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Swallowing cum

I love the taste as he cums over my face and i suck him dry .mmmmm

*201 hour ago *eady for youw
slipping my hand down your panties

Am I greedy. I want a hand to slide down the front & one to slide down the back of my panties

*ature_1802 hours ago *uminit
Trades Hotel Blackpool

can I share a room xxx

*S-Master23 hours ago *odie1
Bareback Fun

it is each to there own but I love bareback the feel of cock pounding my arse and then cum spraying into my arse I love it xxx

*odie1184 hours ago *odie1
Force fucked

I'd love to arrange something like that

*906 hours ago *am4use

just had two days of intense nettle play, cock is really thick, balls tripled in size. been rubbing my knob as well and some good old poppers help as well

*0forfun626 hours ago *irtyboy58

Love a great wet session - much prefer to be clothed and get soaked in piss, but happy with any really. Up for a mutual session!

*am55326 hours ago *ssexcruiser
Woman present

A few times in the past when I was a young man and again on Thursday of this week, I organised a meet with a guy and his wife and had to watch and photograph them as they got amorous, I was asked to wear just a pair of my tiny men's panties, he said

*immer1957409 hours ago *itDave
Married Men and Gay Sex

I also did the marriage thing and am still married but had a high sex drive When I discovered that you could meet guys in a cottage and have sex ,no internet then I was amazed at how many married guys where at it I did wonder if their was such

*elano Jones4510 hours ago *exvanman
Would you ever have, spurof the moment sex with a total stranger?

Yes, some of the best sex I have had was totally out of the blue

*10411 hours ago *odie1
cleaned and used pt 1

Is paulincov still busy as not put part 2 on here yet. That's the sort of group meet I'm happy to attend as the slut.

*aulincov1313 hours ago *appybiuk
First time

I ment to say watch it long ranger is about ,,,,,, Just in case I get corrected :-) *-)

*rummydevil813 hours ago * Bttm
Black cock

Waiting for a bus one day, a mature black man stated chatting with me. As I replied, one of my nipples itched, so I scratched. Like lightening his eyes moved towards my nipples and I knew I had hooked! He lived close by and the wife was away.

*wingittowinit4915 hours ago *illabong
wearing knickers to work

Always wear sheer tights under trousers to work have done since my late teens to school and uni but mostly wear control top with hole in gusset for either a wank or a suck or a fuck. Love the feel under the trousers and love the look when I strip

*11616 hours ago *i_tightsCD
The sex shop

Mmmmm love this story! I have had very similar experiences and even after multiple visits and adventures I still feel a rush of humiliation when I'm instructed to go to a sex shop and buy slutty outfits and toys, explicitly instructed to tell

*arrykneel216 hours ago *ocksuckingman
Extremely horned up to the max....

Feeling proper horny right on kik? jocklad90. Anyone welcome *-)

*ssexguy090117 hours ago *ssexguy090
Taxi drivers

I'm a taxi driver , just be forward id love it if a guy got in front and said can I pay in another way xxx If I come to Bristol I'm riding in your cab ;-)

*3517 hours ago *ewbottom7
Neighbourly fun

Listen very carefully I will ask you only once. Lol nice storyline good imagination.

*oe.ev723 hours ago *ebadee
First time as a woman

First time as a not very convincing woman was in a porn cinema in Glasgow - Divallys if anyone remembers it. I went into the toilets and changed into bra, panties, suspenders, stockings, blouse and a short skirt along with a pair of heels. Then

*hloe_wants_cock461 day ago *ndyedinburgh
Being sucked and wanked at work

I have a small business in Brownhills, I have had a couple of guys come in, in the past and drain my balls for me. I always fantasise about an older guy over 65 coming in. He would stand next to me without saying anything, and then put his hand on

*tevesales11 day ago *tevesales
hot weather

Had super session with my sissy friend in just our tights in back garden and we both shot two load before his wife called him and was wondering where he was mmmm nice one

*aturepassive61 day ago *ove.tights
Old school cottages

loveing all the tales back in the god old days ;-)

*arlow suck1541 day ago *dge73
eating your own cum

Have always loved eating my own and love it off gf sheer or ass or cunt or sissy bfs sheers or ass

*imark1967621 day ago *i_tightsCD
Hole in one

Horny story!

*havenbiguy21 day ago *m66uk
Black group to suck

Any one know of a group of black guys in wolverhampton area who want a willing white bttm to do with as they wish.

*ttm4BlackGuysOrGroups12 days ago *ttm4BlackGuysOrGroups

This is on my bucket lis but trying to get a group to meet is impossible I'm very lucky if I get one cock to play with I can but only dream of a group.

*evw9192 days ago *xLedZepxx2
A Perfect Evening

Lovely hot story $-)

*essicaCD32 days ago *azzer21
lay-bye sex

Wow, that got me hard.

* want to hold your52 days ago *imbo1218

older for younger guys

*ops13 days ago *ops
Lay By Wank

I've used that one too you get lucky there now and again

*azturbator123 days ago *OOLBOP
The Laundry Basket

Very nice

*rian2103 days ago *reasemonkey
I want to be fucked by a dirty old man

Love the idea of older guy sliding his hard cock inside me after having his tongue in my mouth and then his cock.

*orny_boy_92573 days ago *snpton
hard spunking cock on th London Underground

Last week in the rush hour on the Northern Line, I had a very erotic experience: We were all so tightly packed together, no one could move - There was just one guy between me and the door to the next carriage and my arse was jammed up agai

*exi Suki73 days ago *rty99
Touched up

Did he or you undress?

*ewbiecurious69103 days ago *avidjohn 3
There is one "Glory Hole" in West Sussex that is still open and very active!

I had gone to this particular GH last week at around lunchtime, one week-day. I was wearing my sexy lacy-topped hold ups that come up so high they are almost touching my man-pussy! I also had on a white thong that just held my cock and ball

*exi Suki83 days ago *tk4us2

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