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Owe don't even go there...

*oston3055 minutes ago *oston30
top porn

anyone know top notch porn vids amatuer gay twinks

*otonlad34157 minutes ago *otonlad34
New Year fun meet. Edinburgh.

72yo guy, seeking friendship & fun. I can accom'. Including sleepovers, if wanted. Likes a variety, of safe fun. Can give a nice, relaxing, massage, with baby oil. Also, wanking, role play, spanking, body contact, toys, light bondage, ws, &

*illingguyswanted12 hours ago *illingguyswanted

I have fantasized quite a lot about being lightly spanked while being finger fucked prior to having a nice cock up me.

*bend4u62 hours ago *e58
5 Kinks Bucket List

1: to eat shit and drink piss 2: fucked by animals 3: triple fisted 4: gang r@ped 5: snuffed

*ldershotbi1353 hours ago *agJamie
fisting destruction

I'd love my faggot piggy hole to be completely destroyed by a guy or gang of guys, rammed with cock, objects, toys and most of all fists, I'd dream of having my hole torn into a huge, gaping, prolapsed mess that can never close or go back in,

*agJamie14 hours ago *agJamie
new pictures

Use a bit of imagination to avoid samey panty pics. A timer on your camera helps or being a contortionist to get more interesting results!

*ndyBath134 hours ago *rthur54212
My first experience

My weekends with Joe continued, lots of sex but also fun and laughs as well. We talked about where I might live for the second year of university as I had to get out of the Halls of Residence, and he offered his spare bedroom. I could use the

*reenfinger415 hours ago *reenfinger
Grabbing his bum

Love to grab a sexty bum in trunks trousers speedos and get horny - then to press bum on bum watching both guys get stiff into a sexy bum on bum or bum to face pins in a wrestle or frot.

To shy to show what I'm after

If you find a cure, let me know. Until then I have a fantasy about meeting in a dark room or with the other guy blindfolded so we can have all kinds of fun without seeing each other. To take the inhibitions away! Makes it easier to get going I

*orester136 hours ago *winterburn
breast torture

2 bars about 18 inches long that have screw threads at each ends. You put your Breast between the bars and screw them closer and closer together

*addyfuckme67 hours ago *entfun71
older men

Love meeting older guys loved being centre of attention when younger for old guys in local cottage sometimes had quite a few at same time loved taking their spunk

*ityhull229 hours ago *ohnstevenston
just been to touch sauna swindon

I think, when I do find time to visit Touch, I'll announce it on here. Hopefully I'll find a lot of horny cottagers waiting for me. :D

*mall cock bear3010 hours ago *ilthyFuckSlut

I find meeting outside anywhere very off putting. Have tried it on several occasions but neither party have been able to fully relax and enjoy it in case we are disturbed by someone. Very unsatisfying. It's indoor meets for me only from now on.

*eyshambi917 hours ago *lana
Lace Panties or Satin

Its a tough call....I love the outline and shape of a cock through tight satin panties, but I also love the fact that you can see it through lace. I'm on the fence, love them both.

*17118 hours ago *antiemanUK
First time - wow - loved it

I know exactly how you feel. You're first time was almost exactly the same as mine except I met him in a pub not far from his house. So nervous I nearly walked out of the pub 3 times before plucking up the courage to finally speak to him. So glad I

*ldermanneeded318 hours ago *ocktart69
Discovering my Bi side...

The hottest tale I have read here. I think for me it is that whole thing of being taken and pushed by someone taking advantage of an inner almost previously unknown submissiveness!

*ari1122 hours ago *acyboy
Rip Off Tale Seasons End

Sooooo horny st :-)

*toryteller1822 hours ago *ukkakeboi12
Who has met someone on here and shagged

Older bottom guy here not had a lot of success on here,, just met 2 one in a sauna and 1 meet in Newcastle.

*16622 hours ago *anting Sex

Essex male here. Would love to join in

*eekingLadsWithGirlfriend4823 hours ago *xgent
Love Giving Handjobs

Wow, you fellas sure know how to get a cock hard. Just reading this has got me all of a fluster, God knows the mess I'd make with all this edging and teasing! Mmmmmm

*andjoblover191 day ago *R11
Rip off Tale Three Weeks Later

Witch twist was that MK gotta tell you im going to be off line for a while soon and as Tommys tales not as popular anymore i might end it and try somat else xx Anyways you have a great holls and lets see what 2015 brings us xx 8-)

*toryteller541 day ago *toryteller
wearing knickers to work

I'm not normally one to wear girls underwear, but yesterday I had no dry clean underwear to put on and the only thing I could find was a pair of the wife's thongs, black lacey with pink edging, I went into the bathroom as she was in there having

*ockingstring501 day ago *livebi69
Pantie Fun

I love to do this. When wearing lovely knickers I like to do a web cam show on, and when I can see that there are several people watching I toss in to the gusset.

*egmanlover21 day ago *earsknickers
Make my day!

Not commenting on the opening post, I'd say that the literacy level on the internet is an absolute disgrace, Matthew - don't feel bad. ANAL OR WHAT? Its a sex site not dictionary corner

*nhard71 day ago *asculine se13
my fantasy

my fantasy is to have a dominant top make me rim and lick the balls off his bottom partner,calling me names while im doing it,he then moves me out of the way, when he mounts and fucks his partner while ill rim and suck the balls of the dom top, then

*arriedchubneedsdaddy11 day ago *r.Savvyguy
How to get wife to use dildo on me help

I'm going to try this tomorrow will let you know how it goes

*onesy3932 days ago *onesy39
Joinery work

Wow that sounds horny, bot I have a nice comfy double bed!

*artinhaswood32 days ago *art69
Greenhouse Sauna darlaston

I've been to the Dare-2-Bare sessions on a Wednesday on-and-off for a couple of years now. At first, I was pretty nervous. I'm tall - and, although I'm quite attractive (they say), I'm not hung. What makes it worse is I'm a grower not a shower.

*ottom_sub_2062 days ago *
Soho Cottage

Been spending most of my days in a public cottage in Soho London recently, received plenty of helping hands and mouths, was wondering if anyone knew the toilets I meant and wanted to share any stories?

*rBrightside9612 days ago *rBrightside96
piss fetish

never done it with another guy, but have pissed over myself in the bath, but if another guy wanted to piss over me I would'nt turn it down. ;-O"""""

*ornybi123212 days ago *atass4use

yes I have enjoyed it too done it many times :-)

*ack322 days ago *ikysuky
my DP and spitroast fantasy xx

The guy oilly bum is the lm going fuckin him in all holes this new year,

*ilybum73112 days ago *sxyguy
cinema groping?

yes i remember the prince of wales cardiff , went there alot when young really good fun there :*)

*892 days ago *liss
Fucked by TS

Great story 91ernesto. Just a pity you smoke so much!!!!

*1ernesto262 days ago *ugbydad

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