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Riskiest Places U had sex in.

Was sucking a guy off in a cinema in Leicester Square lol

*pen24hrs9157 minutes ago *lickk
Have you ever met someone you know

Few years ago I had been chatting to a guy on tvchix who messaged me about meeting him at his house as his wife and kids we're away for a few days We arranged that I would arrive in male mode but Finnish dressing at his place it was winter time

*ellman712 hours ago *ngela16
Hold up stockings

Unfortunately my legs are hairy so holdups tend to slip a lot, I do like a guy in stockings and a suspender belt because from the front the view is like a frame with something delicious in the centre. Then the view from the back is mmmmmm.

*ec1944394 hours ago *andybi
Real Heavy Cummers

I pride myself in delivering a full load for any willing mouth!

*lbert Ross558 hours ago *rSlim
Daring places to have fun - shops

About 20 years ago I got caught being fucked in public toilets by a policeman patrolling the park, he took our details and let the other bloke go I was hoping he was going to let me go but instead told me to get undressed I was nervous but

*eafordfun118 hours ago *avey_lad
Being spanked

you could still get "that red glow dear" simply hang a red light bulb between your cheeks that should give you the same glow if you want more glow hang a few more......simple as that $-)

*pankmeharlow1059 hours ago *he Blue Knight
seamed stockings

I never wear anything else so good having a guys hand between my stocking thighs xxxx $-)

*ildstar1600a49 hours ago *lan A
Sex dolls

I'd like to try both as well.

*exywhitesocks1510 hours ago *hris20

Which is the best free porn

*8511 hours ago *ames deep
small uncut cocks

just love sucking small un cut cocks the smaller the better Same here, could clamp my mouth over one for hours!

*inson57719 hours ago *ksubguy
Hi there looking in starting a underwear club for guy's used underwear

Up for this lads. Love supplying and receiving well worn and spunked unds.

*aul-r3921 hours ago *ohnny Spunk
Oral or anal

I love oral but I think I'm ready for the big A,I've kept him waiting long enough lol

*ill4u31 day ago *ill4u
Should always do as your told!


*owuseeme31 day ago *owuseeme
navy blue or bottle green

navy blue or bottle green knickers turn you on the best

*inson5711 day ago *inson57
Where did it all start?

To young to say but was made into trying by a slighkty older lad and from then on my urges grow stronger like my dick

*arlbmth1987111 day ago *uriouscum
Arse Cleaning

Just attach your hose to a fire hydrant you will certainly get a huge clearout, it will feel like a late spring clean o-) o-) o-) o-) o-) o-) o-)

*elano Jones231 day ago *he Blue Knight
Big Dicks or Heavy Cummers

For me it is heavy cummmers. My last master used to cum loads and loved having it all over me and making me gag on it

*van421061 day ago *orthantsub

There's one very good way to stop her farting!!!

*inkpanties1231561 day ago *W1000
Sex Toy

Just bought my first sex toy and cock ring....I know.... It's being delivered tomorrow. Couldn't resist some sexy crotchless lace knickers as well. Just off to shave so I am ready to play tomorrow.

*tina Dee11 day ago *tina Dee

These days I like to put my foreskin right back and wank like that. I find it more stimulating. :-)

*rexhamnobby71 day ago *orcsbiguy
advice please

I work in construction, was a contracts manager mainly office based when I completed my profile im now back on the tools after being made redundant a few years back have some guys nothing better to do ??? Having had the plea

*otalsubguy391 day ago *elstar59
Own me....

i have

*tina Dee31 day ago *tina Dee
Saunas on cruise ships

Arcadia August if anyone else in on board

*urreyguy19601391 day ago *ge511951

I was just wondering whether anyone here has had a relationship with someone from here from what started as a casual NS meet !

*lickk12 days ago *lickk
Condoms and oral

I'm in Blackpool South Shore , if any one wants to try sucking a cock wearing a condom , I'll wear one for you

*tatat192 days ago *ovesrings
Cumming from kissing

echo all the comments , nipples the best turn on

*ominent Master12552 days ago *immy51

I would love to be made to strip, be examined, molested by another clothed guy, older the better! :*)

*ovesrings302 days ago *incsguy
Dog walking encounters

I wonder what poor doggy thinks of all this :-D :-D :-D

*avey_lad152 days ago *ordic-knight
Unexpected first time

More please very horny xx

*aulge2007233 days ago *lo2005
When was the last time?

The last good fucking i had was 3 months ago with an older guy from another site at his place. The guy was around 8” and thick. He fucked me in the lounge, dining room and kitchen. He had me on my back on the dining room table, kneeling on an

*onnylikesitall1763 days ago *aurenb
Facefucking and Raceplay

whats raceplay?

*hubindianguy23 days ago *lume
Ginger guys

I adore ginger men as long as they have not shaved the pubes there the best part about ginger guys

*33 days ago *esperate jon
Local hill meet

Hi can you private message me please let me know where this place is most days I drive down m1 and get off at Luton would love to try it thanks Dave xx

*ex59723 days ago *arlowguy99
Hairy cock and Balls

Find a man who has hairy cock and balls such a turn on. The hairer the better. Would love to hear from men who have lots of hair or meet them if local.

*ominent Master12513 days ago *ominent Master125
Cumloads in cycling leggings

I've always wanted to meet a Lycra clad cyclist! Sniffing a nice bulge

*mma38433 days ago *ancsguy91

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