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First time stories?

Should be "life's" not "like's"

*iguy209392 minutes ago *mx554
Cum on your face

Love cum all over my face, dripping into my mouth

*ityhull141 hour ago *odie1
how good is black cock

Love black cock I cant get enough

*hopper2017271 hour ago *odie1
Best place people have had sex

No banging in the boat! :-)

*imon Dolby492 hours ago *ongingfrit

what have i missed anyone out there to do that to me

*eentogo5614 hours ago *rrreat
to kiss or not to kiss

I did not think I would like to kiss another guy,but after a guy I was with started to kiss me I soon realised how horny it is,especially whle fondling each others cocks. and after sucking each other kissing with the taste of cock on your lips.

*ootyfan115 hours ago *ootyfan

Not yet, waiting for a 'home alone' opportunity. Will post when I do.

*nevets44316 hours ago *nevets44
going out dressed

Love parading up and down a layby in my best sexy outfits, with all the horny men watching and chatting me up!!! Pam x $-)

*ex kitten2320 hours ago *lexible friend
Being filmed

Only ever been filmed twice...once by a couple I used to play with, and another time by a guy who filmed me sucking him off and letting his spunk go all over my face, lips and mouth! But never got to see the resulting pics!!! Love to be part of a gr

*820 hours ago *lexible friend
Need work

Bristol/WSM area. Looking for work. Retail/Customer Service/Cleaning. Can anyone help?

*romit120 hours ago *romit
Being humiliated by private message

It's funny i am not sub with females, but with males i love being a sub and that i love being verbally humiliated :-?

*ocksuckingman620 hours ago *ipaul68
mens changing rooms

on holiday 3 weeks ago , i went to the shower/ bath rooms as i went to the door a guy went for the handle too . he said if you don't mind me showering while you are in the bath we can go in together . i had no problem . went in to the family bath

*leasyfunguy2821 hours ago *RAF
random outdoor masturbation

Love wanking outdoors, also watching other guys wank outdoors at the same time is horny.

*uke_bradford13123 hours ago *ohnno12
Jeremy Kyle

Please don't take this thread too seriously, however, we are contacted on Cottaging by many straight young boys, who just come round for a quick fuck once a week. One thing for certain is they are not straight.

*andy Andy1424 hours ago *ordic-knight
cock on my face

I love getting my face up close to a cock... It turns me on to have a cock rubbed all over my face and have my face slapped with it too. It's great to have a guy who is really into abusing my face and mouth with his cock....his cock doesn't nee

*ucks4u11 day ago *ucks4u
roofers and plumbers

Real add looking for tradesmen to quote for new roof etc and fit new bathroom suite or anyone rdcommend someone - genuine add, of course as a sub botyom if I can satisfy any needs at the end of the day or during breaks , hapoy to oblige xx

*ub cumuseme11 day ago *ub cumuseme

Treated myself to a pack of Brazilian cut knickers and a pack of lacey thongs from asda today. The Brazilian cut are really comfy and ride up your bum just enough to remind you what you're wearing, but I can't wait to spend a day in a lacey thong

*ulie Hastings332 days ago *issycurious90
Want to watch ?

Tall slim selfsucker on Kik rdafl

*dafl12 days ago *dafl
Leeds panty wearer

Hi ime a roofer and always go to work in satin pantys,but for the first time ever I was up the ladder cleaning the customer gutters out and I noticed the house owner at top bedroom window.I had pink satin nix I went back down the ladder and

*atinnix12 days ago *atinnix
Thickest cock you have ever played with.

I mean my cock! :-)

*tockyjock502 days ago *olchester- mature
falling in love

maybe find a guy to spend time with , maybe fall in love , spend time together, who knows xxxxxxxxxxx :*)

*ex kitten12 days ago *ex kitten
First time Sauna visit - Glasgow Pipeworks

If u have never been before u must try it.Its amazing,never thot id have the courage to go but few drinks&in I went&it was more Tha I cud have imagined

*lesgaBoy222 days ago *ohnmac40
electro torture

I have a reg m8 who I use the e-stim on while fucking him. He loves it and I can feel the pulses as it tightens his ass each time. Only thing is, DONT let your swinging balls touch the rubber rings/ties..... you get a bit of a kick. They are also

*ewarksex102 days ago *pire1
is a shower blow job any good

Agree a blow job either to or by in shower is awesome

*oyboy180112 days ago *orksoporion
Handy man

I've just had some gas man 'come out' hehe Today to install somet around my house And he was tanned and well fit With dark brown hair and blue eyes And he had a big dick... We got talking Then next minute he bent me over the table Haha hmm it f

*andycain12 days ago *andycain
What are looking at ? i ask ?

Why do guys like this never live near me?They do, they are called 'fantasists'.

*g27672 days ago *luevein
Any guys help me out

Sell your arse!

*rewman3722 days ago *ionysus007
Workmen stories

You lucky gurl $-)

*1762 days ago *orilla
water sports

If anyone in pompey wants a use a guy for piss fun, let me know, happy to receive here.......xxxx

*orcgaylad772 days ago *dwardonline
Tonights fantasy...

I know what is coming, bring it on $-)

*ocksuckingman32 days ago *orilla
I want a bath with another guy

Bath & shower fun available, at my place, in Edinburgh. Any young guys want to get soaped up, & have fun? Be my guest. Sleep overs possible, if required.

*oyboy180413 days ago *din4younger
Stable, covent garden

Just relax and go with the flow. I am sure there will be men interested in you

*zianbic23 days ago *addyTopB21
Fun in a van

Happy to pleasure any horny top guys in or around North Somerset mmmmm

*lcub1433 days ago *otmaleuk40

It's one of the things I love about going to an adult cinema full of dirty old men. Many don't have the best hygiene and it's so humiliating knowing I'm going to let anyone who wants to stick their cock in my mouth or up my arse even if it's not as

*mallsub73 days ago *ocksuckingman
Gloryholes stories

Some of my best fun has been in glory holes luv the anonymous sex

*tockyjock903 days ago *bzbill

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