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First Cottage Experience

Nice retellings well horny reading ;-)

*londpoppersboy9360 minutes ago *dge73
Riskiest Places U had sex in.

many with the wife as she loved the risk when younger - various car parks, motorway footbridge, many lay bys, haydock races in the toilet while the race was on, top of a bus, on a train but the most risky was when she lived at home, fucked her on

*pen24hrs1571 hour ago *otalsubguy

My wife lost her virginity to her boss when she was 17 she told me about it years ago and it still gets me hard thinking about it she was very shy when younger and only had her first serious boyfriend at 19, but she was very attractive and always w

*appywanker402 hours ago *otalsubguy
Music to suck/fuck to?

The minute waltz :)

*our_plaything69123 hours ago *oodguy68
what has been ur best cruising/cottaging/online meet?

Using the toilets this morning at Birmingham airport. On my way in noticed a middle age couple outside the entrance. Went in, and stood at the urinals minding my own business when I noticed the guy from outside appear and go to the urinal next but

*mthgay1353 hours ago *rimera33uk
hi cp or bandage

Bandage!!! what's that then. Do both parties wrap themselves up and become mummies? :)

*aul......28 hours ago *ikey1961
First MMF bi threesome.

i have had 4 lucky sod !!! ahhh memories

*1219 hours ago *ambedford2
How does it feel after

my regular man knows just the way I like it nice and slow at first plenty of lube and I never feel pain and gives me a good seeing too

*evin smith2420 hours ago *tsuptoyou
helping someone piss

I need to try this, anyone in scunny up for it?

*ndyBath17323 hours ago *orecum4u
Oldest guy you've been with?

Only about 45 but have tried to meet with much olde, sadly never happened

*osh12216424 hours ago *ersStudent
MMF threesome

I’d love to be involved in a mmf session.

*ycrathong1124 hours ago *ora 123
The Adventures of Fresh Meat

While I have had a cold I have taken the time to do some writing and had a couple of my short stories published on Literotica, awaiting on a third. If you want a link to them you'll have to message me as I can't post a link on here.

*reshMeatKent361 day ago *reshMeatKent
Football away days

Great story my cock is rock hard reading x

*igdickbham382 days ago *lo2005
Favourite thing to do alone

I have a sex machine so i can pick my fav dildo and select how fast or slow i would like it.. . .fantastuc

*edway4fun62 days ago *hiny fetish
Amateur photographers

hi, sounds like a good turn on, i'd love a few pics taken. any ideas or takers?

*al123222 days ago *umatron3
fancy cock

pp87slave I know exactly how you feel. I'm not interested in how a guy looks at all as for me it's all about whether he has a nice looking cock and is squeaky clean.

*p87slave62 days ago *arkLewis
Do you older gents like being sucked?

Yes please

*regorysmithson1412 days ago *ames deep
More good times as a teen

Nice horny story wish it was me on the receiving end

*ature Naked Man63 days ago *ookingforfun58
Summer nights

I am outside this afternoon lying naked in the sun. Lucky you. I've just been outside gardening with shirt, jumper and jacket on and its bloody perishing. Hope we get a repeat of last summer.

*ariousArtists53 days ago *ordic-knight
programme on tele

Are the soap operas getting out of hand then? More adult oriented? Was this love island ? No wonder they need therapy lol

*2suck103 days ago *exvanman1
Mates who masturbate

Love it

*164 days ago *ornypanties
Open bottom girdles and corselettes who wears them

I enjoy wearing my RAGO OBG Six suspender straps and makes me look and feel good.

*aturechubb1634 days ago *aul-C
Massaged and fucked


*ohnismynameto975 days ago *ames deep
Layby first time

Layby group fuck of me Sunday morning in a layby if any one interested msg me near york

*ewguy666200345 days ago *ldauk
Chariots sauna

Wow :)

*hemaligfreund25 days ago *inkybiguymidsuk
used condom

I could meet up with triggers as live quite close by. Don't want anything posted as wife might open it !

*riggers65 days ago *issypaul
buying lingerie

I have lots of pvc and satin panties for sale but only in Leeds xx

*875 days ago *antymanxdresser
Fun on cruise ships

celeb the 4th and 19th may shilloute. again celeb on 18 th sept from barcelona. the. ventura on 1st dec any one going

*ottombunk1175 days ago *cottie18
more woods fun

Amazingly told Gill, thats exactly how it feels for me when I get a chance to go out to the nearby viewpoint and wwods. Keep up the good work!x

*illgossard25 days ago *tckingswearer6
In the woods

I would love to find a busy dogging/wooded area in Cheshire where I could suck and b fucked by everyone there xx Would love to chat more and try arrange something? Love sucking guys in the woods x

*cited366 days ago *ob frodsham
Chem fun

Think of your best orgasm ,times that by 10 or more and that’s the answer,trouble is it spoils you lol Love poppers fun.

*ylon poppers fun176 days ago *ora 123
Giving and receiving a spankig group

Spanking 50/50 or just me group would be great

*ake my pants down136 days ago *etacdtv
London Cottage

As far as I know, all fun stopped there a few years ago. The rot started with Janet Street-Porter moaning about the goings on at Finsbury Park on national TV. I use saunas now, safer and more convenient..... though not as cheap!

*rankie095746 days ago *owlocks
Fishing show Farnborough

....should be there Saturday too :)

*uriousDAN97 days ago *uriousDAN

Thank you all may go tomorrow xx

*antymanxdresser51 week ago *antymanxdresser

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