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the last time you had sex - lets have details

Was about 10 months ago went to this guys house he was Indian guy fabulous house went upstairs stripped so did he sucked his cock for a while he then lubed me up and fucked me in various positions to was great

*icockwakey3860 minutes ago *tm4u2use
lucky escape

There I was as normal at the local remembrance on Monday thinking about my pinkish full leg nics and fanny rag I had on wishing I had put my tights on as well,when oh dear I collapsed, sat in the ambulance 10 minutes later the medic said

*athleen23 hours ago *ary fairy
seventy and still learning,A true story

I like reading about your adventures $-) Me too.

*ld queen57 hours ago *ean3591
Femme name

Used the name Petra about 30 yrs ago,now dont bother

*hris20308 hours ago *onnylikesitall
Nappy and cum fun today.

I also live wearing nappies and plastics for naughty fun, wish I could another the same around North Manchester x

*lasticpants2321 hours ago *etishy
Fleshlight fun

Yes yur mouth Wud b much better by miles

*C6923 hours ago *uv2bsuckeddry
Horny men from now to Xmas

I know from experience how men can get horny upto xmas.Women can tease a lot, wearing sexy clothes to show off at Xmas doos.No doubt all these nice van drivers delivering ebay and internet stuff, must have a few stories to tell from previous

*enora69124 hours ago *enora69
Watersports. What Clothes

A white wedding dress with a white basque, suspenders and lacy full panties on....

*ame brune aime471 day ago *orofsky
Such a slut

love the story can't wait to hear more frank sounds like he will give you a good time

*hrislikesmen41 day ago *tsuptoyou
Glory hole

You probably want the more down-scale places for GHs, look in suburbs.

*ld guy 6872 days ago *ormat
Older mature females can be sexy

A thread on women on a site for gay hook ups mmmmmm well we are what we are so why not.

*enora69392 days ago *de67
Older man

I was 18, newly arrived in London to work in the Civil Service. I had limited schoolboy experiences with other lads but was still quite naive. I was living in shared accommodation on Gloucester Road not far from Hyde Park. Quite often, in the

*lder.sub12 days ago *lder.sub
Risky Wanking

Heading for work with black stockings and 8-strap suspender belt on under my jeans and waving off a good lady friend who was also in stockings (navy) and suspenders had her request my stiff cock should be put through my fly to wave her off from the

*1172 days ago *aul-C
Pre Cum Clips Hazard!

A hot bit of crumpet is often hard to explain to the wife.

*ackhighers22 days ago *ormat
Wish it never ends continued

Wow such a horny story, can’t wait for the next part!

*imp says23 days ago *antsbilad
Prison bitch. Pt2

The foot steps stopped at the cell door the spy hole in the door made a scrapping chink chink sound as the roundall was flicked around once the screw had done his observation he walked off on the monotonous journey of another 60 cells- good news

*ersa1913 days ago *ersa19
Tastes like cum

hey bud check out this site it dose a step by step mate

*evn724 days ago *993j
Seduced by a gay couple

I so need this to happen to me!

*0800134 days ago *uriousBfdGuy
gay bars

anybody know best gay bars in darlington

*arolinehants84 days ago *arlocock
telling the girlfriend i was on this site

personally I don't understand why people have to do theses things, But I also don't understand why BI people can not just tell the person they are interested in from day one like i.e say it at the beginning of the first date kind

*oelincoln154 days ago *RICEY1971
What position would you like to fuck me in

Any position, balls deep hopefully

*494 days ago *arbi

Wow nice story can't wait for more x

*ickey9114 days ago *ATRIOTS
Best pool lesson!

Hi I need to no what happens next I am throbbing from reading this mmmm x

*rofun184 days ago *ATRIOTS
Sex in the woods

I love being in woods naked servicing all who comes no limits anything goes

*165 days ago *teve2159
Being Watched in a layby

Luv this forum xx

*odgycd115 days ago *odgycd
The phone call

Oddly enough i was mid blowjob on a guy (me doing the blowing) when his boss called him . undeterred i carried on also working my finger in his ass at the same time. Somehow he kept his cool despite my best efforts to make him moan! Of course when

*ikey196125 days ago *illanihole
Best orgasm ever?

One of my most powerful orgasms (as far as I remember and mainly because it was fairly recently) was at a sex club. I was dressed as a slutty woman. I was at that time on anti depressants which had a numbing effect on my ability to orgasm. that part

*escooper45 days ago *illgossard

So tell us some.

*igkarl2555 days ago *Ybear
Prison bitch

Can't wait for the next part??

*ersa1925 days ago *pool joe
Celebrity Shemales

Mine I would love Beyonce to fuck me Jacqueline Jossa, Michelle Pfeiffer, Mel b

*1755 days ago *ornyhowz
sissy pantie wankers

always love to

*ature_1125 days ago *mchub
Odd meeting

His loss. Hope you get some fun later.

*ormat26 days ago *ean3591
Corazón y alma part 1

Corazón y alma, Heart and soul: Mind & Body, Mente y Cuerpo Brothers of the Most Noble Temple of Cock below are written more words from the Book of Myrydyn, the scribe of this Ancient Order of Coq. The tale this time is a little less sexual a

*yrydyn16 days ago *yrydyn
Worshipping the Cock God Alone

Worshipping the Cock God Alone Feel HIM stirring at the end of the day as you head home. HE knows you are soon to enter into a sublime fellowship with HIM. As you start to undress HE rouses, HE lengthens and thickens in anticipation of

*yrydyn16 days ago *yrydyn
Suits of A'mour - Milos

Templar 143 - Suits of A'mour - Milos I can't remember exactly where we met perhaps it was on one of those sites where men go for sex maybe Gayrar. It was over 15 years ago and we chatted about of all things - mens suits. Discovering we both had

*yrydyn16 days ago *yrydyn

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