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*uv2tryit22 TV/TS/CD age 52 from Rayleigh

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Where did it all begin. I remember every detail. This story is of my own experience and very true

my last week in Secondary School. I was sitting next to one of my classmates when all of a sudden, I felt this hand on my leg stroking my thigh. You can imagine the shock, I was speechless! I made an excuse and moved tables. No more was said, it was like it never happened.

A few days later my classmate cornered me and asked if I enjoyed his hand on my leg and my reply was no I didn't. He then grabbed hold of me and kissed me, managing to slide his tongue in my mouth, I pulled away and said what the fuck are you doing! He turned and walked away. When I got home after school, I started to think about the moment he kissed me and started to feel excited. I thought to myself god I actually liked it.

The next day he came up to me and asked if I enjoyed his lips on mine, I answered in a nervous mumbled voice yes, I did. Meet me in the toilet he told me. As I walked to the toilet, I was thinking what am I doing! I'm not gay but curiosity was getting the better off me. I kept saying to myself don't go, but it was too late. As I walked in, he opened the door to the cubicle and told me to come in.

As soon as I was inside, he put his hands around me, pulled me closer and began to kiss me again. As our lips met I found myself opening my mouth for him to slide his tongue in, our tongues met and we stated to deep kiss It felt strange kissing another boy but it felt so nice, I could feel my cock getting hard as the kissing got more passionate, his hands moved down my body my knees started to shake with nerves, he whispered relax. As his hands ran closer to my crouch, he started to kiss me neck, then I felt his hand unzipping and unbuttoning my trousers, I tried to say no but in no time, he was putting his hand on my cock through my pants. I gasped, He then quickly dropped to his knees, and there was I standing in the toilet cubicle my trousers around my ankles. He slowly pulled the front of my pants down to reveal my very hard cock.

He looked up at me and said you’re going to like this, just as his mouth opened he slowly and gently put his hands on my arse and pulled me forward "it felt like everything was going in slow motion" as my cock was sliding into his mouth, I gasped and whispered oh god! The feeling of my cock inside his warm mouth can only be described as electric running through me, again my mind racing what was I doing I'm not bi-sexual or gay but I didn't want him to stop. I could hear people coming and going outside that door and didn't care one bit, if only they knew what was going on inside that cubicle. I was trying to hold my breath as not to make a sound, but couldn’t help letting out little moans and gasps of pleasure while Looking down seeing my hard cock sliding in and out of my classmates’ mouth.

I remember as I was about to cum he looked up at me and winked, my legs started to shake the intense feeling of excitement and nerves rushed through me I was moaning, I remember saying oh fuck don't stop I'm going to come, That was it he was making me cum, all over his face it went as I stood there looking down at him... It was over my first taste of pleasure with another guy. In that moment my life changed forever!! as he wiped his face he came back up, we started to kiss again, the bell went for the next lesson, he said to me next time you will be in here on your knees. He slowly opened the door looked around and left.

It never happened we never got the chance. That last week of school past so quickly. We never kept in contact when we left school. As time passed, I put it to the back of my mind occasionally thinking what would have been like to have been on my knees doing the same thing to him as he did to me.

Time moved on and I found a girlfriend she used to wear some really sexy underwear. So began my interest in cross-dressing. I used to secretly wear her sexy underwear the feeling of satin against my skin was a turn on. She used to wear heels which I found very sexy. I found myself managing to secretly buy myself some underwear and heels. I really enjoyed dressing, it made me feel so sexy. My mind wandered back to my school friend and how he managed unlock my desire to be different.

I did eventually meet another cross-dresser and fulfilled the fantasy I had been holding on to of being on my knees and doing what I had done to me all them years ago. I will admit it felt amazing. It never got past the kissing and oral stage. What I'm looking for now is to take it to the next level with kissing/oral/anal.

Your intereststv's/ts/older guys,teasing, kissing, oral, anal, satin,latex,pvc, high heels, stockings
Height5' 9"
Can you accommodate?Depends
Body typeAverage
Where are you from?Rayleigh
What are you looking for?Sex hookups
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