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Another Home Visit

By *exholick   premium paying member (M) 50 weeks ago

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Ive never really been into younger guys but this guy was to good to miss , local and horny and making all the right noises.

We had exchanged pms and texts we had also briefly chatted on the phone and discussed what we were both looking for.

So we arranged to meet up and see where it took us.

My wife had arranged to meal out with some friends from work and I was to drop her off and they pick up my young evenings entertainment and take him back to mine.

While I was driving her to meet her friends all I could think about was if I had done everything in the house to make sure we wernt disturbed and what I wanted to do to him.

Once I dropped her off I text him to tell him I was on my way and within minutes I was pulling up and he was climbing into the passenger seat.

I had an idea that I knew him from what he had told me about himself and as he got in we both realised I had known him from a young age and knew each others families.

We chatted as I drove and both agreed that no one else had to know what we were about and to keep things to ourselves for ever whatever happened.

As I drove we talked and I stopped and we shared a kiss, then carried on til we arrived a mine.

We both walked in and I put on a gay dvd and quickly checked around the house making sure we were all good.

He had partly stripped to his underwear and sat watching me take off my upper clothing, I told him to come and stand in front of me and we kissed long and deep my hands holding his head ass my tongue slipped through his lips exploring his mouth.

I pulled off his T shirt and ran my fingers over his young body feeling his nipples and sliding down to his already hard cock in his underwear.

Opening my jeans my cock sprang out and pressed against him, he was looking down and our bodies pressed together as we kissed again.

I stroked his cock and began to lower his underwear revealing his stiff cock, pulling them off as I stepped out of my jeans, we were both naked and be pressed our bodies together again and kissed his hands on my body and my arms on his shoulders pulling his head onto mine my tongue searching his mouth again.

We both looked as I grabbed my cock and began to dock with him which was wet and hard and beginging to leak some pre..

We moved to the sofa and I wrapped my leg over his and we began to wank, 1st solo and then each others by now we had forgot about the dvd and we were kissing again while stroking.

He was hard now and leaking more pre and I was stroking his foreskin back and forth over his tip, I got him to sit in another chairs and knelt on the floor before him he was watching me and wanking himself as I got on the floor and moved closer to his shaft.

Holding his young length I teased his tip licking it slowly then sliding my tongue along hiss length making him moan, as he watched me I pulled his skin all the way back and holding out my tongue began to lick his tip with him moaning some more telling me how good it felt.......................Tbc

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By *atfordcelt  (M) 50 weeks ago

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Keep going

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By (user no longer on site) 50 weeks ago

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I can confirm this is all correct! I was the young guy! Can't wait to see him again. Looking forward to seeing what else he puts down.

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By *exholick   premium paying member (M) 49 weeks ago

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He was watching me closely as I began sucking him tasting his pre on my tongue as I began to suck him deeper into my mouth, he was moaning as he was still wanking and my lips were making his head move around in pleasure.

I felt his fingers in my hair urging me to suck him deeper and I swallowed more of his hard cock.

I stopped briefly and bent over him to kiss his lips and he continued to wank himself as we locked lips,

I told him I wanted his cum and knelt back down on the floor between his legs and licked his tip as he wanked himself faster, I could sense he was close and he was saying "that feels good" I looked up and sucked his tip his skin all way back


without a word he tensed and I felt his 1st squirt of cum into my mouth, he was still wanking pumping more into me, I swallowed a little and then held most in my mouth, he stopped wanking and looked down at me,

I got up again and leaned over him his lips slightly open as I slowly let his cum drip onto his lips and into his mouth.

We kissed and exchanged his sweet cum my tongue slipping into his mouth and licking his tongue as he swallowed what I had given him.

We parted and I saw him looking at my length and moved forward so he was in line with him mouth and my hard cock.

He reached out and sat up and began to stroke it, it hardening as he did it. tbc

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XXX pic...
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By *iving_duckman   profile verified by photo (M) 49 weeks ago

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Mmmmm very nice hard

More please

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By (user no longer on site) 49 weeks ago

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yes please more

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By (user no longer on site) 49 weeks ago

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If you both agreed not to tell anybody, why are you posting this on here

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*20steve By *20steve   profile verified by photo (M) 49 weeks ago

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Horny story, love the spunky kiss bit.

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By *exholick   premium paying member (M) 49 weeks ago

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As he moved toward me I told him to hold out his tongue and laid my covered tip on it, he was holding the base as he ran his tongue around my head I watched him taste my pre.

I told him to get up and we changed places with me with my legs open and he was on his knees in between them stroking my length.

I told him to get his phone (he wanted me to video himself sucking) as I sat back filming he held the base again and continued to suck my tip, my foreskin still covering my head.

He was totally focused on my cock and slowly wanking it while I filmed him pulling my skin a little further back with every stroke, he looked up at me and licked his tongue around my tip and I watched through his phone as he peeled back my skin exposing my wet hard tip, which he began to slip in between his lips still stroking my hardness, he moved further over me and slid his lips further down my length, I carried on filming as he sucked deeper and deeper and as he came up for air looked into the phone and then back at my wet tip all the time stroking it.

He sucked all the length into his mouth in one action holding it in his mouth all the way down to my base, my hand holding the back of his head as he held it there.

He sat back a little and admired my now very hard very wet cock in his fingers, I turned off the phone and told him to lick my length he let go of it and his tongue began to work along my cock, one side then the other from my tip down to my base all the time making it wetter and making me moan as he worked along its length .

I was close and was really ready to fill his mouth, I told him to suck me he smiled and got over me again and began long deep sucking into him mouth and throat, dwelling a little when he reached my base I held my hand on his hair again and he sucked me faster and his lips tightened on me I watched him working it and I was moaning and told him I was going to cum, he continued sucking and I felt the 1st pump of cum shoot into his mouth he pulled back a little till he was only sucking my tip and I shot more into him, I could see him swallowing and as I filled him he took as much as he could and some leaked from his mouth onto the floor but he carried on sucking and swallowing until he pulled it away from his lips and still with my hand on his head pulled him back onto me, he sucked some more and wanked the last few drops from me.

He looked at me and shared a smile admiring his work he wiped up the spillage with his fingers and swallowed it.

He sat back resting against the sofa wanking his cock as my cock softened, we sat talking and I wished we had more time as I would have loved to take him to bed.

We agreed to meet again and as we dressed we kissed and talked about what I wanted to do with him next time and we drove back to where I had picked him up and we shared anther kiss,,,,,,,,,,,,carnt wait til the next time

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By (user no longer on site) 48 weeks ago

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me neither look forward to hearing about it

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