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Bi panty play

By *idonnyguy  (M)  over a year ago

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Although I prefer to keep my bisexuality discrete and out of the public domain, it was exciting being able to be open about my sexual preferences to my current girlfriend. Even more so when she not only gets turned on hearing about my past experiences with men and women, but encourages it. I used to enjoy situations where id meet other men and we would be looking at pics of our wives and girlfriends (now my ex wife) and me theirs while we sucked and wanked each other. And although I would sometimes fetch some of her sexy little panties for them to finish in, it wasnt until i met my current gf that my love of panties took off. She loves me wearing her panties while she plays with me, and she gets really turned on when seeing me cum in panties. This has opened up a whole new world of naughtienss for me, and seeing how much she's loves seeing me cum in her panties, I thought I'd get other men to cum in them too.

I sometimes work away during the week, and being a naughty boy, I can't go all week without some kind of horny fun

I'd recently found a local cottaging/dogging site that was very active from a previous visit, and having told my gf thst I was going to do visit again, she packed me some panties to wear that she'd recently bought me. She wanted me to wear them whilst I had fun with other men.

I was so hard walking to the location, the lacy panties not quite covering me but knowing someone was going to cum over them. Its a very active site so wasn't long before I came across a guy wanking his cock amongst the trees. I'm not into chit chat, I like the anonymity of these events, so took my own hard cock out and started wanking. Within seconds we were wanking each other and then taking it in turns to suck. I asked him to finish off in the panties I was wearing. This made him cum within seconds and he shot a load all over them. He quickly left and I went to find another guy. Again it wasnt long before I came across another guy. We started wanking each other and i asked him if he would cum on my cock and panties. I told him my gf wanted it. Although he said he was gay he loved that o was there in her panties and she knew. We rubbed our cocks against each other and I asked him if I could take a pic and send it to her. He agreed and I took a pic just as he shot his load all over my cock. Lets just say she loved seeing that pic

This encouraged her to ask me to do it again the next night

The next night was so much hornier as I'd arranged to meet a guy prior. I'll not cover off all details as I'd be here all night lol but my gf was a willing participant by sending pics of her tits and pussy while we sent pics of us wanking into her panties

When I got home, there had been 4 guys to cum in those panties

She's now got me hooked on panty play ha ha

Hope you enjoy the read as much as I enjoyed the experience

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XXX pic...
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By *uclid   profile verified by photo (M)  over a year ago

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Nice story ,I also meet a guy and wank into his wifes panty's for her to suck

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