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oh no it's time for another Pervypoof rant

Wonder why this got moved from the lounge especially when half of what is left in the lounge is pure fantasy o-) And the other half is tired old stuff, like worn out furniture some are intent on still keeping

*ervypoof173 hours ago *ewcocol

That's not true they all have a bird table O:-)

*unter man103 hours ago *ambonus
sexy story

And my finger in your…....…?

*oventryman67185 hours ago *ambonus
alone when Mrs is out

I love it when my wife is at work,I am always in to interested men I love it when you think your wife is at work

*uckOrFuck125 hours ago *ambonus
Love Giving Handjobs Pt 2: Reacharounds

Wow! This is so hot. I would so love to do this, I'm absolutely hard as rock reading this!! Also love 'milking the bull'. Phew, in horny as hell now! Paignton, Devon, anyone?........,

*andjoblover117 hours ago *imon6669
Couldn't Cum...

Had a meet today but found myself not being able to cum..which is rare. It may have been down to the fact that I needed a piss before hand..was stiff through out but just couldn't cum.dont think it was down to him. Has this ever happened to you at a

*enryDarren18 hours ago *enryDarren
Blow job tomorow at bitton rail way

Any one want a blow job tomorow night at bitton rail way message me xxx

*shleigh18 hours ago *shleigh
Changing room fun

Over thirty years ago I overheard- the the foyer of the ymcs sports club- a telephone call. Seems a young guy had been buying a pair of trousers. The sales assistant said he would buy the guys trousers off him and suggest he wore

*0rtyRick79 hours ago *ediumrare
pantyhose/tights with shorts

Have worn with shorts outside at night but only answered the door at home with my nylon feet showing. What a horn idea that I have thought about doing.....but don't have the nerve except when I meet a guy

*lackmini2210 hours ago *ylonFan1761
Briefs (pants) or boxers?

Anything tight showing a nice bulge!

*ascal0186511 hours ago *irraljohn
Girlfriend and I group meet

So because people have different tastes and fantasies to you, it makes them wrong? Get a grip mate, you sure it's not just a little bit of jealousy creeping in there? ;-) for what it's worth OP, I'm definitely interested, I know I live a little bit

*damJackson511 hours ago *otonshots

The perfect size for my mouth is 5 to 6 inches and not too thick, I want to get it in all the way down to the roots and do the best I can with it, not having my main concentration on stretching my mouth uncomfortably and making sure I avoid scraping

*rev63211 hours ago *ewcocol

Having worked in several hotels you hear a lot of strange noises and see some sights. You can also occasionally have some fun with a guest but you could be putting you job on the line in doing so.

*econdtimer77812 hours ago *ordic-knight
Fit builder

Is it the size that matters most to you? Shame if it is. Im small but still have loads of fun :-) :-) Omg never apologies for sounding like I was a size queen. No it was more of a 'jokey' kind of comment made but I can see how it m

*ervypoof1117 hours ago *ervypoof
Fun in the woods

Thieves woods near mansfield has a car park or just 200 yds further another car park been to both dressed and had lotts of fun with guys, google, but better when foliage grows back say may

*482 days ago *ancfc76
An unexpected kiss

Then you woke up......

*lyely172 days ago *referbi
Sugar daddy

Would love a sugar daddy, my income isn't the best but I'm happy to give what I can.. If you know what I mean ;)

*ukey9512 days ago *ukey95
pissing panties

I haven't been on a wet and squishy drive out for ages and reading this has got me the urge to do just that... Hope I get spotted in my embarrasing state running across the car park to the loo just a little bit too late. :*)

*usan xd222 days ago *hrissie_uk
rimming groups

would love to have a horny daytime rimming session in london

*earboy182 days ago *ewburyBiGuy
Cum facials

Love to slip there cock into my mouth slowly going up and down on it till they say speed up he puts his hand on the back of my head and pumps harder I here a little groan then I know he his ready to cum I slip my mouth of his very hard cock carry

*662 days ago *airy fairy
My Trucker fantasy while dressed

Not a lorry driver but am passing your way on Tuesday evening if you're free?

*taceylou122 days ago *exyNicky23

I love to be tied , blindfolded and used for sex.

*orest198842 days ago *ubphil4use
Rip off Tale Three Weeks Later

It will be missed. :-(

*toryteller693 days ago *ukkakeboi12
O to be a gangsters toy again

Wow what can i say :*) got me rock hard this story thank you

*toryteller1243 days ago *angbangme26
My ultimate fantasy

Being dominated by a horny daddy. Mmmm

*orney-bottom63 days ago *ndyDundee

Pity the OP went AWOL just hope he went back for another shower. Must be that time of year new members that only last a few days miserable buggers slagging off others tales and mods closing threads left and right . Luckily summers

*23 days ago *toryteller
From married straight to married top - Part 1

more plz :-p

*iptop201393 days ago *ustwantssex
Men with nice cars

and thats why i drive a fucking great big merc x lol :-)

*eedOLDER863 days ago *ovingarse
Taxi Drivers?

Any in stockport want sucking

*andandan11763 days ago *ukkakeboi12
Fucked in his wives Sexy Outfit

Wearing a man's wife's clothes for se3x is wonderful. Being fucked in her dress or nightie is so sexy. It is lovely to be called by her name as he shoots his load.

*orny twink213 days ago *aul5089
1st time at a sauna

Cheers for the advice given so far above, in Glasgow on business next month so if anyone has some tips on good places to go, saunas / bars etc then any info appreciated.

*abgutz173 days ago *uriousnshy81
Liverpool sauna

Nice start ! . . . I`ve never had my face ducked, though someone did goose my bum, once ! :-)

*havenbiguy24 days ago *Preferolder
Love Giving Handjobs

As a sub guy i love been edged and teased. Especially love been tied and then having to undergo a long edging. I also love giving handjobs. Love to take my time feeling the cock grow hard in my hand then slowly wanking. Equally as a sub I love bee

*andjoblover274 days ago *orthantsub
top dom

Love a Dom top who knows what they want and how they want it, love being told what he wants and what I have to do. Limits are good but let's face it I suck cock, take cock up my ass and swallow cum. Pretty much sorted $-) oh and dressed to please

*nnis94 days ago *OWman
Fuck me ...

It was....

*ukkinloveit34 days ago *ukkinloveit

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