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pissing panties

Wetting yourself in bed is one of the greatest pleasures. The whole process of carefully packing your special pissing panties with lots of absorbent padding, the smell, the feeling and the sound of the tight plastic over-knickers; making sure your

*usan xd6727 minutes ago *syoulikedit

I class myself as straight, but slightly curious. (I know this is going to set the labellers off) me and a mate (who is also straight) wank off together, we do not touch each other or anything, but we wank next to each other and watch each

*ob79561 hour ago *herry picker
Taxi driver

Definitely doing this next time I get a taxi. It's my ultimate fantasy

*uck yer lollypop42 hours ago *icklishlad
mens changing rooms

Such a shame that so many changing rooms are mainly cubicles nowadays, and those that aren't seem to have queues waiting to use any cubicles that are there. Nudity seemed to be the norm as I grew up, it seems to be aged 30 or under that are

*leasyfunguy243 hours ago *din4younger
Suspenders Surprise

Yes a great story.

*eterreed144 hours ago *taffordbiguy
Does wife know your bi ?

She don't know. But I wish she would tell me one day that she'd love to see me with another guy. I'd be arranging meets every night. I'd so love to be licking her pussy while a guy was fucking me

*rithguy375 hours ago *ickleic
Make me a girl

Any guys out there wanna help make me a girl? Make up wigs nails the works, and you can have a sexy girly boy to drop a load in ;) inbox me asap, Im eager to start a new slutty life lol Where in Essex are you?

*umSoakedBallSucker46 hours ago *limDagger
Men with nice cars

Looking for escort 1.2 rear axle n differential (or something with similar gearing).... building an 1100 V4 trike! Bloody scrap yards must be full of them.....

*1156 hours ago *obbo-bi1
Crossdressers and sugar daddies!!

Hmm.. Been thinking recently, and my new fantasy involves being daddy's little cd girl. The money to have a specialist team to pamper me, make me over to be his special beautiful girl...mmmmm...this stemmed from a dream i had recently, having being

*azeeboi17 hours ago *azeeboi
am i the only guy who likes the taste of my own cum

I love my own spunk, why let it go to waste? I always think about the 1st bloke that made me suck him off he said he would not cum in my mouth but his two mates stood round the back of me cracking jokes and commenting on the virgin sissy will lean

*1747 hours ago *ockchick
What's your "safe" word???

Can be difficult if your gagged as well hehehe.

*lexible friend68 hours ago *obbo-bi1
who has the tastiest cock in Harlow

I would come mmmmmmmmmmmm

*arlow suck79 hours ago *aulj9248
Open bottom girdles and corselettes who wears them

I find them so sexy to wear,my mum had three Playtex ones when i was a teen.

*aturechubb10610 hours ago *anet22
being watched

I'd be happy to watch you...

*ndyBath6810 hours ago *limfitmatureguy
Spunky kiss

love a mouth full of cum after he has licked my pantie clad arse out after fucking me hard and deep

*airy fairy3712 hours ago *odie1

Love to flashlight a guy as I'm fucking him

*aul612613 hours ago *ustrel
How do you cottage?

Toilets are a good place to meet but once you've met someone whose interested its best to go somewhere else for sex . I met a guy today in our local toilets ,i made it obvious i wanted to suck him so he took me across the road to his office !

*raig26713 hours ago *f7bottom
first cottaging sucking experience

Oh wow, Steve, what a lucky slut you were....more details please on your use by those guys....I am so fucking jealous

*arthur1314 hours ago *acyboy
Restrained and Milked

i would love to give this a go always been a fantasy of mine would go for the blindfold as well imagine its very intense and exciting

*onHot1921 hours ago *eycock
How many sexual partners

Couldn't possibly say (probably because I can't remember)..........but some more memorable than others .....see above (rogue trooper). O:-)

*unny693821 hours ago *red59
Who has the Cofidence buy lingerie from the high street

Have done it a few times never bothered me but always been for wife :-|

*hrisA35015522 hours ago *lana
a straight guys fantasy

My fantasy, ..... I arrange for an electrician to come fit a light in my loft, I make him a coffee and bring it up to the loft. I find him naked stroking a big hard cock. He offers to give me the slowest and lightest blowjob ever with teasing tongue

*uckmeslowly12311 day ago *uckmeslowly123
First time anal

I was a young guy around 22 years, Myself And my first Wife used to go through to Edinburgh to her Gay Uncle's every Weekend he had a young Lover called Steven. I used to go through every Friday myself and capture any females that came back to

*ari31 day ago *inkfud
My first few meets

Think we know what happened next ...

*ercurious291 day ago *mersham
panties I wore today

I wear panties as much as pants for every day use. My favourites are an every day pair with thin blue and white stripes and pink edging - edging oooh, nickers nockers nackers, fill ya boots ,woah go on lad. sorry.

*161 day ago *stringpete
How do u clean out your ass

Have a dump, then use the shower hose pressed against your hole and let some warm water fill you, hold it for a minute or so and let it go. Do that 2 or 3 times and always clean after that. Never had any complaints

*1351 day ago *oonbuggy

"Story" being the main word there Memorize :-) :-) Well it seems like it's just that :-D

*ullmoon51 day ago *emorize The Elements
Workmen stories

I'm in cheadle near Stockport looking for some quotes for some building work with extras anyone around

*1701 day ago *avebi67
Beautiful cocks

hows my looking :-)

*umswallow2741 day ago *dge73
my fantasy/older men

Defo would luv it too

*teve6741 day ago *teve67

Would u let a tv xd dress u then make u there slut. just one of my fantasy i wont to turn in to a reality. Eney tvs xd intrested

*iWankandsuck12 days ago *iWankandsuck
Group fun

what a lovely idea ,love to get invite

*lutyboi22 days ago *atchless
Naked Wrestling

wow just watched some wrestling porn mmm it's hot would love to lose a match

*arty602 days ago *avesub 1000
Spanking in London

Looking to get some spanking happy to travel

*natidaephobia192 days ago *laveboypaul
Spanked by my "Uncle"

In the late 70's i used to help an uncle tend his garden, weeding, mowing, pruning etc. He wasn't a real uncle, just an old guy down the road that my mother used to refer to as "Uncle Frank". When helping him he would often say that i had done som

*otal bottom12 days ago *otal bottom

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