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What to wear

What should a girl wear on her first date, Skirt, dress, what ? My cock hopefully

*ame brune aime316 minutes ago *ooty691

I have a regular meet but he can't cum twice so I get him to bang one out earlier in the day so I can have 2 lots of his spunk 1 lot I can pour over his erect cock when I get to his house as another when I give him a bj anybody else done

*illie wont he234 minutes ago *ven77
am i the only guy who likes the taste of my own cum

love to eat my own cum

*16538 minutes ago *lavenolimits2

I can't wait for the next instalment

*eentogo432 hours ago *akky1943
Briefs (pants) or boxers?

Nice tight boxers to show my bum off ;-)

*ascal018884 hours ago *aul2353
IOW Loos

Top of ryde near NatWest those toilets are very active I have had several hot bjs in there not had anything more yet but its on my to do list, happy to meet people there just message me

*uckmyasshard1110 hours ago *laytongreen
shaved or unshaved cock

Dohega, I would grow mine just to have you shave me, I would enjoy that

*14010 hours ago *4nk

And the candlestick maker no doubt lol

*oggingDaisy514 hours ago *ankuoff
getting caught

Caught by both my parents separately, both of whom told me not to let the other one catch me. Neither joined Was then caught playing with his son by my mates dad, now that's another story.

*ssexguy0902414 hours ago *inudistdad

I had a good contact, few years since, very experienced. Initially used a belt , strap on my are, which was fine, slipper was too loud, so reverted back to belt strap. Things gradually became more intense and he started strapping down backs of legs,

*17215 hours ago *orkshiretights50
Wanking you off in my leather gloves

I love wanking off a cock into my willing mouth when I'm wearing leather gloves.

*616 hours ago *oggingDaisy
Most daring thing you have done when dressed

Well, I went to Hazelbank for a wee cruise and as usual, nothing going on. I then went to Shaws Bridge for a wee look and it was like wacky races with people flying round from shaws to minnowburn to Malone House and back again. Anyhow, sat

*enise543319 hours ago *ocksucker1761

I have got a wedding dress and would love this to happen to me!

*ill Surrey TV922 hours ago *enimbasquecd
wank tribute

I love it when people tell me they have cum over my pics, gets me so horny

*hestertvboy2022 hours ago *enimbasquecd
role play fun - uncle


*igbuff1824 hours ago *reasemonkey
threesome fantasy


*oyboy1801324 hours ago *reasemonkey
My cousin big dick

I went to an all boys school with our own pool and all boys all ages swam naked so snorkelling around the edge of the pool one behind the other, the sight of cock balls and arse was one of the highlights of school.

*renchy Bi121 day ago *antyman11
Todays cinema fun...

taboo is the place, 90, park street, brum.

*ocksuckingman251 day ago *rumb26

Hummm nice story ! Just like more details...

*hoeburyness21 day ago *renchy Bi
Fantasy outfit

Black calf length skirt over black heeled knee boots or riding boots, hold-up stockings and black PVC corset - Oh yes!!

*ornybicdslut1241 day ago *lphaprocyon
Still wanting to try my fantasy out

Really into the thought having my first time with a white/english guy. I really want to try out my fantasy of going round someones house and having a drink. leading to a hot oily massage on the bed then being laid on my back with my head over the

*ndianChubb11 day ago *ndianChubb
The Cable Guy

Would like that too happen too me x

*ocksucker198271 day ago *suck
Taxi Driver Experiences

err nasher lol

*andandan11141 day ago *ariajonestv
samantha goes for a walk in the woods

Niiiiice :-)

*iss_Samantha_Lovecock91 day ago *ungfor69
Wanking off in other guys undies.

Love to wank in some one else jocks then put them on and Fuck his arse with all the cum round my balls.

*laret26251 day ago *exmeup80
first gloryhole

Vast majority of the holes in the toilets I used to visit weren't big enough to use for cock fun, but was so good to watch through. And when you found one that was big enough, and willing people...oh yes...

*oorknob31 day ago *inudistdad
Workmen stories

Need a few odd jobs doing around the house. I'm not far from Doncaster. Perhaps you'll catch me naked. Message me if interested

*1451 day ago *octorwords
Who's masturbating right now?

Wanking my length now having been reading various sections of the forum, and harder now since reading that about graffiti a couple of posts up, always loved reading it in toilets when I was just starting my sexual adventures.

*ascal0181501 day ago *inudistdad
rimming top lads


*241 day ago *PWinchester
kinkiest fantasy

Tied up and totally helpless while a group of guys fuck my arse and mouth, cum in my face and mouth, and all over me, and being on webcam and watched by loads of others. Another one is to be a totally submissive for a guy/s even to the point of

*141 day ago *f7bottom
Fantasy turns reality

Great story, more please Guess you're in a minority in liking this, but thanks for your feedback xx Its the way you portrayed the nervousness and danger of the whole experience and the fact that I would have loved it to happ

*atBottomBear41 day ago *f7slut
Really TV

I watched it last night.

*ustjols31 day ago *atnbi
Daddy for dirty roleplay

Anyone out there want to play

*iggertrigger22 days ago *iggertrigger

Plenty of tractors down here,can't say I've had sex in/on one though but wouldn't mind someone harvesting my seeds from the field *-)

*ich810062 days ago *inger
Cycling and panties

went out yesterday no action at all ah well guess a seriously unfit can hardly breath look isnt what ppl go for lol

*artinhaswood312 days ago *ara_bolton

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