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My fantasy

By *otfunk  (M)  over a year ago

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My wife and i stopped having sex 4 years ago, i'll tell you why.

I think i always knew i was bi, loved dressing in my first wifes undies, using her toy etccc...When we split i was single for 9 years and have always took speed, it sends me sex mad, in that period i spent all night weekends dressed and used everything you can think off to fuck my asshole.When i went on line started using chat sites, it was mostly men and i eventually had a couple of meets, then i went to see a gay couple just up the road, fuck i went crazy, it was awesome, i did things , couldnt get enough, but felt guilty, and got rid of the number, site etc....

Well finally got together with my Sandi known her since we were kids, sex was great, but normal. but she had drawers full of naughty undies, spiked collar n wrist straps, toys that made me wonder.

Well we always were speeding all weekend, and fucking all sun day n night.She would wear hold ups thongs for me, but eventually my drug fueled sexy thoughts got to me one sunday i put on some hold ups the straps n thong, when i pulled back the sheets i was suprised, she just carried on, she said i looked better than her in them.Things developed i got her into being rimmed while i fucked her with the rabbit, and then asked her to use it on me, again she took to it, and would give it to me pushing my legs over my shoulders, we talked about her getting a strap on, things were beyond my expectations.

But it was so amazing i couldn't get enough, i worked nights so had all day sat and monday at home off my tits, as soon as she went to work i was dressed and on line, wearing make up using her toys etc.......Of course she found out more than once, thankfully not my conversations, and i couldn't stop thinkin bout my bi experiences, finally i started meeting guys, a few were great lots dissapointing, but when i did i was crazy for it. She has never foung out, but i know she suspects im bi, and eventually put a ban on sex.

Since then i've only been with men, oh and one couple who i dressed for realising my top fantasy she fucking me with a strap on me sucking her husbands cock.Other fantasy's realised i've sucked multiple cocks in the greenhouse with crowds wanking on us, meeting a full tranny tonigh, another crossed off.

So heres my current fantasy, i want my missus to say to me, its time we got to it again, she will do what i want, but i can only do it with her involved,she is a beautician, i imagine her totally waxing my one friday, she wants us to have a sat night all sunday session, while shes at work prepare ose shower minus the head to clean me out inside, she not aware of that but i've an inkling i should. she's back from work, we take speed, she gets viagra out, where they from, i ask Black Ronnie and Vinnie in the computer shop next door, didn't you know they are hard core swingers she said, they wanted us to go to a party she says, what and me watch them use you i said, no it's you they want, keep it quiet they are gay/bi.Now my minds thinkin tek me but i cant say it. She produces a bag now here i've bought you your own stuff to wear, red fishnet hold ups basque thong n stilletos, but first ill make you up, like a slutty tart. She then goes to the bathroom coming back in black but in latex basque tits out, and heres another treat, she pulls out a black 8" strap on, but thats not all, you'll see she says.

Then she comes over lets me lick her tis as she ties my hands to the headboard, then briefly lets me lick her shaven cunt n ass.

She leaves the room then walks back ion now slut, i know you are bi and i wanna see just how much of a cock loving whore you are, come in you two.

Fuck me its Ron and Vin both in bondage gear, Rons cock is enourmous, Vins longer but thinner

I am amazed watch she says dropping to her knees licking both of them, now its your turn tart, guys hes yours.

What follows is amazing Sandi calling the shots watching in a cane chair using her rabbit n fingers on herself. God i lick those guys all over tounges in their mouths in their ass holes, they lube me up first with their mouths then slip in 3 4 fingers, now the rabbit fuck the tarts asshole, then she licks rons massive cock then first time ever my ass hole then pushes him in me 10" at least, he fucks me deep n slow, now these guys have taught me summat she says bet you never thought id do this, she straddles me face then vin slides his cock in her asshole, to complete the chain effect ron dildos vins ass as we fuck in unison.

The guys spunk over mine and Sandis faces and we all lick and kiss sharing every drop..

Fuck Paul i cant believe that she says the guys are going now, but next week were going with Gillian to their party you are the slave to 10 black guys, plus me n Gillian.

When they go we just kiss and i know things are good again we take more gear and she fucks fingers, dildoes me all weekend, and me her, finally to show whos boss im put in the bath and she pisses all over me, and i love it, cant wait for part two

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By (user no longer on site)  over a year ago

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So Ron is 10"+ and Vin is longer? HM. Best to keep to the possible in your fantasising.

If you want to know how to write erotically, check out Aspley's four episodes in this section.

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