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Thought for the day

would love a guy who can go more than once

*GED 51 NOT 3326 minutes ago *teffiegray
home made porno

Im up for being filmed xx

*alsallboyforit996 minutes ago *d for older
your ultimate fantasy with me

I'd tie you up and ride you! I might make you wear a pair of my stockings and high heels whilst I did it! You would be blindfolded! xxxx I like the sound of that :*) :-) xx *-)

*ndyBath73 hours ago *urious1stTime
Rip Off Continued

Go on Tommy, swallow that hot load. Think he also gonna get a couple more cocks as well.

*toryteller1193 hours ago *havlover

Its that special moment ! your cocks stiff your balls need relief and the bloods drained from your brain. Fuck the condom bugger the guy quick we understand xx. Anyway i wouldnt overly concern yourself if you could watch your spunk dribble out

*ickbutt23 hours ago *toryteller
two cocks

one each end is best :-D

*1mon44 hours ago *im Bob

Any guys in here ever been in princess quay toilets and met someone with their cock under the stall? Would love to go and suck some juicy cock!

*lumToe14 hours ago *lumToe
wankin with pantys

I love wanking with stolen panties. :*) *-)

*jayjay2224 hours ago *aucyfarmer2
sweat fetish?

Love sweaty pits...and a hairy sweaty crack

*54 hours ago *entplatinum
Southey Wood - Lost Property

This is a lost property alert - I was innocently walking through the woods today with my top off enjoying the breeze around my chest, and sometimes removed my shorts as well to get the full benefit of air circulation around parts of my body that do

*rion6115 hours ago *rion61
Open bottom girdles and corselettes who wears them

wish a guy in east lincs wud give me one to wear for him ,ime horny thinking about it , :-O $-)

*aturechubb646 hours ago *ree and easy
sex in Jamaica

Hot as hell here in my garden, sitting in the sun remembering good times past, and playing with my own nipples, after having taken some new phots this morning - hopefully to meet someone here locally who enjoys FUCKING *-)

*198 hours ago *tephan52
How to seduce a taxi driver?

Can any1 pm me where the Portsmouth gay bars/clubs/meeting places are please and thanks in advance

*tylesTeeth119 hours ago *ewbie8
just been to touch sauna swindon

sounds like a good time. I might go next week thanks to this post

*mallcock44410 hours ago *i-and-curious
Rimming younger lads

Young guy here lookin to have my sexy ass eaten and then fucked! In Bristol, message if interested x

*13010 hours ago *oungtslover
Mummy for first time sissy boys

Lots of naughty messages about this - I'll be playing online again tonight, if anyone else wants to chat?

*ophiebelle210 hours ago *ophiebelle
hole opener?

wax candles are easy to find ir buy and easy to reshape even if you don't have your own workshop. Start with party candles and work up to hand crafted altar candles. Trouble with candles is they singe the hairs on your arse just bef

*uv ur cum3011 hours ago *orderguard

Maybe sometime I like to do BB $-)

*BLover815 hours ago *lut katey 4u
'Bi' cycling

Hampshire Basingstoke area I would be up for as " a club"

*7823 hours ago *ewbie8
Night fishing

Having been chatting with someone online for a couple of weeks we agreed to met when it suited us both. The evening came and he gave me instructions to wear my little cammi dress, stockings and heels. The postcode was a nice quiet spot, it turned

*erbyslad923 hours ago *eckyheels69
Swimming pool showers

I am quite submissive and for a dare followed a Masters instruction to visit the sauna as normal then when I went to the shower room I laid out my clothing which included a pair of obvious pink older guy (Im mid 50's and he was

*itchin332124 hours ago *acyboy
surprise meet

How did it feel when he fucked you?

*hris19651324 hours ago *ingerfox60

I wud love to be a guys sub boi and be trained fully wish I lived closer to u

*ETDOWNANDBEGBOY41 day ago *ubboy7273

I know taxi drivers are not always the most fit of men but I still have a thing for them.I would love to be driven round in my mini skirt and stockings sat in the back seat providing a free blow job for all the taxi passengers. The driver would

*oncontv11 day ago *oncontv
Old Man Fantasy

I am Bi married but have a thing for old men. I am a sub, love being used and especially turned on by roleplay and nasty fantasy. I have tried a couple of meets before including a roleplay where a guy made me pay off my debt as he saw fit.

*imiVentura11 day ago *imiVentura
wifes/ gilfriends

She could play with me anytime or sit on my face whyle you suck my cock

*ollyman71 day ago *oedirty3
Visit to the porn cinema

Heading to London for three days mid week on the 4th. Does anyone know of a club cinema to meet up with older TV's or crossdressers?

*asyrumple481 day ago *opsey
Barbers / Haircut Fetish

check out ukhotjocks clip.... hope u like my barbershop. ;-)

*wguyuk491 day ago *raffitiblue
Crawley cumwhore

0758*****30... [register free to see phone numbers]

*tr84cock31 day ago *ovedup7

its hot aint it fingering the ass as your shooting a load off, did you finger the hairy ass chav that you've been sniffing all day,

crotch watching....

I love watching young guys run past me in shorts. I always find myself guessing if their wearing undies or not, cocks wildly loving side to side is the give away to say no undies. Love it.

*kippy99211 day ago *nnalslut2013
Getting wife involved

Hang on a minute! A certain Bi-Male (from a county in East Anglia (no names mentioned)) invites himself to a MMF 3some, doesn't get his own way and responds by casting doubt and criticism on the forum for all to see. Now where have I seen tha

*onesy39241 day ago *ccasional-Dick
What clothing makes you horny?

Jock straps

*ols1761 day ago *.norfolk
Bristol sauna elite retreat

Always best to just walk through the door and see what is on offer, maybe the chance of someone else being there looking for the same thing as you are, naked fun !

*az_lewis21 day ago *lley52cat
panty swap

Anyone Newcastle area to do this. Have good collection of borrowed knickers

*ndymac1966171 day ago *ottonboi

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