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Say what you'd like to see or do to the guy above you

i would let him fuck my mouth till i gag on his cock then bend over and take every inch of him deep and hard till he pulled out and came in my mouth for me to swallow and then suck him off again to get him hard so he can fuck me again lol oh and let

*oodface9522 minutes ago *angbangme26
Briefs (pants) or boxers?

Nice tight briefs or tight boxers.....better still someone else's :)

*ascal0182429 minutes ago *obotan1
sex with wife / gf whilst wearing stockings bra and knickers

The first time I had sex with a girl I used to see, I was wearing her dress, suspenders and makeup. That was a good party.

*dressertart161 hour ago *1ernesto
random outdoor masturbation

Just been stood in my back garden naked and hard stroking, flet real good.

*uke_bradford152 hours ago *otphux
Wife's knickers

Likewise. I have the wife's worn thong to swap. Maybe a local swap/exchange or hiding place to leave and pick up your wife's girlfriends...

*dge me1362 hours ago *ature mark
A clap for NHS

If us guys are having fun - then we should ALL go and get checked out regular. Do not forget you do not need to use your real name IF you do not wish. They are friendly people and have your best interest at heart. FREE CONDOMS and LUBE

*rian242 hours ago *arrynorfolk
Taxi Drivers?

I would love to find a taxi driver in my area

*andandan142 hours ago *orsetwolf

the one in London rd was once the kings ,I had some great fun there in the toilet with guys, some loverly cocks had many a mouthful there mmmmm $-) :-p

*123 hours ago *eeler
wearing sexy udies while at work

I wear lingerie most days - I'll also quite often wear high heels while I'm working!

*uzyxd1443 hours ago *angleguy
your ultimate fantasy with me


*ndyBath83 hours ago *pen2
Big Dicks or Heavy Cummers

Heavy cum for me...I love cum and have never met a proper heavy cummer before. :-( If there's a proper heavy cummer in Coventry / Warwickshire, please get in touch ;-)

*van42923 hours ago *angleguy
Would you ever have, spurof the moment sex with a total stranger?

Not yet but looking to now lol :-p

*auliooo44 hours ago *LDDER
new gym

New gym opening in Hamilton. Mite join. Want to get fit and loose weight, but this old-school be open 24/7 but no staff after 10pm. Wounded if any one would fancy some fun in there after 10pm? Do people really have fun in these places?

*i in hamilton14 hours ago *i in hamilton
One Night with any Celebrity.

Johnathan Bridges-Great arse-Great fuck!!!

*1315 hours ago *obea
How do u clean out your ass

I just have a shower and have never had any complaints. It's that simple! o-)

*ellyxd6911 hours ago *xeterandhorny
My real first time experience

Ive thought about gay sex alot & watch gay porn but when i finally i asked a gay friend if we could meet for fun i wished i asked him a long time ago cos we meet up now and then andbits great

*hamfunlad1312 hours ago *edway79
am i the only guy who likes the taste of my own cum

I prefer other people to cum in my mourh, im bored of my own, but yes i do like my own

*12512 hours ago *edway79
Wife chat

Love to see wife/gf photo's im on kik add bigphil292. :-) :-) :-)

*3713 hours ago *orny77
role play

nice, also what I love. Id love to go the full works, hair makeup and go to the sauna and be a slut

*otheelsbj414 hours ago *otheelsbj
best sex iv ever had

wow, mmm :) x

*elshlycraclad214 hours ago *inkybiguymidsuk
Pantie stealin

i have done the Arnold Layne thing as a teen mmmmmm

*kk_21215 hours ago *anet22
Big Cut Bell Ends

Hmm sorry to throw a spanner in the works but I'm of a decent size and cut (have been since a child) and I'm rather sensitive and at times cumming creeps up on me :0

*l_monkey417 hours ago *l_666
favourite cottage

yes me too could not go wrong in underground Victoria st, meet the manager of nearby nite club there every sun morning took me back to empty nite club 2.30 am, he had great dick mmmm :-p :-) O:-)

*oyme2917 hours ago *eeler
barber required

hi is there any barber in sth yorks that gives body shavesie neck down except fore arms . love to be used afterwards

*weeperman6122117 hours ago *weeperman6122

Horny as fuck driving with my fishneta and lacey panties on wanking my shaved cock hoping a trucker might see me

*arklg5120 hours ago *xiboy

I go BB with a select few that i trust, we are all tested every 3 months to stay clean and safe xx

*BLover1021 hours ago *oldfox
Ex navy good times

Never lucky enough to have had any fun at sea but loads in toilets guz and pompy,love the ladyboys in asia,always had my cock up i know what i have been missing,im now bottom only

*avy man 1621 hours ago *onnylikesitall
Cock fun. With GF watching.

Your girl can request what she wants and we would just do as she says

*inarich1974722 hours ago *attyH
Best Sunday night in..... A long time

I like you lucky mam

*attyH222 hours ago *willy
Fun in the Woods

That story had me hard!

*umlover08822 hours ago *irral27
Fantasy: opening a "savings" account's getting more and more interesting... let's have the next installment soon

*martxdress622 hours ago *imbo1218
my fantasy

I am invited for a beer at a fellow workers house he is 64 and fairly large. U turn up thinking he was having a party, I knock on the door and here him shout come in, I enter and he is nowhere to be seen. I shout he is in the bathroom says he has a

*ogliapercazzo123 hours ago *ogliapercazzo
First time anal

I really want to lose my anal virginity with someone who will be gentle (and passionate)

*ristol914724 hours ago *ilme1
Plymouth Wank Club

I'm up for this. Just spotted the thread as I haven't been on this site for a while. Would love to get involved.

*lymouthboy221 day ago *i_man_in_plymouth
spunky food

Much prefer a cocktail of cum in a nice champagne flute

*ndyBath61 day ago *eeds_d

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