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You meet all sorts!

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By *oondog   profile verified by photo (M)  over a year ago

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I used to stay at the Holiday Inn at Brighouse quite often. Very near (walking distance) was a cruising ground and dogging area that was very popular. I would go there every night I stayed and there was lots of fun to be had.

One night. About half eleven I met a guy and we started playing, wanking and cock sucking. He had a nice big cock very clean and hard. He told me he was staying at the hotel with his wife and would I like to go back and play with them both.

Although I'm bi I much prefer cock and I was in two minds. He explained she wasn't into sex as such but she loved having her tits sucked and he would see to me while I was doing that.

I thought I'd give it a go as I wasn't being asked to fuck her or get involved with her other than tit sucking.

I went back to their room and we all got naked. She wasn't an attractive woman, you wouldn't have chatted her up at the bar but she was heavily breasted and they were very attractive breasts with big nipples.

She asked me if her husband had explained and I said yes so we got down to it. We undressed, his big cock sprang out of his pants, but she kept her knickers on. My cock was leaking pre-cum like a tap and he licked his lips. My pants fell to the floor but he immediately picked them up and licked the pre-cum stain.

It turned out a bit weirder than I thought! She didn't so much want to have her tits sucked as she wanted to breast feed me! She cradled me in her arms and gave me directions on how to suckle her breasts. Her husband had started on my cock and was sucking stroking kissing pulling and licking it. He occasionally rimmed me which was driving me crazy.

I was quite happy to suckle while that was happening. She was stroking my head like she would a baby and encouraging me to suck. Her nipples were by now massive and filled my mouth as I took each in in turn.

The husband by now had lubed me and was fucking me, pounding harder and harder. As he fucked me he left my cock alone it bounced and flailed all over the place. He came (into the condom) and withdrew then started back on my cock. After just a few minutes I came into his mouth but by then he was hard again and resumed fucking me.

His wife was in a frenzy the harder I sucked and the more of her breast I took into my mouth the more she loved it.

After about 15 minutes of this I came again, long globs of spunk flying, soon after he came and then she did, as she did her grip on me tightened as she pulled me against her harder than any wrestler lol.

The next morning we checked calendars and we were destined to be in the same hotel again twice more over the coming months. We made an appointment to meet next time.

Before I left the area I quickly visited the cruising area sucked a couple of cocks and fucked a lovely mixed-race guy with a big but very bent circumcised cock.

It's a great location for finding cock but on this occasion I got more than I bargained for!

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