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Premier Inn..

great story and great read id love to check in to that hotel

*heJiggler528 minutes ago *eycock
First time

I remember when suburban train carriages were divided into small compartments seating 6-8 people, several times having fun, especially on mid to late evening trains returning home from working late or from a lone outing to the theatre. You'd

*ustlooking6464 hours ago *ustlooking64
watching the wife get fucked

I love to see her being fucked by a guy who knows how give her a good time x

*riankk25 hours ago *laine
Workmen in a cottage

Update: Had a wander along today - Not too busy. One guy came in but went into cubicle. I hung around the wash facilities but he was a bit nervous and closed the door as soon as he saw me. Went back to the car. Sat for a while and watched.

*amekeeper126 hours ago *amekeeper
Clean shaven

So how do you keep clean shaven? Use a trimmer myself but nipped the other day. Whats the best way? Wet shave, for a real smooth feel, electric in between to help prevent ingrowing hairs, I you use an epilator on your scrotum

*p231138 hours ago *ookie
Riskiest Places U had sex in.

I sucked a couple of guys off in my old work in the Worksop after all had gone home. So naughty could of been caught

*pen24hrs229 hours ago *lim23
Taxi drivers/ delivery drivers

As I see it, its always a good time of year to seduce a taxi driver, or maybe that man who delivers parcels.A lot of guys out working . ive done a few over the years, have YOU any sexy stories to tell me ?

*enora Gee110 hours ago *enora Gee
well hung lorry drivers.

I was a lorry driver for many years too,of all the drivers i had fun with the majority had average size cocks, some were hairy but whatever size cock or hairy they were didn't matter to me, it was the sex in either his cab or mine that was the

*yson hoover411 hours ago *icklover
True account of my recent fuck in a lorry

Very hot accounts. Always wanted to do it in a lorry cab.

*umaddictgirl912 hours ago *etersucks

The valley coach park toilets were great a few years ago porta cabins had big holes in the thin walls had plenty of cocks to suck and arses to fuck the best i have ever had i was sucking a guy off and felt a finger touching my arse so i pushed my

*1821 hours ago *enior 74
A group fantasy

hot :) x

*ndyBath622 hours ago *inkybiguymidsuk
The Walled Garden

I think this is the one!!

*avey6531 day ago *avey65
Lunch hour treat

What a surprise my alter ego susie had treated herself to a st trinians style outfit, she does not normally venture out until after dark but she couldn't wait to try it so she put it on and went to a local cruising layby at lunch time and she

*issile11 day ago *issile

Its still there on the corner of Oak Lane Unlike the OP !!

*51 day ago *tich
When was the last time?


*onnylikesitall801 day ago *iSecksual
Blow Job

Spoke to a guy on here last night we arranged an outside meet but as always.. it never happened How ever I get a tx from a mates wife. Would I pop round.. he was at a Christmas party. as you do.. so I did Buggar me before I had chance to get my b

*HEESY66611 day ago *HEESY666
Thickest cock you have ever played with.

Coke can thickness here :-O

*tockyjock841 day ago *ustuz

One of my first little adventures was when I went round to a guys house who I met online. We stripped and played as normal, I was very nervous and let him take control and guide me. He tried fingering my arse but I guess I was too nervous and so we

*arlow suck171 day ago *eekingOlderGent

After looking online for a sauna to visit for my first time I settled on the Greenhouse in darlaston. Firstly it has a pool and I love to swim naked and secondly it has an amazing roof terrace where you can get naked in the sun, there's nothing like

*exi Suki611 day ago *havedjohn
Complete sub!!

Love the story x

*punkmonkey69212 days ago *untime32

I'll happily give you a lubed up wank Fliss!

*aul61422 days ago *oppers4you
Butt Plugs

Would love someone for regular butt plug and poppers sessions, start small and get bigger everytime until my virgin hole is ready to take cock

*elano Jones302 days ago *seme316
My first time with a man

My first time i was 18. On way home from night out i used to walk through local red light area to get to my student accom. I noticed the same car kept driving past but thought nothing of it. After driving past about six times the car pulled up about

*omme6962 days ago *seme316
helping someone piss

In the heyday of cottaging in my bedsitter days I spent many an otherwise boring Sunday afternoon in public urinals just holding guys' cocks while they pissed, especially those who had a foreskin I could enjoy pulling back.

*ndyBath682 days ago *. Rouser
Cum on the back of satin panties

Out and about in Leeds in satin nix wanking in the back of my van sniffing used panties

*ackhighers132 days ago *antymanxdresser
What would you do with a virgin ass?

What would you do with my virgin ass that has never tried cock before? Or my mouth for that matter. I wana know what you'd taste like and feel like. Whether you're gentle and kind or hard and rough and gona cumdump me. Your prof

*zkaton132 days ago *nterestingtimes2
Severe punishment

I'd love to really explore my pain threshold like that.

*obman22 days ago *ljcleeve
Fantasy, role reversal

You should let it happen. I mainly top but now and again love being used by nice veiny cock. Try it and see

*orny Fisherman23 days ago *rmark63
Blow Jobbing a Guy

Been wanking off all afternoon, just thinking of having a guy with me in the car!

*ackhighers163 days ago *ackhighers
precum...non stop thinking

STILL daydreaming...wish I had a cheeky secret older guy to play with!

*ackhighers213 days ago *ackhighers
cum in own ass

Fuck me thats hot

*onkey101143 days ago *uckyboi1234
Dirty mind

I've such a dirty mind, when I dress up I imagine a mature gent forcing his cock into my mouth and him fucking my face, as he twitches he pulls out his cock and sprays he's load into my face mouth everywhere, I'm completely covered, he then takes

*ress for mature13 days ago *ress for mature
Inner woman /Naughty side

In everyday life I hide my fem side but when I'm with a guy and dressed in sexy clothes my inner woman really comes out. I love to be gently dominated by a sexy man, licked and sucked and teased, I love to suck too. Then when we are both

*omme6923 days ago *ove.tights
Sticky Panties

Your all well come to come in my wife's satin or picture used panties in and around leeds. Back of my van xx

*aunchyrachel197793 days ago *antymanxdresser
Swallow or spit

Always love to take a big load or loads in my mouth from a guy or a group of guys, also love facials too....

*truggiler213 days ago *racknell Cum Eater

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