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Caught by the postie

Just been caught catching some early morning sun in the garden. Was only wearing a hat and short wrap round skirt and thought the garden was safe enough. For some reason postie decided to bring the post round the back of the house, something

*on_H240 minutes ago *ret333
Love Giving Handjobs - 3 (Across My Lap)

sounds fun .

*andjoblover64 hours ago *penser
Taxi Driver Experiences

any newcastle taxi drivers looking for a bj?

*andandan1277 hours ago *andandan1

Yeah, that would do it ;-)

*NCUT838 hours ago *orcesterbiguy
Force fucked

I'd like to be grabbed by a group of young black guys and ....

*698 hours ago *ariable
male this cum true for me

Tell me when and where Hun xx

*fk cd slut49 hours ago *anty slut
Wish I could find a lover

The"re about! I,m spoken for with a regular tranny girlfriend Suggest going and joining tv chix there,s thousands of us

*eepsake1511 hours ago *atherine400
A messy time in the woods!


*1111 hours ago *reasemonkey
My first time....

For as long as I can remember, I've fantisized about cock. Not about sucking them etc at first, but how big or small they were. Then as I sent through my teenage years, I started thinking about big cocks in my mouth, wanking fouriously through my t

*ouriousdave112 hours ago *ouriousdave
Heavy Cummers

As you'll see from my Profile or my other Threads in the Forum, I'm a guy who loves giving Handjobs, and I also have something of a spunk fetish. I get particularly turned-on by the sight of the hard throbbing cock in my hand spewing out its

*andjoblover112 hours ago *andjoblover

there is a little game I like to play. arrange a few meets one after another (daytime is best) get a messy facial from each but make no attempt to clean off the cum. I feel such a slut when I walk along a street where people are about and my face

*andy_essex314 hours ago *inman
My Master My First Boyfriend And His Family.


*toryteller10515 hours ago *acyboy

i had a woman piss over my cock and love it not had a man piss on me yet

*ovember13116 hours ago *angay7
Naked in my pool

Enjoy you fantasy. Hopefully it will happen for you soon. But a word of gentle warning:-alcohol,fatigue and swimming pools don't mix well.

*nightlife217 hours ago *ordic-knight
mens changing rooms

At the swimming pool in my early 30's when i played squash and went swimming to keep fit. My local pool was open till 10:00 pm , and i want there at 9:15 had 30 mins swim then just time for a shower before they closed I was often alone ,

*leasyfunguy1717 hours ago *aynudistson
Fantasy outfit

my fantasy outfit is either a super her ,which is stretchy and with high heels or denim shorts no underwear .mmmmmmm could even be tempted to wear a summer dress and pantys

*ornybicdslut11117 hours ago *udistdan

After laying there for what seemed ages his cock now spent slipped from my hole, and as I wiggled free of his grip I turned to look deep into this handsome young mans face. His smile lit up the room his eyes sparkled with a hint of mischief and his

*adyScarlett1218 hours ago *adyScarlett
Public humiliation

Had a older top many years ago would love to refer to me as fag in public ! Or make remarks about sexuality in public

*acyboy219 hours ago *ocksy

d Not at all we still have some cottages with gloryholes in Germany where I live for the best part of the year Please tell us more about the cottages and gloryholes in Germany. What to tell a gloryhole is a gloryhole some in cott

*zkaton1819 hours ago *ad4lad111
slow and gentle or hard and fast

I like the cock to re enter me few times while getting fucking. pulling out and pushing in. The feeling when cock gets in, is a great feeling,

*onnylikesitall519 hours ago *treetroad1


*15721 hours ago *aughty2210
Just a no strings fuck :) find a willing girl close by smiles all around

*mylicious323 hours ago *appysod
Public wanks....

I used to be a trucker and have wanked many a time in my cab on busy roads. However, one time I was at home, a little pissed and very horny. There were some woods at the back of the house we lived at. The fat sexless bitch was snoring on the sofa as

*oton Chav121 day ago *rickyd
One Night with any Celebrity.

Nick clegg

*1761 day ago *campton
Favourite verbal abuse!

Weeee weeee weeeee

*acyboy141 day ago *erryharvey
pissing panties

well just back from my trip to the local woods, I was fully dressed so drove down there, was absolutely bursting and was ready to wet my panties. Thankfully they were there and waiting for me, which surprised me as I thought they might cry off. We

*usan xd362 days ago *reston_gay
Wanking off in other guys undies.

Love guy cumming in my boxers then wearing them home, feeling that cum around my cock n balls.

*laret26192 days ago *amworthhole
swapping underwear

i love swapping spunky underwear to

*ssexcocksucker112 days ago *loryholebpool
Dildo session

i did the exact same thing last night. have to leave it a few days before i repeat. it tears a bit and is too painful the two days following itmaybe the dildo is too big. There again nothing is too big lol

*rm26132 days ago *aner
big bellied guy

i like big bellies and small cocks.....mmmmmm $-)

*ompliant102 days ago *ompliant
horny threesome

Rumour has it that Mr. Pervypoof once went to an orgy.. There were 4 of them and they all ignored him so he said... Aww.. Gee!! Rumour has it.. :-p :-p :-p

*ator8922 days ago *ervypoof
Surprise Group Session

Very hot story matey had me rock hard now what happens next...

*veragejoeuk22 days ago *ish
Ultimate fantasy.. Make it happen!

Horny fantasy. Would love to be a part of that! x

*ub_mat82 days ago *ullofstars
Guy in tights

i also love wearing tights must be around a 10 denier as well as stocking /Hold ups :-D

*812 days ago *teph110
Cut & Blowjob

I have the most amazing barber in Haywards Heath. Only wish he would rub himself up against me!!!! Love to go into his back room and suck his lovely Italian cock dry!!!

*202 days ago *andy_rick

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