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fun in leather or lingerie

Oh yes meeting bikers who are wearing nylons underneath is such a turn on mmmpvt me a place and I'll ride out there on my bike to meet xxxxx

*inkyfetish457 minutes ago *iona_cduk
OAP fun

Love to get tied up and shagged senseless by an old guy(s) in a caravan God Yes,that's something I'd like to try....

*vtina_sussexgirl172 hours ago *i4Fucking
Guy in tights

Love any tights but sheer black ones are hot

*1495 hours ago *ylonfanuk1761
When was the last time?

About 3 weeks ago at a meet from another site. There were 4 of us and 2 of the guys took it in turns to fuck me. It was good. I was also laid on my back with one of the guys sat on my face. In between me rimming him another guy would fuck him then

*onnylikesitall435 hours ago *utch31
Sex Party

I went to a sex party quite a few years ago in Hampshire, Didn't realise I was being taken as 'entertainment'. Ended up staked out in the garden face down and fucked when ever anyone felt like it

*outhseasub46 hours ago *ndyhants1
TV / CD group in Harlow

Sounds good I might be able to attend xx

*arlow suck86 hours ago *ickyscoxs
Having trousers down while at urinal

Went to the loo in my local a few months ago, group of lads on a stag do were at the urinals, quite a few were stood with trousers and boxers round their ankles whilst pissing - great sight

*oshyboy1659 hours ago *0gazza
precum...non stop thinking

I love the taste of pre cum, I love to 'milk' it out of a cock then lick it up. I produce gallons when I get turned on, my panties are totally soaking in no time.

*ackhighers549 hours ago *lchemy666
cottage fun

Stopped in a village & saw a sign for toilets. A life long addiction to seeing if there is anybody in & whats on the wall. No one, so just peed. Just as I walked oout a big bear of a man came in. I hung around outside & he did not come out.

*ibobby59 hours ago *ibobby

hope it all goes well you lucky guy but ask for a repeat performance or mobile

*092townie210 hours ago *tsuptoyou
Spit roasted

Well I am prepared to just be a thing for anyones sex party just use and leave as you feel fit

*ndyhants1310 hours ago *ndyhants1
Saunas on cruise ships

2 guys on Black Watch 4th Oct looking for fun

*urreyguy196016011 hours ago *otrod69
Halle berry

It must be fairly easy to look good when you have no money worries and don't have to spend almost every waking hour trying to make ends meet after working for long hours somewhere for nearly no money. What utter crap. Having money has noth

*716 hours ago *ljcleeve
Being Videod having Gay Sex

I'd love to film it. I have the cameras and the skills. I'm in London

*elano Jones10816 hours ago *ucgy
Open bottom girdles and corselettes who wears them

Mmmm I think I would love to feel a lovely open-bottom girdle on me ... but no idea where to find a nice one. Starting again after full purge so nothing to wear ... !-)

*aturechubb13418 hours ago *rush
Have you ever met someone you know

Not a bloke, but a woman. A lady friend of mine who was a bit of a goer told me of a dogging spot she knew of. She didn't take part herself but she knew a guy who used to go there. Needless to say I walked the dog there several times before I saw

*ellman11118 hours ago *eathrowhotelier
clock repair

Sounds like you had a good time

*ndyBath1119 hours ago *rimme1
Birmingham taboo cinema

Think you will enjoy it. As a nurse do you get to see many cocks? Any funny stories to send me? (Not necessarily in the forum)

*oshyboy1642 days ago *2suck
shagging in the heat

I like being fucked in the steam room at the local sauna. All that sweat on our bodies and trickling along my crack and around my pussy keeping things wet, so fucking good!!

*heerniks52 days ago *ooner48
Wife's arse

My wife liked it order mouth first then her twat then last of all her tight ass then as I got close to cuming I had to pull out and cum over her face an tits and now I get fuck all not even a hand job. :-|

*espleaseme143 days ago *avcum2
Haven't had sex in ages

Well I am open to almost anything

*ndyhants173 days ago *ndyhants1

has anyone spent Christmas or new year here ?

*oyme13 days ago *oyme
Sexy true 1st unexpected encounter whilst dressed

Thank you xx Had 3/4 real sexy and true encounters, just don't get to get out so much now but hoping to in a few weeks but will be late at night xx

*odgycd43 days ago *odgycd
Satin or pvc

I like both...why just have one favourite lol

*antymanxdresser163 days ago *avejones1973
A drive north

Driving up the M1 to Newcastle later today in my truck. Always on the lookout for girls and guys flashing.

*orny Fisherman53 days ago *atey321
Panties I'm wearing today

Orange floral Brazilians today as per profile pic

*ornypaultstvhunter484 days ago *hemaligfreund
Big Dicks or Heavy Cummers

For me its got to be a big 8 or more inches , shaved smooth and cut , does it every time

*van421084 days ago *ovesrings
Home alone

Ive got a body builder guy messaging me about coming over at 5:30 but I think he's getting off on the messages.

*ard8on44 days ago *ard8on
Sub and master

Wish I could find a Master once more to serve

*yan94494 days ago *ohnta
Gloryholes stories

Yes used to be several places in Norwich to get cock, sadly they're getting harder to find.

*tockyjock1574 days ago *onysm
Father in law

Sat here with a nice hard on now reading all these stories very nice xx

*204 days ago *lo2005
Bed wear

Naked is best when with someone, and yes, cock in a crack often happens! :-p

*eaman Stains1534 days ago *G2005
slipping my hand down your panties

My bulging panties frequently get a complimentary reaction! I am not surprised

*ature_11014 days ago *ingmaster1
Piss On My Bum Hole

I had a shower today and needed a wee buy really couldn't be botherd to go to the toilet so I bent my cock round to my are and pissed all over my own hole was actually amazing!

*exybiguy8504 days ago *oshyboy16

Absolutely love this! I used to meet a man who loved instructing me to dress like a slut and go to the woods in my local park to wait for him at a picnic table in a clearing. I had to wait in position bent over the picnic table with my short

*arlow suck65 days ago *ocksuckingman

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