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, New haunt to be a slut in

mmm interested, please continue $-)

*ibluiz22 hours ago *igital6
Driving in stockings today

i always love driving around in stockings. makes my cock rock hard :-)

*ylons12544 hours ago *tanstheman
Kik me some wank material

Anyone want to send me some pics to wank to. My kik username is edge_me

*dge me15 hours ago *dge me
Sharing pics

Online now

*kk_2136 hours ago *kk_21
Rent boy fantasy

how much you want to fuck???

*ilistata1537 hours ago *ohnnyxxxx
18-30 year olds arses

Arse! * ^^

*RCHESTERLAD57 hours ago *sianslut
used pantys

One gf loved it HaHa. All the girlfriends and wive's on the chatline used to as well, and yet they were online instead of getting stuck in (so to speak) to what they already had. If they already have it and women are acceptin

*jayjay22538 hours ago *nvictus

I like to go walking with my camera. Taking shots of wildlife and such. Wouldn't it be fun to catch someone wanking and snap that?

*erbyslad19 hours ago *erbyslad

Can someone please pm me some locations of where people meet

*ewbie00769 hours ago *ake them off
My first beach experience

Gets me going to..

*2310 hours ago *evo
Cut cocks

I'm still surprised at the statistics that show a large percentage of men have been circumcised. I would say that at least 80% of the guys I have been with have been uncut. The last Rugby team I played for not one of us had been cut.

*c1970410 hours ago *ordic-knight
A Rip Off Story Retold

Even after a hard nights shagging Karls habit of starting work early had him at his desk well before eight . Normally that early in the season he could expect two or three bookings for later in the season allways welcome new business that didnt

*toryteller10113 hours ago *toryteller
first and only!

very horny story *-)

*oyeur63214 hours ago *evo
is oral better than sex

Yeah that sounds hot x

*oyboy180517 hours ago *oyboy180
Oral specialists

I’m a student cock sucker and have been since my very early teens, always looking to improve and seeking to give the perfect Blow Job that will only CUM with practice.

*atyrcelt1219 hours ago *ass65

wouldn't mind watching someone flash their hard cock

*1620 hours ago *emac
your last meet

A few weeks ago now, but was my first group fuck. 3 guys used my ass. Two of em filled me up. Was horny as fuck. I want more.

*igboy5681723921 hours ago *ingeroyboy125
wearing sexy udies while at work

Well glad to hear u are in tights but shame u are off to work. Hope u flash your nylons today and also get a chance to drop or remove your trousers.

*uzyxd9821 hours ago *heshuntSucker
In praise of older men

One of my first times in my younger teen years was with a guy of about 60-65. I used to walk in the woods near to where I lived and, set back of the track, was an old derelict building. I use to sneak in and see if anyone had left any porno ma

*ocksuckingman2822 hours ago *an4dad
stinging nettles

Yes - I am watching with interest the growth of the nettle plantation in the field next to me. My first experience was being tied face down with my buttocks exposed for a good thrashing and then the application of nettled on my now redd

*eedee3123 hours ago *ubspace
'Bi' cycling

Wow! Lots of lads from Teesside/Boro/Stockton area. Did you boys ever arrange any rides?

*602 days ago *amesStrong
1 fantasy down

Well I'll let you know when I've next got a free house x

*laveslut8842 days ago *laveslut88
A teenage story

Any offers for some sex please read my old story

*sxyguy82 days ago *sxyguy
Fleshlight fun

I've got one. Feels good. Like a real pussy.

*C152 days ago *nvictus
My wife's panties

Kik me now : gimmesum265 For pantie pic swap

*immesum26512 days ago *immesum265
Best looking ass

My vote has to go to Shep62 it looks lovely and kissable ;)

*uckyboi123452 days ago *asepaul71

My massage technique has been mainly self-taught but I've been to training sessions given by a guy in North London. Years ago he was frustrated by constant advice to women by the Media on how to achieve the perfect multiple orgasm. "OK - but what

*aulbiessexmale62 days ago *airynick
Out dressed

My god... Horny... Where is this spot? OP?

*hris20242 days ago *irral27
Wife's knickers

I love my wife's, but would really get off to someone else's.

*dge me582 days ago *erbyslad
Mmf- telling gf more?

My gf and I regularly meet guys for blowjibs, we're a pretty good team now! She also pegs me quite regularly and is looking for someone suitably well enough endowed to fuck me while she watches.

*rawleysubmissive92 days ago *nonymouse600

im in sussex .if anyone fancy it

*arkus195922 days ago *ightsheaven
To loose my anal cherry.

I lost my anal cherry a long time ago now, although to serve a large group of older men and having them all dumping their loads inside me is a still a dream!

*oke23 days ago *ornybi123

great story :-)

*.norfolk113 days ago *dge73
Gloryholes stories

i've always been curious about getting sucked at a gloryhole. sounds hot. are there any in cambridge?

*tockyjock163 days ago *lexmass
so there I was.....

Never too old, they sound great ages; I'm 54 btw. Does that make me young xx

*hasalexander33 days ago *iona_cduk

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