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cinema groping?

Would like it in a mainstream cinema, unexpected, but well exciting depending what is worn! ;-)

*7911 minutes ago *avidjohn1
do trannys give the best blow job

A friend of mine who is TS gives the most amazing BJ's. We seem to have a session every once in a while and she blows my mind

*nnis5660 minutes ago *ranny_tracy
Force fucked

My first exp was force d, fortunately i ended up loving it

*501 hour ago *uriousyoungbi
Old man to perv on me

love to lick your hole, suck your cock and balls and take your cock up my arse for a long time.

*oungderbycock73 hours ago *ebelatsea
My first time as a sub

So I am stood there hard cock in front of me staring at a fixed point when the next level comes along. I never have had my bollocks squeezed to the point of pain I mean sure it hurt but not like being kicked in there hurt. While Sir hand his hand on

*ibear122623 hours ago *ibear1226
Looking at cock The gym.

im the same, love showering after the gym, so many hot bods and thick cocks in there

*lovewanking1424 hours ago *avehot
mobile glory hole

Fab idea I once sucked off a young lad in a rental van when I had a mattress in the back at a cruising spot ... should have seen the look oj his face when he saw the bed in the back ... mind u the look on his face as he jacked a pile of jizz into my

*umdonator294 hours ago *hickcutdick
bbw wife needs filling

I do hope that I am the next lucky guy, soon to be :)

*eeds_d224 hours ago *onmilton
wearing sexy udies while at work

would have loved someone thinking they had seen lingerie trying to workout if they where right and what would they do?

*uzyxd1375 hours ago *de67
Being pissed and cum on.

It certainly appeals to the submissive in me.

*eobounce36 hours ago *vsusiehants
I want to be fucked by a dirty old man

Sounds hot, I want the same haha xxx

*orny_boy_92116 hours ago *orthLondonTwink


*ean2012266 hours ago *hilanderer

What do they do when told to G/F/YOURSELF????

*onster857 hours ago *onnylikesitall
Saturday Challenge

Before you go out you should check what time your local GUM clinic closes ;-)

*ocksuckingman27 hours ago *airyrugger
admirers please

men who love men in stockings and heels and dressed like a slut send me your commments and likes

*lutcd4urpleasure17 hours ago *lutcd4urpleasure

I'm a shameless slut......surely that should go in my favour :-D :*) ;-)

*akky19431697 hours ago *oxy Withacock
how many cocks have you had in your life

I was a Very late starter so have only been fucked by 10 guys over 8yrs,before that i was top only and started fucking ladyboys in Asia when i was 18 so must have fucked well over 100 all safely

*ionneTV407 hours ago *onnylikesitall

I thought i was alone so time to check out some porn I had just brought into the DVD player when in walk a stranger into my room (what happens next?)

*an5419 hours ago *an54
mature wifes

I love mature women, that's been a fantasy for many years, never fucked one though. I'd love a mmf session with one of them

*hicken74869 hours ago *2bsucked_wanked
Read if into younger

horny fuckers

*oungderbycock713 hours ago *asculine se13
Bum Fuck

Looking to get my man pussy fucked, but only safe sex. :-)

*egmanlover118 hours ago *egmanlover
Naked walk

I'll need to get down the lines then

*ompeybottom88419 hours ago *igsid600

Mmm nearest I got was 2 dildos at once would love to get 2 cocks in me . . . Mmm plus one in my mouth if I am gonna be greedy I may as wel go the whole hog mmm

*kippy991521 hours ago *hewacko

I put Newport isle of wight on my profile as there are many newport's in the uk. I noticed another guy from Newport was on line and asked if he wanted to meet, we agreed to meet at costa coffee in town he didn't turn up and when I went back to the

*abtecfsii2121 hours ago *oke sacker
girls pleated skirt or RaRa skirt

micro minis for me xxx

*heerniks8623 hours ago *ikimarriott
Morning fun

I think I was in shock for a while afterwards, lol

*lums4u323 hours ago *lums4u
Why did it never happen to me???

Only ever spanked one guys ass (so far) , the 'roll play' was he had come for a massage and first stripped naked, then put on sexy male pants, i would begin massage and when he turned over he would have an erection poking out of his thong g string

*uddsfella524 hours ago *ndytroo
Say what you'd like to see or do to the guy above you

hmmmm would have them knickers down and rimm your lovly ass

*oodface591 day ago *ickaless
Wife's knickers - Cable guy

That's so hot! I've had a few fantasies when I've been in that kind of role, like decorating a house when occupied are at work and taking through her wardrobe, only for her to come home early...

*andy31 day ago *martxdress
piss club

the 'Heavens Opened' Over me WOW ! Wish there was a place like that for TV's

*hoenixnites1341 day ago *ame brune aime

My neighbour not next door( about eight house further down) and me meet on regular basis. We both married. Wife not involved, we meet late night when our wiives in bed. Usually midnight. He is a good sucker. $-)

*artinn59261 day ago *ammywhore
First things first

It's not just about cleaning yourself and being clean for "the woods". It's also about being clean and fresh for fun when ever / where ever you arrange to meet a guy. I always make sure i'm well washed and clean for a guy to suck and play with !

*rgentblundell21 day ago *.norfolk
Wife's knickers

Not into sniffing them myself, but happy to let others sniff and spunk into my girls panties. Happy to leave them somewhere if a guys too shy to meet.

*dge me1351 day ago *auloone
Caravan Sex

out in my camper van tomorrow anywhere between ainsdale and 5 mile radius. 8-)

*mallmeat501 day ago *oshtosh
Personal Fantasy

Id love to dress in my cute lil pink shorts, pink t shirt, tights and high heels and let a group of squaddies gangbang me

*lutbttm221 day ago *issytracey

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