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Hot chav

A fit chav lad is one of the finest things on earth :-)

*igCockLuvr333 minutes ago *anctopcc
Double dick fantasy

o yes I like that to be me used by two cocks at the same time

*hkar740 minutes ago *otalbumtobeused
Barbers / Haircut Fetish

Hope it's soon

*wguyuk611 hour ago *onsy
sweat fetish?

fresh manly sweat, definitely. sweat + hairy pubes + hair armpits = wild wet sucking from me :-)

*71 hour ago *ean_asian
dirty piss fantasy

Bloody horny idea

*231 hour ago *aul 62
Facial and piss fantasy

Hey.... You stole my fantasy. Lol let me know if it comes true, coz I have wanted this for years and don't know what to do about it

*f7bottom31 hour ago *aul 62
Second Cottage Experience

This story and your other one are both very very horny mate

*londpoppersboy33 hours ago *ndydavies
Bi MMF fantasy

I would love bi mmf or with a tranny

*aking123 hours ago *az7777
biggest fantasy?

Got be be getting arrested, being handcuffed and the police man giving me my punishment. Doing what he pleases and I can do a thing about it. *-) *-) Like this ? http://ww

*addylovea56 hours ago *anctopcc
Dogging in Manchester

Even if the Police know all the locations, they do not generally visit dogging/cruising areas as a matter of routine, they have much more important things to do. They would usually visit these areas as a result of complaints or other trouble such as

*penshawbilad77 hours ago *sussbi
Filmed having sex...

I have been filmed giving a guy a BJ but would love to be filmed while getting fucked or being tied up and used and humiliated

*mogothgurl37 hours ago *icolacox
Agadir holiday sex.

Trying to get my wife to go back to Agadir this autumn ....... though I expect those lovely sand dunes will have been built on by now. I can always be hopeful *-)

*tephan5247 hours ago *tephan52
Best pantie pics

Panties & stockings are a turn on for me and some of my site photos show them and the ensuing result to my cock

*l3601478 hours ago *valex

If I am at your house today take a shower and approach me with a towel around you, accidently make sure it drops off infront of me and ask if I like mmmmm

*ocklover8218 hours ago *ocklover82
scottish daddies

Maybe I fit your description and am in Carlisle. England (but just!)

*cottishredhead416 hours ago *amishmac
Rip Off Continued

Keep swallowing tommy, good lad 8-)

*toryteller12617 hours ago *ukkakeboi12

Anyone taxi drivers round s26

*10417 hours ago *pforanything69
crotch watching....

Self adjustment gets yr tackle noticed, then eyeball their bulges and watch for growth

*kippy992618 hours ago *ruiserD
Priests and Vicars

Any on stockport / manchester for young?

*W10005921 hours ago *hesirejames
Rate my cock please?

A solid 10.

*atts387821 hours ago *pshaw
Glory holes

if a finger is poked thru the hole, then a guy is inviting you to put ya willy thru the hole for him to have a play with...etiquette would also suggest that after a while, you withdraw and return the favour. If they guy repsonds by putting his

*ale wondering221 hours ago *entplatinum
nappy piss fun

Well said Paul, I couldn't agree more ******* i also agree

*anxd21921 hours ago *ottom 4 U
cut guys

@cutroundhead. Can't see how being cut makes a cock look more masculine. A foreskin looks nothing like a fanny hood. For the record I like both cut and uncut cocks.

*ane678361 day ago *uke-inforu

I wank every time I get horny! So quite a bit lol at home, work or in the car I love getting my cock out!

*321 day ago *eedtosucku
How to seduce a taxi driver?

I might go the Pleasuredome some day see what happens maybe get a taxi some and have more fun

*tylesTeeth221 day ago *adwolf2418
cottage meets

I worked for several years at a car dealers, there was a tall guy called Mike who was the service manager, he was always friendly and I never thought any thing of that. A few years after I had left the garage I visited a cottage in Malvern,

*im Bob21 day ago *winfun

Nice idea this

*ETDOWNANDBEGBOY61 day ago *illwillin
Big knickers

I also am a lover of big knickers have lots of pairs wear them 24_7 nice to get a big cock fuck me in then and fill them with cum

*hemaligfreund771 day ago *hrissy 96
Rimming younger lads

Naughty bi dad Manchester but travels uk for work. Looking for fit young lads to deep rim n suck off. I'm an expert rimmer n sucker love facials too. If you got a mate I'd love to service two young lads together too :-p

*1371 day ago *i dad
hole opener?

nice to see u guys getting your 5 a day in more ways than one

*uv ur cum311 day ago *mall cock essex
Virgin Media Visit

good look fella!

*tokeboy10161 day ago *treatham69
Your first experience

I can't get that 1st time out of my head either

*tupididiot8032 days ago *tupididiot80
What a day

I went to a local swimming bath and when went in it was me an a 24 to 26 years old lad had a nice bubble ass and he was in shower and see his cock not his face when he turn around it was a workbmate ibreally fancy what a bonus

*exy27male12 days ago *exy27male

haha good humour there paul ;)

*eftonlad32 days ago *eftonlad

driving on the M25 on the 24th dressed in stockings a short skirt see through blouse sexy bra,driving slowly past the truckers so they could look in. i got a few beeps and head light flashes and one guy in particular caught my eye,he was sexy

*un lover12 days ago *un lover

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