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panties I wore today

I had black lace panties on today, think I spent most of the day hard!

*1144 minutes ago *tu4u

The fantasy of talking dirty is so hot...hearing your cock sucker begging to be fucked and telling you that he wants to be bred and filled by your cum makes me cum even harder

*iguycantley41 hour ago *endros
Puzzled ...

Another indicator to a time waster is one who puts a meet message on for "Now" and goes off line 2 minutes later.

*ettin bi103 hours ago *hebestrimmer
Naked on Skype with my dildo

Naked on Skype with my dildo Linus5684

*ouis1997sissy16 hours ago *ouis1997sissy
kik dirty chat


*iguycantley196 hours ago *otpantyman
Friends mums room

Just wonder if some of these situations are dreamt up just to get a reaction.

*366 hours ago *ustful
Pizza Delivery

That made me dribble, more please and then I can dry my shorts

*tefcd47 hours ago *hread

to meet a buddy, at least twice a week for tea or coffee n a god fucking session :-) O:-)

* Bttm111 hours ago * Bttm

Any hot bottoms want to be told what to do send addie and do as i say

*atfordbi113 hours ago *atfordbi
naked snooker

as an avid pocket billiards fan i would say, KNOCK 'EM IN!!

*2suck1216 hours ago *rankWank
Mens pants

Their pants may be boring but what is inside them isn't!

*he Seagull616 hours ago *umback2
Are you an older pantie wanker

used to dress in my wifes when she was on a night out with the girls ,felt so good $-)

*ature_14816 hours ago *ariajonestv
Hollyoakes Harry

I don't watch it for the story lines or the acting. I set the skybox to record and fast forward through all the boring bits which is about 95% of it. Like any soap it is no reflection of life unless the script writers have been have been living l

*swestry12817 hours ago *swestry12
Tradesmen hampshire area or would travel

Hi Im looking for painters,gardners,plumbers to come do a revamp on my house. I can provide lots of coffee,tea and a bacon buttie in the mornings. (Dependent on the day) No sex?

*oton army323 hours ago *cousedpw
Smooth or Hairy Arses - What's your preferences?

nothing nicer than rimming a juicy tite hairy hole - if a guy is smooth or worse than that has shaved his pubes - its a BIG turn off - we are men not pre pubescent teens!!!

*elano Jones211 day ago *bskinbiker
dirty wife

Had a long time fantasy about licking a pussy as its being fucked! Mmmmmm

*ubPete122 days ago *ipaulsun
Caught dressed

Hot story, any more action with him yet?

*OWman32 days ago *4billy
steve backshall

He is gorgeous and has such a fit body. Love it when he takes his top off. Id love to go to bed with him

*yson hoover32 days ago *outhWalesWankFun
Best positions to b fucked in?

I love being on my back with my legs in the air. That way I can see him fucking me

*elano Jones422 days ago *umback2

anyone for Skype now? super horny got a big load to shoot

*_21_Cardiff12 days ago *_21_Cardiff
Old school cottages

Mine was on my evening paper round, but I soon graduated to park toilets etc.

*arlow suck252 days ago *ewcocol
Handy man

Looking for a joiner to do some work at my home in blackpool :-) As Dame Edna once said, a bit of " tounging and grooving"?

*ockhappyblackpool22 days ago *4billy
MMF today for first time

For me and the couple I used to share with before they emigrated, it was giving pleasure to the woman from two cocks. Made me feel good, not in an empowering way or dominance over the husband, just having good sex and watching her take it at both

*112 days ago *art timer 54
Anyone wanking now?

skype me and find out

*ugglie612 days ago *ops
That look

Hot! How old was he?

*utualwank12122 days ago *ipaulsun
guilt after sex is this normal for bi-sexuals

must mean that I'm happy with my sexulatty and I'm gay xxxx

*antasyman242 days ago *ex kitten
Gay Porn Vids and both do free downloads and most taste of sex is on there .

*elano Jones62 days ago *onavan69
Under orders

Well yesterday i was made to go to a well known cruising area to me a Dom i was to be dressed in sheer black hold ups under my joggers i was to arrive for 6 30 and phone the Dom that i was there so i drove to the spot and rang the dom he told me to

*ubPete12 days ago *ubPete
Wife Fantasies

I have watched my wife a number of times being fucked by others guys sometimes blindfolded and gagged, it's not always just a single guy but several guys taking turns while I watch which we both find a massive turn on!

*k1000452 days ago *an69
First Experience

my first anal was a black guy I was 33 and he would not take no for an answer he was hung thick and all muscle been a bottom/vers ever since and been a fair few to black and white just one always remembers there first

*PWinchester782 days ago *e13
eating your own cum

Ive taken my own but like most here once you cum you dont much feel like it ...have hung off the edge of me bed a few times and shot a nice load over my face and in my mouth that was nice ....x

*imark1967192 days ago *lo2005
Being spanked

Yes the thought of a guy spanking me makes me totally sub to him. I quite enjoy pain so the harder the better, also really like the thought of saying stop when I reach my limit but actually getting one or two more strokes Love

*pankmeharlow212 days ago *shfordtvlover
Older Men in Panties

I love it and any guys in Bristol area who want fun in silky undies message me

*ustin01962822 days ago *puddly
tradesmen Leeds

Leeds roofer and handyman available for free quotes on all your roofing repairs and handyman jobs in or out of your house,,inbox me for details,,and always turns up in pantys and full gear under work clothes xx

*atinnix12 days ago *atinnix
Question for tops

Mine is ready for someone to try. Xx

*ristol2Please32 days ago *ex kitten

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