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*reshMeatKent male age 59 from Folkestone

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Contact preferences: (ages 18 to 99) (not tv/ts/cds) (with pics)
A few words about yourselfI CAN'T HOST

HOWEVER, I do know some local places, carpeted, inside, out of the weather, no buildings near, hidden from view so no passing walkers thus totally discreet. Big wooden desk to bend me over or push together comfy chairs to sit, kneel or lay upon. Been naked there several times now.

OR an unused parking spot for a meet in your car or meets at yours place of course, do like being naked in bed.

FabGuys Verification Comments:

OralLust = Oral Expert 10/10

Blinding Job

WOW. Fantastic

Expert, took my cock, lovely and smooth all over Great BJ



Knows how to suck

Sucks like a hoover

Last 3 guys have commented what a smooth body I have, it's lovely apparently, as is my arse. Who am I to argue.

I have never dressed but if anyone wants me to pop round and has things for me to wear then I'd put them on for you.

Availability: Apart from a few mornings, can usually be free day time, evenings (to travel), weekends or even overnight. Do like to spend time naked in bed.

Love to be used for a quick blow job if you don't have long or last long, any orders or commands or referring to me as Slut, Bitch, Whore, Cocksucker etc make it a whole lot more pleasurable experience. Where are all you dirty talkers, few actually exist?

Love to suck n swallow or be fucked by FAT Guys.

Looking for virile youngsters or virile men to service regularly. If you have a bed for a leisurely naked time even better.

My 3 (4 now, make that 5) published erotic stories at Literotica (entirely free, no sign up), 3 voted as HOT currently. Username: Folkestone

Meet locally, Folkestone, Sandgate, Cheriton, Seabrook, at yours, outside (know a clean, dry, safe abandoned building for instance) or your car, truck, van, lorry, combine harvester.

Will travel of an evening for people outside my area.

I am BOTTOM ONLY, I do not top.

I suck you, you take me, not the other way round as I do not get hard for men.




Can't post the story here, those who have read it love it. Message me as I'll have to send it to you.


It could be, go with the flow, kissing and caressing bodies or bend me over and fuck me hard, take me, use me, I'm flexible either way.

It could just be a blow job.

Where are all the dirty talking men, none seem to exist around Folkestone?

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Your interests"Fuck yea, look at that ass, I'm going to do things to you tonight Bitch, dirty things, you're never going to be able to call yourself a man again, you'll always be a little cocksucker, now get on your knees and suck this proper cock."

He pushed me down to my knees and if truth be told I didn't put up much resistance. It would have been useless anyway, this guy was far bigger than me in every department.

I unzipped his trousers and pulled his thick cock out which was certainly showing signs of being interested.

"Please don't make me do this," I pleaded.

He smirked, pushed my head back so I was looking at him.

"You want this, you love it or you soon will. Cocksucking is your future now. You ain't gonna get women anymore but you can still be useful and have sex, just not the type of sex you used to have. You are a Bitch now, you are the woman to superior men.

"Just look at you on your hands and knees waiting for my cock to enter your mouth. No real man would be in that position would they?"

"No Sir, I guess not."

"Then don't act like you didn't want this, you can enjoy it if you just let yourself, now suck me sweetie."

He put both his hands on the back of my head, eased his cock past my lips that just opened for him and moved my head back and forth and his cock.

I sucked as he pulled out and run my tongue up his shaft before he would plunge in again. He just kept this up, using my mouth as a substitute pussy.

"Oh hell you're going to make me cum, fuck yeah, take it, take all my cum Slut, how do you feel about that you're about to make a real man cum by sucking his dick. I bet you always wanted some dick, isn't that right bitch."

With that I felt his grip tighten on my hair and his balls tighten on my chin, I tried to pull away from him but his grip was vice like.

I felt his cum pump into my mouth and instinctively swallowed. He pumped more and I moved my tongue to lick the underside rim of his knobhead, making him shiver.

I licked and sucked to get every drop out of him and clean him.

He finally let go of my head and pulled his cock out of my mouth.

What do you want?

French Kissing

Rimming (only received three times now, more please)

Mutual kissing caressing of bodies, doesn't seem to happen but I'm still happy just to make love to your body, whatever size.

Oral Giving (Slut swallows)

Anal Receiving (just the 8 times - never on my back, never for long enough either, need a good pounding, need to be tag-teamed. spit-roasted)

Indoors or in the woods, cars for giving oral

Dirty Talk (receiving)

Blindfolding (receiving)

Tied to a bed and used (by one or more)

Taught to deepthroat

Smaller cocks sit (or stand) astride my head and fuck Sluts mouth like a pussy

Teased, taunted etc

Fat men, stocky men. heavy men, beer belly men, old men, alpha men, all particularly welcome

Not into pain, scat, watersports, anything like that.

ProfessionNo an amateur
Height5' 6"
Can you accommodate?No
Body typeAverage
What are you looking for?Sex hookups
Where are you from?Folkestone
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