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Bare arse spanking.

Meet at few guys for spanking but my favourite is a guy from near Swansea who spanks my bare ass over his knee, then inserts a butt plug before giving me the belt, paddle and finally the cane. Took over 50 whacks from the cane last time. He knows

*aughty2210225 hours ago *ICAS

Now I've to go up the road and get some,never given them athought

*ounda713 hours ago *eph
Wanking in the woods

Want to be caught wanking in the woods. Pants down over knee for a real spanking. Made to suck cock. Fucked by my spanker.

*oe Browne1917 hours ago *aughty2210
Risky Wanking

Love risky wanking..cemetery, canal paths, out on my bike the Lycra turns me on..wanking in bushes, outside at night..anywhere there is a risk

*11117 hours ago *ing-monkey
My fantasy

Sounds like fun to me but if only

*tm4u2use418 hours ago *necell

Naked and making a cuppa for the mrs too. Horny as always. Morning everyone, have a great day.

*amela320 hours ago *ean3591
the last time you had sex - lets have details

A few weeks ago on one of those really hot days I went down to my local cruising area. It's a really nice spot where you can strip off in the middle of the field and sunbathe naked. The grass is quite long so people have to be walking close to see

*icockwakey2721 hours ago *ugbyguy40
My girl got fucked mmm

I was like WHAT... Really? She said yes twice, Was this by the same guy or two different guys?

*irlielegs42 days ago *orthwalesmale1
Phone wank


*ourslaveboy2322 days ago *onty19713
Asian guys

Hi all i am Asian guy always looking for fun. Please feel free to drop me a message

*tm4u2use82 days ago *as upforfun
Fucking a slut in the woods

back a few years before the local council filled the laybys so we could not park ,and blocked the top so 4x4 would not get into the area ,but there was area's where we would strip and catch the sun and most of us got sucked and some fucked,one guy

*483 days ago *onavan69
what has been ur best cruising/cottaging/online meet?

My first public toilet experience was many years ago back in my home town up north, I was 18 and using a gym on the edge of a park to shower and change after a run around the park a couple of times a week. This night while running I became aware I

*mthgay1404 days ago *outh_bourne
Caravan + Lay-by

there is a layby right outside my home

*orny Fisherman124 days ago *oole.guy
Femme name

If you were a bottom who happened to live in the capital, you could be London Derriere

*hris20285 days ago *innbar22
skype fun


*ops25 days ago *ames deep

not me I like doing blogs when in the mood

*tm4u2use35 days ago *tsuptoyou
Embarrassing stories.

Scary and embarrassing. Great meet me dressed sexy nice 69 going on in bed his hand slides round to my well-lubed hole and finds my butt plug. It's the type with the jewel on He starts tapping it gently which was very nice until I moved to

*de67116 days ago *otoned
wearing husbands wife clothes

Would love to have a similar arrangement as my undies have had to go when I retired :-(

*uestockings36 days ago *rishacd1
Older mature females can be sexy

In my early 30s i had a brief fling with a yoga instructor who was a very young 64. she was amazing

*enora6936 days ago *hiny fetish
Fun on cruise ships

celebrity reflection. frim barce, lona on 18 th sept

*ottombunk1576 days ago *cottie18
I want to be fucked by a dirty old man

I am older but I sincerely hope I am not a dirty old man. Firstly, I discovered soap and water amd I don't have dirty thoughts about guys: imaginative thoughts - yes: but they are not dirty. Nothing is more pleasurable than sex whan it is enjoyed by

*937 days ago *entlegee
I want a dirty old man or a TS princess.

I want to be fucked by a dirty old man or a fellow princess *-) lets make it happen x

*illingslut17 days ago *illingslut
Cinema fun ?

when I was about 18/19 was in Paris for a long weekend,few of the lads were tired from the coach journey and crashed at hotel where as I'd slept on it so was wide awake so decided to check out the local area on my own. Walked past a cinema s

*0800217 days ago *i4Fucking
Used condoms

I’m game if anyone wants to send me there used condom I will slip it on and wank into it

*damuxbridge277 days ago *ascock
Celebrity Shemales

Winona Ryder. So milfy

*1707 days ago *therapist
A cautionary tale

I read somewhere about a guy going on a meet douched before the meet as I do. Arrived at the guys door as he knocked he farted and still had some water in him soaked his pants at the back and did s hasty retreat. So if you douche make sure it's all

*hrislikesmen47 days ago *tm4u2use
Sissies and Humiliation

Spank me in the woods. Like the vicar to spank me for my sins.

*ubtv4tv487 days ago *aughty2210
Cd Tg tv fantasies

Love your writing style. Done with humour and panache. Bit different to mine, but that helps I find. Shame you only want to talk to those with photos, but hey there you are.

*47 days ago *hrislikesmen
Bottoms in lingerie

I'm not convincing when xdressed but I do wear makeup and if this is what guys want I'm willing to oblige. If it isn't their thing not a problem will be naked for them.

*327 days ago *appybiuk
Is the art of conversation dead ?

What a great opening post :) When cruising I have found any conversations have been to other guys sat in cars chatting through the window or after a sexual encounter when walking back to the car park area but most often it’s fun, cum, run. Not

*hrislikesmen137 days ago *ikey1973
My fantasy ....

I would love to come to a nice older gents home go to the bedroom put kn his wifes lipstick , tight fitting knickers , bra stockings and have two or three of you stand around me taking turns to let me deep throat you all . When you are all ready

*te112 weeks ago *te1
Panties at work

That sounds like a nice day out to me

*aty552 weeks ago *amela

I often flash a stocking angle under normal clothes when sat down in a cafe, I am always surprised to see the amount of men who smile as they walk passed. I was caught going to a meet once fully dressed in the dark by a guy down the road, nothing

*ellman152 weeks ago *amela
Driving Dressed

if near M4 J36 pop in for some fun

*creamer832 weeks ago *9al

have fun, and yeah love to see pics

*ashaxxx42 weeks ago *ove.tights

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