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Cocks have personalities

Does anyone agree with me about cocks, having a unique attraction! My personal favourite is a rock hard cock with a slight bend and a glistening bell end. I'm not really into overly fat cocks, with a bunched foreskin, but I'm fully aware that it's

*uvalaff110 minutes ago *uvalaff

Dennis and I broke a chair in his office once - he and his wife had a ladies fashion business, using a three storey property where one floor was his boardroom/office, with a large table for his desk, and various chairs which were not your normal

*tephan52322 minutes ago *tephan52
Rent boy fantasy

Invictus:- we never had group hugs in Rugby like they do in football but we did have scrums. Loved being No 8 with my arms locked round two guys arses.

*ilistata15940 minutes ago *ordic-knight
caught wearing panties

Remember when I nearly got caught in mums thong and bra running across landing!

*arried n bi1950 minutes ago *kk_21
A Rip Off Story Retold

Great story.. keep it coming ;-)

*toryteller1181 hour ago *ornybi23
Amsterdam stories Wanted

When i was in amsterdam i ended up in drakes a few times must have sucked over ten cocks every time i went, the gloryholes where fantastic and then you had the nicer guys that invited you into their booths but i guess it was cause it was easier to

*earwoodlad2531 hour ago *umsuka
What Draws People To Cross Dress

Feminism. There's no longer any good male role models and everything now is geared towards female being perfect but male being bad. It's gotten to the stage where many men now want to emulate women.

*iddenAway71 hour ago *nvictus
over 60s wifes

I went on and all the profiles that came up were women so I deleted it double quick

*hicken74191 hour ago *uke-inforu
Clothed piss fun

Bit messy though. Had one bloke once just wanted to watch me have a piss in the toilet, and hold my cock as well while doing it, so did that for him. Another one wanted me to piss on him so I took him in the bathroom to sit in the bath and did it

*anxd2531 hour ago *nvictus

This sounds fun. I'd love to be a slot for a line of men. And ws fun too x

*ornyrunner91 hour ago *ewboy25
Dumping the Mrs

i came out 8yrs ago got divorced just dont regret it yes it blew the family apart , but most of family supported me and wondered why i hadnt done it years ago my generation couldnt it wasnt so easy , im so happy being myself and not having to hide

*ornyred85122 hours ago *ewdunsman
wearing sexy udies while at work

Iv got a van like to drive to car parks dressed under my clothes no luck yet though xx :-( Wow! Obviously, you've not been driving about (in the right places) when l'm out on the bike & feeling horny in lycra Perhaps we should

*uzyxd1012 hours ago *orkDefender
piss club

Interested in this. See my profile as free for a few days around 5th may for genuine offers

*hoenixnites1093 hours ago *atch26
portsmouth fleshlight

Can I have it after you? ??

*llyp9223 hours ago *irthy_bi_guy
hole opener?

A lubed cock will open a hole nicely. I usually finger myself whilst I'm in the shower. I try and get atleast 3 fingers in there, I guess my hole is pretty loose these days anyway :-p

*uv ur cum243 hours ago *akisubslut
Sex slave fantasy

Mmmmm I'd love to be a sex slave for a daddy and his friends.

*kinnyass264 hours ago *ewboy25
Anal. The first experiance.

well get to harlow I will fuck you anyway you want :-p

*ellyxd94 hours ago *llands
The best looking transexual

I love myself a convincing transsexual I had a meet with a gorgeous one a little while ago from Colchester. Hadn't spoke to her in a while so went to send a message and turns out she's left the site now Are they're any other young hot convinci

*otyoungandhorny15 hours ago *otyoungandhorny

Cool look forward to it jim bob

* Major95 hours ago *ornyboynorf
When two becomes three

As I lay back Johns hand slid up under my dress and as his fingers brushed my shaven balls he gave out a little groan of pleasure his breath caught for a minute in my mouth as I relaxed and let my thighs part. John moved himself so that he could lay

*ady Scarlett117 hours ago *ady Scarlett
Daddies Girl

Ill Be someones daddy!

*ulie cd slut278 hours ago *ella4u

Only had a mouthful once. Enjoyed it, but I don't seem able to take it again. :-(

*oyboy18038 hours ago *tanley1871
Seen someone who you know?

That spunds very hot, could make lunches very fun indeed

*ornysuprise139 hours ago *ornysuprise
Driving in stockings today

will be A12 to essex sat and girlfriend in tights driving and playing

*ylons12649 hours ago *ylons12
Best looking ass

Exactly Mr Rebel. Couldn't have put it better.

*uckyboi12342510 hours ago *ordic-knight
Master/tv mistress wanted

Hi , I am an untrained sub that needs/wants a master to use me and abuse me and train me to become a slave for his use and his friends use , I have not tried many things and am open to trying a lot of things , I am obedient . I carnt travel far so

*seandabuse1994111 hours ago *seandabuse1994
is oral better than sex

(pssst, don't mention age!)

*oyboy1802011 hours ago *ongleton runner
Fleshlight fun

Anyone around Nottinghamshire got one of these? Would love to have some fun with one and obviously the other party involved!

*C2213 hours ago *ewbieguy
1 fantasy down

So hot!!

*laveslut88514 hours ago *lowfish12

Would love to meet and have sex with some of the Emo's from Homoemo. Wonder if there are any on here? If you've watched their videos. Who's your favourite model? For me it's Josh Osbourne, Seth Savage and Andrew Dexter! mmmmm ;-)

*akefieldboii11 day ago *akefieldboii
Yahoo messanger

Love to use her with you c2c. Send your addy

*kk_2121 day ago *auloone
stinging nettles

Nothing better for me than fresh Nettles applied to my cock and balls. I love the pain, the swelling and the lingering feeling for hours after. So love this time of year!!

*eedee331 day ago *ancipium
Jacked off

Very saucy x

*arlneuk31 day ago *ayhull77
Cottaging again

Instant boner.

*ature6251 day ago *hkar
lunch time fun in leicester

hi love to have some fun in my lunch break work near the city centre of leicester love to suck cock and balls

*ussell211 day ago *ussell2

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