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Faggot Training

Love it so far!

*ockpleaser61 hour ago *ranny__lover
Not really a story, but....

I love being called slut etc. I sooooo get off on being verbally abused during sex.

*ocksuckingman125 hours ago *ayMan007
First time spit roasted

The section is “stories & fantasies “ so does it matter

*176 hours ago *eorge500x
doorstep challenge

more response from fab site guys have enjoyed it got some nice pants to swop

*oole.guy3012 hours ago *oole.guy
Would love an old man to play with ;)

I have just left my playing to an older guy i know, i am 52 and he is 65 and wow he really knows what to do with cock and loves it. I stopped the quick meets and just sace my cum for him. If you have not tried an older guy then please do it.

*eencockforolder812 hours ago *ikinkyhusband
Oldest guy you've been with?

Wanked off by an 83yr old and received assorted Spanking/Punishment from him many times all at his place.

*osh12211316 hours ago *ntrakota
Anal Cherry,Who and How?

In a hotel down in Milton Keynes area about a year ago. I have been having oral/wanking or topping meets for roughly 10 years, but had been thinking about trying being bottom, just to see if it was something I would like really. The previous few

*onnylikesitall4618 hours ago *antiemanUK
Fantasy video, city road.

yeah it is a shame i remember having my first foursome in here, went into the corridor with a guy that had been following me from the big cinema through the fire exit in the left hand cinema we started kissing then fucking, people walked by or

*ravis774320 hours ago *ravis77
panty fun

I have two sd's their panties drove me wild used to use them all the time. Both are stunning and so sexy. Unfortunately tge supply has dried up as they've moved out i still have 2 pairs of the older ones and one of the youngers. Still use them for

*erv232375722 hours ago *ave37
First time BBC

read this on literotica, totally fake *-)

*ittbott723 hours ago *oebear
Cock on cock

Been a while since I had the chance to go cock2cock but it is a lovely feeling, especially with a drop of lube too.

*ockhungrycow121 day ago *igknobby
Being prepared

i aways carry lube never lube before there is some erotic about being lubed by a guy or lubing soe one exploring that hole of pleasure

*atiecumslut51 day ago *de67
Biggest Cock

nice big cock.

*it Chef881 day ago *ndies4me

That sort something out

*etworkjohn71 day ago *necell
Taxi driver

Got a taxi back home after visiting a sauna at 3am , the driver asked me what kind of club it was as he had seen a cpl of tvs coming out. Told him it was a gay club and he gave me a quizzical look. we chatted more about it and i could see he was

*al123111 day ago *illanihole
navy blue or bottle green

love pantie girdles has well has tight gym knicks navy blue dont offer much protection from the cane

*inson57632 days ago *pankerwanker
Small cock

I love any cock that goes up me but I most enjoy the thinner ones that don't try to split my tight arse. A 7 or 8inch not too fat is my perfect fuck.

*702 days ago *illie0013
Dads best friend...

Much more happened.....I remember it all with pleasure.

*teveleeky782 days ago *earnelg
Do you older gents like being sucked?

As an older guy, I must say that I do love to be orally pleasured by any guy but especially by another mature guy. 8-) 8-) 8-)

*regorysmithson1132 days ago *umBanditXXX
Regular cock

Try me

*ant5732 days ago *ames deep
First love

want to hear more

*irginslut32 days ago *de67
Chem fun

Whai is Chen Fun? This makes me wanna get Chinese eyed!!! It is ok to say that here isn't it? O:-)

*ylon poppers fun62 days ago *etssee5
Truth or dare

Lv to know how this is gonna a lil cock slut

*issyamy182 days ago *lut tvjess...
Naked Driving

Looking forward to warmer weather and driving naked again...enjoy the freedom and risk of being seen.

*653 days ago *icklover
Driving Dressed

I’m hopefully out next Tuesday and I’m so looking forward to it, first time for a few weeks I will be able to indulge in full dress up, boots, stockings, suspender belt, French satin knickers, basque, bobbed wig make up, loads of bright lippy, not

*creamer683 days ago *odgycd
Gay clubs

Does anything happen in gay clubs, I have a huge fantasy of hooking up with a guy in one so would love to hear any stories people might have and also if anyone is interested in helping me fulfill my fantasy (London only) Londo

*ornyBoy456943 days ago *antsbilad
White Van Man

And thankfully True ........ Happy days!!

*outhportdad43 days ago *outhportdad
Briefs (pants) or boxers?

boxers normally but commando or panties when i can

*ascal0181083 days ago *de67
My first time

He probably felt the guys belly lying on his arse cheeks as he was being fucked

*ornyBoy4569124 days ago *utitinmybum

All on this site obviously love anal , I presume, however it,s just as good with a woman , let’s face it the most appealing thing is the bum is tighter than a fanny, by a long way , much. More sexy and can be squeezed to make it even tighter, ohhhh

*avid9311114 days ago *avid93111
Huge balls

my balls sometimes swell and I have trouble walking but my man has big dangly balls which I love I get him on the bed on all fours so I get to see all his glory balls arse and cock great view he bought me a paddle so I could spank him so I span

*ravelboy384 days ago *tsuptoyou
Getting caught!

I was caught with a older married man, as I did not know him only as a married man. I wore black corset, matching thrills knickers, stockings and my 4in high heels, sporting shoulder length blonde bob style hair over the top my sleeveless play suit.

*804 days ago *immyt
when your wife finds one of your skirts

Did she wear the microskirt after she had washed it? I too am lucky in that I'm allowed to dress in femme clothes when I want, my wife even buys for me. She says my legs look really good in stockings.

*de6794 days ago *aul vercobrix
out in the woods

I arranged a meet once where I looked away from the road while a van pulled up behind me I got in he drove of while I striped naked put on a blindfold till he stopped came in the back tied me up fucked and abused me then untied me got out and

*ottomTwink415 days ago *ikkisub

Up for a trade or pm for more

*rake95 days ago *arlisledude

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