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The house slave!

I would love to be House slave for any guy who is willing for a slave for the house I will do anything I like

*eeking no 3382 hours ago *issy1yerri

Fetish to have one of those real convincing ladyboys shag me while pressing their breasts into my back at same time,even better a thai boy wow.And spitroasts with two of them:-)

*sstrecher14 hours ago *sstrecher
What your magic number?

69 - obviously.

*ob bbb47 hours ago *ewcocol
groped in public

Ive heard many stories about folk being groped and played with in public eg trains etc never had it happen to me but would love a stranger to grope my ass and cock and whatever else he wanted.

*amie Swindon217 hours ago *endmeoverandtakeme
Best place people have had sex

I'll call you a lucky slut ;-)

*949 hours ago *H23
Does wife know your bi ?

My wife knows I'm bi and that I dress. My cousin and 2nd cousin (both female) also know. Does your wife and your two cousins help to buy your stuff and do they know you would have sex with guys as well

*rithguy7110 hours ago *issy1yerri
Tied and abused

So horny, the thought of someone touching you feeling you then fucking and using you,,,, OMG !! Yessssssssss

*311 hours ago *wantcockandspunk
my fantasy

Mmmm yes cock or more than 1 taking turns inside your mouth.... I'll cum in your cock then lick and suck my cum off your cock ?? Tasty ( never done it but that's what I want )

*olveslad38311 hours ago *aff48

looking for out door or car fun leeds area will be dressed friday nights if interested message me xx Angela xx $-) $-)

*LBANSBOY313 hours ago *ngela16
What did you get upto during the weekend????

samefor me too :-(

*shford84717 hours ago *entgirl
blow job tips

God, Kennycross you can do me anytime , that just sounds the best ever.

*nnocent2218 hours ago *hris48mt
Big Cut Bell Ends

I've been circumcised since a youngster and as a result I've got a pretty large bulbous helmet. Like the last post my dick is pretty sensitive and I can sometimes start ejaculating before I really intended. But my trigger point is on the

*l_monkey2119 hours ago *rivateguybath
Tesco's Shopping

Oh I love crotch watching love to see a guy with nice bulge xx $-) $-)

*curious12619 hours ago *isawood
Genuine Cottaging Fun

Years ago, I had a job which took me a lot of the time to SE England. Had lots of fun in Hastings/St Leonards (also the first time I went back to someone's house after meeting in the toilets under the prom). More fun was had in some toilets in

*ukkit99820 hours ago *hyw
who has the tastiest cock in Harlow

don't know about the tastiest cock in harlow. but harlowguy58 & trebor688 have had a few of my best loads. both really nice blokes and great cock suckers :-)

*arlow suck2420 hours ago *ousuk-meoff

When are you normally free would gladly make you my cock slut

*ouis1997sissy321 hours ago *ondonnew
Strip/Dare Xbox

anyone in kent up for this?

*2023 hours ago *ayman313
Nightclub fuck...

Anyone else had an experience like mine at the top of this thread? Would love to hear about it x

*ob bbb523 hours ago *ob bbb
Fun in a van

Wish there was a van around south of lincoln

*lcub16124 hours ago *illy7
Anyone got a White Van in the North Manchester Area

Hi there guys fit hairy married guy looking for hot sessions in the back of white vans, transits or similar. Can anyone oblige?

*elano Jones11 day ago *elano Jones
Older men

Lots of lovely cock for you then x

*eekingfunessex21 day ago *hame 2
Working in an office

Work in a office and although it is predominantly women when we have company meetings I come into contact with many professionals and men in suits which is a big bonus especially when they fit and men in suits do turn me on!!

*atty199041 day ago *w1224
best ever


*onnylikesitall22 days ago *onnylikesitall
Arabian Nights

Mmmmm spent 10 years in Saudi and had a very good time. Young and old Arabs are a turn on and they know what they like, have enjoyed playing with a good few of them

*ick_in_hand42 days ago *unchkin

Anyone up for playing a bit of xbox with a twist tonight

*ordang12 days ago *ordang
Guy in tights

sexy lycratights, bet that looks lovely layered nylon x

*1282 days ago *ylonsnylons
Phone fun


*ascal01842 days ago *ustlooking83
taboo cinerma

I found it sleazy, but there were a good group of people on the day I went there, had a great time :)

*ubPete22 days ago *ubguybeds
dentist 3

A full nurse uniform was too good t be true, a fantasy I had enjoyed for years. Not sure it was true I turned up for the next appointment just us two. He led me into the female changing rooms and hanging up was a nurses uniform and panties bra

*rannygranny12 days ago *rannygranny
panties I wore today

I'm wearing my wife's Sloggi white cotton panties, and one of her Kotex Nightime sanitary pads. Feels really soft and comfy! She'd kill me if she found out I was wearing her pads. I'm also wearing her 15 denier tan tights with some shorts, and

*892 days ago *adman2016

That's my fantasy for years. Being tied and abused for a while weekend from a master and his friends raping my ass and feeding me their cum whenever they want

*onny199652 days ago *kote
Black cock

Oh my! I'd love to be involved in a gangbang with black guys abusing my ass and mouth and treating me like their slut

*wingittowinit232 days ago *kote
Older tops who want a sub

Mmmm I just love older tops

*22 days ago *etsPhuk
Chavs & scallys

I'd love a nice young scally, not tall but skinny and a smoker.

*ompeyantony53 days ago *omyorks
Dentist 2

Interesting story, looking forward to seeing more $-)

*rannygranny23 days ago *hame 2

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