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wife being fucked

Be very careful what you wish for.

*andyuk16027 minutes ago *bbbb
Naked in gym changing room

Cheers lads! I'd like to think my cock was average in size but after a heavy gym class or any exercise my cock seems to shrink to nothing haha hence why I called it 'phys dick' when it goes incredibly small after doing some exercise. I loved

*ewis Looking111 hour ago *cousedpw
Which do you prefer

Definitely spray all over my face, call me a whore afterwards

*hatBottomGuy232 hours ago *winkle toes

Check out cruising grounds and put your location in Ps as uve blocked pvr messages this advice can only be given to You on a forum page.

*arbus6026 hours ago *horlton bob
helping someone piss

ive had my penis held while i was having a piss it was a lovely feeling

*ndyBath1216 hours ago *limsubguy
So horny I could fuck a courgette...

I think you are more guy now than straight or bi. I found out my side when my daddy fucked me the first time... Sit on courgette is nice sometimes, maybe if you have cam fun or just you are horny and no cocks around. I have one pic with cour

*tr8ightman107 hours ago *115
unexpected group

Most of my fantasies revolve around myself being a submissive victim of one sort or another. One such thought is of me visiting a man for fun with us starting by watching gay porn whilst lying naked on his bed. The porn shows some bondage so he su

*ndyBath18 hours ago *ndyBath
Horniest thing you've done

For me I would say that I arranged a meet with a totally inexperienced young uni student aged about 20 We spoke on the phone and agreed we’d start with a massage to relax him , I booked a hotel near Oxford met at the agreed location and went to the

*orchlad74268 hours ago *nterestingtimes2

i am always happy to take a spanking

*ustjols16511 hours ago *limsubguy
2 Truck drivers, 1 night !

Thank you for your lovely comments and replies xx

*odgycd613 hours ago *odgycd
wife and stranger

I met my wife at 17 she had been fucked a few times before me and I needed to listen to all the gory details of her Fucks. It wasn't until she was 36 and starting back to work she gave into pressure from to take new is all I can say

*8114 hours ago *weetbut
Wife sharing

this is supposed to be gay site not on about fucking other mens wives well said

*1261 day ago *udepete

This takes me back to when I was young about 1950. My mother had one and she used to use it on me, I think it washed out worms in those days, but what a lovely feeling it was too. Just nice warm water. I think they do this still on cruise ships it's

*hattyman6291 day ago *ldick72
Is he joking?

I agree with nk. Just ignore him and keep it as a fantasy. Even if he's 100% genuine its never a good idea to start any sort of affair where you work. Once you've suck-cummed (pun intended) there's no going back. As the old saying goes, 'Never sh*t

*EXYBOY1991121 day ago *amekeeper
Massaged and fucked

mmmm I have had a few meets like that. One of them was with Essex Topman (his nick here) in his van, mmmmm..... great experience - nice massage. When his cock was close to my mouth I just grab his cock to my mouth while he was continuing the

*ohnismynameto291 day ago *115
Wanking a guy while he looks at my wife pics.

if anyone in the midlands area wants to suck me while i look at pics for vids of your wife message me... or fuck your wife while you watch

*ayne805391 day ago *ant_fun_today

Why do people insist on taking photos without attempting to be clean. I don't want to see your grim bellend covered in god knows what all over my screen... Have a shower... Honestly how do you ever expect to get blown?

*ssexchub8011 day ago *ssexchub80
Driving Dressed

Out driving dressed tonite huntingdon area looking for sexy fun

*odgycd611 day ago *istockings
Sucking an older guy wearing panties

count me in. Am old, love panites

*eniorfun241 day ago *esborough101

ihave saw men glancing down at my cock wen in comunual showers and i am wishing one wud get on his knees and suck me dry Tell me where the communal shower is that you use & I shall oblige!!! :-p

*ge51195151 day ago *aul beach

No, it's not called wanking. It's called vigorously rubbing your crotch through your trousers!

*ormat51 day ago *eathrowhotelier
Huge balls

mine are a good size yes indeed yours are lovely nothing better then playing with sucking holding and licking a nice pair of low hangers

*ravelboy201 day ago *ingmaster1
Watersports. What Clothes

Yesterday I met some people at a private party who were interested in Pee & Piss play over people in special clothes. I was chosen to wear a Taffeta Wedding Dress and sit in a sunken bath for a while, I was quiet surprised to see how many men

*ame brune aime141 day ago *llide1
piss fetish

Yes it's great in Pattaya too. Everything is cheaper than UK but prices are going up rapidly. The sad bit is that cruising and cottaging like in England hardly exists here. All 'boys for cash'! I quite agree with you - there's

*ornybi1231681 day ago *samshardi
outdoor fun

Anybody remember Broxton Cheshire. A great place for cock

*ormando161 day ago *ornytony1
phone wank

Just messaged you.

*ilk6900022 days ago *ionysus007
Fantasise about old men so much

I love older guys, especially if they're hung too!! The older guys I've met were all nice and understanding but really knew what they wanted and weren't afraid to get it lol My fantasy is to meet up with a few older hung men and get

*eencockforolder952 days ago *cousedpw

Anyone else into this? There are some sites out there. Basically, a photo / pic of someone you know / fancy and another guy jerks onto the pics of them while you watch. Have seen and had done loads of cum pics but now looking to find someone to

*arolemoW12 days ago *arolemoW
Wedding Dress Fantasy

There used to be a guy who went to the 'fuck tree' on Hampstead Heath dressed in a wedding dress. He was a regular turn.

*borosissy32 days ago *ristos
rude people

i get that too. not in my pink pvc maid thing. but when i go out sometimes wearing my black PVC jacked i get people saying why you wearing a bin bag. its like, its warm and comfortable. plus you always a gets looks which i kinda get off on too

*lipee52 days ago *hav96
First time spit roasted

Well after my first spit roast i was nervously looking forward to the party the week after. Sat soon came round and stan picked me up with a smile on his face about half a mile before we got there stan pulled into a layby and took his cock out and

*ukkakeboi1292 days ago *ukkakeboi12
Wank on me then leave

I'd love to help out with that fantasy if you're still up for it... Oh yes, I'm definitely still up for it :-) or in your flat on way home one night ( quickie cum n go )

*irlieLegs32 days ago *irlieLegs
Fun tonight

Anyone free to accom after 7 tonight for somw fun

*oicarps13 days ago *oicarps
Lycra / Dance wear Fetish

I just wondering if there is anybody else out there who likes to wear ballet attire, leotards, tights, tutus etc. I would love to goto a dancewear shop and try on some leotards or tutus

*borosissy13 days ago *borosissy
Wife tribute

I will tribute her

*avieboy71343 days ago *cd69

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