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Oldest guy you've been with?

Since my very first experience with sex and my sexuality, I've been "hit on" by dozens of older, groping and take-what-they-want men, and I loved every second of it. The oldest?...I've no idea.

*osh12211054 hours ago *atinesque
Do you older gents like being sucked?

Oh yes, and I'm 86. Love it

*regorysmithson1725 hours ago *lane2292
wife and stranger

Was gutted when they split up a neither of them would see me Oh well nothing lasts forever, sounds like you had a really good time when they were together though.

*15613 hours ago *orthwalesmale1
Cock Spanking

Love my cock being spanked. Makes me ooze pre cum.

*rpcock1417 hours ago *aughty2210

Just waiting for when he is on here again. Then get him here and act out my fantasy.

*hris20718 hours ago *hris20
Screwing the outlaws

Anyway, good story. I'm an admirer of the older woman, although the oldest I've had was 80, and that was some 5/6 years ago. Very sensitive nipples and would cum just by having them stroked. She also preferred to be fucked in her arse, said she

*avejones19732420 hours ago *aravaggio
Rate the guy above

Hey bear..u sound hot..

*aul2353871 day ago *lut tvjess...
Fun on cruise ships

Azurea 14 nights starting June 29th anyone?

*ottombunk1352 days ago *atureish male
Bare arse spanking.

Do u have a van

*aughty221022 days ago *atnbi
Stinging nettles

Anyone want to meet up and try some nettle fun?

*ampshirejon182 days ago *ora 123
Favourite thing to do alone

I have a sex machine so i can pick my fav dildo and select how fast or slow i would like it.. . .fantastuc I’d love to join you with your sex machine

*232 days ago *ora 123

I sniff my wife’s dirty panties all the time. Always on the lookout to share them with like minded men. Swap too.

*oe Browne352 days ago *atey321
My sub training

We exchanged texts for a few days sending me requests and orders to complete he asked if I will stay with him Friday night I agreed he told me to come about 8pm and he will take me back the next day Told my aunt about it she made me show her the

*ocksy973 days ago *ane 69
turned on by smelly cocks

A little sweaty cock is ok but seen men with tight foreskins and when they eventually pull it back its full of creamy smeg not nice at all

*193 days ago *eicester51
Car sucking with strangers.

Would love a guy to pull up at the bus stop tell me to get in and suck his cock while he is driving Where’s the bus stop? ;-)

*hone porn373 days ago *ysteryMachine
Best pool lesson!

Wow that’s a horny start to a story! Looking forward to the next part!

*rofun53 days ago *antsbilad
doorstep challenge

anyone else wanna call round n take the challenge

*oole.guy643 days ago *oole.guy
Fantasies that disappear after I ejaculate

My sex is like my bank balance once I withdraw I lose interest.

*orofsky204 days ago *na4you
Hopefully, cock sucking in London

Finally, in a few weeks I’ll be heading back to London. I’ve been in touch with a few (very patient) guys on here who want to take my mouth. Simple premise: We meet with little chat, I just drop to my knees and they shove their cock in my mouth.

*anton mouth14 days ago *anton mouth
Cum on my cock then suck me

Strangely enough I woke up the other day fantasising about someone cumming over my cock and sucking it all off before I give my load over. Got me so hard I had to have a wank before work. And even better I'm a really heavy cummer.

*tina Dee304 days ago *ich8100
Sucking cock in the cinema

I would love to go there if someone would accompany me xx?

*20steve1034 days ago *ngela16
Painted toe nails

I sometimes put nail polish on my toes nails. I was on a train last week, wearing a Suspender belt. Ffnylons, French knickers and slip under my man clothes, my toe nails were painted bright red. Mmmmmmmm. I noticed a man sitting opposite me wear

*ature2114 days ago *ature21
Painted toe nail

I sometimes put nail polish on my toes nails. I was on a train last week, wearing a Suspender belt. Ffnylons, French knickers and slip under my man clothes, my toe nails were painted bright red. Mmmmmmmm. I noticed a man sitting opposite me wear

*ature2114 days ago *ature21
Manhole Hull

It's at the singers club hu9.. It opens during the day as a gay sauna only, run by the guy who used to have club69

*amy54 days ago *attsguy
Revisiting an old cottage

Hi Chris, let me know where and when .

*incstw35 days ago *ATURE HORNY LIVERPOOL BI
Bare arse spanking.

Going to the woods today. Anyone coming to play.

*aughty221025 days ago *aughty2210
Hat's off to regular 'Bottoms'

should be in the Stories and fantasies forum not this one It was an encounter from yesterday, not a story as such and definitely not a fantasy, just an experience shared.

*eyley36 days ago *eyley
ben meets nick

Great story well horny reading ;-)

*oole.guy86 days ago *dge73
Further Stories

I contacted the site owners and asked them to act, which they promptly did. I offerd to give them my password where I post these stories which would give access to my author account. If you wish to read any more of my stories you'll have to go ov

*reshMeatKent16 days ago *reshMeatKent
Giving and receiving a spankig group

Where are all the spankers ?

*ake my pants down357 days ago *aughty2210
Wannabe Slut

I have a weird fantasy. Beginning with 1 guy 55+ using me and guys join 1 by 11 till there is 7. I am constantly reminded I'm a slut/whore etc. Haven't done anal but my master demands my consent and lays me face up on table and slowly, gently fucks

*un4you17 days ago *un4you

Fair play to him, then. I haven't been as bendy as that since I was 27! … :-)

*ildstar1600a67 days ago *ashaxxx
New ideas for bondage play

try fresh chili Peppers put on some gloves to protect yourself preferably tie them down and then gently use a knife to split the chili Peppers and then rub them around their cock and balls or maybe there but and nipples there's no escap

*etstryall217 days ago *aughty2210

To the OP, don't abuse people on the forum, if you think someone has broke rules report the post instead. If you start another thread with your story on I make sure it stays just a story thread

*reshMeatKent217 days ago *ottagingOfficial

My fault, it does work chaps, I had an extra 'a' in it.

*ed159141 week ago *reshMeatKent

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