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Swallowing cum

I'd love to have chance so many time wasters on here, I want to swallow and. Be covered In hot sticky cum

*6230 minutes ago *aturelover167
Real Heavy Cummers

One trick used in the porn industry is to press your finger hard onto your urethra at the base of your cock for the first flex of ejaculatory muscle then let go. The second spurt is then fully loaded and shoots out with much greater force. On some

*lbert Ross2649 minutes ago *oondog
Naked fun

Love to knock at someone door he say come in chat for a little and then undress each other play with each naked 69 fun rimming fun both ways then he says can I fuck you just some nice clean fun mmmm

*airy fairy11 hour ago *airy fairy
Cum Covered clothing

I met a guy a few years ago who fucked me. Later, in the car, his cum dribbled out into my pants . I had to go to work in cum covered pants. I am sure my partner must have noticed the stains later when she was putting them in the wash!

*lut125103 hours ago *ubsinger
Fucking yourself?

oh and surely don't forget to shave coz if that stuff gets stuck in your pubes your in trouble...

*wowayboi43 hours ago *caniatrucker
Wife sharing

I've watched my wife with a guy and it is such a turn on but she is very fussy

*325 hours ago *ubslutXX
punished by older

spankings given at mine in bournemouth !

*udistdan635 hours ago *oole.guy
men cross dressing

ps. I typed this wearing my basque, gfs panties, lacey stockings, denim mini, black bra, school cardigan. Gf will be down any moment, she wont mind, and she will make a cuppa while I "do my thing"

*yson hoover476 hours ago *tckingswearer6
Couples with cuckold

A little tho she is mostly sub with other men at the min

*somefan47 hours ago *ocksy
Sucking cum out of underwear.

I love eating or sucking spunk from sheer tights or stockings or holdups or any sheer nylon garments

*ksboy313 hours ago *i_tightsCD
Being fucked with Average Size or Big Cocks that's the question?

Any so long as it and the ball and legs are shaved hairless and then it is more than welcome to join me between my satin sheets. Having tights or holdups on does help too

*elano Jones9213 hours ago *i_tightsCD
my experiance at 16

Well with a title like that it will get the thread deleted by the forum admin. Describing underage activity is not allowed.

*AVE4455213 hours ago *ewcocol
nightime woods

meet up arranged again, met in car park was told to get in van again and get undressed as we where going for a longish drive to blackpool we arrived at a industrial estate and there was a sauna type club there i was given a raincoat to wear as i was

*irral fun2519 hours ago *irral fun
Pleasing a dirty old man

I enjoy getting naked in a cubicle and give myself to him for however long he wants to paw me and rub his cock over me. Sucking or wanking him until he comes over my face, chest or cock.

*arkHolloway16019 hours ago *issy graham
Car park fantasy

yes i would love a cinema experiencs,specially in a porn ninema,what about you? What is a 'experiencs' and a 'porn ninema'?there it goes the teacher has fuck all to do, but becomea spell critic :-D :-D :-D

*1422 hours ago * Bttm
helping someone piss

I like the sound of this and must get someone to hold mine whilst peeing :-) I am sure you have no end of guys wanting to hold that sexy cock as you piss xx Yes I want too! Who is last one in queue to hold MIT's cock whilst peein

*ndyBath4123 hours ago *115
First time suck..

Apologies but its probably been posted many times before really interested in sucking cock for the first time, met lots of guys and had my cock sucked etc and wank fun but recently had more and more thoughts and fantasys about sucking back for the

*punkeymonkey01124 hours ago *punkeymonkey01
Would you ever have, spurof the moment sex with a total stranger?

I love sex with total strangers...cruising in the dark and suddenly finding a nice hard cock to enjoy with no idea who it's attached to.. Or even just a quick random meet off here

*1411 day ago *punkmyface
What fantasy turns you on?

I'm having a pint in a pub, and get engaged in a conversation with a man close by. I learn that his wife is away, and he invites be back to his home. While we are watching some porn on his tv screen, he gets up and leaves the room. When he returns,

*251 day ago *ldbidogger
Wife picture swaps & skype

Anyone want to share wife pics on skype, we can wank together.

*ldons11 day ago *ldons
orgasm just by being fucked

Not happened to me yet,live in hope!!

*eed training271 day ago *onnylikesitall
This is the end

Well no one gets its the :-D im not the joker in fucking batman

*ustjols52 days ago *ustjols
Any one fancy a massage with a happy ending ;)

Do some massages have unhappy endings? :-D

*utton ladd22 days ago *ordic-knight
electro stimulation

Ive got one and I put the pads on my cock then put a metal cock cage on . drives me wild I always cum with a massive orgasm

*ALDWIN194182 days ago *atman69
Cock Cage

I sometimes wear a cock cage and find the restriction both arousing and frustrating. As a sub I'm aiming to let guys fuck me without me cumming, and it may help!

*ravenBi112 days ago *wowayboi
Ginger guys

Or even for skype fun? Gingers are the hottest...

*oppers9222 days ago *ornyguy1979
groped in public

I used to get the same tube home from work most days and about once a fortnight I used to see this quite sexy guy probably about 40. It was usually relatively quiet when I got on and I got a seat but he got on a few stops later so normally we

*amie Swindon722 days ago *orthbrummie
Riskiest place you have ever sucked cock...

Sounds like hungbtmdady4yung was pretty lucky, too!

*eavyteencummer892 days ago *ustard
precum...non stop thinking

Ooze lots of the stuff, was frottaging with a dude not long back ,and he thought i cum between his legs after couple o mins :-o Some guys i have met don't like that i produce something like a leaking tap others say tis like nectar from the gods :-

*ackhighers202 days ago *ustadude
Horny fantasy

I would quite like to meet a guy who loves CDs who would buy things and dress me up how he wants me, and then do what he wants with me, would be very open to the idea of servicing his friends or others too

*entmale1812 days ago *entmale18
Rimming - willing tongues?

Best feeling ever.. after a shower being rimmed. Probing ass so deep And love to do the same to a freshly clesned guy Till he cums

*uv 2b Sucked1182 days ago *ameschav
nipple play

Love my nipples played with through my nighties or through my tights when I have the pull up that far

*662 days ago *i_tightsCD
saunas Glasgow

Never really picked up the courage to visit a sauna but would love to. Live in Dumfries , so Carlisle is probably my nearest, has anyone been there recently? Is there any disabled access? but may try Glasgow if I happen to be there.

*ohnstevenston32 days ago *iscot6644
woken by a starnger

I would love to either have someone let themselves into my house come to my room, and wake me with sex or tie me up and use me, OR go to someone elses house let myself in and wake someone up witn sex, a blow job or even tie them up, or get

*ndyhants113 days ago *ndyhants1
Phone Wank ? My Call

Hi Guys anyone out there fancy e changing some horny stories over a Phone Wank? My Call.

*elano Jones13 days ago *elano Jones

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