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MMF 3 some

oh get over yourselves,boring......

*un Lovin5858 minutes ago *onnie135
Latex panties

Is there anyone that can recommend some latex panties, preferably with a solid anal insert. They would need to fit a 44" waist

*onofbon11 hour ago *onofbon
wearing knickers to work

love to wear silky knickers under trousers when ever i can and purposely leave the waist band showing

*ockingstring121 hour ago *ickemhard
What to do next? ?

And the latest news is?

*itpassivekett102 hours ago *ervalan
Alone in hotel

Sorry but home in Essex now

*hoeburyness55 hours ago *hoeburyness
The Woods

Oh sexy to be used like that

*irstoy26 hours ago *acyboy
Unexpected top

That's very horny indeed. I actually think a sub turned master really knows how to treat other subs

*46 hours ago *acyboy
Taxi Drivers?

Any cab drivers near sparsholt college ? winchester? message me

*andandan19311 hours ago *lexG19
My first time cottaging.

I had walked past these toilets and noticed cars pulling up a few times so I stopped and watched a guy walked in and took forever he didn't come out curious I went in he wasn't at the urinal there were two qubicals one of the doors were slightly

*reenapple212 hours ago *uzyxd
Near Sywell

After a shit day at work, I eventually got parked up near Sywell, on the A43, northbound. So after my alle carte menu of soup, I decided to have some fun. I stripped of in full view of everyone driving by, my interior light was on and I was sat back

*ieseldog114 hours ago *ieseldog
My old Master has been in touch.

It seems some of you want to know what happened to me the other night. I won't write it all at once but in parts so if I'm getting boring you can tell me to stop. On the day my Master instructed me to meet him he sent me a text saying I had to wait

*airgame5315 hours ago *airgame
Sauna Experience

What a great horny tale - sounds so much better than some of the sauna visits I have experienced. Never been to this one in Notts though.

*assive Bi315 hours ago *uffolkcock14
Horny Chats

Hiya, I'd fuckinhg love some dirty talking, gives me such a hard-on, so when ever you would like to have a dirty chat, just let me know xx

*DCumSlut415 hours ago *ucking is my game
a nice night out

Would love see a pic of you dressed up

*319 hours ago *elltek
Good time with the tailor

Love it. More pls.

*avy man 11220 hours ago *horleychubcd
Active top

Nothing more intense than a prostate orgasm. Now I'm top I'm no longer looking to have it done to me. I'd like to have a guy cum whilst I'm fucking him. Much like the op I guess.

*op-u-dan423 hours ago *laanesh
Thickest cock you have ever played with.

Fucked a gorgeous Ladyboy in Thailand, she had a massive semi bouncing about

*tockyjock371 day ago *ucknwankonly
Rip Off Tale Seasons End

As horny as ever ST :)

*toryteller62 days ago *ksucker
best cock pic

Very nice

*972 days ago *artin7
What position ??

Love to place my nylon clad legs cross a horny man's lap straddling his cock with my soft sensuous undies caressing his and my genitals whilst facing away from him. Lowering myself onto him and feeling him slide deep within my pussy and then gent

*onnylikesitall392 days ago *rishacd1

Yes, exciting idea but be careful. Perhaps see if you can get a few friends together, ones you know well enough

*eorgeyBoy52 days ago *evealing
how many cocks have you had in your life

Bloody hell mate when I fart I cant tell which bean it was :-D

*ionneTV842 days ago *assiveguy66
Strip Games anyone?

Naked twister sounds soooo fun

*0800372 days ago *orthnottsmatt28
Help plz guys

Try this web site, they have gels you can rub on

*ookin4fun59122 days ago *ucknwankonly
Who has met someone on here and shagged

Had some good meets and some time wasters as most people have. Still looking for lots and lots more also want to be fucked for the first time if anyone has a small cock for me?must be able to accommodate. Xxx :-)

*1372 days ago *ssexbiguy1970
Norwich Cyclist

hot mmm x

*erehamSpitroast22 days ago *inkybiguymidsuk
Northwich sauna

Went tonight for naked tuesday... twas great, fairly empty but made me horny from start to finish. will definitely be going again... I want to meet a hot twinky guy and go down on him in the steam room... anyone game?

*353 days ago *ostrings29ed

I would love to be somebodys bitch,slightly dominated and ass slapped maybe C/D for them if they want but wouldnt have to and be fucked all around the house:P I have a bubble butt and im quite slim so could have fun with me im sure :Pxx

*13 days ago *
Open crotch body stockings

mmm love body stocking .so sexy .I do have one to

*outhportbottom123 days ago *dresser32
My slut wife

Love watch my gf tits bounce as she rides someone

*somanyone93 days ago *kk_21

Don't have 10" for you to play on, but sounds like a great game !!

*atalie Sux33 days ago *asybi85
My Fantasie

Mmmmm love to do a job at your house ;-)

*horleychubcd53 days ago *uvchubsinpanties
Anal fun

yes , go online and find a gay sex dating site , a bit like this one. Create a profile and show some pics of you wearing black stockings, bent over. Sit back and wait .

*rcman23 days ago *avy69
Spank me no mercy then face fuck through my tears !!

I've been spanked many times buy other guys also caned on my bare bottom quite severely. I usually cum after about the 10th stroke. A real turn on!

*ssexsub26203 days ago *ocklover cornwall
Kik chat pic swap


*ovlad8444 days ago *otts23

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