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sex with wife / gf whilst wearing stockings bra and knickers

Me and my wife used to both dress up and fuck but she too has grown out of it I'd luv to the same with a guy

*dressertart2516 minutes ago *bzbill

I like the idea of being sucked off by both a guy and a girl.

*ylons12342 hours ago *l_monkey
pervy dirty chat

Im into dirty/kinky stuff :p

*woguysfororal116 hours ago *otandhornyv2

Great horny experience last night , chatting to a guy on here who was out cruising . Got horny as hell but couldn't accom ( partner at home , got a flat on cleethorpes seafront so he drove over and parked up watching and wanking as I gave him an

*ace217 hours ago *ace2
wearing sexy udies while at work

mmm love wearing hold-ups and panties/thong under my suit to work. I used to wear stockings and suspenders until I think one of the office girls spotted the outline of the suspender clip through my trousers xxx Hold ups are just as good xxx[

*uzyxd1618 hours ago *hemaligfreund
Rip Off Tale Seasons End

Tommy wakes early as ever the sun straming through the bedroom window didnt have the expected warmth it told Tommy that his summer was nearly over . What a summer it had been he thought back to that first week but could hardly recall a single

*toryteller19 hours ago *toryteller
Cut & Blowjob

I once sat in my barber's chair with cape over my front and covering my hands which were on the he cut away at my hair he moved around to the side of the chair and he pressed against the armrest and my hand with his groin. I could

*eganAgain2014210 hours ago *lexible friend
Have you ever wet yourself by accident or on purpose

I love pissing myself. Feels so warm and naughty *-)

*igbits2710 hours ago *omoseksual
Rip off Tale Three Weeks Later

The Girls are enjoying the benifits of the boys working for them still being paid by the site although they would now admit to being full time pimps. Shopping sprees these days involved two days trawling the very best stores at Manchesters Arndale

*toryteller4510 hours ago *toryteller

i cant say how old i was but got caught when i was wankling on thr common by two guys they came over with their cocks out and hard and told me to suck them which i did but while i was sucking one the other pulled my tropusers down then pushed his

*ack smythe111 hours ago *ack smythe

i remember when i got caught I was out in the woods in my local cruising area with an older guy. I was sucking him off and he turned around for me to rim his ass, when i saw a guy watching us, i could see he was getting hard because he kept rub

*aturelovea611 hours ago *iguydani
The Cellar

Wow fantastic

*irstoy712 hours ago *bzbill
hide your panties for me (leeds)

hi sexy i have got a bag of panties we could do a swap x

*5513 hours ago *azzram
Rip Off Continued

Poor clive. :-)

*toryteller17418 hours ago *ukkakeboi12
A new wonderful experience

I'd love to hear of your experiences, I'm always looking for new ways to experience intense sexual pleasure

*unwithcocks218 hours ago *unwithcocks
Trannys who like their bottoms smacked

I do love being spanked xx

*14218 hours ago *oldfox
womans nix

today the youngest one ,thin thinks she is great.left her used nix in her bag then went to work,,i took them into the lav,,tossed in 4 seconds,,chewing her gussets ,, knees hurt $-)then in the pm,wanked in 32year olds clean nix,and watched her

*i50hants819 hours ago *i50hants

Oh yeah... all about being an underage gay porn star in the mid 70's (I was 19, don't call Barnardo's!). Too long to tell on here, but is a good pillow chat subject. O:-)

*dventurousbiguy220 hours ago *ockStrapDaddy
Cum eating

You can if you like. Either scoop it up in your hand and lick it, or cum in a glass and drink it. Much better to take someone else's cock in your mouth, suck them off and swallow; like going to the brewery tap! :-p

*ewbie2122220 hours ago *ockStrapDaddy

Gardener in Harrogate if anyone needs there bush seeing to!

*mthgay12321 hours ago *illiam81
Plymouth Wank Club

just seen this - im in too!

*lymouthboy261 day ago *dmiral 46
Taxi Drivers?

looking for a cab driver in tunbridge wells message me.

*andandan1701 day ago *om tun
Cruising turned naughty

Wow! hot story mate!

*veragejoeuk32 days ago *dventurousbiguy

Fuck you are a dirty daddy I'm rock hard!!! I need that attention!!!

*ETDOWNANDBEGBOY132 days ago *punkmonkey69
Late night unload

Hehe thanks i don't blame anyone for using me x

*rannyfag42 days ago *rannyfag
Cock worship/cumslut "hypno tapes"

I don't need any hypno tape's to convince me how much I love and worship cock! *-)

*ilthyFuckSlut52 days ago *onjo
nappy piss fun

Yes please would like that very much so...

*anxd2312 days ago *ellissimo

take a look at Thorini, wow what a classy, sexy looking lady! ;-)

*uckyboi123412 days ago *uckyboi1234

Any Gloryholes in the Cardiff area. Would really love to check one out and get my mouth filled with spunk

*uk22212 days ago *uk222
Good time with the tailor

more pls

*avy man 192 days ago *enzone
meets with truckers

I love hearing about meets with truckers. My bf is a trucker and has had lots.of fun.over the years maybe by some of you who play with truckers. Usually he calls me to listen in on the action which is amazing fun. And if he has had a good

*woguysfororal32 days ago *woguysfororal

anyone know where i can get a free massage in boro

*12 days ago *
The City of Quebec Pub in London

was in on monday lunch time ish and was about 5 other people in

*eter Glaze392 days ago *urbostar
Am I the only one whole loves the feel of wearing Rubber

I have a leather harness I very rarely wear but would like to meet a guy who would appreciate it on me.

*ols56562 days ago *orth London Guy
Full naked body massage

love to give you a full body massage

*kippy9922 days ago *onnie Jones

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