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I LOVE receiving a good soaking in hot piss. I also love sucking a guy and without any warning, he just opens the tap and starts to empty his bladder, straight down my throat. Even better if he places both hamds on the back of my head to prevent

*15427 minutes ago *over me in cum
the last time you had sex - lets have details

I have a regular friend who just loves rimming me for ages ....i'd say my pussy but he insists it's my Arsehole and he's quite happy being my Arsehole licker. He hates lube so he licks and spits till he's opened me up and inviting, i then usually

*icockwakey8331 minutes ago *oetvsub
Sex on a cruise

Anyone going on a British Isles cruise with Princes Cruises from Southampton any time this year I would love to meet and get my cock sucked and maybe fuck a nice tight arse

*lowme222110 hours ago *lowme222
Used condoms

My mate used to drop a van off to me on Friday eves, along with a sample pot of cum which I used to run over my cock before fucking the wife

*damuxbridge4213 hours ago *koeko
Small cock/fast cum

Tiny here, about 4", but don't cum quickly at all. Can edge for ages :-)

*uriousguy4email8013 hours ago *airyrugger

Looking for someone to take some photos of me.. Happy to pose and be told how to pose and any location. Please help

*aul2353113 hours ago *aul2353
home made porno

Would rim a nice ass with my very long active or rigid tongue It's arse in this country! !-)

*alsallboyforit15217 hours ago *ayMan007
Sex in older guys shed

I visit a guy from this site at his allotment shed he has a big leather chair in his shed I sit down and he pulls my shorts down and sucks my cock to perfection whilst I am calling him a dirty cock sucking slut.... He's very good. Been sucking me

*11817 hours ago *ustrel
A day on the boat

A very horny read, reallly enjoyed reading. When is the next installment?

*antsbilad182 days ago *nob69
I think I'm Bi / Curious or gay!

The 1st time I sucked another guys cock and let him fuck me was quite nerve racking.Now I can't seem to get enough,just wish I had started at an earlier age. Missed out on so much.

*uriousGeorge201852 days ago *utitinmybum
trackie bottoms fun

I found some old tracky bottoms the other day I thought wouldn't it be nice to cut the bottom out of the pocket so when me and my F/B are walking somewhere quiet he could put his hand in and have a good feel at my bare cock and balls which he could

*tsuptoyou12 days ago *tsuptoyou
penis pumps

yes agree with you waste of money

*havedcock5862 days ago *acenight
Car wank

so did ur other friend join in too?

*avid9311122 days ago *2suck
Fun on cruise ships

29 may Anthem of the seas

*ottombunk1762 days ago *azexpress

I'm getting quite into the idea of chastity at the moment - as in me wearing a cock cage. I'm most turned on by the thought of being fucked whilst wearing one. I wondered if anyone had any experience of this? Is it as hot as I imagine?

*tevieJ22 days ago *atman
Sex in the woods

Any dunscroft areas were guys meet for sex let me know inbox me

*52 days ago *unscroftbig
Pantyhose fetish

i have a large collection too. I love them

*1052 days ago *nderwearlover
Random encounter

Out in a local supermarket needing the toilet desperately so rush of to the loo as you do when a big hunky guy 6ft tall walks in and stands next to you looks over at your cock and says without even checking around nice cock I wouldn't mind sucking

*ATRIOTS13 days ago *ATRIOTS
Tops, how slutty do you like your bottom?

I have a question for tops out there? How slutty do you like your bottom? As a bottom, I find the sluttier and nastier I get, the hornier I get but sometimes get the impression that the guy fucking me doesnt like that. For example, i was in

*amy13 days ago *amy
first bbc

The second guy to fuck me, and the first to cum in me was a young black boy back in the 1980's. What a lucky boy he was, Rebel.

*153 days ago *luevein
My 1st time as a top

Very horny story

*achel Kent93 days ago *rishacd1

Elderly crossdressers wanted urgently, I will travel in South Wales/Bristol/Gloucester areas

*ockdemon14 days ago *ockdemon
central station

Sounds an interesting place, might have to give it a playing wit older guys!

*2suck55 days ago *antsbilad

If im going to meet someone or going Cottaging i always wear a 6 strap deep suspender belt with dark sheer stockings and a pair of panties or thong,if panties i try to get see through or lace mmm sounds very sexy

*uvnylons875 days ago *ove.tights

lets see the photos then!!

*ob58125 days ago *isser8
dirty old men

Yes me too had a few touch me up.

*intonsucker326 days ago *ndies4me

Frottage is a major turn on for me. 2 hard bulges in panties rubbing and kissing each other so sexy

*hkar86 days ago *ransister
My Cottaging Days...and yours

And me please.

*iverpoolCumFun276 days ago *idnesian
Best Sex in Public

I love that story wish I had known about that shop years ago

*ukkit9937 days ago *arlncl62
my fantasy

Well my fantasy sort of came true,not in a sauna tho but I met up with some one round there place,they had read my profile, so when I turned up at there place,I wasn't thinking there would be two of them there,but after a while the other man came

*ashaxxx81 week ago *ackaby
wife cottaging

Yeah proper good old fashioned dogging fun only found very rarely.

*arriedaway1421 week ago *issile
is a shower blow job any good

love the feel of shower on my balls and like it really hot then move on to my arse hole make sme weak at the knees would like to try same while someones fucking me mmmmmmmmmmm

*oyboy180271 week ago *orodanny
What is it with me an older top guys

when i first got to have a session i was 24 and found a great place ,but i was with a guy the same age and i had to go for the older guy ,who was a builder and he was straight down sucking my cock and the way he turned me round so i was looking at

*681 week ago *onavan69
Tonight’s Meet

So has anyone has a meet with people who’ve had their other half in another room/ in close proximity to other people ? I’ve been really horny today and trying to arrange a meet as I’m away from home with work. Tried arranging on a few sites, t

*oncasterBiGuy2211 week ago *oncasterBiGuy22
Bare arse spanking.

would anyone like to meet me/take me into the woods for bare arse spanking, panties round my knees& MORE in Dudley/Wolves area - or at your place, or hotel....please??? Naughty Slutty Petra Xx o-) $-)

*aughty2210401 week ago *creamer

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