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my running days

By *i49cksker  (M)  over a year ago

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when i was in my early 40s i did allot of running in a local country park early morning on a sunday and after work during the week.

used to take my running gear with me and get changed in the car as the car park was usually empty and secluded.

a few times i remember a red car parked not far from where i used to park and get changed and thought nothing of it, the usual guy thing hes in his car on the phone i am in mine getting ready.

i would change into my lycra shorts and baggy top with a pair of shorts to hide my modesty put my trainers on and have a stretch before i started my route.

i did notice this guy following me a few times then go a different path half way round, as i came full circle i notice he would be in a wooded area standing facing a tree as i was concerned he stopped for a pee.

this happened a few times and i changed my times to when i went running, i would do my usual stuff get changed, have a stretch and go for a run.

i saw the same guy running with another guy along the path and as they passed me i remember him winking at me, i just smiled and carried on.

i got to a certain bend in the park and saw this guy standing by a tree getting sucked off by his mate, i had to look and got very aroused by this that my hard on was showing through my shorts.

i watch for a while and the other guy beckon me over, i walked over and he pulled my shorts down exposing my cock and started to suck, the guy by the tree lent me forward to his cock and i started to suck his all ready throbbing cock.

then we took it in turns to suck each other, then the guy by the tree started to finger my hole and i have to say i did like it, i found myself being split roasted naked in the middle of the woods.

both guys took it in turn to fuck my arse this lasted what seemed hours but what i enjoyed the most the 3 of us must of cum at least 3 to 4 times

i would get home knacked and the misses said i was over doing it, this lasted for 4 months until the winter and they wouldnt turn up.

the following spring the guy would tunr up on his own and i would ask him about the other guy, he didnt know him just another runner.

i met this guy the same time for the next 4 years until he disappeared or went his own way, but i will always remember the good time i had in the woods. would like to revisit and meet different guys for some more fun and games

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XXX pic...
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By *dge73   profile verified by photo (M)  over a year ago

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Nice retelling well horny reading

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