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My first blow job

Was do nervous giving my first,but felt so natural in my mouth mmm

*econdtimer771750 minutes ago *perm nurse
Another Interview.

This is turning out to be one of your best storyteller. Keep it going please.

*toryteller3059 minutes ago *ohnnygrah
Have you ever wet yourself by accident or on purpose

mmmmm sorry but for me that's wrong , xx

*igbits523 hours ago *ex kitten
saturday morning suprise

t was one Saturday morning and I was on site at 10 am .i got a message from a guy of 58 ,I looked at his profile it had no feedback but he had only been on a few days so I messaged him back asking what he wanted and to describe himself ,he said he

*tyfuck23 hours ago *tyfuck
sucking cock

Mmm nice 69 then cum in each other mouths then cum swap and French Kiss It sounds good but in practice I lose interest once I've cum. What seems terrifically exciting before cumming doesn't have any attraction once I shot my load.[/q

*otheelsbj204 hours ago *ovegivinghead
Last good blowjob

Sounds like I should find out about your sucking skillz younggunz...

*owmanUk105 hours ago *eans2201

I definitely need to start goin saunas! Xxx

*onlong35 hours ago *issy_boytoy
Last night at Greenhouse

Brilliant stories.

*toryteller1110 hours ago *hickcutdick
doctors exam

Now that sounds horny :-)

*ex kitten211 hours ago *laine
Smoking fetish

I really want to get tied up and be made to smoke a long size roll up drag after drag whilst my nipples are punished and I'm made to suck cock. Would be great to smoke for a master on skype aswell

*atex tv slut115 hours ago *atex tv slut
My first poppers experience.

Loved poppers since the first time I tried them.

*tephan521017 hours ago *opper335
pleasing older gents

I too love the older gents but most seam to be a million Miles away sadly

*821 hours ago *evin smith
leather bear porn

Me too x

*idsxdresser421 hours ago *iJayBrum
The Cellar

I would love a master like that.

*irstoy1121 hours ago *f7bottom
Naked Wrestling

i am allways up for a naked wrestle or in pantys / tights !11

*arty2024 hours ago *andy carton
Would you ever have, spurof the moment sex with a total stranger?

I often go to a local layby with woods to one side. Day times seem better. Good variety of guys there retired traveling reps and van/lorry drivers. Been on my knees with a cock in my mouth on many occasions. Never find out who they are but not

*auliooo711 day ago *athan b
Cock sucking

my flat,,with a gloryhole set

*ikehocke21 day ago *ooker900
sex with wife / gf whilst wearing stockings bra and knickers

Try dressing first thing in the morning and taking tea/coffee to your wife saying "Good morning Ma'am, your early morning tea". Then busy yourself doing some dusting etc. Make sure your short skirt rides up over your stocking tops when you reac

*dressertart611 day ago *aul vercobrix
Kinky role play

Help me role play kinky sluts tell me my name and rules n all on here gang bang hotel lesbians ticking boys head master mummy daddy piss slut and a cuddle please

*inkslut11 day ago *inkslut
Is feedback an important determinant?

Well since being on this site I have had four guys that I have met give positive feedback and a couple with the say something nice. Then I had none as they all left the site or came back with new profiles. Now I just have the one feedback comment.

*eftonlad31 day ago *anna
Wanking you off in my leather gloves

love a mutual wank session with another leather jacketed and gloved guy. Snogging, groping and a leather gloved hand clamped around your cock and mouth as I wank and edge you until you cum all over my gloves.

*ikerleathers11 day ago *ikerleathers
Pantie Wanking

Love the idea of being gagged by soiled panties!! If only ........

*egmanlover121 day ago *ORKIE1000
car suck off

Love to suck cocks in cars to completion, message me

*ubPete291 day ago *arried55
Men with nice cars

I have a brand new Mercedes E Class Coupé AMG, does that float your boat?

*eedOLDER1012 days ago *igboy58
Glory Holes

I used to love glory holes but many have gone now

*egmanlover42 days ago *aura6949

The sensation of wearing a short skirt or dress with stockings and heels is something that has to be experienced to be believed. It is delicious and these station of cool air on bare skin and thighs brushing against each other in stockings is

*ikehocke632 days ago *itstop4
Bath spa surprise

Very hot! Thanks for sharing this story.. Mmmmm

*issile62 days ago *ven77
pantyhose/tights with shorts

Mmm I choose tights or shorts but not both together. Prefer the feel of silky panties under shorts,will wear tights under a frock sometimes xx

*lackmini292 days ago *im S
holding a hard cock in my knickers

"yes its great when you get a load of men to cum in your panties while you are wearing them ,done it a few times the record being 14 blokes i was covered in spunk,and spunked myself without touching my prick" from Wetsport2 I've never fancied

*142 days ago *ven77
lad just fucked me

I don't mind if you disbelieve me, I'm the one with the fucked hole to remind of the pleasure i got. xxxxx

*hastitynot92 days ago *hastitynot
seen anyone you know on here

I messaged a guy once on here, he replid. We arranged for me to go round to his. Didn't ask for face pics. Got to his house, thought "Ive been here before..." turns out it was my friends dad! He's married and I had been there for parties befo

*nasher242 days ago *outhseaboy
mates/brothers underwear

Message me.

*ascal018382 days ago *arlisledude
how do you like to squirt your loads

I prefer B as I love the feel of hot spunk splashing on my face.

*482 days ago *zinti
Unexpected Cock

guys still use that one then ha ha nice one mate

*hefnick32 days ago *mallc
How many fingers....?

It's been a while so not sure I could easily take more than one! I really don't like the sound of fisting, sounds painful.

*502 days ago *umback

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