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London Underground

I like touching up guys on the central line when it is jammed packed. Would love to feel up a guy off of here next week. Anyone use the central line?? :-)

*umpty311 hour ago *ornycock69
first time

Sounds amazing, exactly what I want!!

*ld guy22 hours ago *az1941

I had a wank over alanis pictures instead :-p

*D KATIE63 hours ago *tc29
Birthday treat

Very good , more please !

*adyScarlett93 hours ago *ksucker
Another Interview.

Brilliant ST.... Really want to hear about the greenhouse!!

*toryteller1243 hours ago *ksucker

Theres nothing more to tell. it was just a one off straight forward fuck. And very very good.

*orodin33 hours ago *orodin
Who has the Cofidence buy lingerie from the high street

I've done it a few times but my favourite time was going into Ann summers in the middle of the high street and bought underwear a nurses outfit, the biggest dildo they had and a vibe, and made sure the sales clerk knew they were for me. Having to

*hrisA3501034 hours ago *andy_essex
Workman next doir

I don't know what he is doing, but he keeps looking in at me stroking my jeans as he walks past!

*ayloves14 hours ago *ayloves
bi couple

I would do that!! I would do that!! Oh my, I wish!!!

*ubPete174 hours ago *ld guy
bi online chats

Can only do phone no skyp or kik

*435 hours ago *laytogether
Egyptian Massage - 100% true tale

dont keep us in suspense .... keep it up

*acyboy265 hours ago *ottagesuck
Suck cock

Looking for mutual cock sucking

*laytogether55 hours ago *laytogether
My first time

this is the story of how I lost my anal virginity. I had just turned 18 and I was at a family and friends holiday down in Devon. I had always fancied my dads best mate after noticing his big arms and dominant looking body. A few days had

*ityboycr15036 hours ago *ooty691
smoking fetish

I know the Dorset Master in Bournemouth accommodates smoking fetishes.

*257 hours ago *ats_on
Horror Meets Part 1

F A B !!

*ervypoof297 hours ago *iamondJoe
First time sucking cock

Sounds a lot like my first time. (And I hasten to add that we had just turned 18, doubtless like yourself!) My friend came on holiday with my family as he did each year. Each year we were sure we would pick up two girls and finally lose our cher

*ark196428 hours ago *lyely

It's one of those misconceptions that goes around... Like the notion that you have some kind of intellectual property right over pictures of yourself. Where in fact the ownership resides with the person who took it not the subject.

*assive Bi89 hours ago *eans2201
Tied and Milked

I love being tied up tight blind folded punished then sucked off or made suck them off aswell, even better if left tied blind and gagged while they rest for round 2 :-)

*ankBud36539 hours ago *tc29
My Best Mate

Might be worth getting him merry and put some porn on. :-O

*ndyhants1179 hours ago *ock4studs
girl or guys

mount the woman and suck the guy best of both worlds

*oyboy1802911 hours ago *jknight
Fantasy outfit

Black shiny pvc jeans and black shiny pvc top and being sucked off while wearing it, and then being taken up the arse by a sexy guy in black pvc and gimp mask.

*ornybicdslut7215 hours ago *vcgayguy
dirty wife

When I was young I fantasised about having two contrasting girls in my bed at the same time, but as I've got older I find the thought of sharing a woman with one or more other men MUCH more exciting. If only more women had your wife's appetites the

*ubPete917 hours ago *acro58uk
Dogging tails.

Where ?

*APPY ONE319 hours ago *icky taylor 89
Do glory holes exist?

Save yourself the bother as most towns of any size in Spain have sex shops often several and most have glory holes it's just the way things are over there xx 8-)

*9720 hours ago *toryteller
The Trunker First Time

If your a trunker you could try for longer than 30 mins! 8-) 8-)

*arcusforsex522 hours ago *arcusforsex
cock fun

Lots of places round donny

*arran323 hours ago *uclid
On the way home

nice idea .

*semybodyhard224 hours ago *penser
The Empire Cinema Club, Huddersfield

Its such a great place

*eedsRhino31 day ago *eedsRhino
Seond anal account

Trust me, half a brain and a bucket of experience do the heavy lifting ;)

*isuffolkguy81 day ago *iamondJoe
over 60s wifes

Would like that too and have hubby filming me giving it to her

*hicken74601 day ago *ubbyken
wife away

Should this not be in the hook up section, rather than in fantasies? (?)

*istersantana21 day ago *iamondJoe
working in someones house

I used to work for a housing association , had to go and check on properties and plan maintenance One normal day had to go to do a few retirement home bungalows , one chap about 75 was very nice chap , pretty funny made jokes about fi

*551 day ago *penser
Fun in a van

or near to nottingham ,,,

*lcub691 day ago *penser
Can anyone help?


*hubbysucker31 day ago *hubbysucker
Cum fest


*hubbysucker21 day ago *ornished

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