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Visit to the Greenhouse part 3 - the dungeon

By (user no longer on site)  over a year ago

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Having spent a good deal of time in the jacuzzi, pool and sauna it was time to go for a wander and enjoy seeing all those naked bodies and lovely cocks all freely visible...dare2bare day is definitly the best day to go.

Wandering upstairs I though I would checkout th glory holes, remembering suckign several gorgeous cocks in there in the past. Having a quick look in the upstairs play room I was very tempted to ask someone to cuff me into the bed but the room was empty so I went to check out the glory holes. Unfortunately the locks on all the doors were broken which was a little disappointing as I like glory holes to be anonymous and do get fed up of sucking someone off and then they come and see who has just done it! To me a glory hole is all about total mystery.

Wandering off I had a quick look at the roof garden which was fairly quiet. The cinema was ok and there were lots of people in the video rooms on the beanbags. I must try out that room on my next visit! Goign back downstairs I decided to seek out the dungeon knowing it was dark and mysterious. There were quite a few people congregating in the door meaning a squeeze past. With a stiff erection it wa obvious as I was squeezing past why I was in there and sure enough I soon had a hand holding my cock as I moved along and quickly the hold turned into a stroke. By this time I had my arse pushed against a bench so I shimmied up and leant back and enjoyed my new found friend wanking my cock slowly. Soon 2 others had moved around and I soon had a massively thick cock in my hand! Laying back I proceeded to take that monster into my mouth and nealry gagged as he started to face fuck me. So thick was it I am ashamed to say that I ended up back with it in my hand as I was being stroked. Before long there were about 4 or 5 of us all playing with each other and it wasnt long before one of us got into the sling and attention focussed on him and he soon had a cock in his mouth and up his arse simultaneously. I was saving being fucked til later so decided to ease myself out of the group and wander off...time for anotehr dip in the jacuzzi

(More to follow. Hope people are enjoying my account and it is as true as I can remember! If anyone wants to meet there soon on a Wed then PM me)

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