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Cock by Chance

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By *hrislikesmen  (M) 5 weeks ago

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Cock by chance

Last week I had some cock completely by chance.

I had been into town and was coming back through one of the villages when the urge to pee came on me. I knew there was a toilet at the bottom of the car park.

There was rarely any action in there and I didn’t expect any today. But I was desperate for a piss, so I parked and hustled down to the loo.

Outside was a council workman with a bin trolley and a broom. He looked like he was having a bit of a rest and he was on the phone. He must have been in his seventies, a bit taller than me and bigger build.

He gave me a cursory stare as I went past and continued his conversation.

I went into the toilet and had my piss. As I stood there, I remembered the one time I had some action in there with another bloke my age which ended with him covering my face in cum.

I stood there re-enacting the cum face and realised I was getting hard. Pleasurably I rubbed my manhood until I was fully stiff, wishing I had someone here now.

That’s when the old council worker walked in.

Quickly, I turned to one side so he wouldn’t see my hard on. I figured that he wasn’t in here for cock, just to make sure the toilet was clean and maybe have a piss himself.

My erection was slowly fading with the entrance of this old guy.

Anyway, he came and stood at the urinal and as I was putting myself away, I glanced at his cock.

Now don’t get me wrong. I didn’t fancy this bloke at all. He was old, scruffy, running to fat a bit, unshaved and probably smelt of BO.


I couldn’t unsee his cock. It was semi stiff and must have been seven inches then. And gorgeously fat.

He looked at me, no leered at me and looked down at his cock. My eyes were drawn to it again. It must have grown another inch and was nearly fully stiff.

I felt my own cock respond and begin to grow. I have a relatively small cock and I was in no way going to compete with him, but nonetheless he would see that I was excited.

“Like this do you ?” he said nodding at his cock. “like to have some of it ? Little cock slut are you ?”

His voice was just like you’d expect a dirty old man’s to be, low coarse and guttural.

And god, it turned me on.

Being a sub, I can’t resist if an older man starts ordering me about. I just have to show him how much of a whimpering sissy I am.

“Yes sir, I do like it. And I am a little cock slut”

“Good. Get in the cubicle and take all your clothes off. Tell me when you are ready.”

“Hold on” I said “I can’t do that in here, what if…”

“If you don’t want it…” he said, putting his cock away.

“NO !” I almost shouted “I’m sorry, I’ll be good, just don’t go. Please”

“Good. Get in the fucking cubicle and get naked and then get on your knees. You know just like the little slut you are”

Well he had me there. I wanted to be a sub, do as I was told, so that’s what I would do.

“And when you’re naked put these on” he said, throwing a pair of panties at me.

They were pink and as I caught them I could feel the dry cum that had accumulated in the gusset.

I thought I would say something, but the dirty slut in me thought about wearing them and didn’t.

The cubicle smelt of piss and.. yes someone had cum recently in here. I pushed the door to and took off my trainers and socks, feeling the damp on my feet, wondering if I was treading in someone’s stale urine and secretly revelling in the humiliation of the moment.

Then my jeans came off and then my pants followed by my jumper and T shirt.

Then I stood on one leg and put the panties on. I could feel the gusset hard against my balls and cock, heavy with the dried cum and I felt myself adding some precum to the material.

“I’m ready sir” I whispered and drew back as he came into the cubicle and closed and locked the door.

“Get down on your knees” he said, his eyes wandering all over my nakedness.

I felt humiliated but so turned on that I immediately did what I was told.

From my knees I looked up at him and he looked down at me with a cruel, lustful look in his eyes. I shivered and wondered what he would want me to do.

“Take my boots off” he ordered.

I undid the laces and took his boots off, revealing dirty socks underneath. I wondered if this boded well for his genital hygiene and shivered, think about what I would be pushed to do.

Because he had me where he wanted me. I was naked except for the cum stained panties, I was on my knees and he was at least six feet two to my five eight.

I resigned myself to being used.

“Now my over trousers” he said leering down at me.

I undid the belt and pulled them down.

He didn’t have any trousers on underneath, just a pair of Kalvin Klein tight white briefs. When I say white, that was except for the slight yellow stains around the cock area.

He stepped out of them and took a step forward, pushing his briefs into my face.

They smelt of stale urine and also cum and despite my best efforts, I felt myself rubbing my lips over his cock covered by the briefs.

His cock was rampantly stiff and I couldn’t keep myself from nuzzling against it, kissing and licking it despite the taste of urine on my tongue.

He just pushed himself harder on me, his hand coming round and holding my head so that there was no escape.

“Get my pants down and get hold of my cock you little cunt” he said, obviously beginning to get well into me now.

“Yes sir” was all I could say as I eagerly pulled down his pants.

His cock flipped out as his pants came down and hit me in the face. He took hold of it and cock whipped my face with it. I just looked up at him and took the cock whipping, loving the feeling of someone being in complete charge of me.

Then he pulled back his foreskin and pushed it towards my face.

“You’ll have to clean me up before you suck me – it’s a bit cheesy” he said with some glee, letting go of his cock.

I took hold and brought his glans close to me. I could see the smegma around his prepuce and wondered if I could somehow extricate myself from this situation.

His hand on the back of my head disabused me of this notion as it pulled me forward to his dirty manhood.

Now, this is going to sound disgusting, but I was turned on by this. It was the fact that he wanted me to clean his dirty cock. It was the fact that he had the control over me to make me do it. Also the fact that he was deliberately humiliating me by making me tongue his dirty glans.

I leant my mouth forward and looked him in the eye as I did it.

My tongue made contact with the bottom of his glans and I slid it around, licking off the dirty sediment there. It didn’t taste nice, but it wasn’t vile either.

I kept my tongue working around his bell end, lapping, cleaning, until eventually he was clean.

All this time I kept eye contact with him and all the time he had an evil little grin on his face which kept me subdued, excited and demeaned.

As I knelt there, I could feel everything going on around me. I could feel the wet floor on my knees and my toes. I could feel the panties, the gusset hard with cum pressing against my glans. I could smell the urine and stale cum in the cubicle and above all, his dirty genitals that I was diligently cleaning with my tongue.

All these things overwhelmed me with sensations that I had never had before. My cock was literally vibrating in the panties. I daren’t touch it, I would cum straight away. at this point I truly realised what a submissive slut I was.

Then he grabbed the back of my head and slowly, so slowly, pushed his rigid cock into my mouth.

“Look up cunt, I want to see you begging me for my cock with your eyes.”

I looked up to his face while he slid his cock further and further into my mouth. Eventually it hit the back and started to rub against my throat, causing me to gag. This seemed to egg him on and he pushed a little harder and I felt it push into my throat.

He pushed a little more and I could feel his balls slapping gently against my chin. His cock was firmly embedded in me and I looked up at his cruelly smiling face. I had to strain because he was balls deep in my mouth, but I tried.

I so wanted to please this dirty old man. So overwhelmed by the emotions of the moment, I came to the realisation that, although I didn’t know him, I would do anything for him, would let him do anything to me. I was really that turned on.

He pulled his cock back and I took a breath.

“Did I say you could take a breath slut ?” Slap to the face “Well ?”

“No Sir, sorry Sir, I didn’t mean to…”

But he was pushing his cock in again, pressing it down my throat. I had no choice but to make the small gagging sounds again.

“Oh you like it don’t you ? Eh ? Like being controlled, love a real man controlling everything you do, right down to how much you breath”

He pushed his cock in a little further

“Don’t you cunt ?”

“Yeth thur” was all I could manage with a mouthful of his manhood.

He was right though. There have been few times in my life when I have been so turned on.

The smell of his sweaty body, the stale urine, the tang of cum.

The taste of his precum, his sweat, my fear.

The feel of his cock invading my mouth, the damp floor against my bare knees, the cum encrusted panties against my pathetic little cock.

Then he started to work his cock. He held my head, my chin in his right hand and the back of my head in his left. He started to saw in and out of my mouth, dipping into my throat every time he pushed it in, his balls slapping against my chin as he sawed in.

I just kept still, letting him have his way, my hands on my heels so I couldn’t be disobedient and my eyes firmly on the man I both feared and adored.

This went on for what seemed forever, him pumping in and out of my mouth, but it was probably not more than 3 minutes.

One more gagging stroke in and then he pulled his manhood out of my mouth.

Before I could stop myself, I was straining forward, desperately trying to get it back in, mewling as I chased his cock, to no avail.

Roughly, he picked me up and turned me round, forcing me over the toilet. The panties were torn down and ended up on the floor.

There was a brief hiatus and then his finger pushed into my man cunt. It was obviously lubed, but there was no gentleness, no finesse to it. Just a finger probing to make his entrance easier.

The finger came out to be replaced by two, sawing in and out of me. I gasped as he took them out and thrust three in. The lube was doing its job but it was still painful.

Then three fingers wormed their way into me, opening me in a way I’d never been opened before. His rhythm began to take me over and I found myself fucking myself on his fingers.

“Ooh you dirty little slut. Just look at you, fucking yourself.”

Then he took his fingers out.

“Hold your cheeks open boy” he said “I’m going to take a picture of your cunt”

I heard the artificial click of his phone camera and then the phone came into my view.

I saw my anus, my cunt and it was literally gaping open where he had used his fingers to good effect.

“See what you’ve done to yourself, fucking yourself on my fingers eh slut ? You should be thanking me for making you more like a woman.”

“Yes Sir, thank you Sir” the words came tumbling out of me

“That felt so good Sir and I’m so grateful that you have gaped my cunt like that. Thank you Sir, I want to make you proud of me”

“We’ll see about that bitch. Now hold your cheeks apart again”

I brought my hands round and held my cheeks open. Immediately, I felt his mushroom head push against my tight hole. He pushed hard and there was a moment of pain and then I felt his glans invade me, spreading my cunt further.

Then he was on me, pushing the rest of his cock into me. I let go of my cheeks and grabbed the toilet seat as he pushed all the way into me.

“Yeah, that’s nice. A nice tight cunt. Like that don’t you ? Yeah. Tell me how much you love it while I’m fucking your tight cunt”

He pulled his cock back until he was almost out and then pushed it fully back in again, then repeated and settled into a rhythm.

“Oh god Sir, you’re so big. I’ve never been filled so much by anyone in my life. You are filling me full of your gorgeous manhood. I’m proud that I’m the one that you are servicing Sir. Please, please, breed me. Make me pregnant Sir. I want your cum in me. Shoot your seed in me please”

My words seemed to spur him on and his breathing became ragged as he pounded my tight bottom.

“Lovely tight cunt bitch. Gonna cum in you soon. Make little babies in you. Fill you with my hot cum”

The words drove me crazy as my eyes rolled back in my head.

“Please Sir, fuck me, please I need your cum in me. Don’t stop, it feels sooo good…”

And with that he thrust it as far up as he could get and I felt his cock spasming inside me and feel the warm sperm coating my insides.

Then things calmed down a little and I felt him soften, pull out of me and I gave a little sigh as he eventually fell out.

But he hadn’t finished with me yet.

“Pull up your panties little girl.”

I did

“Now bear down and force the cum out of your cunt”

I pushed and a I felt a dribble and then what felt like a torrent falling out of me and into the panties.

His hand came up and rubbed his cum into the gusset and onto me. It felt warm and good.

Then his hand was inside my panties, rubbing my little clit, exciting me even more.

“That’s it, cum for me sweety” he whispered

“Ooh I’m cumming Daddy” I cried, unaware of my change of his status as my cock spewed cum into the panties, only to be rubbed in by his hand.

“Now take the panties off”

I cocked my leg up, took the panties off, left dangling in my hand.

“Now you know what to do”

I must have looked blank

He sighed. “You are going to take a bit of work to break in before you truly become my bitch. Lick the cum out of the panties”

I brought the panties up to my face. In the middle, there was a layer of thick cum. It was spread all through the gusset and round the back.

“Look at me as you lick the cum out baby”

I looked up at him and brought the panties to my mouth. As he looked at me, he took out his phone and videoed me licking the sperm out.

Although I had cum, I was still sexually excited and my tongue swept over all the material, revelling in the salty taste of our mixed sperm.

“That’s it then” he said, taking the panties off me and pocketing them. Now dress me again and give me your mobile number. You might just be worth persevering with”

I knelt down again to pick up his trousers.

“While you’re down there, make sure I’m clean”

I took his flaccid cock in my hand and stuck out my tongue, licking the cum off it, glad that I had cleaned my self out before coming out today. I made a good job of it.

“Nice job” he said

“Thank you Daddy” I replied, the words out before I could stop them.

As I put his trousers and shoes on, he said “Next time you will be wearing suspender belt, white stockings and stilettoes. And a wig and makeup. And from now on your name is Alice. Understood ?”

“Understood Daddy”

And then he was gone and I realised that I couldn’t wait for his phone call.

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By *o Curious  (M) 5 weeks ago

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Think it's great reading these stories, love to hear of other peoples experiences. Must get round to putting mine on here but so long ago, clearly need more

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By (user no longer on site) 5 weeks ago

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You did all that last week? You've not heard of Covid then?

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By *hrislikesmen  (M) 5 weeks ago

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Of course I didn't. It's total fantasy.

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By *akemeyoursub   profile verified by photo (M) 4 weeks ago

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"Of course I didn't. It's total fantasy."

Or perhaps embellished fact from when you were younger...? A lot if it certainly rings true in my experience and recounted with admirable eroticism too...

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By (user no longer on site) 4 weeks ago

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"Of course I didn't. It's total fantasy."

So you were lying!

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By *hrislikesmen  (M) 4 weeks ago

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well here's some more fantasy for you folks. definitely fantasy this time. though if any local doms to me are reading...

Cock by Chance chapter two

Cock by chance 2

So I had been waiting for three days for a phone call from the dom I had met in the local toilets.

The man who had made me to strip naked, pushed his cock into my mouth and then had me. Well not exactly had as I was begging him to fill me with his seed.

I was on tenterhooks. The last thing he had said to me was that he expected me to be dressed the next time I saw him.

To that end I had been shopping. At a specialist shop in a nearby town that had a very accommodating attitude towards sissies like me.

I had bought a pair of strappy sandals with four inch heels. I loved them, bright red and very sexy. Then I had bought five pairs of nylons of various colours. I love wearing stockings and they went well with the white 6 clip suspender belt that I bought to go with them.

To go with them I had bought 5 pairs of Brazilian briefs that just fit like a second skin.

And for the first time, I had bought a cock cage. A little chastity device for my little clitty. It fitted snugly round my balls and clit and meant I could not get a full hard on, but when I tried it I was still as randy as ever !

I splashed out on a realistic wig. It was black hair with a ponytail. It had an adjuster that meant that I could tighten it so it would not move. I imagined Daddy holding my pony and mouthfucking me. My clit was hard just thinking it.

Next I bought a small tartan skirt that barely covered my bottom and a tight white blouse cut for a female that showed off my stiff little nipples.

As I had spent so much, the owner gave me a whole bunch of makeup and perfume free.

I was in heaven. I had gone home, stripped naked and used Veet all over my body until I was smooth and hairless.

For the next day I experimented with the makeup, learning how to make myself more like a sissy and less like an effeminate man.

I dressed and put the makeup on. Looked in my full length mirror. Decided that the gurl I saw there was well and truly worth fucking. Lifted my skirt to show the bulge in the panties where my clit cage was.

I so wanted to cum at that moment but decided I should hold off as I wanted to be as turned on as possible when He phoned. If He phoned.

I so wanted Him to phone me. Tell me what a slut I was and how He wanted to abuse and humiliate me again. I longed for the taste of His dirty cock in my mouth, His piss stained y fronts smeared on my lips, His dirty fingers with their cracked nails penetrating my cunt.

And then, well into the third day after our first meet He did.

The number came up as unknown, so I was fairly sure that it was him. With trembling fingers I pressed the green button.

“H..hello ?”

“Hello bitch. I told you I’d call.”

“Hello Daddy how lovely to hear from you.”

“Alice slut, I expect good things of you and if I don’t you will be punished.”

“Yes Daddy I understand Daddy” I babbled “I just want to please you and make you happy. Are we going to meet soon please ?”

Did I sound a little whiney then ? Would he like that ? I was on tenterhooks, not knowing if I was pleasing him or not.

“Shut the fuck up and listen. Be on the green on the bench outside the toilet tomorrow at ten am. I hope you have the clothes that I ordered.”

“Yes I have Daddy. I won’t let you down, I promise.”

Then the line went dead.

So the next day I was up early. I made sure that my body was hairless and I douched twice to make sure I was nice and clean for my Daddy. Then I lubed myself, pretending it was his fingers inside me.

I painted my nails (pink) and blew on them to make them dry, feeling very gurly as I did so.

I put on my stockings (the white ones) and clipped them to the suspender belt. Then I clipped my clit cage on. It felt so good, knowing that I would be a good gurl and not be able to play with myself.

Next I put on a white lacy pair of Brazilian panties. They felt fine , being tight to my little bottom. I out on the blouse I had bought and then put on the small tartan skirt.

I flounced around a bit looking at myself in the mirror, thinking how sexy I looked. I am naturally slim and effeminate so the clothes suited me to a T.

I carefully packed my wig and makeup and spare clothes, lube and my stiletto sandals into a small travel bag. It was pink in colour and very girly. But I wanted to be a gurl, so it didn’t bother me.

Finally I put on a pair of loose jogging bottoms and a loose thin jumper to cover the gurly clothes. I finished this with some pink trainers I had bought in TK Maxx.

I was ready. And really, really nervous. I had never dressed this much before. Never gone this far with my gurly feelings. I could feel my clit caged in its little chastity device, straining against the plastic walls.

I picked up my bag. It was twenty to ten and I had a five minute drive.

I arrived at the green and parked my car. Walked down to the toilet block feeling very conspicuous, sure that everyone around me was looking at me, judging me.

I sat down gingerly on the bench and looked around. I could not see the man I called Daddy, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t be here.

I seriously considered leaving then, just driving away, but then I remembered what had happened in the toilet, the humiliation, his cock in my mouth, then my cunt, the feel of him pulsing in me, knowing that I was being used as his cock sleeve.

So I waited. And then there He was.

He wasn’t in his work clothes. He had a pair of corduroy jeans and an old jumper that looked as though it had seen better days. He had his work boots on his feet and he was unshaved.

And there was someone with him. Another man, similar age, slightly shorter and running to fat. He was dressed smarter, but only marginally. He had a large bag with him.

“Hello Alice” Daddy said. “I thought I told you to be dressed.”

“I am Daddy” I replied in a high voice “I’ve got my clothes on under my trackies.”

“That’s not what I said Alice. You should be dressed. Now be a good little bitch, go into the toilet and get changed. Put on your wig and makeup and come out here again. Then I’ll think about a punishment for you disobeying me.”

I must have looked shocked.

“Go on. You’re a slut. You know you want to. Your sort likes to be abused an humiliated. Go.”

So I got up and went in the toilet. I took off my trackies and straightened my skirt and blouse. Then I fitted the wig and adjusted it and applied my makeup.

Then I put on my gorgeous red sandals with the four inch heels.

I put a little mirror on the sink and applied the false eyelashes and then mascara’ d them. I put on foundation and then blusher and a cerise waterproof lipstick. Finally I sprayed some Givenchy around my neck.

I put my clothes away, took a deep breath and tottered out uncertainly on my heels out into the sunlight.

As I walked out an elderly woman walked past with her dog. It was a ridiculously large dog for her. It looked like an Alsatian or Malinois and its head was as high as her waist.

She was a good looking woman, nice figure for her age which I guessed was mid to late sixties.

She was dressed in a figure hugging dress. It fleetingly crossed my mind that she maybe being fucked by the dog and then the thought was gone.

She looked at me, did a double take and a small, disgusted look came over her face.

Blushing furiously, I walked back round to the bench where Daddy and his friend were waiting.

Daddy looked at me and I could see the lust in his eyes. At that moment I felt proud that I had managed to make him lust after me.

“Took your time slut. More punishments.” He sat casually down on the bench.

I looked nervously around. Daddy’s friend was looking at me and it wasn’t a friendly look. Rather it looked like he wanted to ravage me. I shivered and wondered if he were here to fuck me as well. My mind went into overdrive imagining being spit roasted by these two older men.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop them, it was what I wanted, what I desired , would, I knew, beg for.

My revery was brought back by a sharp word from Daddy.

“Alice bitch get over here and over my knee.”

“What.. what do you mean Daddy ?”

“Exactly what I say. Get over my knee so I can spank you.”

I didn’t move, the implications of being publicly spanked not sinking in.

“Now Alice. Unless you want me to leave. Of course that means no cock for little cock slut Alice. No feeling Daddy pulsing inside her. No mouthful of Daddy’s large stiff cock.”

Well, he had me at ‘cock’. I walked over to him and awkwardly placed myself face down over his knee.

I felt him pull up my skirt. His friend spoke for the first time.

“Very nice Frank. Look at that arse. And she’s wearing a cock cage. I’m fucking rampant in my pants to get some of that.”

“Calm down Ray. Plenty of time for that. I agree though. She’s a nice little find.”

As he was talking, I could feel his hand rubbing my bottom. It felt good. The slap that followed felt slightly less good.

And then he was on me, spanking me, taking his time to share the slaps onto each cheek. I could feel tears starting in my eyes and was glad I had waterproof mascara on.

Eventually he stopped. I looked up and saw the woman with the dog. She had the disgusted look on her face still, but it had changed. She looked… turned on by the scene she saw.

When she saw I was looking, she looked away, the disgusted look coming back and she walked off, the dog obediently following. I had another thought of her on all fours being seen to by her faithful hound. Then I had another vision of me on my knees being fucked by the dog’s ten inch cock.

“Get up and wipe your tears bitch” Daddy said “Follow me down the green. By the way, this is my mate Ray. You will obey him as well. And you will call him Uncle Ray. Understand ?”

“Yes daddy. Pleased to meet you Uncle Ray. I hope you will be pleased with me.”

“Oh I know I will” he replied, grabbing his crutch and massaging his package. I glanced down and could see that there was a large bulge there. I blanched a little at the size, but mostly I wanted his cock in me.

And so I dabbed my eyes with a tissue and faithfully walked behind my Daddy and his friend across the green to some woods.

I was deeply aware of how I looked and could not get the woman’s look of lust out of my mind’s eye.

I wondered what was going to take place.

I was soon to find out.

We moved into some thicker woods at the bottom of the green and had to push our way through some thicker foliage. I’m afraid I acted quite gurly and pushed the branches apart delicately, careful not to break my nails.

As we moved deeper into the woods, Uncle Ray kept feeling up my bottom, his fat fingers pushing into the crack through my panties. I felt both slightly disgusted and completely turned on.

Eventually, we broke out into a clearing. You know how Rhododendrons create a little cave sometimes by curving over ? That’s what there was here. A small clearing about 5 metres square with branches overhead.

It was very quiet here and I guessed that no one would hear us this far into the woods. Certainly it was not suitable for dog walkers.

As I looked round, I could see the signs that picked this out as a regular cruising spot. There were tissues dotted about her and there and several used condoms lay on the floor.

On one side there was a pair of used panties and on the floor below them, a flowery dress.

On the other side of the clearing, a bough from the Rhodies hung over about ten feet in the air. Hanging from the bough was a piece of rope that split into a ‘Y’ shape and the two ends were tied to either end of a piece of broom handle about 2 feet long.

The other end of the rope was tied off to a branch so that the broom handle could be pulled up and down.

Just the other side of this, there were some low branches with what looked like metal rings screwed into them.

“Set up the camera then Ray and lets have some fun with this little slut.”

Ray took what looked like a professional movie camera out of the bag followed by a tripod and very quickly set it all up.

“What are we going to do first ?” he asked Daddy

“I think the trapeze first don’t you ?”

“Ok” Uncle Ray replied and set the camera so it was pointing at the rope with the broom handle.

“Come over here” Daddy said.

I tottered over to him.

What are you going to do to me ?” I asked in a small voice

“It doesn’t matter whether you know or not bitch. You are just here to do as you are told.”

“Ok I only asked” I replied somewhat archly.

I never saw the slap coming. He hit me full on my left cheek. It wasn’t a hard slap, but it was very shocking.

“Aaah Daddy” I cried not knowing what I had done wrong.

He grabbed me by the jaw and pulled me close.

“You don’t answer me back and you don’t question me. Do you understand cunt ?”

“Yes Daddy, sorry Daddy” I replied, tears staining my cheeks. “I’ll be good Daddy honestly. I’ll do whatever you say. I won’t be rude again Daddy.”

“Well it’s a bit late for that. Now we have to punish you again.”

“No please Daddy, I’ll be good. Please give me a chance.”

“The more you say that, the harsher the punishment.”

I stayed quiet, wondering what the new punishment would be.

Uncle Ray went over to the rope on the tree and lowered the broom handle. Meanwhile Daddy went over to the bag and brought out two Velcro straps.

These fitted by means of hooks on the handle and eyes on the Velcro strips. Then he took my hands and wound the strips around them so that I was bound to the broom handle. Then Uncle Ray pulled on the rope and pulled my hands above my head. I was still standing, but my arms were completely stretched and I had very little movement.

I was very aware that the camera was recording everything now. I was both frightened and excited by what was going on.

Daddy went back to the bag and brought out a cock gag. It was about four inches long and quite thick. It had a bulb on the end of it and a piece of rubber with press studs on it.

I knew what this was – I had fantasised about using one before. The rubber cock fitted in your cunt or your mouth and the bulb expanded it so it fitted tightly. If it was in your mouth, then the strap would hold it on.

It was clear that this was meant for my mouth as Daddy stepped up and pushed it against my lips.

“Is this my punishment Daddy ?” I asked in a tremulous voice.

“No. and you have just made your punishment worse by talking back”

“I’m sorry Dad…ufff.” I could not talk anymore as he pushed the rubber cock into my mouth then quickly pulled the strap round the back of my head and tightened it, holding the dildo in.

He walked to the front of me and looked at me. He could see a frightened little gurl, wondering what was going to happen next.

I wondered what I looked like as he started to pump up the rubber cock. My hands over my head, my white blouse tight against my taut nipples. The tartan dress riding up over my bottom, showing off my panties. My legs encased in the fine denier stockings ending in the red stiletto sandals.

I was utterly and completely in this man’s thrall now. As the cock expanded in my mouth, I felt a wave of humiliation sweep over me and along with that, a sexual pleasure I had never felt before. My clit strained against its cage as I hung from the trapeze as daddy called it.

“There, how’s that ? Comfy ?” He asked

“Yef fank yuf Daddy” was all I could reply. The cock was filling my mouth now, the taste of rubber strong on my tongue. I could see Uncle Ray had his cock out now and was gently wanking it. I realised I had underestimated the size. He must have been all of nine inches and fat. And all very stiff.

I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. That is until Daddy put the blindfold on me. Now I was thoroughly scared and cowed. I started to imagine all sorts of things that they could do to me. I tried to talk but all that came out was mewling noises.

The next thing I felt was my knickers being pulled down. They went right down and came off one leg. I heard Uncle Ray say something.

“Here, give them to me. I need a wank and I’ll fill the gusset with cum for when you put them back on her.”

Then I felt my legs being kicked apart and a finger pushing in between my cheeks to my tight cunt.

The finger was obviously lubed as it penetrated me straight away and felt like it went right into the last knuckle. All I could do was whimper into my gag.

A voice came by my ear. Daddy.

“Two fingers now bitch then three. I may even fist you.”

The next thing that happened was that the broom handle was lowered a little and then daddy’s hands bent me over so my bottom was sticking out.

“Got all this on film Ray ? There will be men wanking over this on Squirt tonight.”

He kicked my feet apart again and I felt him push three fingers in me this time. he got into a rhythm and I felt myself pushing back against his fingers, until I was rocking back and forth on them.

“Get a close up of this Ray” I heard Daddy say “The little slut loves being fisted – look three fingers in and she’s fucking herself on me. Listen to her too.”

I could hear myself. Little inarticulate moans escaping through the gag. I couldn’t stop fucking myself on his fingers, it felt so good.

Then it stopped. I gasped through the gag, stepping back a little, desperately trying to find his fingers again. All I found was his harsh laughter.

“No more now my little cum bucket. Time for punishment now.”

I could feel my leg being lifted up and the knickers being put on my leg. Then the other leg and the panties being pulled up. As they settled in their natural place, I could feel a warm wetness around my groin. The Daddy’s hand rubbing the gusset in to my private areas.

“That’s it bitch. Feel Uncle’s cum can you ? Don’t worry, you can lick it out later.”

Then his hand was gone and I wondered what was coming next.

The next voice I heard was Uncle Ray.

“Punishment for the slut now. 10 strokes of the cane. Judging by the noises you’ve been making, I’d say you are going to enjoy this.”

Then I felt the rope being lowered again and my hands being untied. But my relief was short lived as they were pulled behind my back and reattached to the ends of the broom handle.

Then a collar was attached to my neck, pulled snug tight. Someone was putting something round my ankles, it felt like more Velcro straps. My feet were kicked apart and something clicked onto the straps and then. I realised that I now had a spreader bar between my ankles. It was about two feet long and completely hobbled any movement I had.

Then the rope was pulled back up and my arms with it behind my back. I could not do anything but bend forward as they were pulled up.

The next thing was that something was attached to my collar and then I was pulled down and the other end of the chain or rope was attached to the spreader bar.

Now I was standing on my stilettos (barely) with my hands being pulled up behind me and the rope pulling me down, it being just too short to be comfortable.

I realised that I must have looked like the gurls I had seen in videos. The ones I had masturbated to, wished I were them.

If, dear reader you are not sure what position I was in, perhaps this short video will elucidate my position:

His hands were on me again as he pulled aside my knickers and readied me for his fingers again.

Then his fingers were back in me. But four this time, reaming and corkscrewing in and out of my poor abused cunt.

My muffled squeals only seemed to spur him on and I could swear that I felt his thumb making its way into my battered cunt now.

Then his fingers were gone and I was left hanging there. I swung about. I could almost see myself, hanging there, arms behind my back, blindly looking around desperately trying to see if anyone was there, the gag only letting me make small mewling sounds, the saliva dripping out of the corners of my mouth.

The next thing I knew, there was a swishing sound and a cane hit my bottom, clearly on both buttocks. I squealed, a really gurly squeal through the gag. Part of me was so turned on by that squeal. The rest of me wondered how much more I would suffer.

Another, then another and so on until my poor bottom was burning and tears were streaming inside the blindfold, running onto my cheeks.

Then the beating stopped and I hung there thankful.

And that’s when Daddy fucked me.

The first thing I knew was feeling his manhood push against the crack of my bottom. But he didn’t stop, he just kept pushing, entering me easily thanks to the fisting he had given me.

“What’s she like Mate ?” I heard Uncle Ray ask.

“She’s a slack whore” Daddy answered

“She won’t be for me” Uncle Ray said

“No one is for you Ray, not even horses. Now you slut, make some noise.”

His cock was reaming me now, pushing in right to the hilt and then coming almost out. There was no doubt Daddy was a master at fucking sissy sluts like me. I mewled and moaned into the gag as he fucked me ruthlessly. I could feel his gorgeous manhood fucking my cunt and ruining me.

But I didn’t care. This was my Daddy fucking me and he had every right to do so because I had sold myself to him, allowed him to humiliate, abuse and ravage me. I couldn’t blame him if he took advantage because I had allowed him could I ?

Eventually my squeals must have got to him because I heard his breath shorten and he was fucking me harder if that was possible.

Then he was cumming in me. It seemed like he went on forever, shooting his load into me. I gladly milked his cock with my cunt muscles, anxious to get every drop out of my daddy’s balls.

And then he was slipping out of me and I heard myself moan through the gag “noooooo…”

But then Uncle Ray was on me. I felt his enormous glans push at my entrance. The mushroom head pushed hard. I was glad that Daddy had prepared me, but when he pushed into me, I realised just how big he was. He just continued pushing until all of his nine inches was inside of me and then stopped.

I was full of him. Completely full. I had used dildoes on myself before but nothing came close to the full feeling I had now. It had hurt when he first pushed into me but now it was just a dull ache.

Then he started to fuck me. I had never felt anything like it. His thick nine inch cock flashing in and out of me, filling me, emptying me, filling me again. I was so turned on that I had this man, this superior to me fucking me. I made noises I didn’t think I would make and it seemed to drive him on.

I could feel my eyes roll up in my head as he reached his climax and then his lovely manhood was pumping what seemed like gallons of cum into me.

Then he was gone, my panties slipping back into place. I remembered what Daddy had made me do last time and I bore down, feeling their mixed cum slipping out of me and into the gusset of the panties. I wondered if they would make me lick it up.

I hung there for I don’t know how long, then I felt my arms released and the blindfold taken off, the gag removed. I sank to my knees, rotating my arms and moving my jaw, getting feeling back.

Daddy came in front of me, his cock hanging down. He only said three words.

“Clean me bitch.”

I shuffled closer and took his limp cock into my mouth, my tongue lathing his cock and his glans, licking off the cum accumulated there.

Then he pulled away and Uncle Ray took his place. There was more cum on his cock, a mixture of both of their seeds. But I eagerly took his cock into my mouth, even though it filled me completely to the point of gagging.

And then he pulled back. Daddy came over and ruffled my hair.

“You did alright for a slut bitch.”

“Thank you daddy. I just want to make you proud of me.”

“You have got a long way to go before that happens. Don’t get above yourself slut.”

“No Daddy, I won’t but I will keep trying to make you proud of me.”

“Well let’s make a start. Take the panties off. You know what to do.”

“Yes Daddy.”

I stood up and took the panties off and sank to my knees again. Looked down into the gusset that was swimming with cum. Looking up into Daddy’s eyes, I lowered my tongue to the panties and licked the first layer of ropey cum up to my mouth. My eyes never strayed from my daddy as I licked up his and Uncle Ray’s cum.

He however, got bored with watching me and was looking around. Knowing I would be punished if I stopped or looked away, I kept lapping at the panties until all of the cum was gone. One final sweep to make sure and I held them up to Daddy to get his approval.

But he wasn’t looking at me. He was looking at the break in the bushes where we had come in.

And there, looking straight at me was the woman I had seen with the dog earlier.

I don’t know how much she had seen of the action. Almost certainly she had seen me licking out the panties. The dog stood beside her gently panting.

And the look on her face wasn’t disgust anymore. No it was lust. I could see by the way her eyes were flicking from me to uncle Ray’s cock and back again, by the way she kept licking her lips.

“Who the fuck are you ?” Daddy asked.

“She wasn’t cowed.

“My names Annabel. I heard your slut mewling and came to see what was going on.”

Uncle Ray was playing with his cock and I could see it was getting stiff again. Good lord the man had some stamina. I wondered how much seed he had left in his balls, longed for it to be in me.

I could see that she was nervous but standing her ground. Her eyes kept flicking to Uncle Ray’s cock, her tongue again poking out, wiping her lips. The dog had lay down, apparently bored with what was going on.

“So you thought you’d come and see the fun then ?” Daddy asked “and what do you think now ? I see you looking at Ray’s cock. Do you want some Annabel ? Do you want to get on your knees and take a mouthful of his enormous manhood ? Do you want to turn over and let him take you doggy, your breasts flapping about as he takes you from behind ? I rather think you do.”

“Don’t be disgusting.” She replied. I was just, er interested to see what the noise was and what you were doing to that young man there.”

“Oh hear that Alice ? She thinks you are a man. Tell her what you are Alice. Tell her exactly what you are. And be respectful.”

“Yes Daddy” I replied. I wondered how to play this. Then I decided that I would be completely honest.

“Please Mistress, I am Daddy’s slut. I adore and obey him as he gives me what I want and need – complete domination, humiliation and lots and lots of cum.”

I licked my lips and brushed a stray hair back from my wig.

“I’m a submissive sissy slut who loves to be used by my elder and betters. I love to be dressed as a gurl as it strips my masculinity and leaves me only wanting to be controlled. My clitoris is caged so I can’t play with it or orgasm and this leaves me constantly horny which pleases my Daddy and my Uncle Ray.”

“Well” she said “It takes all sorts to make the world go around I suppose, though it does seem quite disgusting. Mind you, I expect that turns you on. I saw the look on your face when I first saw you. You saw the look of disgust on my face and I rather think that you revelled in that.”

“Yes Mistress you are correct. One of my main motivators is to be humiliated and used by my superiors.”

I noticed that uncle Ray had wandered over so he was behind her now. He sidled up to her and before she could stop him, he had placed his hands on her ample breasts, squeezing and pinching the nipples.

She struggled to get him off, but to no avail. She was obviously getting flustered, but less obviously she was getting turned on.

“Get off me you bastard. No leave me alone.” Her hands were trying to push Uncle Ray off, but they were becoming weaker as she became more aroused.

Now we could see her nipples through the thin bra and thin dress she was wearing. They were gorgeous, huge and like organ stops.

“No, please stop.. uuhh… please, oh that’s not right..”

Uncle Ray’s hand went down to her crutch, pulling up the dress and rubbing her through her panties. They were lovely panties too, hipster and mauve. I wanted them.

“No, stop, please don’t do this” she almost moaned. Her body was rigid, but I could see that her crutch was rubbing into his hand. “Oh god, please don’t do this.”

“Why not ?” Uncle Ray replied “You love it really, don’t you ?”

His hand disappeared into her panties and she gave a little gasp and her eyes glazed as his finger entered her.

As she started to push against his finger, Daddy walked over to her and pulled her dress off over her head. She had a good body and her breasts still looked full and firm. Her nipples were clearly outlined against her thein bra.

“Please, no, this has got to stop… mmm oh god that feels so good, no please don’t.”

Then daddy had her bra off and was sucking on her left nipple, his hand squeezing the other one. Annabel moaned as the sensations of his lips and Uncle Rays finger ripped through her. Daddy pulled her panties off.

Daddy nodded to Uncle Ray and stepped back. Uncle Ray pushed her forward until she overbalanced and went down onto her knees. He followed her down and pushed her head into the soil so that her bottom stood up.

I could see that Uncle Ray was fully erect now and I looked on jealously as he grabbed his cock and lined it up on her sopping cunt. She had a large cunt with big labia. She was still begging him to stop.

“Please, I don’t want to do this. Please don’t, this is against my …”

And that was when Uncle Ray shoved his large cock into her up to the hilt. I could see her face as it entered her. A look of shock, then one of pure sexual greed as her inner muscles clamped around him.

It was so exciting seeing these two older people fucking, his enormous manhood flashing in and out of her loose cunt.

At one point he pulled her up, so her body was upright against his, still fucking her. Daddy came over and grabbed her head and pushed his cock into her mouth.

She was like a mad thing, desperately sucking his cock as Uncle Ray ruined her with his cock.

She came then. A great shuddering cum, her heavy breasts shaking as the orgasm broke over her. It had an effect on the two men as well as I could see daddy shooting his load over her face and Uncle Ray squirting into her.

I was desperate to get some action. Here I was on all fours, still in the spreader bar, my hands with the Velcro straps on them free. I wanted to rip off my clit cage and wank, but I knew I would be punished.

After that Daddy undid all of my straps and let me rest on the floor. As I was lying there on my back, Mistress came and sat on my face.

For the next ten minutes I licked her sopping cunt until she came in a rush of juices all over my face.

And all of this time the camera was rolling.

I was to be an internet porn star.

Daddy said I was a very good gurl. Next week would be in his garage.

I am a very lucky gurl.

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