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You've been nicked

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By *emused   profile verified by photo (M)  over a year ago

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You invite me to your place to watch porn and once there after a few minutes of porn you say to me 'I have to advise you that this is a police operation and I am a police officer and I have reason to believe you are carrying drugs concealed on or within your person'.

I protest my innocence and you say 'I now need you to strip naked in my full view whilst I examine your body and check you for controlled substances'.

I again protest and you say 'it's either here and now or down at the police station'. So I strip naked for you and you examine every bit of my body and then you say 'put your hands on the wall, bend over and spread your legs wide whilst I examine you internally'.

I am really scared now but I do as you tell me and soon your rubber gloved finger is feeling around deep inside my bum. I sense that you are in there for more than just a quick search but I am too scared to say anything.

Eventually you take your finger out and say 'I found this inside you' holding up a small sachet, and I again protest my innocence, at which you slap my bum quite hard and tell me to shut up.

It goes quiet and then you say 'I might be able to overlook this first time offence if you cooperate fully with me now'. I of course agree and you say, 'turn around and get down on your knees, hand behind your back' which I do and I see your are now naked with a good hard on. 'suck my cock' you order so I do and soon you say' now I am going to fuck you, unless you object', 'no sir, I can not object' I say and you tell me to slip a condom on your cock and return to the hands on wall legs spread position.

Soon I feel your cock at my entrance gradually working it's way in until I can feel your balls hard up against me and I know you are fully in.

You say 'how do you want this, shall I fuck you hard and fast all the way exploding deep inside you, or shall I fuck you slow and pull out and cum all over your cock and balls'. I say 'whichever you prefer sir, I am at your mercy and will take my punishment', and I feel you slowly at first fucking me then gradually speeding up.

What happens next is up to you?

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By *hread  (M)  over a year ago

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Great beginning

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