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Older men

An older gentleman can be so, the oldest I've ever been with was 82, very nice guy, very nice cock. Met him on here :-p, Unfortunately doesn't seem to be on here anymore :-(

*ari540 minutes ago *iscot6644

My fantasy which I only think about ever day is to meet up with a group of dirty old men 60+, not dirty as in hygiene in mind, I'm over whelming by the attention that I'm receiving we start truth or dare and I'm asked a series of question,, if I've

*aturelover16715 hours ago *aturelover167
Being Dominant

Thanks for the info Ive never really giving my boy pain even tho he likes to be spanked

*igga23945 hours ago *igga239
whats it like being spit roasted

It gets better after the twentieth time xxxx

*azzamoore1415 hours ago *allyrides
Gloryholes stories

Yes I only had the chance to call there once fantastic as i was sucking a guy through the one hole another in the cubicle the other side was fingering my arse o-)

*tockyjock1157 hours ago *rimeguy
Gardener required

I'm near to Pontefract any one interested in doing some gardening work please message me.

*octorwords4010 hours ago *octorwords

so wish someone would do this in Brentwood what fun I could stop by while walking the dog

*antymanxdresser212 hours ago *red1904
why do young guys enjoy being spanked

Older guy lightly spanking my bum and teasing his finger between my cheeks

*r Darcey6613 hours ago *snpton
Walk in mine and dominate me and fuck me hard

Iv done some thing like this. Door open cuffed and blindfolded on my knees. Walk in fuck my mouth and leave. Really horny not knowing who it is your pleasure and knowing i may never know.

*813 hours ago *tc29
Domme Cont. 2

How did this story end ? More please

*rannygranny713 hours ago *tc29
my 2nd encounter with Tel and my continued slut training

Great story really naughty and horny. Throw in some bondage and id love this to happen to me. Great read

*ub_cock_slut513 hours ago *tc29
Bucket Lists?

My Bucket list. 1. To be spit roasted Bareback by the biggest cocks that exist 1 white 1 black filled with hot cum as many time as they can cum taking me to heaven where I would stay & be fucked by angels forever.

*ee643714 hours ago *uminit
kinkiest fantasy

To be spanked by a woman 65+ just like a regular naughty boy.

*16114 hours ago *ntrakota
let myself in

So I arranged a meet with a guy recently and when I was on my was there he texted to sat the door was on the latch an he would be in the shower. I wanted to text him and say I would rather he let me in but decided not to. I was so nervous when

*llide1120 hours ago *llide1
rimming groups

Been rimmed by an old gf a while ago and fuck, it was so good. Would love to find someone to do it again.

*earboy6822 hours ago *atey321
Kik slave wanted

My mobile phone is not internet enabled, so will stick with my laptop and HD webcam !

*oppers92722 hours ago *aked4u2
First time in ages

It's bee nearly 2 years since I last had a cock, but I'm back on here and within a few day I find a guy who wants his cock sucked. It was so horny tasting a guy again and he rewarded me by giving me a heavy facial. He got dressed and left, and I led

*ay54352 days ago *aySwallow
Being fucked with Average Size or Big Cocks that's the question?

a bigger cock in my arse, a smaller cock in my mouth. Mmmm

*elano Jones552 days ago *etcat

that sounds like fun, any essex daddies with a greenhouse

*ounda32 days ago *tevethomas757

Mmm I love docking gets me so horny knobs rubbing together feels amazing

*owns bi42 days ago *ransister
wearing knickers to work

Mmmmmm yes,love wearing flimsy little panties to work.God knows how women concentrate all day wearing these.

*1132 days ago *antiz
Small cock/fast cum

Im a quick cummer which im embarrassed about. When i try to make it last by thinking of something else I lose my erection which then looks like im not enjoying the sex. On a plus side had some quick blowjobs when pushed for time

*uriousguy4email392 days ago *egmark
On all fours

Love to shower then dry down all nice and clean look on here hat to some nice guys that are top get me randy then meet them so we can get naked kiss suck till he his ready to make love to me Mmm all safe fun

*airy fairy12 days ago *airy fairy
Not so alone in the dark

Please continue, this is so good

*tefcd242 days ago *ve1966
how do you like to squirt your loads

Love to squirt my load in my plastic transparent pantys and watch it run down the inside of them even better if someone as squirted there load in my nix as well xx

*582 days ago *antymanxdresser

I would love to be gang banged as long as all the guys were under 25,smooth,(apart from their pubes) any race or colour,or better still a mixed group!! My biggest fantasy is to get a pint of cum up my arse,then drain it out into a pint glass & then

*illtakeit62 days ago *aspi1
Masturbation Toys

I have just purchased a uFuc pro with a doc johnson vac u lock plug on it so you can attach any vac u lock dildo (the ur3 ones feel amazing, the wife says that its the closet thing to a real cock inside of her) , I also purchased the fleshlight

*ick PreCum62 days ago *livebi69
nipple play

After the sex wen the clampe come off the pain wen the blood rushes back in2 the nipples is fantastic mmmmmmmm The pain from the clamps is good, but increases to a whole new level when I try to remove them ????

*tefcd593 days ago *issy graham
old shool cottags in Liverpool

I used to walk between three cottages before I passed my test, now all gone I'm sorry to say.

*allybi83 days ago *ntrakota

i just watched the extended version of spy ,that cock looks so real but they say its fake but the guy ain't bad looking but deadpool was okay but would have love to see more nude stuff in the film and the guy that did that to him,god would so fuck

*ustjols53 days ago *onavan69

DRESSING UP FANTASY I would love to be dressed up in sexy tight undies, anything, rubber,pvc,lace,satin, and be fondled, and mauled, my lovely cock and balls drained, perhaps even a bit of spanking fun. I had someone take me to there'se years ago,

*tevesales13 days ago *tevesales
Ws club wakefield

Me too, love piss fun

*ude3443 days ago *ervy daddy
Best place people have had sex

in a clearing in a sunflower field in France, sun on my back and arse

*1763 days ago *ickurw7
Getting caught!

I was once caught by my first wife in a skirt. I got home one afternoon and got dressed up n the skirt and stupidly fell asleep in the living room. When she came in she screamed 'What the hell'. I jumped up ran up the stairs she stared asking

*ee33453 days ago *hris20
Strap on pain

Haha good ! I was on the receiving end again last night O:-)

*kipper88154 days ago *ocksy

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