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One Night with any Celebrity.

Bryan Ferry cud shag me ragged any time *-)

*1032 minutes ago *owrider1
Birmingham Digbeth Sex Cinema visit

Truly wonderful??

*acheltv195629 minutes ago *lower8
Say what you'd like to see or do to the guy above you

slip off them panties and kick that arse mmmmmm

*oodface727 minutes ago *pool81
piss club

I am into piss fun and from Preston.

*hoenixnites12427 minutes ago *reston to you
Lose my hard

When in my normal heterosexual mood I have little trouble sustaining an erection to orgasm. However, when my mood swings to bi the urge is very powerful but for some reason my erection does not always endure during rare and safe anal or the more

*ongingfrit91 hour ago *utored
Spunky Boxers

mmmm that is soo sexy..nothing like the smell of cum and as it's drying on ur boxers n body..real male stuff ;) what's the next cummy adventure?

*ad4JnrDad48 hours ago *risjo
Caravan Sex

any guys with caravans near Bristol would love a meet in one

*mallmeat289 hours ago *obbob
all it takes is a smile

I work in a charity shop and alwayssmile be surpised what you get in return any one in Liverpool come to my shop and say hello you never know Where's your shop?

*oole.guy89 hours ago *ink
Cumming on pictures

Yes i would meet me and i cum anywhere you like ok

*eelsinhell1312 hours ago *oedirty3
Kevin convinces Krissy to take hormones (male to female transexual story)

great story .....a dream get the best of both worlds

*1613 hours ago *eicsmale
Trannys who like their bottoms smacked

I entierly agree with you becky, it's even better when i'm with a dom i trust and he ties and gags me, i hope you find a regular spanker. sounds like u have a lucky dom ...that spanks your ass for u

*14113 hours ago *eicsmale

Carr Lane Prescot...loads of action in the woods!

*10015 hours ago *ananman69
Party House

Wow that story was amazing I wish I would be invited to those sort if party's am a cock sucker and looking for genuine decent cocks to suck to completion anyone interested please guys message me Mark North Yorkshire

*nterested_M516 hours ago *9mark69
Am I the only one whole loves the feel of wearing Rubber

I love my rubber, left it in the shed,fell apart, now got to save for some more. But still got a nice hood :-)

*ols565316 hours ago *omehus57
on my lunch brake

Break, dear me. Perhaps he's a mechanic :-D

*IDanlincs316 hours ago *ordic-knight
First time anal

i fantasise about my first time being exactly like that, mmmm

*ristol913416 hours ago *ilme1
Empire Cinema visit

smoke him a kipper, he will be back for breakfast!!!.

*high say1317 hours ago *rumb26
A wonderful afternoon at the cinema

was it on saturday?, and did you have me?. i cum four times, whilst i was there.

*ocksuckingman217 hours ago *rumb26

Went to wet wet wet in Blackpool, got to be the best yet, got laid 5times, superb, clean and a great day out

*ewhornyfuck818 hours ago *ancfc76

I just leave my cottaging profile open on my laptop !! $-)

*amboo519 hours ago *eeDee_cocksucker
mature wifes

Had an older couple many years ago but not together, this was before I got into dressing and had only just discovered that I liked to fuck men as well as women. When to a local toilet which I knew was a meeting place, on the way in met a block I

*hicken748119 hours ago *ucy Jones 64
football/rugby socks

Now then spunk swap!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's a different story!! Yes you can as long as you wear just that horny jock and footie socks yourself ...... I'm all yours!! you know how i would wash them as well ;-} and deal!

*hairtied3521 hours ago *punkswap
hide your panties for me (leeds)

Can anyone do this in manchester?

*282 days ago *i_cur_panties_manc
Lace Panties or Satin

Satin Def!

*1622 days ago *i_cur_panties_manc
My First Time

Lovely story. Funny how major events in life can happen after chance meetings.

*inkfud92 days ago *imonscarb
wife returned unexpectedly

couldnt agree more Mr Wulf. Ive seen too many other couples divorced because of their dishonesty.... but I also know where guys live in a sexless mariage so go looking outside the mariage for fulfilment and male male sex is better than finding a

*262 days ago *hasalexander
first time anal gangbang

I have a fantasy that I want to forfil it is to be picked up and taken to a hotel room or to someone's house then be tied to the bed on my hands and knees and blindfolded left in a room for what seems like hours but is really on 15 or 20 mins then I

*12 days ago *
What Draws People To Cross Dress

It feels so good,it looks sexy,womens clothes are just so sexy,hence I wear a female tunic x

*ittyKatBoy932 days ago *perm nurse
Rip Off Continued

Go on tommy,swallow all of the cum, good lad :-)

*toryteller1442 days ago *ukkakeboi12
Leave me a used condom somewhere? ;)

Hi, homehus57 you could send them to me if you like doing that sort of thing, I used to have a lawyer friend I do odd jobs for him until he moved down to London old gent he know I like to wear plastic underwear and would ask me to empty his condom

*312 days ago *ubberBboy
looking for daddy

. Daddy has to be well hung. i can also play as horny daugh.ter

*antshugecocks22 days ago *antshugecocks
Pee desperation

Love this post, I,m rock hard now

*igbits42 days ago *hris48mt

Whats the very best time you have had,taking,giving, 3somes,mmf fmm etc

*onnylikesitall12 days ago *onnylikesitall
coventry cruising/dogging

i agree ,the police do know the areas ,and i dont think these days they bother going to them these days if theres no complaints .

*112 days ago *ysticalmick

Had an ex gf who liked me wearing panties, even bought me a pair for valentines day!!

*uzithetart72 days ago *issytracey

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