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I'm still experimenting with nettles and have found the small new leaves are more potent without a scratchy feel to them. Also using less and just to stimulate allows my cock to calm down again much more quickly. However, that's quite difficul

*0forfun6846 minutes ago *tockingsNylon

Sounds hot, keep us posted. Sounds like your in for a treat!

*pitinmymouth51 hour ago *heppeyguy
Baby Oil Fetish

Just had a fantastic horny oil session with another guy - covered each other in 4 bottles of baby oil - very hot session.

*mpossible_boy21651 hour ago *ssexcruiser
Paid Sex ??

Often paid women for sex, it's called marriage

*200gs2121 hour ago *ralonly53

oh yes, I would love this done to me, with a third guy fucking my mouth

*kippy99585 hours ago *li396
cum in cock

Mine is perfectly formed to slip inside a foreskin and fill it up with red hot come until bursting.

*llrounder69118 hours ago *ut4u

I like the taste of custard

*ayman39 hours ago *ndyBath
Fantasy if anyone could help me with it then that would be awesome

I no this may sound really really really stupid or weird but here I go anyway I have had a fantasy of fucking someone in a toilet in a busy place like a supermarket or IKEA store and I am going to Ikea birstall tomorrow sometime I was wondering if

*ATRIOTS117 hours ago *ATRIOTS
fun day

Awhile ago was visiting a superstore finished shopping put goods in car then went to toilet there was 3 cubicles the centre one was open so went in closed door sat dow2n and heard what sounded like some one wanking then heard other door open

*rand dad417 hours ago *ATRIOTS
Frustrating meet

I'll pm you.

*anna319 hours ago *anna
Cycling and panties

Rach - your VPL was pretty damn sexy as well!!!! Xxx

*artinhaswood10023 hours ago *ottstranny
Being Videod having Gay Sex

Been filmed sucking cock and getting fucked countless of times.... I LOVE IT!

*elano Jones411 day ago *ungryCumPig
Sex in older guys shed

Always been a fantasy of mine to fuck an older guy in his allotment shed he can keep his flat cap on mmmm

*snpton311 day ago *elsh4older
Gloryholes stories

Would love to be dressed up and sat next to a gloryhole to see how many i could manage xxxx any in the wakefield/leeds area ?? :-o

*tockyjock1371 day ago *iffanyWakefield
An infrequent regular sauna lover

In the old days as much as you could cope with

*igshaft41 day ago *onely
hot fantasy

my fantasy is to be laid naked in a string hammock with another hammock directly above with another naked guy laid on it 69 to me and face down,his hard stiff cock in my mouth sucking him slowly.while either end of us are two more naked guys pumping

*lincsbi4611 day ago *lincsbi46

Put me down james deep Bristol

*punkymonkeynut21 day ago *ames deep

Have given so many nudist massages men women and couples, some incredible meets and some request returns where they were lucky I stayed to do the massage but I certainly would never go back. "excuse the mess" and it's like something from a chan

*801 day ago *nterestingtimes2
Married Men and Gay Sex

They also love to spend the night with you when their wife and family are away. This is my bfs biggest loves just spending whole night together

*elano Jones1201 day ago *i_tightsCD
Liverpool Barber

cant imagine any of the barbers in Kirkby Townie are up for fun ? Thats where I get my hair cut

*--blue---51 day ago *irkby49
what has been ur best cruising/cottaging/online meet?

My best experience was at highbury park, I was hanging around one sunny day looking for some action, when a jogger ran past and around the corner, moments later I saw his jogging bottoms hanging over a bush, so thinking it was my lucky day I went

*mthgay981 day ago *hocicecock
Shave Northampton

I want to be shaved and then have my arse fucked

*onlong12 days ago *onlong
back from a meet

would love to get him and anthor heavy cummer to spray all over me

*evw9162 days ago *evw91
Phone Wank Now

Hi Guys 3pm Saturday 27 August...any Guys fancy a dirty phone wank so we can both knock one out? My Call!

*elano Jones12 days ago *elano Jones
Sexy Fifa Time

Shame your not closer! ;-)

*eesside Guy32 days ago *eesside Guy
Dark canal

Finishing work at 8pm/9pm and its starting to get dark early again now. Riding my bike back from work down the pitch black canal last night had me so turned on!! Always had the fantasy of meeting someone down there but the dark just added to it

*attooedChub12 days ago *attooedChub
Cock sucking

Love sucking cock any guys in Leicester fancy just lieing back and enjoy

*airy fairy12 days ago *airy fairy
Ws club wakefield

would love to join in giving and reciving piss, I'm fro the Sheffield area so getting there no problem

*ude3492 days ago *icktvlover
first bbc

what a shock

*evw91112 days ago *oje
Ass Wrecked

so that's what happened to rose tyler after doctor who....!

*ustjols73 days ago *dwardonline
farmers slave

anyone else got got a thing for farmers ,i have been fucking this guy on and off since 2000 ,and he loves to get naked with horny guys he now loves to be fingered ,and he wants other guys to join us at his as he lives alone ,which is great but

*onavan6913 days ago *onavan69
Outdoor fun

Naughty outdoor fun in stages of undress.

*un right now123 days ago *inkyPassive
Swallowing cum

If you do all the work you are entitled to your reward

*503 days ago *onely

A on both accounts and like Carly to fuck me with a strap on

*outhporthe Bi153 days ago *ninmoorLeeds
Flash neighbour

well that's a surprise is there anything his not done where was his G/F ??????????

*atie kream73 days ago *aulj9248

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