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Home Intruder Fantasy

By (user no longer on site)  over a year ago

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As prior arranged, you left your door unlocked to allow me to slip in, prepare and wait for your arrival. When you return, i come from behind, a pillow case goes over your head, and a scarf tied where your mouth would be. Cant have you crying for help. Your arms are pulled behind you and your wrists are tied together. Fully at my mercy you are guided to your bed where i will have laid out some items. Your trousers and underwear are taken off before you are bent over the bed. Depending on how much noise you are making depends on how many spanks, canes, lashes you receive as punishment...

When satisfied, i begin to inspect my catch, first i will inspect my new fuck hole and begin to picture how it will look with my cock deep inside, i cant help but notice, despite your precarious situation, how hard you seem to be getting through all this, if my slave had been compliant since the spanking i may even have a little fondle to put you at ease, i can hear your breathing increase to little moans of pleasure, muffled slightly though your makeshift gag. Untying your gag and lifting the pillow case slightly, before you have a chance to half heartedly beg me to stop, the buttplug that will soon be invading you is jammed into your mouth. You are instructed to keep it there until further notice...

Once you are fully secured to your bed, adequatly gagged and blindfolded, the freshly lubed buttplug is eased into your now eagaerly waiting arse. Listening to you moan through your gag is making me so hard, your erect cock throbbing and wobbling as you grind your hips into the bed, in an attempt to maximise the pleasure from your little invader. I begin by toying with your nipples, pinching, twisting turning them how i see fit. Maybe taking some time to roll my tounge over them, all the while edging my own arse just onto the top of your waiting cock, teasing and tempting you to try and penetrate but always seemingly out of reach...just.

Your craving release, since becoming my captive you have become a greedy little slut, intent on fulfilling your own pleasures. I cant be too harsh as i seem to have unearthed some of your deepest, darkest, supressed fantasies, but while i am in control my own releif comes first. To bring you back down to earth, two clothes pegs are placed on your now solid nipples. Your cries of pain and frustration are music to my ears as you mewl through your gag...

Your gag is removed you are given the option of further punishment for being a greedy little slut or the chance to please your captor. If your choice is to please me, you are made to beg for my cock, pleasing me is your only wish right now, before any more of your pathetic pleading is ushered my cock is thrust to the back of your throat. You gag at first but this is a crash course in how to suck dick and overcome your gag reflex. Depending how i am feeling, i may maintain whats left of your dignity and allow you to simply drain my cock and balls. If however i feel differently, i shoot my load all over your face before cleaning it up with your disregarded underwear and re-gag you with it.

Either way, your captor is now very happy and whilst waiting to recharge my batteries, paying special attention to your now neglected cock and looking forward to hearing more of my favorite muffled moans, i spend time toying, teasing and playfully licking at my new play toy. Maybe even replacing the plug with a vibrstor, albeit temporarily. I may even take you into my mouth occasioanlly just to feel you buck under the waves of pleasure coursing through your body. To hurry things on i may even 69 until i feel the need to come again, all the while keeping you on edge of your long awaiting orgasm.

Hearing a groan man cry is one thing, but when it is out of pure frustration from a situstion that is litterally in my hands, i think it is time for a release...

Fully charged and ready to go again, your buttplug is put back where it belongs and i lower myself onto your waiting cock, the wait has been worth it evidently from your bucking and moaning and pulling on your restraints, i take my time, riding you slowly at first, moving upto the edge of your cock before sliding down nice and slow maintaining a nice deep penetration. I can feel the tension building in you, atttempting to arch your back as your urge to come builds, all the while playing with myself. Riding you harder and faster i feel your release and come at the feeling all over your body. Before leaving your bonds are undone and i will leave you to clean yourself up. I await your call for the next time you want to become someones personal sex toy

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By (user no longer on site)  over a year ago

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wow great story great read just wished you lived closer my door would be left unlocked for you

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