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Horniest thoughts.....

there are these's two guys where i work ,and they don't hide the fact they have big cocks ,as they seem to wear the trousers that show everything ,i would love to be used by them both for as long as they wanted ,then they leave and the boss comes

*ssexguy0902110 minutes ago *onavan69

A few years ago I met a very small guy staring in Snow White at the local theatre. He was a great guy sucked and rimmed me got into some interesting positions as I'm a big tall man. His cock was lovely not a bad size and as I recall he shot a lovely

*ompliant22 hours ago *ylonguy55

Mattisons smoked sausage is a fantasy size and not too hard like cucumbers. I practice my deep throat skills before I push it up inside me! Not as thick as a nice sized cock tho :-(

*ilad28322 hours ago *obbyrayman
A walk in the park


*essicagirlie33 hours ago *irral27

Some good practical advice coming out here. I'm a pretty experienced fister but would not attempt to train a new guy to do it unless they were already into, big toy and sloppy hole scenes already. If you think you are into it, stretch yourself as

*orthing198685 hours ago *urreybitop
First time a man fucked me

Very hot $-)

*aker76811 hours ago *acey
Baby Oil Fetish

that would work for me

*mpossible_boy215013 hours ago *etra_d
Will somebody make my fantasy a reality....

If was closer I would...

*ankoncam613 hours ago *ssexbi

I know that to those who haven't tried it nettling must seem bizarre, but it is one of the most erotic things I have ever tried

*0forfun1813 hours ago *etra_d
Topless truckers

Topless, bottomless and naked truck drivers.....they'll all be out on the roads as soon as weather warms up.

*orkieboi_uk1014 hours ago *icklover

Ask him to demonstrate slowly on you how he does a full body search!

*ornyandy1315 hours ago *outhendman
gloryhole owners being sucked through them

i understand the appeal of having your own private gloryhole is that you can do the sucking, but has anyone on here got a private gloryhole that they enjoy being sucked through? i love the idea of giving a truly anonymous blow job, either through

*orkshirelad182115 hours ago *orkshirelad182
Arse Cleaning

Google rocket blower. It's a tool for cleaning dust off of sensitive surfaces. I use one for my camera. But it has certain douche like qualities and is a legitimate thing to have around the house... no that id use it on my camera should it ever go

*elano Jones816 hours ago *anwan
Weirdest turn ons?

prob not weirdest but.... love to recieve small penis humiliation drinking piss

*ottom-Beth7616 hours ago *mallpenis90

love drinking piss

*acetopstockings8616 hours ago *mallpenis90
What's the roughest sex you had

The roughest sex for me was a bit of a suprise, I was out dressed as a slut one Sunday morning, I pulled into a local truckstop on the A1 and after a while getiing to feel a bit more confident I got out of my car and wondered into the woods, which

*S-Master517 hours ago *ubguybeds
Monday cock fun

Defo into that,lucky guy.Msg if u fancy some more!!!

*hris20618 hours ago *nexperienced scouser
Refractory Period

Random thought: It seems each guy is different but, how many times can you cum in a single sex session? Are you a 'once shot that's your lot' kind of guy or are you able to keep going with a relatively short break if any?

*umloads119 hours ago *umloads
being watched

Still love to come and watch a couple any offers?

*ndyBath13821 hours ago *hrisbar

I had an amazing experience when I lived in short term flat in Shepherds Bush. I decided to make the best of the opportunity....back in late 90s pre gaydar, before full on sites like this arrived. We did it by leaving box nbrs in the local papers

*8821 hours ago *hris55
Online cd girlfriend

He can use my ring!!!

*uriousguy4email424 hours ago *onnylikesitall
Cross-dressing +

Try two tampons, one above the other, very nice

*uzy20161024 hours ago *iffanyuk

Any couples on here up for Skype fun?

*rimsby2111 day ago *rimsby21

East Winchester allotments , hoping for some fun today.

*151 day ago *PWinchester
Armpit licking

Hairy armpits are what have turned me on most about men for the longest time. They don't have to be mega hairy, just so long as there is some hair there. (Shaved is a complete no-no). I love to smell and lick fresh sweat and bury my nose to

*okingguy8932 days ago *eadyeddiego
Domme Cont. 2

...what happened next? You can't just leave us there like that!

*rannygranny62 days ago *imbo1218
slow and gentle or hard and fast

can't wait to have my bum hole fucked for the first time

*onnylikesitall582 days ago *irsttimexxxx

Banana split is tasty.

*uvcockncum7442 days ago *otonRichard
Named and exposed

That's why it will remain a fantasy. Good choice ;-)

*antie-slave penny52 days ago *VESPANDEX
horny on the train

Bored and horny on the train back to London, can't stop perving at the slutty looking emo girl down the carriage. Leggings and big ripe tits, would love an older man's mouth sucking on me right now!

*tiffBiLad12 days ago *tiffBiLad
Men vs Women Blow Jobs

Most of the women who sucked my cock just didn't do it for me, the visual experience is great the sensation was poor, a few knew what to do and how to empty me and loved to swallow, one in particular used to love whipping my cock out while we

*anna702 days ago *outhport01704
Fucked while I wear panties

i would love to be fucked in my tights and panties

*odie172 days ago *ycratights
Sex in older guys shed

around 17 i used to go to a few cottages where i knew i'd always get sucked off in groups by the urinals or in a glory hole. One day a really nice fat 6 inches pos through -that's when i started sucking.after one sexy scene in the summer i

*snpton242 days ago *eadyeddiego
The thrill

When I was younger and with a more toned body I would with a few friends, naked run from our flat down clanricard gdns accross square and cut across in a fast sprint it would take depending on how drunk we were 2-4 mins, always wanted to be caught,

*mallpenis9022 days ago *ardiff80
Customers Tights

I like finding used sanitary towels in customers houses and putting them in my panties

*192 days ago *issy Christine

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