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im going for a pedicure on friday xxxxx

*ovember513 minutes ago *ex kitten
Hairy guys!

Mmmmmm i love to meet hairy arsed men, i love to kneel down in front of a hairy arse and wait to be told how you like your hairy arsehole worshipped or just sit on my face and ride my tongue mmmmm hairy arse, balls and cock mmmm rub your hairy

*505 hours ago *igbigthickcock
Daddy and son roleplay

Anyone wanna roleplay, you be daddy, I Be son, let's get real nasty, send me your number

*lfie Bolt445 hours ago *onnylad22
any video game players about on here

Xbox one - craigy01

*aliguy35816 hours ago *ungryfirst
pissing panties

In nappies, yes :*)

*usan xd256 hours ago *iniondave
best cock pic

Looks great to me! Anyone want to get to grips with mine?

*1137 hours ago *rthur54212
Guy in tights

I lv dressin up..hold ups r my fav. .see my pics and profile

*569 hours ago *lut tvjess...

just love to drink piss, never had piss up me but id love to give it a go

*acetopstockings389 hours ago *pervm
lovely dream

Wow love to hear more ??????

*llide1410 hours ago *yc23
prostate cum

Yes I agree , a cock but not too big and in the spooning position . Agree about size. Best cum I ever had on a cock was doggie position, With 6 " of cock thrusting fully up me, 2 weeks ago. Made my toes curl!!!

*oe Browne611 hours ago *ocksleeve
Sheffield city centre


*hy_in_sheff212 hours ago *hy_in_sheff
Pantie Wanking

happy to let someone use my wifes panties sussex Will she still have them on?

*2513 hours ago *hastitynot
Cock Sounding

Knitting needles, especially those with a hook in the end are good but put vinegar on first to keep the pH right

*ill4551413 hours ago *hastitynot
cock slut

And then discuss French Existentialism, Debussy's use of hole tones and Fast Fourier Transforms. After which they will head-butt you.

*lut tvjess...213 hours ago *hastitynot
warm hand slipped into my panties

want to cum in someones panties to wank you into retired neighbours her cunny scent x

*ature_1514 hours ago *ature_1
am i the only guy who likes the taste of my own cum

am i the only guy who likes the taste of my own cum. is that weird? I don't think so. what do you think I don't know what the taste of your cum is like so i don't know if i would like it.

*14614 hours ago *hastitynot
Cottages / Marble Halls in Liverpool

Seems like they're only but memories.

*umloads916 hours ago *umloads
my dress up fantasy

Sounds great to me. Would love to try this with a hot couple.

*ulie Hastings220 hours ago *i in hamilton
piss fucking

Mmmm yes please. Piss sub here.

*oodguy681720 hours ago *erseysub
my maid fantasy

Loving this ;) xxx

*hestertvboy1423 hours ago *hloetvmids
spitroasted at sauna visit

great story and making me wank hard

*ohnnywantsolder223 hours ago *imbo.999999
First male experience


*leafordBi324 hours ago *urreyguy1960
1st Time Indian Chub Fantasy

Hi everyone joined around a week ago, have a fantasy to be facefucked and also into father son/white daddy sort of role play. Enjoy nipple play as mine are very sensitive. anyone able to help, but please do read my profile as ive had couple o

*airyIndianChub11 day ago *airyIndianChub
My maid fantasy part two

$-) $-) $-)

*hestertvboy31 day ago *hestertvboy
Bukkake face fucked

i'd love to have a group of guys cover my face with cum mmmm

*ssexsub2681 day ago *inkybiguymidsuk

its ok ,,

*ovember41 day ago *penser
Fun in a van

just need a top with a van ,, in nottingham ..

*lcub611 day ago *penser
Sheffield BBC

not quite the BBC I was meaning lol

*hy_in_sheff32 days ago *hy_in_sheff
Another Interview.

more please, logging on daily now for the next instalment

*toryteller772 days ago *red4
The Cellar

Great story , did you ever go back ?

*irstoy152 days ago *rooptom62

Yes stripped naked, then shaved before being spanked.

*bend4u162 days ago *rooptom62
Naked Wrestling

would be a great way to fill some time .. and a few other things too ...

*arty232 days ago *penser
First crossdressing experience

Oh Yes , mummy silky panties and stocking....from an early male and his girlfriend round we can all dress up as sluts and watch tranny dvd,s and poppers. Well my girlfriend is out of town and this slut is going to play xxx

*ikki_xd352 days ago *laveboy32
sex with wife / gf whilst wearing stockings bra and knickers

I use to dress for sex with my mrs was great fun , but was a while ago now

*682 days ago *xkatrina69xx
what has been ur best cruising/cottaging/online meet?

At a cottage in Liverpool, many years ago, I met an older guy. I was 19 and he was about 60ish. After a little fumbling at the urinals he invited me to join him in his car. He had a bright red Fiat 50. We drove towards a local cemetery but, on the

*mthgay692 days ago *illyjay

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