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Would you ever have, spurof the moment sex with a total stranger?

yep , and have done with local guy to me. I put on my status looking to be fucked. got message from a guy within a minute of posting on status. he live fives minutes away . I was riding his cock 6 minutes from the time he messaged me.15 minutes

*auliooo5047 minutes ago *atass4use
How do u clean out your ass

shower hose always does the job!! at a guys house he had a attachment for his shower hose that was very nice as it squirted up u and cleaned u out very quickly!

*ellyxd721 hour ago *i
Home alone

Love playing in Gfs when I can too. Would like to do it with another guy also

*kk_2142 hours ago *ancspadds
All night cruising

Vault 139 by Warren Street, love it there

*havenbiguy82 hours ago *havenbiguy

Just had my first meet with a black guy :). Loved every second of it what a nice cock mmm. Sucked him twice in a row yummy sucking cum soaked black dick back to hardness Took a couple of pics too :)

*ranky2413 hours ago *ranky24
Wife/gf chat

Mmmm I'd love to meet and swap pairs

*atman40074173 hours ago *ancspadds
A new wonderful experience

I have recently discovered a new and wonderful sensual experience. I've always enjoyed dressing in sexy lingerie, and over the last few years I've enjoyed having my nipples tweaked and discovered the pleasure of having pegs on them pinching them

*unwithcocks14 hours ago *unwithcocks
Fantasy: opening a "savings" account

Defo more to this.........please.....xxxxxxx

*martxdress206 hours ago *ulie Hastings
MY first time

Very horny story ;-)

* want to hold your166 hours ago *orfolkdude
Cruising turned naughty

Really hot. Would love to have been in your place. Why doesn't this happen when I'm out cruising?

*veragejoeuk27 hours ago *1ernesto
Rate my cock please?

Bigger than mine ,, nice one :-(

*atts38967 hours ago *EGLADON
Cardiff bukkake

Very hot

*uckme12727 hours ago *yslut
Was I a let down?

What a horny story, wish I had been there as well. Love to know what woods they were in ;-)

*69 hours ago *xion11
wearing sexy udies while at work

I always wear panties now and occasionally hold ups as well. Like Kirtley I do like to be smooth. It's a wonderful feeling. xx

*uzyxd16012 hours ago *teph_soton

The more the merrier and will keep me happy.bring them on guys x

*ETDOWNANDBEGBOY1412 hours ago *ipperkev
older wifes/girlfriends

I would have a threesome with you and gf .

*1212 hours ago *lue19551955
bi online chats

I'm up for that sort of chat :)

*ez2983514 hours ago *irthy_bi_guy
Who has met someone on here and shagged

Lost count before i left there was quite a few though i prefer to meet regular guys only one off when i am gagging, Your time will come though you have to be genuine.

*irginhullad8316 hours ago *asculine se13
how many cocks have you had in your life

No pun intended , that's a hard one. :-), been playing around now for ten years, every time I try remembering how many cocks ive sucked or been shagged by in those ten years . when I think yes that's about it, I suddenly think Oh there was him

*ionneTV6516 hours ago *atass4use
older men + younger men

Preference is for younger guys, however they can be unreliable. I have met some horny guys of here one in particular 24 tall hairy fucker he come quite quick first time, then he is up for it can go on and on We have some great meets he texts me s

*irginhullad816 hours ago *asculine se13

Love to see what there like lol

*ylons122821 hours ago *eretowank
Watton, Norfolk Cottages

Used to love haveing fun like that very hard to get the fun now was in London today and was a spy hole in the loos but no one in the next one

*ellowallectus922 hours ago *eretowank
How many partners?

I've met 33 times so far this year, that's not 33 different guys, met some several times

*ainius1022 hours ago *eegeetwelve
older men

73 and active here on the coast near Chichester if anyone interested.

*amlegend2k14424 hours ago *ongingfrit
Scally Attack

enjoyed this story wheather it be real or fantasy never mind enjoyit for what it is

*onik161 day ago *
asian guys

nice to see im appreciated. :-p

*nnis141 day ago *allingken
Yahoo pics

Any guys wanna chat on yahoo share gf pics

*kk_2111 day ago *kk_21
Good time with the tailor

Well it was time for my first fitting for my uniform I had to be at the tailors for 16.30hours I was waiting out side the shop when the tailor strolled up to the shop ahh glad your on time we have a bit to sort out first he told me follow me so I

*avy man 151 day ago *avy man 1
getting cock

yep you get it

*ackaby31 day ago *ackaby
Taxi Drivers?

a friend swears this story is true. He used a regular taxi firm that picked him up at house. This particular cab driver it seems was an absolute adonis came early and my friend wasnt ready. He asked him in and showed him ino the living room to wait

*andandan1631 day ago *sakia

any truckers come up near Kendal that are on CB radio bottom here looking for fun

*orecambe-bi11 day ago *orecambe-bi
pee while receivin anal

Could be a fistula

*enjamin Hurl101 day ago *arko102
turning point

Similar to me remember watching a hard core porn film where unexpectedly one of the guys in an orgy shared sucking on big cock with a that turned me on big time! I found that I was admiring the guys cocks more than the girls pussies and

*limhappyguy31 day ago *arko102
sex with wife / gf whilst wearing stockings bra and knickers

No need to apologise for the story being a bit long, I loved it, it is so erotic, and had me wishing I could be part of the fun you and your wife indulge in.

*dressertart221 day ago *unwithcocks
caught wearing panties


*ulie Hastings801 day ago *ulie Hastings

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