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4. Tatts Rising

Another brilliantly written episode. Nice to see writing that seems to come out of experience rather than fantasising. It's got the taste of real life.

*spley225 minutes ago *ikkjel.dag
o ring mouth gag

Yes seen some advertised. An o ring shaped like a pair of lips.Thought about buying one for the same reason.

*dressertart236 minutes ago *appybiuk

Mmm yes a cheesy cock is ace. I consider it one of my five a day.

*oodguy68651 minutes ago *ohnnypolarbear
Fiddlers Hill

Great story.

*spley143 hours ago *ingerdudeuk
Middle Walk

Should have added I only moved into the street 2 weeks ago

*ouldbeme26 hours ago *ouldbeme

I was offered a role in a film..and ive said yes...gonna arrange to meet a guy and he wil bring 5 guys to gangbang me like a fuck slut..he said he wil film me gettin used..passed around and covered in spunk..mmmmmmm..cant wait..

*amesnorthants338 hours ago *lut tvjess...
Being seeded

Its almost 50 years since I was bare back fucked, but I still remember back to the first time I had cum shot up inside me and the feeling of submission also having to thank the guy. Guys would often use me when their wives or girlfriends would not

*ivine413 hours ago *ass65
Local hill fun

I am at bison hill a lot if anyone wants to meet xx

*ex597914 hours ago *amela
How do u clean out your ass

try a soft bristle bottle brush with lots of warm water.i bought a good quality brush from boots

*16815 hours ago *onjj
A birthday present for hubby

Has anyone ever wanted to be the birthday present for a husband? I imagine myself being the sex toy to be used and fucked etc by a husband whilst his wife watches, encourages and possibly gets involved with a strap on so that I'm used and fucked by

*ivine116 hours ago *ivine
Fantasise about old men so much

Me too I fantasise about older and retired men just using me often. I imagine a few older guys who are friends just using me fir sex regularly. They pass me around amongst themselves and I must do and perform as they request. When they've finished

*eencockforolder218 hours ago *ivine
whats it like being spit roasted

It is a fantasy of mine to be spit roasted by up to four older or retired men. Id like to suck each one in turn and they each fuck and enjoy my ass until they're all sated. Each one fucking me while I'm sucking and getting the next one hard. When

*azzamoore15118 hours ago *ivine
blow job tips

Always good to suck a dominant guy! Like it when they get close to cumming and hold my head tight so I cant move and push their cock deep to my throat. Then hearing them moan and knowing im about to feel hot wads of sperm in my throat. God!

*nnocent4218 hours ago *asonHorn

I just got throat f**ked for 20 minutes straight. I had watched a porn video of that happening to a woman and it's one of my favourites and I always fantasised it was me but having experienced it myself, my jaw is still aching. The first 5 minutes

*ockslave4u119 hours ago *ockslave4u
Facefucked by a stranger

I walk into a pitch black room in the greenhouse sauna in Luton. I can hear heavy breathing and the sound of slurping, someone is sucking cock. I stand and listen for a while then I hear a voice say, " cum here and help me suck him off, I have been

*ickall69120 hours ago *ickall69

Have recently started wearing tights,stockings,body stockings etc as was requested to do so by a guy I met. I now find it a real turn on and find a lot of guys enjoy my pics. Only do it if requested or to take some recent photos

*5722 hours ago *utitinmybum
Cinema Trip

Am off to see Lego Batman this afternoon. I'm hoping this is all part of the Lego Batman experience ;)

*quirlymatt723 hours ago *ustpassing
Pleasing a dirty old man

dirty old men are the best, know what they want and just go for it... any in essex / herts? steve

*arkHolloway17324 hours ago *tevethomas757
Real Heavy Cummers

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm love a heavy cummer

*lbert Ross471 day ago *MMA_TS_47
Business Trip

This is a fantasy, fogot to say :-p

*ithere9331 day ago *ithere93
Smell of cock

Me too. I love the smell of spunk as well

*opple21 day ago *ike young
Saunas on cruise ships

i was recently on a cruise with my wife, it was interesting. I went to the gym for couple of hours, then into sauna. A guy came in and his towel hardly covered his cock. Then he let it slip, every few mins he stroked his cock, i pretended i wa

*urreyguy1960371 day ago *urreyguy1960
sex toys and strange objects

I once tried the large wooden bed knob! Plenty of lube on the bed post knob, slowly lowered myself onto it, no photos of thts bed anymore only tried it couple of times as it stretched me too far! UNLOS - not surprised: he was prob

*kippy99381 day ago *ikkjel.dag
Bushes near jesus green cambridge swimming pool

Is it worthed nowdays to go to jesus green

*D5728462 days ago *D57284
When sparks fly

Could well be a metaphor: nothing to stop poets posting.

*spley122 days ago *ikkjel.dag
cum on cock and swallow

got to try that sometime both ways.

*oodfun1532 days ago *oyme

Indeed! If anyone wants me to come over and expose let me know :)

*iscreet.4.Same42 days ago *iscreet.4.Same

AHHHH! That reminds me of so many Thai massages

*avid9311122 days ago *ottager1953
used knickers

Oh how jolly a knicker party have not been to one of those since leaving The Cheltenham Ladies College, oh the memories. $-) $-) $-) $-) $-)

*antymanxdresser92 days ago *he Blue Knight
Gloryhole fantasty.

Wish i lived near you

*r sucks62 days ago * love fun
watching the wife get fucked

Years ago I had the offer of a threesome with a mate and his girlfriend but I didn't take them up on it as I didn't want to risk harming our friendship. I am glad that I didn't have sex with them but I would like to try it with a couple I don't know

*riankk1102 days ago *ndyBath
Castle Cary

Only once. I was heading home from London to Exeter. The train stopped at Castle Cary station. It was about 9pm in the winter. I was the only one on the platform and it was freezing. My next train was 40 minutes away so I popped to the toilet

*quirlymatt12 days ago *quirlymatt
other guys worn underwear

Still waiting for someone who will seriously send me their used underwear

*ndyhants143 days ago *ndyhants1
Old women

oh yes older yum yum ...with a nice big pair of boobs ...mmmm

*oe Browne303 days ago *ampus
My desire


*ickall6923 days ago *ew toy

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