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Beg again

By *hrislikesmen  (M) 19 weeks ago

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Beg again please

This actually happened to me – not a fantasy and I am hard proof reading it for here now…

I had met him before. A chance meet at a little known cruising spot. Before I knew it he had my trousers down and was asking me what I liked. When I said “doing as I am told”, it was clear about his top credentials and I was on my knees, face covered in cum.

And now here I was again. This time on my home ground, looking for cock and, up to now, not succeeding. Then I saw him, following me.

I knew who he was straight away. ‘I’m not ready for this’ was my first thought. ‘I don’t need a top telling me what to do’

Then my hind brain kicked in. Who are you kidding ? it asked. You know you want to be lorded over, told what to do, have you mouth full of cock…. Alright already sub conscious, now you are making me really horny.

Well he is a dom, it continued and you know how all of your fantasies are about being dominated. Yeah, but not tonight. I looked behind. Still following. Slowed my pace so he could still see me. Debating. Get naked and let him do the rest.

I went onto a quiet path and then into some bushes, making sure he could see where I went. Surely it wouldn’t hurt to have a little play…

As soon as I was in, I dropped my shorts and pants and undid my shirt. He came up behind me, groping my bum, sliding his finger right into the crack. I breathed in hard. Then gave a little whimper. Tops like a whimperer, makes them hard. I heard a zip go and felt his cock against my leg. Then I remembered his cock from last time and my resolve slowly faded away.

“And what do you like ?” he breathed in my ear whilst tweaking my nipples.

“I like to do as I am told” was my whispered reply

“Good” He turned me round and kissed me on the lips, tongue exploring.

“Then you won’t mind me telling you to suck my cock will you ?”

He kissed me again and pushed me to my knees. And there was his cock. It was lovely and just as I remembered it. The glans was large and bulbous, leading down to about eight inches of fat cock. It was extremely hard and swayed about out of his combat shorts.

His hand pulled my head forward onto it and I gratefully opened my mouth and took the huge bulbous head in, swirling my tongue around it. He gently pushed it in and out of my eager mouth, then pulling it out.

I must have looked upset because he took hold of my chin and pulled my head up so I faced him.

“Do you want me to fuck you ? You do, don’t you. I can see it in your eyes. You want my cock inside of you, don’t you ?

“No…yes, I’m not sure - you are very big, you may hurt me”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be careful and very gentle. At first. Now get up and bend over”

“But I haven’t got a durex”

“Don’t worry, I do”

I got up and bent over, holding onto a tree for support. I felt very exposed and very vulnerable to this man. I was naked, bent over waiting for his cock to invade me.

I looked back, saw him put on the durex, slip some lube into his hand and onto the rubber. Then he dribbled lube into my crack and rubbed it in.

He came up behind me and took hold of his monster in his hand and placed it between my butt cheeks and then pushed it into my anus.

The pain was exquisite – it really, really hurt and I pulled away from it

“I’m sorry Sir” I stammered “ but that really hurt”

“Don’t worry, bend over again” and he pushed me over.


But nothing. He was on me again and forcing his way inside me. This time it did not hurt so much and he continued to push. I couldn’t believe that I had taken him in me.

It hardly hurt at all now he was in me and I now really wanted this man to fuck me.

And I told him so

“OH God you are so BIG” I whimpered, “but please don’t take it out. It feels so good, you fucking my boy cunt. Please fuck me hard”

“You are a good little slut” he whispered in my ear. “You like my cock in your arse don’t you ? Like me fucking your slut cunt ?”

He slowed down. I started to move back and forth to keep that lovely rhythm, to keep his cock sawing in and out of me. Because now I had experienced it, I wanted more, I didn’t want him to stop fucking me. It had stopped hurting and it felt so good.

“I love your cock in my cunt, please fuck me, fuck me HARD” I almost screamed, not caring if anyone else heard. In fact at that point, if a queue of men had lined up to fuck me, I would have gladly taken them one after another. Or I would have gladly been spit roasted.

He started to fuck me again, so hard I had to hold onto a low branch on the tree to keep my balance. I could feel the whole length of his cock going in and out of me. This man was an expert dominant and he knew how to fuck a slut like me. I wondered how I could get a regular relationship with him as he suited my personality and knew what I wanted.

But for the moment, for the first time in my life, being fucked properly was the only thing I wanted from this gorgeous man.

“Oh please shove your hard big cock up me, make me whimper” and I did whimper

“That’s it” he said “I like it when they whimper”

“It’s because you’re so big” I said in a little voice

Then suddenly, he pulled out of me. I felt … empty, wanted it back. I couldn’t believe how much I wanted him back inside of me. I waggled my butt cheeks in front of him.

“Oh no, please don’t stop, I want you back inside of me please” I bent further over. “Please put your cock back inside me, fuck me again”

“Want more do you slut ?” he whispered

“Oh yes please Sir, give me more of your gorgeous huge cock”

“You’ll have to beg for it then”

Beg for it. This was a serious new level. This would show that I truly was a submissive. Maybe not to him, but definitely to me. Should I do it ?

“Don’t make me beg, please Sir, don’t”

“Beg” One word, so much meaning

“Please Sir, don’t make me beg, put your cock back inside of me”

He started to move away and I realised how much I wanted this man inside of me, pushing his meat in me, not caring how I felt

“Ok please fuck me Sir, I’m begging you, please, please fuck me. I want to feel you in me. Please Sir this me begging you. Please” I ended pathetically

And he did

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By *olliguy  (M) 19 weeks ago

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Hope this is just the beginning

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XXX pic...
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By *tm4u2use   profile verified by photo (M) 19 weeks ago

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I love Top Dom guys telling me what to do being there sissy slut love to beg as well being slave mmmm

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