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Mature cock

Wish I could find a few older men with small cocks to fill my arse with cum xxxx

*ounda1 1 minute ago! *ounda
Rimming - willing tongues?

I got rimmed by a bloke and to my surprise I cum my load without my cock being touched it was amazing

*uv 2b Sucked12922 minutes ago *rasmo
Tog hill bath dogging

Top car park is doggers, lower narrow one is gay cruising. Had luck there once as one guy simply came over and started chatting about the weather, which oddly led to his cock down my throat. J18 is now shut down, but I have no idea where guys go

*pencers01444 minutes ago *weetBottom
orgasm just by being fucked

I've taken anal many times but sadly never cum but I live in hope.

*eed training302 hours ago *appybiuk
Phone Wank ? My Call

Hi there any Guys fancy a dirty chat so we both knock one out? My Call!!

*elano Jones12 hours ago *elano Jones
Van sex

used to meet a xd/tv in the morrisons carpark north Manchester near to printers that makes the daily papers

*awman82 hours ago *AVE4455
Spit roasted

Love to go to splash in Leicester get spit roasted in the exabition area

*airy fairy14 hours ago *airy fairy
I've been a naughty girl

ok , yes I suppose that would be better , lol xx

*ex kitten175 hours ago *ex kitten
Wife sharing

I've watched my wife with a couple of guys but she is a bit shy so doesn't let herself go completely, Things are different when she is alone with them though, so I've been told but she does not suck. I found out a while ago that she has someone she

*565 hours ago *antsvoyuer
Cum Covered clothing

Love been fucked while I wear sexy panties love the feel of cum as it oozes into my panties

*lut125275 hours ago *odie1
Hotel meeting

I spent the night with a guy on a business trip to Austria, he was quite camp and pretty much seduced me at the evening meal .He was well hung and very experienced.

*nakeyes735 hours ago *0skid
eating your own cum

Love eating cum often cum in my panties and then eat it off them

*imark1967915 hours ago *odie1
Are you an older pantie wanker

I have a selection I have obtained from properties I have worked on when I have looked in the washing basket, I love to wear them for meets there are also 2 guys on here in the North West who have pics on their profiles of themselves wearing

*ature_1976 hours ago *otalsubguy
Shameful wank

After swallowing my exs cum he then stood up, put me to my knees, told me not to move whilst he grabbed his phone...he then came in recording me and made me blow him kisses whilst he spat at me and made me wank my cock on soon as I cummed

*tzitz216 hours ago *tzitz2
Riskiest place you have ever sucked cock...

Council offices in Inverness was fantastic

*eavyteencummer956 hours ago *bzbill
god i so want a spanking

i love to be spanked , and if im tied and gagged its even better if any mature doms in the NW want to spank me please get in touch, I will dress if required after the spanking when im close to tears I will please you sir in any way you chose

*ex kitten496 hours ago *otalsubguy
Who is the most famous person (M or F) that you would like to have or have had sex with?

I'd love to see that lol.

*rummer37 hours ago *rummer
Gay B&B blackpool

Take a look at "pinkuk" or purple roofs

*aysublover38 hours ago *eorge500x

Murders in bristol ??? When was that

*isgrace516 hours ago *ignverybi
afternoon meet

i do have permission to write this. but names will be changed. i had a meet this afternoon with a guy i will call steve, he had read a post of mine and said he was sorry to hear what had happened and that he would like to make up for last night.

*iguydagenham122 hours ago *iguydagenham
Cock Cage

I have a few cages and I do enjoy wearing them, not long ago I convinced my gf to participate and she took my key for the first time! Normally I would just give in and unlock myself to wank but it's so much hotter knowing you have no choice

*ravenBi121 day ago *eimdall
Married Men and Gay Sex

Nice Angela very sexy.

*elano Jones1431 day ago *oredEric
Online Friend

Nice story. Tell us some more.

*ewbottom731 day ago *imbo1218

Trouble is, Sex Kitten asks but never replies to real kitten is alive and well and yes she does reply if someone messages her xxxxx

*ustjols731 day ago *ex kitten
My wet dream

My ultimate fantasy is be getting fucked by you whilst your wife is watching :-D

*tzitz211 day ago *tzitz2
G\f sharing

In the late 90s I was with a woman who when we met was inexperienced and allowed me to do anything absolutely anything sexual with her to her she was like putty, I had an experience with her at the end of our relationship I had started seeing

*aturelover16712 days ago *aturelover167
wife share

Nothing better than to see your wife taking another cock, both orally and bareback.

*352 days ago *llovertan

Me too.

*onlong42 days ago *eicester51
First time fuck

Been fucked a few times now great fun

*itpassivekett162 days ago *airy fairy

Same here! ;-)

*exi Suki282 days ago *orcsbiguy
piss fetish

Hi Claudia- my kind of girl :-)

*ornybi123872 days ago *ub-slut
Nettles on nipples

Hi would love to have my nipples nettled and i have fantasied about having my balls nettled while i am wearing my cock cage xx

*emi Fox82 days ago *arin
Vib arse pounding

My lady does everything you could possibly imagine

*ylons1242 days ago *ylons12
Twickenham Green

Love to hear your stories.

*ottager195322 days ago *eander
My fantasy as a bicurious Indian chub

i would love to massage that body and play with it

*42 days ago *atchless

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