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Another fantasy for you subs

By *hrislikesmen  (M) 39 weeks ago

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This one is quite long. Pure fantasy, but I know from reading the forum it will turn quite a lot of people on. Enjoy !

The Older Guy

Well, I’ve reached the age of 35 and still look younger. After 10 years working for the council and another 7 working for a well-known supermarket, I had retired “settled down” thanks to an inheritance from a maiden aunt.

Well, settled down if you remember that I was divorced and living in a nice flat now. No kids thank god.

Except I hadn’t. Settled down that is. I had not got a lot to do and to be honest was a bit bored. So I got a job. Part time admitted, but something to get me out of the house.

The digital age is upon us and I had found a job helping people come to terms with that. Going round older people’s houses and helping them get digital as the trainer had called it.

To be honest this excited me a bit. You see I am a closet Bi and have always had fantasies about older men or women using me for their own pleasure. Although I am 35, I look a lot younger and dress younger also. The thought of being down on my knees in front of a randy pensioner really turns me on !

I didn’t expect much to come of this either job satisfaction or sex wise, but it got me out of the house and doing something useful, so who was I to complain ?

The first job was Tuesday afternoon – a Mr Frank Watts who was having trouble connecting up his digital tuner. He lived about 8 miles away, so not too far.

I arrived at 3pm as per the appointment and knocked on the door.

“Coming” a baritone voice came from the other side of the door.

The door opened and there stood Frank. About 6’ fairly big build, though not running to fat. He had grey salt and pepper hair that was cut short and was wearing a pair of cavalry twill trousers and a plaid shirt. My paperwork had him down as about 64 years old. He looked good on it.

“Mr Watts ?” I asked

“Yes” he replied “I don’t buy door to door”

“I’ve come about your digital tuner” I showed him my official ID

His face lit up

“Oh right – damned thing refuses to work for me and I’m missing the FA cup this weekend if it doesn’t get sorted. Come in by all means”

“I’m Andy by the way”

“Well pleased to meet you Andy”

I came in to his hall and he ushered me through to the living room. I excused myself and said I would take my shoes off as they were muddy. We went into his living room. It was a nice mix of contemporary furnishing and old fashioned fireplace. A modern TV and digital tuner setup was in the corner facing a comfy two seater sofa.

“What a lovely room” I told him. “Mrs Watts not in ?”

“She’d better not be” he replied with a grin. “I divorced her three years ago”

“Whoops, sorry”

“Not to worry – the TV and tuner are over there – cup of tea ?”

“Yes please – that would be lovely”

While he was gone, I took the time to switch on the TV and tuner and look at his connections. I had to kneel down and look round the back of the TV and consequently my bum was up in the air.

He came back in the room.

“Do you take sugar ? Nice arse by the way”

Did I hear right ? Did he say ‘nice arse by the way ?’ Or did I mishear what he said ? Best deal with the sugar and work out what he meant by the other.

“Yes milk and one please”

And then my mouth did what it did sometimes and worked itself without my brain’s permission.

“And thanks for the compliment”

“No problem, don’t get to see much of them nowadays” he said, retreating to the kitchen.

Mystified and a little turned on, I turned back to the TV. Could it be I would get my wish on my very first job ?

I saw immediately what the problem was – mismatched connections meant no input to the TV. I changed them around and the TV sprang to life. As I finished it, he came back into the room. I was still on my knees and decided I would push my luck a bit. I pushed my bottom into the air and put my head down.

“Fixed it I think” I said “Nothing more to do”

“Don’t get up” he replied “Just enjoying the view from here”

I thrust my bottom a bit higher.

“Is that better ?” I asked

“Now you are getting me horny” he replied

I felt my cock twitch. This was definitely a come on. Now was he a top or a bottom ? Praying for top, I got up and took my tea

“So what are you, gay or bi ?” he asked a smile on his face

“How do you know I’m either ?” I replied

“Come on, it was written all over your face. And your body language. And the way that you so blatantly stared at my crutch. You couldn’t make it much clearer really”

“Oh well, I’m bi actually and a bottom – I like to do as I am told”

“Oh you do, do you ?” he said “OK if that’s the case, take your clothes off”

“What, I… “

“Look I like my men a bit younger and obedient. I’ve got a nice cock. Do you want it or not ?”

My hands were already moving to my jeans, unbuttoning, unzipping and taking my shirt off. Within seconds I was naked on my knees in front of this bloke. My cock was semi hard as I was not sure whether this was all a joke or not. His next few words changed that.

“Nice. Nice and quick. Nice and obedient. Just as I like them. I bet you wear women’s clothing as well, don’t you ? hmmm ? My we could be in for a lot of fun, you and me”

He moved over to the sofa and sat down. Opened his legs so I could see his bulge

“Come over to me, little one”

I went to get up.

“No, no hands and knees. After all if you are a sub, let’s make the most of you”

My cock was rigid now, as I crawled across to him on my hands and knees, finishing up with my head between his legs

“Go on then, kiss my cock. That’s what you’ve been wanting to do since you got here, so do it. Here it is”

He cupped his hands round what looked like a lovely bulge and rubbed it. Then he took his hand away.

I couldn’t believe that this had happened so fast. I leaned my head forward and touched the bulge with my lips. I could feel it was big and I could feel it was stiff. I let out a little whimper of arousal. Slowly, I kissed the bulge, just once for this first time. I took my time, relishing the feel of my lips on his manhood.

I left my lips on his trousers, inhaling the scent of him, then slowly kissed his cock again through the material. I had my eyes closed and my cock was rigid with excitement.

“That’s it, Slutty, take your time. No need for rush. Daddy’s going to feed you his cock soon and you’re going to love eating it aren’t you ?”

I looked up into his eyes

“Yes Daddy” was all I could say

Oh my word. Where did that come from ? All my fantasies rolled up into one. If he kissed me now, I’d be over the moon. Note to self, do NOT touch my cock. I was sure that I would cum if I did. Another thought intruded. If I came on his lovely warm oak flooring, would he make me lick it up ? Would he spank me over his knee ? I whimpered again as my tongue licked over his bulge.

“You are an obedient one aren’t you ?” he murmured. “I’m going to enjoy breaking you in. Take my slippers and socks off”

Reluctantly, I took my mouth away from his manhood and slipped down to his feet. I took each slipper and sock off and folded the socks and put them with the slippers.

“You’ve got to have a name as well, haven’t you ? A slut name I think. Yes I shall call you Slut Alice. Tell me your name”

“Slut Alice Daddy” I said in a dream. This was a fantasy come true to me. I was hoping at some time he would agree to me dressing in lingerie and heels. One step at a time, I thought, one step at a time.

“Good. Now kiss my feet, both of them, until I tell you to stop”

“I’d rather kiss your cock Daddy” I replied

“I’m sure you would Poppet, but that’s not what I’m telling you to do. I make the rules, you follow them. Let’s make sure you understand. Stand up”

I stood up, wondering what would happen. He sat forward, his knees out

“Now put yourself across my knee so I can punish you”

“But Daddy…”

“But nothing, just do as you are told little one and we will get on fine. Or do you want me to get the cane out ?”

I gulped and stepped forward. I lay across his knees. I could feel the rough tweed against my stomach, could feel his hard cock pressing against my side. He was fully in control of me.

Suddenly, his hand slapped down on my bottom. Hard. It stung and I was surprised.

“Aaah !” was what came out of me

And then he was spanking me, every other slap as hard as that one. My bottom felt like it was on fire . after about twenty of these, he stopped and pushed me off his lap onto the floor. I came up into the kneeling position, my bottom on fire.

For the first time in many years, I could feel tears in my eyes. Then slowly, humiliatingly, some rolled down my cheeks.

I looked up into his eyes and he smiled. “Bit upset Poppet ? Good, I like a wimpy slut-bitch. Easier to control. And you liked that didn’t you ? Liked a bit of corporal punishment. What else do you like I wonder”

I didn’t know what to say

“That was a question. Answer it”

“Yes Daddy.” It all came tumbling out. “ I like older men. I like being told what to do. I get turned on by being humiliated, sexually; physically; verbally and mentally. I like to cross dress. I fantasise about being fully dressed for a man that will use me. I love to suck cock and lick balls. I enjoy the feeling of being made to rim someone. I haven’t been fucked much and long to feel a real man’s cock inside of me. I love to be kissed by man – it is such a turn on.”

I went on. “ I love the way you have taken control of me so quickly and use me. I want to be used, it feels like what I have been waiting for. If you have friends, I would love to service them as well. if you have female friends I would love to be of use to them. I am yours Daddy.”

He looked at me, naked lust in his eyes. Or that is what I would have liked to think it was.

“Good Lord. That was a big speech from a little slut. Well you maybe in luck Alice slut. We have a lot of exploring to do together, but I think we may have something here. Now kiss my feet slut-bitch”

What else could I do. I bent my head down and put my pert bottom into the air. My lips made contact with his right foot first and I gave it a wet kiss. He was clean and his feet didn’t smell as I worked my way round his foot and then moved to the left, giving it my full attention.

“Nice” he said “Now come up here between my legs. I’ve never had someone like you before – only in my dreams”

I nestled between his legs listening to him, but soooo aware of his manhood bulging in his trousers just in front of me.

“I know you want my cock and don’t worry, you’ll get it in a little while. I like to take my time. Especially when I have a slut bitch on heat like you are. I want to torment you a bit, drive you wild before I allow you to swallow my load”

I looked up into his eyes

“Tell me how much you want to obey me slut Alice”

“Daddy, I want to please you more than anything. My body, my holes are there for you to use. Please use my mouth and my bottom like a cunt and fuck me. I only want to please you and have you love me. I will do anything for you Daddy and make you proud of me”

He looked down at me. “Get up and sit on my knee”

I got up and sat on his knee. I then realised that he was quite a lot larger than me as my head came up to his mouth and I could rest on his shoulder. I did so. he looked at me and kissed me on the lips.

It seemed to go on forever. He was a good kisser and he made me wild with desire. I couldn’t stop kissing him back. When I did, he made me to back off and submit and go at his pace. Finally, he finished.

“Get on your knees again bitch and undo my belt”

I scrambled off his knee and down to the floor and placed myself between his legs again. My trembling hands undid the buckle on his belt. I fumbled it twice before it came undone.

“Slowly, little Alice slut” he said gently “Plenty of time for you to get those slut lips round my cock. Now pull down my zip”

I tremblingly got hold of his zip and pulled it down. As it came down, I saw that he was wearing a pair of Calvin Klein briefs. They were tight against his skin and as the zip reached the bottom, I could see the outline of his manhood.

It seemed enormous, bound as it was in the briefs, but was probably eight inches long. And thick. Not so thick that I quailed about the thought of it inside me, but thick enough to know that it would fill me. Completely.

I was mesmerised by the sight of it. The split in his jeans came apart further and I could see the head outlined in the briefs. It was like high definition. I could make out that he was uncircumcised and that his foreskin had pulled back about halfway down his glans. There was a damp patch at the top of his cock where he was leaking precum and I longed to put my tongue there. However, I knew I should wait or I would risk another spanking.

“Now pull my jeans off slut and fold them up”

Willingly, I pulled his jeans off and folded them up. Then I kneeled back down between his legs and looked up in his eyes with total and complete adoration.

His hand rubbed my head and he smiled. “I hope you are as good at giving head as you say. Because if you don’t live up to your own publicity, then I’m going to have to punish you”

I shivered, wondering what the punishment would be and wondered whether I would like it. I’d never been this far before, so did not know if I could stand it or whether it would totally turn me on.

“Pull my pants down”

He raised his bottom and I pulled his briefs down from the top. His cock was set up in the upright position. As they came down I saw the head first. It was gorgeous. A wet dream. His hand stopped me and I stopped pulling, taking in the wonderful sight in front of me.

Pulling down the briefs had unrolled his foreskin and I could see all his glans now, down to the base. Precum was leaking from the slit and it was all I could do not to drool in his lap.

I looked up at him, longing in my eyes. He read me right.

“Not yet bitch. A bit longer”

I think that I whimpered and he laughed quietly, the cruelty coming through in his chuckle. I had never felt so turned on as in that moment.

“Pull them off completely”

I pulled his briefs off and his cock stood up in the air. To say it was magnificent was not an overstatement.

I had seen one to match this recently in my local cruising spot. A young lad had been servicing a 40 year old. God how I had envied that boy ! Now I had one of my own and I was going to be allowed to play with it soon !

Slowly, so slowly, he wanked his cock in front of me. I followed every small movement of it, like a rabbit caught in a fox’s gaze. He pushed the foreskin up and the precum pushed up too, a glistening drip on the end.

I couldn’t help it. My tongue came out, longing to lick it up. He laughed.

“Go on slut, but just the precum, nothing else”

I eagerly pushed my mouth forward and pushed out my tongue. The drop hung there and then I licked it off the end of his weapon. It rolled into my mouth and I tasted it’s saltiness as I let it run down my throat.

I looked up at him and back down at his cock. He pulled back the foreskin again and stood up, surprising me and pushing me onto my back on the floor. Before I could get up, he was over me and pushing me flat on my back.

He brought his bottom up to my face and covered it with his cheeks. Then he pushed down so my mouth was between his bottom cheeks.

I knew what he wanted. He wanted me to rim him.

Normally, my tongue would be going crazy now, but I knew that I had to wait for permission. This excited me beyond all my imaginings. All the fantasies I had about this type of scenario. I had never imagined it would be quite so exciting.

I prayed that he did not touch my cock. I would surely explode in a frenzied orgasm that would spoil everything.

“Go on then bitch. Lick my anus. You know you want to”

My tongue came up into his rosebud and licked, long strokes that took in his perineum and the crack the other side.

I must have been doing something right because I heard him moan quietly as my tongue worked his anus.

But it was not to be for long. Suddenly, he lifted off me.

“On your knees slut” he said gruffly with a catch in his voice.

Quickly I got into position, on my knees with my hands on my heels. It was a clear message: “here I am helpless, do what you will with me.”

And he did

He grabbed my head between his hands, one on the point of my jaw and the other on my forehead. Then he pulled my mouth open.

“Stick out your tongue, bitch”

I extended my tongue and he slowly pushed his cock into my mouth. He didn’t stop, just kept feeding it into me until it hit the back of my throat. Then he kept pushing and I felt it push its way into my throat.

Then it was all in. I knelt there with his cock in my mouth, his pubic hairs tickling my nose and I tried to take it quietly. I tried to breathe through my nose, but it did not work. I had not taken a breath when he put it in there and I was now making gagging noises.

Just as suddenly he pulled it out and I gasped explosively as it shot out of my mouth. Saliva and precum dripped onto my chin as I looked up at him.

He smiled. “very good bitch – no complaints and you gag nicely. You took all of me too, which not everyone can do”

Then he grabbed my head with both hands on the back of my head. I knew what was coming now – a face fucking. I formed my lips into a kiss shape and waited my fate.

He pushed his cock slowly into my mouth, until he had about six inches in and then pulled it back and rammed it in again to the hilt. He got a rhythm going, nearly out and then right back in to my throat. I made the ‘gaugh’ noise that subs make when being face fucked and he seemed to love that as he sped up for a while

This went on for about five minutes and then he took it out. I looked up at his cock swaying in front of me.

“Ask me to put it back in” he said

“Please Daddy, will you put your lovely cock back in my slut mouth ?”

“Pretty please”

“Please Daddy, pretty please will you fuck my mouth again with your lovely manhood ?”


Ah familiar territory. I knew what he wanted here.

“Please Daddy, don’t make me beg”


“Please Daddy, I’ll do what you want, but please don’t make me beg”

“Ok you don’t have to beg”

“Thank you Daddy”

“You will receive ten stripes of the cane instead”

“No Daddy, please”

“Beg then”

“Daddy, I’m begging you, please fuck my slut mouth. My bitch throat needs reaming and your gorgeous cock is the instrument that will do it. Please Daddy, I am begging you do uuggh…”

On my last word he thrust his cock back into my mouth and ruthlessly fucked it for about three minutes. When he stopped I was gasping for breath, tears streamed down my eyes and saliva was dripping down my chin.

“Did you like that my little Alice slut –bitch ?” he asked. “Did you like my cock reaming your mouth ? Making you gasp for breath. After all you begged me to do it to you”

“Yes Daddy. I loved it because it was you doing it”

He was wanking his cock now. “Keep talking”

“I loved your cock in me. I could feel it forcing me to obey you”

Still wanking. I glanced up at his face. Close to cumming now.

“I wanted to please you Daddy and that is the way that I did it by taking your gorgeous manhood into me. I loved the control you had over me as you pushed yourself in my mouth me with it Daddy”

It was too much for him. With a small groan he pushed his cock forward and the first spurt shot out of it.

It hit me in the face, above my right eye and I could feel it dripping down. He was obviously a heavy cummer and I rejoiced in that as the second spurt shot over my nose and lips.

Then he pushed his cock into my mouth and the next spurt went straight into my throat, causing me to cough. I pulled back a little and swallowed his cum as the next streamer hit my palette.

He slowed down after that and soon, he was all but done.

“Clean me up bitch” he said

I massaged his cock and small streamers of jizz came out onto my willing tongue. I swallowed and went back for more, but soon it was all gone. I licked his glans and the rest of his cock, ensuring it was clean and I had missed no cum.

He looked down at me and took two fingers and wiped cum from my face. Then he pushed his fingers into my mouth and I gladly sucked the cum off them

He pulled me to my feet and took me upstairs. He took off his shirt and guided me into his bed. He lay a little further up than me and I settled into his arms. He kissed me, tenderly this time.

“Good little slut. Rest now, because I’m going to fuck you soon”

Sometime later. I woke. It was still light outside. I could feel Daddy’s comforting body against me. I could feel his cock, limp, pushing against my little bottom with it’s tight, tight anus.

“Hello Poppet” He whispered. Had a nice sleep ? Time to get fucked”

“How… how long have I been asleep ?”

“Only about 30 minutes. It was nice watching you sleep and fantasising about what I was going to do with you. Soon I’m going to fuck you and I’m not going to use a condom”

He sensed my unease

“Don’t worry, I’m clean and I won’t let anyone else fuck you without protection. I want to feel my jizz pouring into you and I’m sure you do too.”

“I would love that Daddy. I’ve never had a man cum in me before. And for it to be you would be heaven”

He cuddled me, then turned me towards him and kissed me. I was still turned on and my little clitty was rock hard again. He brushed his hand over it.

“Are we excited my little slut ?”

“Yes Daddy, my little clitty is hard because you make me so excited”

“Clitty eh ? I like that. Next time you come to me, I will have sorted out my ex’s clothes and make up. She looks to be about your size. She left high heels and even a couple of wigs. What do you think slut Alice ? Want to dress up for Daddy ?”

I put on my most excited little girl voice

“Oh Daddy, that would be lovely ! I can’t wait to dress and makeup. Oh you’ll be so proud of me !”

“And I’ll be proud of you now, when you get down on me and make me big and stiff again so I can push my cock up your little girly cunt”

I slid down the bed and he pulled back the covers, so he could watch me at work.

I took his cock in my hand. He had a semi on now and I liked that. I pulled his foreskin right back and opened my mouth and just put his glans in.

I sucked very gently on it while I swirled my tongue around it, paying special attention to the slit.

“Wow, that’s really good slut Alice. Nice and gentle, just how I like it.”

“Fank youf Daddif “ I said with a mouthful of his manhood

He chuckled “I like that – gives me a feeling of even more power over you”

I continued to work on him and I felt him swiftly swell inside of my mouth. I started to pull more of him into my mouth and lathed my tongue up and down the length of his cock.

Soon, I felt his hand on the back of my head and he started to fuck my mouth with his cock. Not like before, gentle and rhythmical, back and forth. He still pushed it right in, but he was gentle with it and then pulled out quickly. I lay there, loving the feeling of his manhood pushing in and out of me, like I was a woman being used.

Eventually, he pulled out of me. I made a little sound of disappointment.

“Don’t be disappointed” he said, you’re going to be broken in now”

He took me into the bathroom and gave me a little plastic package. I looked at it and it said ‘mini enema for cleansing the bowel and the colon’. I looked at him

He said “Every time you come here now, you will do this. I like my tarts to be clean. I’m going to watch you, because it’s humiliating and I like watching you humiliated”

“Yes Daddy, I understand” I said

I read the label carefully and saw that Daddy had laid out some lube as well. I used a little to lube my hole and then put the nozzle of the enema into my hole. I squeezed and felt a cold ‘swoosh’ inside of me. Almost immediately, I had to go and sit on the toilet and evacuate my bowels.

“Hey bitch, look at me” Daddy said

I looked up into his eyes and felt the enema pour out of me. He smiled at my embarrassment and humiliation at the process that I was unable to stop.

I saw that he was gently wanking himself while he was looking at me and knew that this was turning him on immensely.

Soon the process had finished. Daddy was excited, I could see.

“Lube yourself now slut bitch”, he said, a catch in his voice “I’m going to take you over the pan here and now”

“Stop playing with yourself and get over the pan” he said with an edge in his voice

I was thrilled and scared in the same moment. Thrilled that I turned him on so much, scared about how much he may hurt me.

But I still did what he said.

I took some lube and pushed up my tight little arse and then bent over the pan as far as I could go, so my face was in the actual pan.

This meant that my bottom was poking up in the air

Then I felt his cock against me. There was no subtlety about it, he was too excited at having me like this.

“Guide me in bitch”

His voice was thick with lust and I reached between my legs to pull him into me. I could feel his cock between my fingers, hard and unyielding. I lined it up with my hole and prayed that it would not hurt too much, knowing all the time that I would not complain.

Then he pushed and sank into me. I bore down on him, making my bottom bigger and I felt him slide in me. It hurt less than I had thought it would and I wondered why I hadn’t let more men fuck me like this.

Then he pulled his cock back. And plunged it in to the hilt. I felt it touch my prostate and my cock gave a twitch at the sensory input my body was receiving. I tightened my anus around him and then loosened, tightened again.

“Oh you slut” he murmured. “You are tight and you know how to milk me. I’m going to enjoy reaming you Poppet”

And then he began to fuck me in earnest.

He sawed in and out of me, using the full length of his eight inch cock to fill me then empty me. He did this about ten times, just bringing it to the point when he would pop out and then pushing it back in.

On the eleventh time, he pulled it right back as if he was actually going to come out.

I was in heaven now. Being fucked by an older man, having no control over the situation, being insulted and humiliated as well and being made to beg for that humiliation.

I pushed my bottom back.

“Please Daddy, don’t come out of me, please. I so want you in me”

As I had pushed back, my head had come out of the toilet

“Bitch, did I tell you your head could come out of the toilet ?”

“No Daddy, sorry Daddy”, I exclaimed, pushing my head back into the pan.

“Now I’m going to have to punish you when we are finished aren’t I ?”

“Yes Daddy”

“And why am I going to have to punish you ?”

“Because I’m a bad slut Daddy and I don’t do as I am told. I’m sorry Daddy, it won’t happen again, I swear. Please fuck me Daddy, please” I begged

“Come up a second sweetie” he said

I brought myself more upright. He wrapped something round my head and I realised it was a white stocking. He manoeuvred so that it was a gag in my mouth and then tied it off. Then he pushed my face back in the pan.

Then he took my arms and pulled them behind my back and tied them together with what felt like another stocking. Then he pushed my face back into the pan. My head kept going this time, because I had nothing to stop me and it was only when my shoulders hit the edges of the toilet seat that I stopped. My head was inches from the water.

He pulled out of me and left the room. I dared not move. It was not grossly uncomfortable, but then again, I had been more comfortable in my life.

He came back in and started to take pictures of me. I could see the flash going off.

“I’m going to put these on my profile on Squirt” he said. I’m going to display you as my bitch. People will be wanking over you tonight.”

The he put the camera down and told me to ask him to fuck me again.

“Please Daddy” came my muffled voice. “Pretty please fuck my tight bottom, I want to feel you in me, feel your cum in me. Please Daddy, I’m begging, please fuck me”

Then I felt his hardness pushing against me again

“Put me in bitch” he said. Then he laughed. “Oh no – you can’t can you – you’re tied up with your head down the toilet pan, totally where I want you”

Then he pushed his cock back into me without stopping until the whole length was in me. He sawed it in and out of me and I mewled through my gag as he reamed my tight bottom over and over.

“Go on” he said “Make those noises again and keep making them”

I mewled pathetically through my gag again and it seemed to spur him on and his assault on me continued furiously.

He was seriously fucking me now and there was nothing I could do. The water in the pan was touching my nose every time he pushed into me.

But all through this, my cock was hard and I knew this is what I wanted, to be used, humiliated by an older man.

With a sudden burst he started to fuck me really hard and then he came.

I thought that he could not cum as much as he had when he came cover my face, but it felt like I was wrong. I felt his warm jizz pump into me and it didn’t seem to stop.

But eventually it did. I continued my mewling into my gag because he had not told me to stop but eventually, he did.

Slowly, so slowly, his cock slipped out of me and I gave a little whimper of dismay as it popped out. Immediately, I felt the cum run out and run down my thigh.

“That’s it bitch, bear down, so it comes out”

I bore down and felt more of his cum dripping out of me and again saw the flash of the pictures as he took stock of my humiliation.

Then he pulled me up and took me into the bedroom. He laid me on the bed tenderly and cuddled me, kissing me. He untied the gag

“Clean me up slut” he whispered in my ear

With my hands behind my back, it was more difficult, but I managed to push his foreskin back with my mouth and licked around his glans, making him clean.

Then he undid my arms.

“You can go now bitch. Make sure that you are back here the day after tomorrow”

“Yes Daddy” was all I could say

Two days later, with a stomach full of butterflies, I was back at his door. He opened it and smiled. It wasn’t a nice smile, more like the smile of a man who knows he is going to be fucking his favourite slut later.

“Come in my little Slut Bitch” he said “You are on time, so I won’t spank you for that”

I wondered what he would spank me for and I felt a tingle down my spine at the thought and my little clit begin to swell.

“Upstairs Slut” he said “Got something for you to try on. But first, you need to clean – you know the drill”

I went into the bathroom and stripped naked. He stood at the door smiling at my discomfort and massaging a bulge in his trousers. My discomfort went away when I thought that I may get that monster in me soon.

“Before you start, there is something else I want you to do.”

“What’s that Daddy ?”

He passed me a large two litre bottle of water

“Drink all of this. I want you with a full bladder so that you will piss your panties later”

“Yes Daddy, thank you Daddy”

To be honest this turned me on enormously. I had often had fantasies about wetting myself in women’s panties. The only doubt I had was how I would pee myself with an erection. Still I thought, I would worry about that later as I slowly drank all of the water.

When I had finished, I picked up the lube and lubed the rim of my bottom or ‘girly cunt’ as I knew to call it now, the same as I knew to call my penis my ‘clitty’.

Then I pushed the enema tube in me and squeezed. I felt the liquid swish into me and I quickly pulled it out and sat on the toilet. I looked up into my Daddy’s eyes as it came out and saw the excitement there. It was mirrored in mine.

That done, I lubed myself thoroughly then.

“Bend over the toilet” Daddy ordered and I put my hands on the pan and bent over.

I soon felt his finger pushing into me, one knuckle, two knuckles and then all the way in. then he pulled it back and pushed it in, finger fucking me.

I let out a little groan as he continued. Then he put two fingers in me – his index and his second finger, worming them in until he had them as deep as they could go. He must have finger fucked me for about five minutes and then took them out.

I did not move – I had not been told to move. He then bunched his middle three fingers and pushed them into me.

I gasped

“Ow Daddy, that hurts”

He pulled his fingers out of me and slapped my bottom cheeks – hard.

“Tell me, Bitch, does it matter what you think ?” he slapped me again

“No Daddy, I am yours to do with as you wish. I’m sorry that I doubted you Daddy”

“That’s better sweetie”

Then he pushed the three fingers up me again. It did not hurt so much this time and as he pushed them in and out I groaned with pleasure.

It was not so much the physical pleasure as the fact that I was pleasing my Daddy that was making me excited and I hoped he was as turned on as me

He pushed his fingers up inside me and stopped. I stayed still, waiting for the next instruction.

“Fuck yourself on my fingers and tell me how much you are loving it”

I pulled forward and felt his fingers retreat. It was at this point that I realised how much I really wanted to please this man and I pushed back down onto his fingers, feeling them stretch my tight little hole.

I pulled back again and pushed them in again, getting a rhythm going

“Ooh Daddy, your fingers feel wonderful in me – they fill me up soooo much. I’m so lucky to have you as my Daddy getting my girly cunt ready for whatever you want to use it for.”

My bottom pistoned back and forth on his fingers. It didn’t hurt anymore and I could feel them pushing in and out, giving me (and I so hoped him) pleasure

Then they were gone

I gave a girly little gasp and stood still, my bottom still in the air and bent over

“Wait here bitch” was all he said

30 seconds later he was back in the room.

“Look round”

I looked back and saw that he had a butt plug in his hand. It was about 6” long and not too thick. It was a starter plug I suspected. In his other hand he had his camera. He passed me the plug

“Here, push this in your girly cunt. You need to start stretching yourself a little. Don’t worry, it won’t change you for ever, just make you a little more accommodating”

I took the plug and felt around and pushed it into my girly cunt hole. It was shaped like a penis and I felt the mushroom head open my bud as it stretched me and pushed its way in. I realised that Daddy was videoing this and I gave a little groan.

“Oh Daddy, it’s big, almost as big as you. Oh ! I can feel it pushing up me now”

And indeed I could. Eventually, it lodged in my anus and I could feel where it belled out at the end so it could go in no further.

I felt full and it felt a little odd, but I guessed I would get used to it. I stayed bent over because Daddy had not told me to move.

“Ok sweetie, you can get up now. Walk around a bit with the butt plug in so I can video you full of rubber cock”

I walked around the bathroom and then he gestured to me to go into the spare bedroom. I couldn’t believe what I saw there.

Laid out all over the bed was all sorts of women’s clothing, make up, wigs, shoes and other accoutrements. I couldn’t be sure, but they all looked like they were my size.

As if reading my mind, Daddy spoke

“My ex-wife was about 5’7”. She wasn’t stick thin – about a size 14-16 like you are. She was size 7.5 shoe as well. This lot should fit you well”

“Oh Daddy” I swooned “It’s lovely. There’s just so much that will make me look pretty for you”

“I know poppet. She was ten years younger than me as well and quite fashionable, but she liked to dress as a Slut to please me sometimes. Now you are going to. I’m going to leave you in here to dress and then we’ll see how you do. I have a lady friend that will come in and help you if necessary”

“That would be very helpful Daddy – I am not very experienced at this”

“I know sweetie. Just one thing – she will expect to be paid”

“I will pay her Daddy, it will be worth it to please you”

“I know you will, just not how you think. She has a penchant for TV’s and she likes to fuck them with a strap on. That will be your payment”

To be honest I was turned on by the thought

“I promise Daddy, I’ll be good and will pay in full”

“Good. Now get dressed for Daddy. Take your time”

I honestly did not know where to start. It was all sorted out into sections and I decided to start at the bottom and work up.

But first I had to do something about my hair.

I went back in the bathroom where I had seen what I wanted – some depilation cream. I shaved my legs and my arms and my underarms and cut all my pubes down then shaved them off and depilated everywhere. By the time I had finished, I was hairless everywhere but my head and that was very short.

Then I went back in the bedroom. I picked out a pair of sheer white stockings and pulled them on.. I loved the feel of the nylon as it slipped up my legs, falling about 4” short of the top of my thighs.

Then I picked up a white suspender belt and pulled it up me and attached the stockings to it.

I primped around the room a bit in them and whilst I did, I could feel the butt plug moving in me. It was not uncomfortable, but it was a constant reminder of my binding to my Daddy.

Then I picked a pair of white silk panties – not briefs, so I could tuck my clitty out of the way. They were tight enough that they held it in place.

I was beginning to realise that I needed to pee and was going to go to the bathroom, when I realised that this was the idea. My clitty gave a little tingle as I imagined that humiliation.

I looked at what was next and picked up a bra. It had inserts in it and was quite stiff. I tried it on and it fit well, giving the impression of boobs even without a blouse over it.

I picked a pair of white heels – there was a full length mirror in the room and I wanted to see what I looked like.

I put on the heels – they were 4” and quite high and tottered around the room and then looked at myself in the mirror. Not too bad actually. The heels raised my calves and made my legs look good. I had lost weight recently and did not look too fat.

As I twirled, I noticed that a wardrobe door was slightly open. There was a flash of white in there. I tottered over and opened the door.

It was a wedding dress ! Complete with headdress. It was modern in pattern, but there was no doubting its use. I wondered if Daddy would let me wear it, because already I was lusting after it.

I wondered at this and my transformation that had happened so quickly. I had dabbled in crossdressing before, but never to this extent. I was very excited and realised that for a long time, this is what I had wanted.

Excitedly, I picked up a camisole top and put it on. It draped over me nicely. It was white with pink highlights. Then I thought. Took it off.

I sat down at the dressing table and looked at myself in the mirror. Clean shaven, but not looking like a woman. How was I going to change that ?

I saw a book on the side about make up and took 5 minutes to read a rough guide to make up. Nervously I picked up the foundation cream and rubbed it onto my face, making sure that it was smooth and the same all over. Then I picked up a blusher pot and brush and highlighted my cheeks.

I looked in the mirror again. Saw that I had changed. Not fully yet, but I looked curiously metrosexual.

Right, eyeliner and eyelashes next. Carefully I applied mascara to my lashes, filling them out and then the eyeliner above my eye. Looked back again. Closer.

Picked up the cerise lipstick and painted it on. Noting it was waterproof. Might need that. Looked again.

Saw a woman looking back at me. Or a reasonable facsimile thereof. Not the most beautiful woman, but not recognisable as a man.

My hands shook as I applied the finishing touches to my makeup. God, I looked good. I was sure Daddy would want to fuck me when he saw what I was now.

I looked at the wigs and picked an auburn one with a high pony, imagining Daddy holding it and fucking my mouth. I put it on and pulled the adjuster at the back. It pulled it tight. Not uncomfortably so, but it did not move when I tugged it. I pulled the pony like I was being mouthfucked. It did not move one iota. Incredible.

I looked at myself again. My own family would not have recognised me. I would not have recognised me. The wig took it to a completely different level, changing my face again.

I stood up, looked at the camisole top and rejected it. Knew what I wanted. I was slim and 5’7” tall.

I found a little white blouse that was a just a bit too small. Put it on so my bust was accentuated. Knew what I would wear skirt wise. A little pleated job that came halfway up my thighs. I knew that if I bent over, it would show my botty.

Dressed, I went to the mirror and looked in. I changed the white stilettoes for a pair of black strappy sandals (just as tall) and found a little tie in a drawer.

I looked in the mirror. I knew I had the look that I wanted – one that I would have wanted from any Slut of mine.

The slutty schoolgirl look.

I could not believe it. The feelings I had wearing this outfit. I could feel my thighs at the top of my legs rubbing together, feel the nylons rubbing against my skin. I could feel my clitty in my panties and the precum forming in them. Feel the need to pee in those panties.

I tottered and twirled in front of the mirror, bent over and saw my botty. Saw how the shoes accentuated my legs, how the blouse showed off my bust.

I was as ready as I would ever be.

Bursting with pride, I carefully made my way downstairs and into the living room.

As I came in the door, I got a shock. Not just Daddy there, but two other men about his age and a woman of about 60.

They all turned and looked at me and it felt like their eyes were taking everything in. I wilted under that gaze, and then Daddy spoke.

“Slut Alice, you look adorable. Good enough to fuck. I have the rest of the family round. Uncle Jack” He pointed to a slightly overweight man clearly rubbing his crutch and staring at me. He nodded and I nodded back.

“Uncle Tony” He pointed to a tall man who kept licking his lips in a way that would only mean he wanted my body.

“And Aunty Sheila” she was about 5’9” tall and well built with a nice bust and well looked after. I have a thing about older women and she would have fit right in with me.

“She’s lovely” Sheila said “Did her own makeup as well. Very nice. Does this mean I don’t get to fuck her now ?”

“You’ll get your chance Sheila don’t worry” Daddy told her.

“Come here sweetie and let me look at you”

I sashayed over to him swinging my hips as much as I could. I stood swaying in the 4”heels.

He looked me over

“Very nice – I like the look. Not as much as a sissy look, but we can work on that. Did you see the wedding dress ?”

I started, not knowing if I had been meant to see it. I took a chance

“Yes Daddy. It is gorgeous.” I pitched my voice a little higher – not too difficult as I have a naturally higher voice. “I love it. When can I wear it Daddy ?”

“Later sweetie, later. Don’t worry, I have plans for you and that dress” Little did I know I would be wearing it in a ceremony where I was marrying an Alsatian with a 12” cock. (But that’s another story)

“Well sweetie, I’ve got one more thing for you to make you complete. Drop your panties”

I obligingly pulled my little white panties down.

“Come here” he said and I could see he had something in a box.

He took it out and I could see it was some sort of cock shaped item.

“Here you go sweetie, put this on your useless little clit”

I took the item and realised it was a chastity device. I was fully stiff and I realised that my cock would not fit in there.

“Daddy, it’s a bit small for me” I said

“That’s only because your clit is stiff slut Alice” he replied. “It will soon go down when you fit it on”

With trepidation I fitted the device. It was a tight fit and I had to squeeze my cock (no clit – get used to it) into it. I realised that I no longer had an erection, but that I was just as sexually excited.

“It stops my clitty getting hard Daddy”

“Do you think it matters what you think, faggott ?”

“No Daddy”

“Good. Now that we have that sorted, come here”

He beckoned me closer and bent over my genitals and I realised he was putting a small padlock on my chastity device.

“There. Now you are truly mine”

I saw out of the corner of my eye that Uncle Jack had his cock out. God, I was thinking of him as Uncle Jack already. The implications turned me on even more. His cock was about 8” long and quite thick. I could see a globule of precum leaking out of the top.

While I stood there, Aunty Sheila got up and went on her knees in front of Uncle Jack. She started to suck on his cock and I felt myself getting jealous of her.

Uncle Tony must have seen this.

“Jealous Slut Alice ? Why don’t you join her and we can see what a good cocksucker you are”

I slid to my knees and leaned forward to join in, aware that my pleated skirt had slipped up, showing my panties.

Aunty Sheila moved over a little and gave me a go at Uncle Jack’s cock. I opened my lipstick lips and took in his mushroom head and gently sucked on it, licking my tongue around and I heard him groan

“You were right Frank, the Slut is a good cocksucker. We’ll have fun with her at dogging and parties”

I was now fully on his cock, sucking and licking his enormous mushroom head, but the words dogging and parties caught my attention.

“Let her go a minute Jack” Daddy said and he motioned me to come over to him.

“Kneel in front of me” he said

I knelt down and looked up at him with my adoring eyes.

“Slut Alice, how would you like to come and live with me and become my little bitch ? You could dress all the time and we could make you more female as time goes on. What do you think ?”

What did I think ? I was aware that I was massively turned on at the moment and that this may affect my judgment. But then I liked to be turned on. I masturbated at least twice a day, normally fantasies involving me in situations like this. This was the first time I had been involved in something so extreme though.

I would be giving up my life and possibly friends and family. But all my relatives lived in Spain – parents had moved there years ago and my friends were of the take them or leave them kind.

I understood why Daddy was making this offer. He had me taped as a loner.

It would be lovely to live with him. I imagined myself serving him and dressed all the time as a woman. No not really as woman, but as a boy Slut. A submissive boy Slut.

I made up my mind

“Oooh Daddy, I would love that. Thank you so much for making the offer. This is all so quick, but seems so natural. You obviously feel that I am Slut material and I am sooo turned on by the thought”

“That’s good” he replied “But be warned that you will be MY Slut and that you will be bent to my will. I will expect you to dress as I want you and that you will obey me without question. In return you will have a house to live in with me and no longer worry about money. You will be Daddy’s little girl”

I looked up into his eyes and knew that this would affect the rest of my life. Even if I only stayed 6 months or a year, I would never be the same again.

“OK Daddy”

“Can I breed her now ?” Uncle Jack’s voice from behind me.

“Of course you can Jack”

I looked round and Aunty Sheila was sitting in an armchair. She had taken off her skirt and panties and was playing with her cunt, pushing her fingers in and out of herself.

“Come over here Slut Alice” she cooed “You can lick me out while Jack fucks you”

I crawled eagerly over and buried my face into her crutch. She was sopping and my tongue slithered all the way up her crack, ending in teasing her enormous clit.

Whilst I was doing this, I felt hands pulling down my panties and then pulling out the butt plug. I had forgotten that I had it in me, so much had it become part of me.

Then I felt Uncle Jack’s legs up against me and then his enormous bell end pushing against my virgin cunt.

“Keeping licking bitch” Aunt Sheila said. I realised I had stopped and her hand dragged my face back into her sopping quim.

Then Uncle Jack pushed into me and I was glad that I had pushed the butt plug in. there was a moment of extreme pain and then he was in and pushing his enormous cock up me.

“She’s tight” he said “but taking it”

Uncle Tony spoke

“If she can take you breeding her Jack, she’ll take most men”

It was then I realised that he was not wearing protection and that Daddy’s promise had been a lie. But I was too far gone now to worry.

My mouth went back to Aunt Sheila’s sopping cunt and I licked her, feeling her large clit push against my tongue. Her hand came down on the back of my head and pushed me further into her flesh as I drove my tongue into her.

“Uhhh…” was all she managed as she started to orgasm again.

Behind me Uncle Jack was starting to fuck me in earnest. I could feel his large cock sawing in and out of me faster and faster

“Lovely tight little cunt. I’m going to breed you until you burst you little fuck bitch.”

He upped the pace and I groaned into Aunt Sheila’s sopping cunt

“Mmmm… fuck me please Uncle Jack. Oh please fuck me hard. I’m a dirty Slut who needs fucking. Please don’t stop until you have bred me and cum in me”

This was obviously too much for him and he pushed his cock into me to the limit. I felt him squirt his load of cum into my tight boicunt and felt the satisfaction of having made my Aunt and Uncle so happy.

Things slowed down after that and after about 5 minutes, I felt Uncle Jack pop out of my abused cunt. Aunt Sheila, similarly sated, pushed me away from her wringing wet twat and I fell back onto my knees taking stock.

“Right Slut, get up on your feet and bend over. Uncle Tony has to take some pictures of you now” said my Daddy.

I stood up. Immediately, I could feel Uncle Jack’s cum running down my leg onto my nylons. My makeup was ruined by Aunty Sheila’s juices and I must have looked a real tart. More than anything though, I was so turned on and so pleased I had pleased my new family.

Uncle Tony made me bend over the sofa and he took all sorts of pictures of me. He took them of the cum running down my leg, of my ravaged face and made me open my butt cheeks so he could photograph my equally ravaged cunt.

When he was finished Daddy told me to go and clean up and come back down when I was clean.

I went up to the bathroom and douched again and repaired my makeup. I got a dress from the wardrobe this time – it clung to me and showed off my curves, but was short enough to allow access to my private parts. I put a fresh pair of pink panties on and came downstairs.

As I came in, all heads turned and I got approving glances for what I was wearing. Then Daddy told me what the future held.

I was to pack up my things and sell my house. The money would be mine to do with as I wished. I would come and live with him permanently. I would live as his little girl “with benefits” inasmuch as he would have constant use of me whenever he wanted and so would his friends.

The idea was to turn me into what he called a “Sissy Slut Bitch” kept constantly on heat for ready use. I would be the subject of a website that would be kept updated with pictures and videos of my slow downturn into Sissy sluthood.

I would start to take female hormone tablets so that my breasts would grow and my clitty would reduce in size. I would be pleased to know that my sex drive would not be affected due to the fact the new hormone tablets did not affect sex drive.

I would, nonetheless be to all intents and purposes to the world at large, a woman.

I would become something of a porn star and would be used by various men in various productions, mostly of a BDSM variety

And there would be dogs. Daddy had a thing about them and he would like to see me fucked by dogs. Apparently there was a big market for videos of crossdressing sluts being fucked by large dogs.

Daddy often had parties where I would be tied to a table so my mouth and cunt would be available for one and all. I would as he put it “be filled with cum at both ends”

I would in short, be in heaven

And here I am one year later. Let me describe myself to you.

I am 5 feet seven inches, but that is never my actual height as my stilettoes are always four inches. I have been taking female hormones for a year now. I have no facial hair due to depilation and the effect of the hormones. They also make my voice higher (as did the voice lessons Daddy paid for) so I now have a sexy contralto.

Due to diet I have slimmed down to nine stone seven pounds and have put weight onto my hips so I have the classic hour glass figure. My penis has reduced in size to – down to five inches. It still gets stiff and I am still allowed to cum as a reward (usually after a dozen men have cum in and over me) but it is not a lot of use for sex and is always in a chastity device anyway. My breasts too have grown to a delicious 34B cup.

My anus or ‘cunt’ as Daddy instructs me to call it (as he makes me call my penis my ‘clit’) is in fairly good shape given that I have probably been fucked some 200 times this year. This is mainly down to Aunty Sheila, who is in charge of my cunt and keeping it in shape. We do this with anal passage exercises that I have to do three times a day. It involves a butt plug and my making my cunt muscles grip it. I have to do repetitions of 40 three times.

I also work out in the gym three times a week, dressed as a girl of course. I have had many admiring glances from men unaware of my true gender.

But my crowning glories are my lips and my hair.

Daddy had me see a trichologist. He removed my remaining hair and basically did what they did to Wayne Rooney – except better and with longer hair. As of consequence now I have shoulder length blonde hair that can be tied up in a high pony. You really would not know it is artificial as it is sewn into my scalp. I love my hair. Especially when Daddy mouthfucks me holding onto my pony tail.

And my lips. I have had collagen injections to make them permanently bigger. But the man who did it was an expert and they are not ‘trout pouts’ but give me a genuinely gorgeous look. Together with tattooed eyebrows and my natural feminine looks, I look pretty good.

I have been depilated permanently all over my body and am smooth all over for Daddy and his family and friends.

I might as well be a girl I hear you say. Why not go the whole hog and have a vagina ?

Because that’s not what it’s about is it ? It’s about making me feel degraded and debased as a male living a femme’s life. How I feel being used by Daddy and his friends (male and female) over and over thrills me to the core. And my Daddy knows this.

Take the other night. Daddy had a party at a friend’s house. He has a huge conservatory out the back where the party was to be held and I was the entertainment for the night.

I arrived with my hair in a pony, cerise lipstick and eye shadow, lashes mascaraed up.

I had a push up bra on giving me cleavage (I love my cleavage) and a white shirt, one size too small making my stiff nipples stick out. A little school tie finished the top of the outfit.

Down below I was wearing school blue knickers two sizes to small showing off my little pert bottom. I was wearing white holdups and four inch stilettoes and I could see every eye turn and look at me as I walked in the room.

But that is another story

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By *avina181  (M) 39 weeks ago

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Really great story, would love it if it could be real and happen to me. Being made to please men with my mouth and man cunt and lick mature women to a climax, giving me all their cum to swallow. Then to have men of all shapes and sizes fill my mouth and man cunt with cum. Just thinking about all that is getting me really hard.

At present I am a Bi-CD and wear bra, panties stockings and suspenders under my male outer clothing every day.

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By  *lorybucket    profile verified by photo premium paying member (M) 39 weeks ago

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Really horny story got me rock hard!

Think I need to fill my man cunt with rubber cock now

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By  *avina cum2    profile verified by photo premium paying member (M) 39 weeks ago

@private mail, +add as contact

Absolutely fucking horny sat in my truck wearing black full briefs under my work trousers and I could feel the precum leaking out my cock as I read it more please when you get chance to write another one hun xx.

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By *ndies4me   profile verified by photo (M) 39 weeks ago

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Really horny story got me rock hard. sat here playing with my cock.

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By *ikkisub  (M) 39 weeks ago

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What an incredible story. I was hard the whole time I was reading it. Please write more. I’d love to be used, degraded and humiliated the way your lead caricature was. Thank you.

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By *illtry1970  (M) 39 weeks ago

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Horniest story I have ever read. More

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By *orkshirebull4U  (M) 38 weeks ago

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FANTASTIC loved reading it ,Not in to ladies clothing Myself it puts me off completely , But love being used by TOP white daddies from mild to wild sex which they demand I am dirty slut after all.Never let My white daddies down,They get what they demand every time.

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* Major By * Major  (TV/TS/CD) 38 weeks ago

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thank you

A wonderful story

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*riedatlast By *riedatlast   profile verified by photo (M) 38 weeks ago

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By *over me in cum  (M) 17 weeks ago

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What a wonderful story and most certainly a situation I would love to find myself in, from start to finish.

I do love a mature gentleman and mature ladies too, especially when they are domineering.

I certainly need to go and finish myself off now after wanking my way through this story.

Thank you.


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*lipee By *lipee  (M) 8 weeks ago

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fantastic story cant wait for other ones whish i had some of this life thank you for the read xxxx

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