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sex toys and strange objects

One word springs to mind: bollards...

*kippy9941just this minute!  *ikkjel.dag
When you want to be caught

Bring on the next installment.

*uv to suck cock472 hours ago *kinnyRunner1969
My first time bi-curious encounter

ive just had my first meet he was a great guy very hands on touching and stroking kissing which i wasnt sure i would like to do but felt so natural and to get to feel and wank his cock felt amazing but not as much as getting him in my mouth mmmmm i

*322 hours ago *ddie82
Saunas on cruise ships

just had a week on discovery 2 on its first voyage - nothing, zilch, so disappointed if your going on this ship soon it was a huge disappointment by the way, lots of problems Just off Discovery 2 today after a week - had a fab

*urreyguy19601047 hours ago *xtop

When young I loved meeting my mate in his car or my van, and spent many happy hours parked out in the quiet country side getting fucked, and sucking his magnificent cock. After I sucked my first cock, not voluntarily at the time, and told him abou

*ovesrings47 hours ago *ass65

clearly a man of discernment!

*bzbill418 hours ago *anpleasures

Thetford forest anyone ... ?

*elltek39 hours ago *dsuckersuffolk
Older guys

Thanks im zappy3332 on skype

*ukeBottomBoy249 hours ago *lume
Suns Out Buns out

So with the weather attempting to get into the summer sunshine it is I want to hear, who here likes a good tanlined butt and who would rather bare all for a full over tan?

*adseeded110 hours ago *adseeded

Anyone go cycling around Stevenage and Hertfordshire in the forests?

*elltek111 hours ago *elltek
Shaving another mans pubic hair.

that is something I've never had done to me yet but would REALLY REALLY love a guy or guys to shave me and if wanted can take pics as I'm shaved

*ominent Master1256113 hours ago *atiscuming

Tim was nervous about meeting the guy which was strange as he had instigated the contact. The ad in the paper had said 'male models required, all types of work available, call for details'. Tim had been photographed before but this guy

*im4older1614 hours ago *tsuptoyou

And nipples

*oy24215 hours ago *oy24
Condoms and oral

I went to start a new job, As a condom tester. But gave it up after two hours. I was told I was to work a week in hand :-p

*tatat1618 hours ago *lackalice69

I'll be getting some nettles later. Message me for Skype

*eather xd218 hours ago *oy24
Dads best friend...

Me too, must have been a lot of horny best friends dads around

*teveleeky52 days ago *0gazza

That's my thing , I like to have subs visit me and then have them tied naked spreadeagled and blindfold while I edge , wank and make their cock give up ALL its thick white spunk for me but they MUST have at lest 7 inch shaved cock

*ovesrings142 days ago *ovesrings
wife being fucked

As tight as a mouses ear??

*andyuk1562 days ago *raceytvcd
Being seeded

Before HIV , I was always fucked bb,its a lovely feeling having a guy shoot his load in deep and feel it run out after he withdraws and I push,, I still like to feel a guy cum in a condom in me, its still a great feeling him speeding up before he

*ivine182 days ago *onjj
Hands free cum from kissing

I love to kiss,and have my nipples sucked and played with but as I get older hands free cum gets further away

*ominent Master12562 days ago *ld man small cock
wife and stranger

I've had the pleasure of seeing my wife with other men, I think it's one of the horniest thing I've seen. Alas she won't play anymore :-(

*piphron292 days ago *evo
Cycling fun

great story I always make sure ive got a couple of condoms on me when I go cottageing don't very often get the chance to use them

*ard8on42 days ago *enior 74
panty clad handyman

I'm handy with my tool...would love to do some work for someone, just start slowly stripping off my clothes as I work. Not sure how much work would get done though. South east.

*682 days ago *ich8100
London Underground

I was on a crowded underground train going home from work when a fit young black man growled at me "get your hand off my arse!" loudly enough for all around to hear. "What! It's only the back of my hand and it's crowded in here, where am I suppos

*ablemate332 days ago *arkLondon
Sucking cock in the cinema

You will have to shout louder - I can't hear you!

*20steve253 days ago *orthbrummie
Strong Climaxes

I've always tended to have deep and strong climaxes which leave me temporarily shattered and prevent me from cleaning my cum off or from my partner which is something I would dearly love to be able to do, for their sake as well as my own

*randadjohn13 days ago *randadjohn
Night club fantasy

Have had fantasy about being in night club and .....falling asleep before finishing a sentence? :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

*illingbttm33 days ago *ichard_inhand
Poppers Memories

so are poppers completely safe for everybody? Are there any after effects. never used them .SAfe for everyone? No. For instance poppers shouldn't be used with Viagra. Google is your friend. I could tell you what I know about s

*londpoppersboy203 days ago *ackcarter
Two subs at once

Used to be sub to a dom who had another sub. He liked to watch us kiss, wrestle and have me lick his shoes clean while his other sub spanked me.

*arBoss82163 days ago *lave64
bucket list

Using your bucket list, here is what I've done or want to do: Threesome mmf... DONE Threesome mmm.... DONE Suck a guy off......... DONE Fuck a guy........ DON'T WANT TO, I'M BOTTOM ONLY Dress up for a guy...... DONE Go to a sauna...

*tuebiker33 days ago *f7subguy
Finding Panties

leaving wig and panties thongs in coast carpark fri night , love to suck a cock for them $-)

*exybiguy81204 days ago *ree and easy
nylons and heels

was pretty darned good I can tell :-p

*railman64 days ago *railman
SpitRoast Fantasty

On my bucket list too with 2 mature men x

*attooedChub234 days ago *hloelovesfur

Wanna have laods of hot cum dripping out my tight hole

*ouis1997sissy14 days ago *ouis1997sissy
On show or not on show

Yes I have had a couple of guys like that. Was at a cruising spot set back off the road in woods 15 metres from road, you couldn't see the road from there. 1st guy wanted to go somewhere quieter so I agreed, followed his car and we got to another

*ugbyguy4034 days ago *iman60

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