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By *izzer  (M)  over a year ago

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My fantasy from Edinburgh – PLEASE HELP

I am quite drunk but compos-mentis in a flat with 2 guys. They have been getting real friendly in the pub and I have agreed to go back with them to watch porn. A girl walks in the room dressed up in a school uniform playing young. Interested, she sits to watch the movie. I’m getting a hardon watching the young-looking 18yo girl on TV on her knees surrounded by hard cocks. She keeps looking over at the 2 guys who would be rubbing at my torso thru my shirt and rubbing my ever stiffening prick.

I feel my shirt buttons popping and my jeans being unfastened. I lay a hand on each of their bulging crotches and rub. My shirt is removed and my jeans pulled off. I sit in my tight cotton shorts with a bulge and a little damp spot of pre-cum, rubbing their cocks. The girl is watching us now. I am getting my erect nipples toyed with fingers and flicking tongue then sucked. Other guy tells me to stand. When I really turned on my cock is quite big (usually 6-6½” but 2 x measured 7”) and thick-ish. It is rock hard. The guy tells me to stand in front of the girl so she can see better view. She is sitting inches from my throbbing dick. He tells me to strip off my shorts. My cock catches in the waistband and pulling them down then my cock springs free glistening with clear pre-cum juice. My foreskin is pulled back and raging cock jerks and vibrates in the girls face. She is sexy in her uniform. I nearly can see right down her blouse. The small firm tits don’t look small on her.

The guys have stripped and are playing with their cocks. I am told to go over. One gives me a drink of vodka and tells me to get to my knees so I do. One stands in front of me so close his cock hits my cheek. I wrap my fingers softly round the erect rod in my face. I pull until the foreskin is right back and his purple cherry is right there an inch from my lips. Other guy now standing behind me is rubbing his cock on my face.

The girl is getting a great view. I can see her blouse has most buttons undone showing smooth tits wrapped in little bra. I start to slowly wank the rigid pole and flick my tongue over his cock end. I play with the sensitive bit of cherry underneath and hear him moaning. He tells me to wrap my lips round his shaft. Nervously I kiss his cock end and feel the pre-cum wet my lips as they part. I feel his throbbing bell start to fill my mouth and work my lips lubricated lips down his erection. Lucky he has quite a small cock maybe 5½” and I nearly get it all in. I pull back and massage his stiffy while I flick my tongue over his cherry and lick the full length of his shaft. I have other cock in my hand and stroking slowly while slurping at the cock in my face.

Sitting closer on the couch schoolgirl takes blouse off. Her perk, soft little tits are encased in flimsy lace-bra. I can see her stiff nipples through the tight material.

Get your lips round my cock says the guy and takes my hand off his cock to place on other guy cock and guides my head to his swelled penis. I take him in my mouth and wank other. They take turns with my mouth to suck them and hands wanking them. I want them cum in my face not mouth. Sluttier on face, wasted with swallow cos can’t play with it and rub it in. Guy says slower, deeper I going to cum. I take his cock deep till I nearly choke and slowly pull back then forward I ease over his cherry and back quite quickly till he pulls out, tugs his cock once and glazes my face with his warn spunk. It jets over my nose, forehead and into my hair. A 2nd fountain of salty grey-white cum spurts over my cheek and dribbles snake down my neck to shoulders. 3rd shot blasts me full front, some on my lips and pool on my chin dripping on my chest. Still spunky but other guy follows till he showers me in sperm as well.

They tell girl to strip and sit with her. I stand in front of them with my flagpole at attention. If I just look at her body I imagine she really schoolgirl. They ask her if I should wank myself, get wanked by them or sucked. She says wank. You heard they say and I wank till I cum on the vinyl floor. I have to lick up my spunk. Maybe I could meet their friends sometime.

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