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*oredEric male age 55 from Hull

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A few words about yourselfWhat is wrong with the majority of people on here, what a lacklustre bunch of no-hopers, dreamers, and idiots. Witter endlessly for a meeting, you agree to a time, date, and place of their choosing, and they don't turn up! Not just one or two, but double digit figures.

For those that can't read, won't read, or feel they are so charismatic I'll swoon at their feet mouth open onto their massive cock. You aren't, I won't, it isn't. Clear enough? No, it seems not, I still get morons emailing me. You know who you are.

Those who do turn up whip it out, want it sucked, bend you over, two minutes urgent banging about, followed by ugh ugh ugh, spurt, and while I lay there thinking a cuddle would be nice they're out the front door, or want a coffee and taxi! Well, no more! I might as well whore myself out as do that. I deserve better than that, although it does seem to be the full female experience, no wonder they're so pissed off.

From now on I will only be meeting t-girls of any age, or really really camp feminine bois. Screaming quuers as we used to say, lucky sods, you would get kicked to death when I was their age and behaved like that.

I don't like random rushed meets, but prefer to talk a while first. I find that seeds out the idiots, fantasists, weirdos, and stops the cum and run merchants, they lack the stamina for even conversation.

Oh, if you're attached, involved, sneaking around behind someone's back, don't bother me. If you're open and they know fair enough.

Any questions? Ask.

WARNING: Any institution or person using this site or any of its associated sites for study or projects - get a fucking life, you sad sacks, tell you what send me a questionnaire and I'll even fill it in for you. Anyone using my photos for commercial purposes needs a fucking eye test, if you're making t-shirts or such send me one! These postings and their like, utter waste of time, even if you caught someone at it could you afford the lawyers fees, in multiple jurisdictions, especially where copyright theft isn't an issue. If you post it you lose control of it.
Your interestsYou really want to know? Railways, photography, VW camper vans, cats. stockings, high heels, and money.
Height6' 2"
OutTo friends
Can you accommodate?Yes
Body typeLarge
Where are you from?Hull
What are you looking for?Sex hookups
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