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Finding panties 2

The occasional find of a pair of knickers hanging behind a cubicle door, when cottaging, used to make my day. The standard varied a lot, from well worn and dirty to new and clean, small ones bigger ones. Mostly would have had several loads already

*oulou CD4821 minutes ago *ankmydiddly
helping someone piss

I have a friend who loves to drink my piss he takes my COCK in his mouth and drinks down every drop it's a real turn on from my end too maybe your friend and I could share some together sometime

*ndyBath11928 minutes ago *aughtyboy54

Mmm love 3 sums had a few and they are the best! Let me know guys if anyone is looking for their number 3 or more. Glad to join :-)

*ylons121742 minutes ago *aughty Joe
First time

Thanks for the comments We did have more fun together over a period of a few months and things did progress to the next level of have full sex both ways

*icuck7571 hour ago *icuck75
Watching yourself taking

It’s nice with modern phones to be able to get photos and video easier during sex I’ve been filmed by s few guys in the past

*onnylikesitall122 hours ago *havenbeds

What did you get too Hun? lol x :-p

*ngela1623 hours ago *ill4u
dressed outdoors

I am getting very hooked dressing up and heading to a local dogging spot .I don't fully dress .wear skirt tights knickers and heels .had a nice couple of meets down there .want more and more cock fun now

*ornyboy7074 hours ago *ylonflover
Brother in law

Put a porn dvd on let him catch you watching maybe wanking. We had my BF BIL for a good 6 years he was into everything

*orkieboi_uk67 hours ago *ig Balls
Hull porn

Always intrested in porn and wanks, message me

*kipper884010 hours ago *ijes
The love of an old man

I love being humiliated and would have loved to be in your position and be cum on and pissed on.

*hrisjules123uk311 hours ago *f7subguy
Gang bang

I've been fucked by over 300 for many years, known as the government ??

*otmale35617 hours ago *emarks
Hard or soft?

oh man i love sucking a soft cock letting it grow and harden as I suck.

*onnylikesitall818 hours ago *iggertrigger
Accidental voyeur

i had a situation where i was having an early morning nude smoke at my back doorand a woman walking her dog walked past, she noticed me standing there and said morning, and we started chatting, she said shed never seen anyone standing naked at their

*1220 hours ago *urhamnudist
Panties I'm wearing today

Black silky size 12 M&S hi leg briefs for me today

*12920 hours ago *hemaligfreund
How to get cock?

My first m/m encounters were toilet pickups. It's an easy way to meet someone, and you can just walk out if you have a problem.

*ump-your-cum-here521 hours ago *ormat
Saunas on cruise ships

Two Horny mature guys who love suckling cock on Megellan 16th Dec from Tilbury to Cape Verde. Any one want some fun please contact

*urreyguy196017124 hours ago *ig Balls
cum in cock

mmmm bet it would feel amazing if the spunk shot right down your peehole Yes please,can we do it,just you and me?

*llrounder694324 hours ago *ld man small cock

Thanks for sharing this with us. It’s a lovely recounting of your past. Hope you find the right guy again to share your sex life with.

*oggy059721 day ago *ysteryMachine
Older guy fantasy

Gumtree was great for meetings met a nice man form st Albans older it was the first time I whore rubber in front of someone he loved it

*yann.D721 day ago *omehus57
cocks in frocks.

I don't mind meeting as a man or cd..the dressing does it for some but not others..As long as everyone taking part enjoys themselves does it matter..and as for guys labelling themselves as straight,why are they on here... If you want to unload in m

*yson hoover241 day ago *punkmyface
cottage fun

Birkenhead park was boss a few years ago always busy in the Loo's got a few lovely bjs in there

*ibobby211 day ago *amie 4
Wife tribute

Am deffo in

*avieboy71181 day ago *amie 4
Black cock

Can't stop thinking of BBC. None on here local for me though :( So jealous of my sister who's no doubt sucking her black boyfriends cock right now.

*ewbi60212 days ago *ump-your-cum-here
Dukes Mound Brighton

would like to hear from anybody who goes there and would like a meet for some fun

*havedcock5822 days ago *havedcock58
Wife/gf pic swap?

Happily cum over wife’s pics and email back ;) send photos of all your wife’s ;)

*anyaBabez322 days ago *enn James

I visited the Empire in Hudds on Monday to see the stripper at 1pm. After she left I went onto the back row, got my cock out and started wanking. An older guy 2 seats away joined in. I moved to the adjacent seat, started stroking his hard cock, and

*tockport days122 days ago *eterbronz
watching the wife get fucked

I used to get lots of guys to fuck my wife when we were younger she was very attractive and lovely body some of the guys couldn't believe there luck when they seen her we also used to go dogging too she loved all sex and used to like watching guys

*riankk1372 days ago *irral fun
Huge balls

I long to find a pair of low hangers every time I slip their pants down. I can gently suck and tug on a pair of balls for a long time.

*ravelboy82 days ago *teveWilts
Foraging old style. Any still about?

yes some of my best days in the toilets :-)

*igershark42 days ago * need 2 b bent

sadly yes all gone

*aniebicd43 days ago *ambedford2
Phone wank over my wife

love this mmm

*wistedhood33 days ago *ambedford2
Girlfriends lingerie

Great...such a turn on a bit of flashing, I have a communal garden in summer I sit there in just shorts or cycle shorts making sure I pull them down so I'm nearly showing my cock, people come over and chat and from behind my sunglasses I can see

*arley1992113 days ago *ing-monkey
Cinema groping and much more

I really wish you could send me some private story’s, I would put mine up but they would be removed and I’d love to share them as well

*anned lol1083 days ago *aniebicd
Knickers play

Love wearing undies etc as my username suggests as well as my pictures if anyone wants to send me used knickers of wives g/f to wear I’ll took picture and send to you via email

*773 days ago *aniebicd
Hitch hiking the old way

This story has been posted loads of times it is also on a other gay story site that was posted a few year back so im guessing the op of this got it from this other site theres is nothing wrong with that but why lye and cast it off as there

*153 days ago *

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