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Who likes feet and cum?

I live feet and to Suk toes! Love to sniff socks too x o-)

*otandhornyv2124 hours ago *rewsock40
Are you gullible?

Yes I'm gullible. Just the once though

*amienrimmer45 hours ago *ambonus
trucker drivers

Look as a trucker we all know what laybys to use if our curtains open it means get in her and have fun we won't flash lights as it makes others aren't interested look so if our curtains open red light on and it looks as if we're wanking well

*96 hours ago *isdick

WOW easy tigers ! don,t think anyones going to win this , we all differ on what we think is straight or gay , i am totally gay but find some ladys physically attractive as in they are beautiful ,but not sexually , does that make me straight ,no

*ETDOWNANDBEGBOY247 hours ago *ockandhole
just been to touch sauna swindon

I go to saunas in Bournemouth regular sometimes it good sometimes not frank

*mall cock bear337 hours ago *owerman
delivery drivers random blow jobs

I had a knock at the door it was the gas meter reader wow he was hot fortunately for me my meter is inside in kitchen on the floor between my cooker and sink he had to get down on his knees to read seem to take his time doing it as well showing off

*ETDOWNANDBEGBOY79 hours ago *rimme1
I'm back, third meet

Hello everyone, I finally got back into things and had my third, Met a tall sexy master who wanted a slave. He invited me over after chatting on here for a while, he took me to his room and made me strip naked, he rubbed his hands all over me

*owmanUk110 hours ago *owmanUk
My first experience


*reenfinger7111 hours ago *inyone77
best place to go in huddersfield

Any room to get fisted ?

*arbo1211 hours ago *armwelcome
spanking and teacher role play

I live near u n I'm into roleplay

*ayjaySouth311 hours ago *illiam51
Sex Bucket List

Can you suck yourself off?? lol ;o) never had need to

*ustjols6712 hours ago *heoman
Spin Class

I attend a Spin Class on a Friday night at my local Leisure Centre as a way of keeping fit, but lately I've taken a shine to the instructor who takes the class. He must be around 28 but boy is he one hot, fit, sexy and cute looking guy.

*perminator112 hours ago *perminator
Caught sucking a cock.

its quite common for me to go dogging in my car and a guy getting in the passenger seat . then the odd one or two guys walk past and in the dark you can make out they trying to look in .. I normally ask my newly acquired friend .." shall we put the

*rmark631312 hours ago *d zoe
Top or bottom

Doggie position is best, with a female, then you have the choice of TWO holes!! lol - With a male, only ONE.

*imon1705213 hours ago *omcat304
R3tro Club, Walsall...

Anyone been there on a Tues CD/TV/Admirers night??? How was it/is it a nice place/do many go? Please tell me more.... thanks darlings! Pam x $-)

*lexible friend313 hours ago *lexible friend
Bristol wank/porn buddy

I enjoy watching porn, girls and boys. I would love to watch with someone so that we could wank together and wank each other.

*uriousbiBristol115 hours ago *uriousbiBristol
Men with nice cars

I have a nice warm VW camper with dark windows and a pull out bed What year is it? I'm into classic motors

*eedOLDER3417 hours ago *ubbysue
big thick cock

I would love to meet up with a guy who has a very big thick cock, I would strip for him and let me spend a good hour or two sucking and just playing with it, as I love to deep troat slowl, I've never had a really big one to play with yet :*) :*) :*)

*ambridgeCock118 hours ago *ambridgeCock
Properly Seen to!

OMG you got me so hard I had to wank great story . Thanks.x

*oondog618 hours ago *kippy99
Who has the Cofidence buy lingerie from the high street

I found a shop in regents street , London , it has a massive stock of knickers, bras, camisoles, and nightwear, came home with over £ 100 of sexy stuff , mmmm

*hrisA3505020 hours ago *ex kitten
wearing sexy udies while at work

don't ever wear anything else now threw out all my male underwear and even if I go to docs will be wearing knickers xxx

*uzyxd16721 hours ago *ex kitten
Taxi Drivers?

Any taxi drivers in coventry? Message me guys

*andandan115221 hours ago *avver21
what has been ur best cruising/cottaging/online meet?

I used to break my journey home when I worked in Manchester, jumped off the train in Warrington. Did my usual round of the (then) many cottages around the town centre. In one in particular place, now long gone, on a car park a man often turned up at

*mthgay641 day ago *ewcocol
Fucked a man for the first time last night

When I say drunk I'm not out of it and know what I'm doing and what I want.. That night I arrived at his house about 1am still feeling like I want to turn back. But once on the sofa next to him I started to relax, he started to caress and grope me

*ark87ss92 days ago *ark87ss

If you saw that programme on CH4, tell me are they taking the mick out us proper taxpayers

*ancfc7612 days ago *ancfc76
first cottage sucking experience

A week later I went back to the 'cottage' in the park in Nuneaton several times and always seemed to be at the wrong time as there always seemed be be 2 or more people going in and out so I reasoned that it should be quiet on a Sunday morning.

*92 days ago *arthur
satin and pvc wearer

Any cross dressers in Leeds up for meet tonight or tomorrow lunch can acom .but cd,s only plzx

*atinnix12 days ago *atinnix
doctors examination

id love to dress up and for someone to come round and tell me they are a doctor and I need to have a full medical examination we go to the bedroom and he tells me to strip down to my underwear, then he measures me and examines my skin he then say

*ex kitten12 days ago *ex kitten

My number one fantasy is to be watched playing with a cock by a woman, to be with 2 women, one with something extra would be simply amazing.

*xkirstyxx122 days ago *allsubmale
My old Master has been in touch.

that is true fkme69 you agree for him to be master and you serve. You are there for his convenience not yours. Think yourself lucky that your maser has decided he wants you again. Stop whingeing and serve your master. If I was his slave I would

*airgame612 days ago *ldguy70
homemade porn

does anyone have any homemade porn of any type on dvd that they want to swap with a collector of the late 70s to present?

*SNEDBOX12 days ago *SNEDBOX
plumber fixed my pipe

Wish this sort of thing would happen to me :-)

*kippy9942 days ago *emac
Fucked by TS

I have a ts friend that took my cherry this year. Seen her a few times. Blissfull. she can take mine if she wants

*1ernesto372 days ago *ukkakeboi12
gatehouse bolton

i go a couple of times a week, really friendly place and i always have plenty of fun :-) :-)

*imcrmale72 days ago *ugster666
A teenage story

Here's my first on here any help for a good rewrite? .. :-o

*sxyguy103 days ago *sxyguy

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