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panty clad handyman

very handy man will do as you require doncaster

*33just this minute!  *jcc

I used to be an apprentice P&D, I had some great experiences mostly with the chap who was supposed to be training me. Lovely chap had a train set in his loft which I used to pop round and see while his wife was downstairs. Exciting times.

*oodguy6871 hour ago *ard8on

Never thought about nettles but reading this blog makes me want to try .... sounds hot

*0forfun961 hour ago *ecent guy
my wife wants two men

It's hot watching your wife with other men

*oodguy6872 hours ago *havenbeds
wearing knickers to work

Done it a few times and it feels great. Spend half the day feeling horny and the after half thinking, if I have an accident and the paramedics cut my jeans off, I am gonna feel a right title. ....especially if family and friends are on the scen

*1392 hours ago *llide1
First suck by a gay man

it was on a foriegn film on satalite tv u cud pick up the channels and i was 15 not 18 Oh. Thread will get deleted then!

*uv2bsuckeddry52 hours ago *llide1
Helping a friend

I had a similar experience with a friend of mine. We were driving to London to pick up some stuff that he had in storage. On the way back he was a bit tired so I told him to recline his seat and get some kip. As we drove along I couldn't help but

*onod62 hours ago *ysteryMachine
BEST EVER PORN is good (search for the Stepfather) :-p Like: Jim Buck, Aaron Aurora, Hans Ebson, Pierre Fitch, Triga films, Connor Maguire, Dante Martin, Gabriel Cross, Billy Kincaid, Blake Harper, Brent Corrigan, Cutler X, Dawson, Dick McK

*522 hours ago *arlisledude
piss fetish

Have never done piss fun but it does sound horny . Would like to try it sometime .

*ornybi1231009 hours ago *azakman
What fantasy turns you on?

....... don't leave me hanging and hard

*12210 hours ago *ennyteestv

Oi you cheeky sods - keep my revolving doors out of it! :-)

*OT8_4U_BhamUK1012 hours ago *spley

You should consider medical advice before anything else, maybe?

*oodguy68622 hours ago *ikkjel.dag
Third time! I spent the night with him!

Just found this, had loads of horny times since then, it's funny looking back on posts on here :-D

*adicalfree222 hours ago *adicalfree
Ever had a woman watch you with another guy?

I'd love to go down on a woman whilst hubby was shagging me, specially if she was a squirter.

*10524 hours ago *stringpete500
Having fun with my sort of sex machine

Would like to see the plans for a machine so i could make on

*orwichbicd91 day ago *ecent guy
Piss On My Bum Hole

I once put a speculum up my bum and opened it up then let a guy piss in me. It made a lovely swooshing noise as it filled me up.

*exybiguy8371 day ago *stringpete500
groped in public

When I was a young man I went regularly to a cinema in Victoria London called the Biograph (I can mention the name as its been closed 40 years!). It was not a porn cinema but showed "B" movies but few went to watch the film, rather it was full of

*amie Swindon1021 day ago *. Rouser
Hi there looking in starting a underwear club for guy's used underwear

anyone in Leeds / Wakefield (Morley actually) area want some undie swaps/fun

*aul-r311 day ago *aryleeds1

that is sexy and very tempting

*iscreet.4.Same231 day ago *avey65
The First Time (a true story) ...

Well done Hillary - a lovely essay on a very erotic experience xx Love Suki xx

*illary1968121 day ago *exi Suki
A Story: The Last Night …

What a lovely, sensitive and fabulous story, Hillary I loved it Love Suki xxx

*illary196871 day ago *exi Suki
Used condoms

I'm longing for one to be left somewhere for me

*412 days ago *e58
Out on the town

So have I and like u love to wear my lingerie und my clothes when I go out and at work , I would love to take my clothes off and reveal all I once met a guy in front of the Britannia pier get Yarmouth he asked me how will I know u when I get ther

*uzyxd22 days ago *mycdlover
Saunas on cruise ships

P&O Oriana, 11th April. Anyone else on here?

*urreyguy1960732 days ago *iloldcockuk
Cumloads in cycling leggings

mmmm do like to see a nice bulge in tight lycra I've offered to show you before, 'jonnyk', so long as l see you in your stockings/heels I'll be out on bike, in lycra, on my day-off (tomorrow)

*mma38282 days ago *orkDefender
cum filled condom in malvern

Willing donor here, but would love to see your load added to it

*hicken74142 days ago *affy2410
fancy cock

well pp87 why dont you pm me as I think that we would click

*p87slave52 days ago *risky239
Spit on skype

Up for dirty spit play on Skype. Hairy 24 year old. Message me

*oy2412 days ago *oy24
panty fun

Sometimes wear panties on Skype... ;-)

*erv23237422 days ago *orcsbiguy
When was the last time?

Last Saturday at E15 sauna from a stocky and very hairy ideal man!

*onnylikesitall1432 days ago *iffuk
sauna fantacy

Oh crikey. The multiple posting police will be rounding up a firing squad as we speak. You best run for the hills ;-)

*tsuptoyou142 days ago *affy2410
Watching yourself taking

This is one of my favourite fantasies I would love to be on my knees naked sucking cock in front of a mirror. Check out "stasies stella blowjob" on xvideos. I love the way she looks at herself in the mirror while she's sucking a big cock. The look

*onnylikesitall53 days ago *intonsucker
Playing a game and being sucked off

Yes please

*ust fuck me43 days ago *ames deep

i often dream of meeting a guy who likes to wrestle he overpowers me as he is much bigger and stronger,,,he sits on my face till i tap him on the thigh to submit,,he then slides back to sit on my belly and lowers his big belly onto my face i

*kinytights13 days ago *kinytights
Naturist massage

is there anyone near Flintshire who offers massage I would love to have one and I would like to give massaging someone a try too

*rev50153 days ago *onkers

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