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Open bottom girdles and corselettes who wears them

I've worn them for many years and just love the feel of them... pull on girdles, corselettes.

*aturechubb742 minutes ago *arbaratv01
womans nix

nice what where the panties like style and how old where the owners

*i50hants418 minutes ago *istress Jade
Who has met someone on here and shagged

I've met a few off here, with some repeats so I can't be that bad :-) ...... BUT, loads of timewasting wankers, aswell ....... same for all free sites, I think..... just too easy and cheap to be a prat :-?

*irginhullad5752 minutes ago *rassband
Hong Kong sex.

Guys: I am actively seeking a man who enjoys fucking, and would like to come to my place from time to time and give me that good seeing to which I truly enjoy. I am slim, clean, discreet and WILLING..... *-)

*tephan5251 hour ago *tephan52
Cock fun. With GF watching.

Don't believe there's any truth in this, it's all con"cock"ted!!! :-?

*inarich1974103 hours ago *humpy
Role play chat

hi id love to swap roleplay fantasies with u ive got loads

*ot4Cock7823 hours ago *jt6669
Scally Attack

good story :-)

*onik93 hours ago *dge73
Greenhouse Newport

Used it many years back do have no up to date info for you. What kind of info you seek....location? Costs? Secure parking used to be a problem, was always afraid i would find car vandalised. But had some great times there. Is the old victoria

*bbbb23 hours ago *ankmydiddly
asian guys

Asian guys are my numero uno, just love them. Any offers? Please, pretty please......

*nnis135 hours ago *ixtyniner
Greenhouse Luton

I have to say that I too love the Greenhouse, both Luton, and Darlaston.

*assive Bi35 hours ago *ixtyniner
Second Best

"Somewhere between heartaches and waiting, comes the chance to be found by someone who can show you that you don't have to be an option, but an only choice." The whole "meeting guys in hotels" is something I will never do for as long as I live. No

a pub encounter

HOT $-)

*48 hours ago *lower8
What Draws People To Cross Dress

I started wearing girls panties when 20 years ago my first GF dared me to try her panties and after that I was hooked. still to this day they have the same feel and always brings a smile to my face one day I may head out in full dress but not where

*ittyKatBoy10510 hours ago *hubbybunny
just been to touch sauna swindon

look forward to future post from you sound like you had great time very temped to go one myself

*mallcock441311 hours ago *uksbuddy

25 yr old lad after some hornySkype now,made me, daz_lewis

*az_lewis112 hours ago *az_lewis
Glory Holes

Yes But only blokes with good size cocks need apply, could let you out lol! :-p

*egmanlover313 hours ago *egmanlover
Hi Viz

Love guys in hi vis/viz gear - many look very sexy in it and it is a big turn on when it is dirty. Always lusting over them when passing them in the street. Even better at the moment at work, overlook one of the Crossrail sites - Heaven!!

*all64813 hours ago *ssexcruiser
my meets

Just to make you happy 2good wanks reading your blog would love to have your cock xXxX

*iscreetGen5916 hours ago *ew one253
how many cocks have you had in your life

Who is asking ????

*ionneTV5916 hours ago *assageGuyJake
Police van

Ah well. I shall now practice the tolerence I preach!!

*attyH1419 hours ago *utored
The City of Quebec Pub in London

Anyone know if this place is still as active?

*eter Glaze3820 hours ago *ong Toned Member
Shower sex

Yeh luv shower sex, massaging each other with soap & shower gel in the warm spray, rinse and kiss/fondle until one of us goes down on the other... Kneeling and sucking a wet clean dick, water teeming off your face and the cock warm and hard, is

*1420 hours ago *ennybutt
older men

olda gay single guy here in newmarket happy to meet up in play with ynger lads

*11720 hours ago *
hotel crossdressing fun

more darling want to know how it ends

*atie jayne3420 hours ago *aneb1964
Cum in mouth

I always say i wont swallow but usually end up doing so

*restonsub2922 hours ago *ldpete50
Hot chav

I met a chavvy couple the other weekend , both were horny and open minded ! He had a lovely cock hidden in his tracksuit

*igCockLuvr131 day ago *igsub
public wank

wankin in public toilet noing someone is watching u such a turn on :-p

*hitesocks171 day ago *intin69
Watton, Norfolk Cottages

wow lucky u have u ever been back there? its so hot

*ellowallectus31 day ago *intin69

You sound like a very naughty daddy and would love you to discipline and tease me.

*ETDOWNANDBEGBOY92 days ago *pankmybottom2
gyms in Watford / Bushey

Anyone know of a decent gym in Watford or Bushey ideally cheap; communal showers ; loads a chavs and fit watty straight lads on show. ?? PS and a half decent actuall gym as well.

*udyacudya12 days ago *udyacudya

i would love to try to take a fat one

*edway7932 days ago *icur5
Rip Off Continued

Really good ST :) Hope he ruins the blonde :)))

*toryteller1702 days ago *ksucker
First Sauna meet

hi what is pennine in shaw like is it any god as ihave never been and always wanted too go

*62 days ago *enise54
Taxi Drivers?

Any London cabbies, please message. Often need and take cabs and mini cabs, would love to have a few regulars with benefits. Based in C London, so no major detours! :-)

*andandan1532 days ago *ob22
Mates in their underwear and socks, horny or what?

And see some pretty impressive bulges Nice one ;-)

*orfolkdude72 days ago *orfolkdude

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