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*A work of fiction, left open ended*

At the window of his third floor apartment, Stuart lit another Rothmans and looked out onto the street below him.

It was pretty much the usual scene; a small group waiting at the bus stop, the occasional car going by and neighbours returning home from their day at the office.

Stuart amused himself watching a young couple arguing until he was side-tracked by a silver Fiat which drew up at the kerb opposite. He watched as Julia got out of the car, and wondered to himself – a little jealously, perhaps – which of her boyfriends had bought that for her.

From somewhere in the flat the television droned on, broadcasting the news; job losses forecast, Serbian conflict continues, the usual doom and gloom of twentieth century life.

Outside, it had started to rain and the road glistened as though freshly painted. Stuart reached for his coffee and lit another cigarette. He knew he was smoking too much but hell, it had been a hard day at work. Besides, he was past caring now.

The street was all but deserted now as the rain continued. He made a move away from the window then stopped. Something had caught his eye. Outside, a young man walked hurriedly along the street his hands jammed into his pockets and his face buried into his collar.

Stuarts gaze followed the man to the end of the street then settled on the park that lay not five minutes away.

Turning away from the window, he made a decision.

Finishing his coffee, he switched off the television. As he picked up his jacket from the sofa the phone began to ring. Pausing for a moment before deciding to ignore it he locked the door and made his way down to the car.

No silver Fiat for him he thought as he turned the Clio out into the main street. Although the rain had eased a little, he flicked the windscreen wipers on and drove towards the park.

There was an eerie calm around the park that evening. The rain had stopped completely and the sky had cleared. The moon reflected brilliantly on the surface of the lake, disturbed only by the occasional ripple from a light breeze.

Stuart walked along the main path towards the lake. If there was anyone else in the park he thought that’s where they would be. At first he couldn’t see anybody so continued to walk around the lake.

Then he saw him…

In the clear moonlight, Stuart recognised the shadow as the young man who had passed his window earlier that evening. Pausing to light another cigarette, he waited a few moments then continued walking...

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