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Old woman

Sounds perfect, Id love to find an old woman like that

*601 hour ago *ooner48
Gay Treasure Island Chapter 4

had a few problems posting this so I've had to redact a few sentences. Hope it doesn't spoil your enjoyment. Jack xxx Chapter 4 Mother was waiting anxiously for my return and made her worry about my lateness clear in no uncertain terms. I mol

*asperJ12 hours ago *asperJ
Sexin a pub

If you see my profile this is what I’m waiting for, to be groped in my panties in a pub

*aul235343 hours ago *ornypanties

Reminds me of when I was a horny 17 year old virgin many years ago working as a courier, I must have wanked 3, 4,5 times a day. Dropped a parcel in an office block went into the toilets to let one guy and a head popped under the door, young stupid

*AVE445564 hours ago *nterestingtimes2
bank job ?


*9al213 hours ago *evn7
The Butler

Colin was rampant and ready, condom on and straight in, and Tracey's man cunt opened like it was well used to being fucked. Colin went for it pounding away with a variety of long and short strokes and Tracey loved it. Steadily Colin banged away

*emused7215 hours ago *emused
Smooth or Hairy Arses - What's your preferences?

I will rim either especially if ordered to do it or the guy I am sucking just turns around and pushes his bum in my face but given the option I prefer a nice pert smooth arse to explore with my tongue.MMmm! So looking forward to getting the taste of

*elano Jones14016 hours ago *oodserviceguy

Absolutely love this Says he twitching Look forward to further episodes

*hrislikesmen2619 hours ago *pic52
Older male feet

I love seeing older guys in the beach, near the pool relaxing and what makes feel excited about is their bare feet. I love seeing their soles. My fantasy is about licking and sniffing them as it’s a huge turn on for me. Smooth and soft ones are my

*ongweaver120 hours ago *ongweaver
A new story (to this forum)

Wow this is a fabulous story more please xx

*hrislikesmen1220 hours ago *usansilkysubcd

Man on the couch So I was back to searching on line for male massause again I needed my fix all though I have lots of mates and can usually get some sex Evey day this addiction was driving me I seem to spend hours trolling the net looking for a fi

*rimme11521 hours ago *exvanman1
Naked Wrestling

I'd love to get involved in this too, if only there was a club that ran this as a fetish night n.. oily naked guys Greco Roman wrestling ... love wrestling porn too

*arty13222 hours ago *hickcutdick
Gay Treasure Island Chapter 3

Sorry folks, I can't post chapter 2. Apparently it contains words or descriptions that are unacceptable. So, we skip to chapter 3.....Enjoy! Chapter 3 I fell asleep again after my wank and slept late, and only falling out of bed when it was time

*asperJ11 day ago *asperJ
best ever PORN

Nice link, big knobby :-)

*onmidlands132 days ago *evn7
Bumping into people you’ve cruised/cottages with.

Ok so I was wondering if people had bumped into guys they’ve hooked up with while cruising of cottaging. Here my story: So I was 18 it was the summer and my gf had dumped me at the beginning of the summer rather than have the summer together and

*ravis7712 days ago *ravis77

That's a one of my fantasies, let in to my house a post man, cleaner or other guy with some house profession who will flirt with me and fuck my hole ...

*male32 days ago *ucasNewToThis

When I'm in my cage everything is too small to swing....

*tevieJ42 days ago *low
Gay Treasure Island Chapter 1

A Gay Treasure Island Written by Jack Wentworth & Inspired by R L Stephenson Cover image courtesy of: Mazartemka of Free Digital Photos. Dedication This story is dedicated to all the guys who like a story about bare chested muscular

*asperJ12 days ago *asperJ
Gay Treasure Island

Knowing that we can't meet up at the moment, I thought some wanking material might be a welcome change from the dross on television. So, tomorrow I will be posting a chapter from my latest book "A Gay Treasure Island" shortly. I read the original

*asperJ12 days ago *asperJ
Making love or getting fucked?

just get me bollock naked and fuck me till your balls slap my arse You're quite the poet! I'd love to read your work! :-) :-) :-)

*562 days ago *atinesque

It began to rain in the afternoon. I thought of doing something I hadn’t done for a few weeks. I removed all my clothes, pulled on my very tall rubber waders, put on my thick unlined vinyl hooded cagoule, zipped it up the front placed a ball gag in

*lipee372 days ago *hinymac
My Genuine need

I’ve had a long term fantasie which is now a real need for me, as a very sub sometimes cross dresser who is happier wearing my latex pants with a built in vagina. ( I can’t show these as I’m not allowed to have them in my photographs ) ( I can send

*otal sub12 days ago *otal sub
House Cleaner

I have just added it to my profile that I offer cleaning service for any gentleman that needs it, and to take care of his any of these personal needs

*enise5472 days ago *iss sally.pvc
My sub training

I nervously went upstairs, he went off to the lounge and I go to the room, it was cold, I did as I was told I stripped off to my underwear, and waited, could feel my cock pushing against the cage getting excited but it hurt so soon the erection or

*ocksy1333 days ago *ocksy
First time spit roasted

God damn, love the stories

*324 days ago *rewise
pubic hair

I was once tempted to shave, but happy that I didn't. One day it might come back in fashion

*innbar221744 days ago *view
Used by a group of dirty old men

I am also in the section of people who would love to be used by a group of older guys.I am in Newcastle if anyone is interested

*angbangme26484 days ago *ontius
Older mature females can be sexy

My wife is older than me randy as fuck cannot get enough of it,love to watch porno films bbc in honkies is her favourite,.

*enora69504 days ago *abber44
Chance Encounter

smartarse69 I'm in the middle of writing 'plaything' at the moment. if you liked this you will definitely like that

*hrislikesmen74 days ago *hrislikesmen

Great fantasy. Shared by many on here I'm sure, but too risky ( BB ) for me.

*avid9311124 days ago *issypaul
wife and stranger

Erotic stories. My wife used to enjoy a big black. Also group. Have a peek at a blog I put on here a few years ago. He still visits for a weekend but only a few times a year. When he visits it all about them. I get to watch once only. I do get the

*1714 days ago *ohnjohn111
on cam

I met two men on fabguys who asked to come to my house,i showered and got dressed and made up, when they arrived we went into the lounge aand sat chatting for a while, they explained that the elder one,"Peter" liked being sucked and wanted to fuck

*ld queen14 days ago *ld queen
Dirty underwear

I have sent quite a few pairs of briefs to guys on here and other sites, normally just ask for a few photos to be posted here.

*ulldean45 days ago *illy54
First sauna experience

Mmmm, being the only bottom in a sauna full of tops is my idea of heaven xx

*homdean75 days ago *martarse69
panty find

would love to hear the details LouLou, what colour / material / style were they?

*535 days ago *hemaligfreund

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