323 days ago *enzone
Small cock/fast cum

After prolonged periods in chastity and hormones at the hands of my Domme Wife i now have a tiny nub cock which rarely gets hard and cums very quickly indeed. As a sissy i adore the humiliation of people laughing at my small cock, erectile

*uriousguy4email623 days ago *issy paula

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