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Night Fishing fun

Anyone near Kent wana play?

*ewbottom73656 minutes ago *ercy90
Oldest guy you've been with?

My dream is to be dominated by an older person,ie, be " made " to suck his dick and then for me to be spanked ,fingered and then fucked by him but at my age now, it is getting a tad difficult to get that from an older person.

*osh12211403 hours ago *urgea
Gloryholes stories

Used to go to the one in Wardown Park - met a guy there who was only interested in rimming me. Went back to his house several times and spent a lovely hour or so each time with his tongue giving me a good probing :-p so, just cur

*tockyjock1764 hours ago *nello
Four women's dirty nix

I'd love to hear more about the knickers, and the state of them, and the women they belong to

*evandjim95 hours ago *aysheff83
Femme name

Cyril ……. what?? …. :-? :-?

*hris20127 hours ago *aravaggio
Fun on cruise ships

2 guys on Ventura 13th Sept to Canaries and 17th Nov on Ventura to Madeira and Canaries hoping for some fun

*ottombunk1409 hours ago *otrod69
bi Guy

I am married but only have sex with guys and I agree it's all about the cock a hot hard body is a bonus

*ilium610 hours ago *tm4u2use
Hi there looking in starting a underwear club for guy's used underwear

Love means undies especially tight white briefs or thongs.Always enjoyed swapping undies when a student living in male halls of residence.Prefer used cum stained ones.

*aul-r8114 hours ago *orthender
why do young guys enjoy being spanked

It's not just younger guys who enjoy being spanked.Us more mature guys love it too. I used to meet with a guy who enjoyed spanking me as he fucked me,he would order me to wank myself off until I came as he enjoyed feeling my hole contract arou

*r Darcey10015 hours ago *utitinmybum
Am i fully into cock ??

True just don't know it's not the first time I've not got hard or cum whilst having fun with a girl

*issyneedscock323 hours ago *issyneedscock
Car sucking with strangers.

My absolute favourites are the married tradies that park at a local cruising spot and get their cocks out. Lunch time is a good time to catch them :-)

*hone porn811 day ago *ornyuk121
Night fishing

Anyone ever walk down the Leeds To Liverpool canal in lydiate

*antymanxdresser21 day ago *horni
Getting caught in caravan by peeping tom

Ime going away fishing Friday 25 till Sunday 28th.and my fantasy is for a peeping tom to catch me and wife in caravan bang at guys if your near thirsk on them days pm me for details before Thursday.

*antymanxdresser11 day ago *antymanxdresser

I really enjoy being spanked with both of us naked and I'm over his knee having my cheeks spanked by his hand.Starting off quite gently then increasing in tempo and force until they are quite red and stinging.I can feel his hard cock poking

*lderapplywithin181 day ago *aughty2210
Fucking a slut in the woods

I do enjoy walking dressed or naked through the woods especially when it's nice and warm. Always in anticipation I will meet someone who wants to take advantage of my always ready and willing holes. Sex outdoors is amazing and always better i

*211 day ago *utitinmybum
Double Penetration

I had once, it hurts .... prefer to have one good cock there

*uckmytightboypussy341 day ago *nello
Celebrity Shemales

Denise Van Outen for me, that would be great Oh yes!

*1642 days ago *ranny__lover
Fantasise about old men so much

Always have a thing for older men, think its a kind of respect for their experience and will do anything they tell me

*eencockforolder1522 days ago *uanking
Naked or nylons

nylons every time !!!!!!!

*icurious51602 days ago *ylonslut1952
Fantasies whilst dressed

Get your self up in the Solihull area as plenty of lay-bys to get flat tyres I could come and help you and get you on your way *-)

*odgycd82 days ago *lackmini2
Retired men wank on me

Quite so! I've been enjoyed by some lovely older men X

*irlielegs72 days ago *illgossard
cut guys

I am cut as in profile photo. Love it!

*ane678962 days ago *iddlewatchman
Second Cottage Experience

Nice story, if I were to write mine out I'd need to publish a book, used to cottage that much in one town I nearly got clobbered for council tax cos I spent more time in the bogs than I did at home

*londpoppersboy202 days ago *hebestrimmer
My bum

Anyone like mine?

*aul2353152 days ago *igdickbham
Fuck and facebook

I thought at least she was going to turn out to be a man. Then again a copied fantasy and not really one for a gay/bi site Trolling again

*cottie5952 days ago *androlling

OMG... YES... I had my 1st MMF 3some a few weeks ago, with a guy I met a few times and my girlfriend mmmmm fuck me what an experience, loved seeing her with another cock... even when she jumped on top of him and grind herself on his cock

*idlanderbi33 days ago *eightonpa1
The delivery guy

Oh my goodness, I am not gay, honestly but this has got me playing with my cock, I want to be used like a girl so much xx $-) sweetie with a username like yours. Your Fucking Gay don't hide it. I don't understand why people s

*heoman63 days ago *eightonpa1
Sucked cock in office

Wow, i felt so horny and dirty the other day, I went to meet a guy in his office, I was wearing my girlfriends tblack / white tartan skirt with my long white over knee socks, I was bent over his desk tip toeing like a girl mmmm I felt his hard

*irlielegs13 days ago *irlielegs

sweet not the only one lol

*333 days ago *rumbttm69
Older men

im 51 now,n still older men make me so dam older gents for me anyday

*1283 days ago *rumbttm69
The Horse Fair

Sounds good, wish they'd had these when I was younger. They have these in Hamburg and other europen cities but they dont seem to have the stable lad role abroad.

*uriouslyhard33 days ago *mmacd69
Supermarket fun

Can be there tomorrow night about 7.30 anyone fancies meeting up $-) $-) Angela xx

*414 days ago *ngela16
Fucked and almost caught

What were you doing and did your aunt help you

*tmSouth30105 days ago *ornyboy70
Rate the guy above

oh yes...nice cock..

*aul23531335 days ago *horni

Are there any experienced spankers in South Yorkshire.

*atboy5845 days ago *aughty2210

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