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*cottie59 TV/TS/CD age 57 from South West, Taunton Bristol Bridgwater

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A few words about yourselfI have tried to leave this site, but too many horny guys, I am easy to get on with, can travel, looking for big cocks, I love T Girls always happy to please, and into most horny adventures. looking for regular friend with benefits,and good looking guys that are well hung. I am not a CD or T girl just love them love phone wanks. I am also willing for the right Tranny or CD to buy your clothes for you, if we are in an relationship.I am on the road with my business so I could be in your area I have now gone back to my old hobby, of Photography so if anyone want quality photos done, just let moi know.CHARACTERS:

ALEXIS the tranny

CHRIS the husband

JESSICA the wife

The Scene: Alexis and Chris have met up in Chris’s home, knowing Jessica won’t be home until night time. The pair of lovers stripped and gave into their lust the moment they crossed into the bedroom.

ALEXIS: Is that hard dick just for me?

CHRIS: You know it is, you hot tranny slut

[Alexis lays on her back, legs spread. Her large breasts are free and she is playing with them. Her big dick sticking straight up, fully erect. Chris spreads her ass and thrusts inside, his dick not nearly as big as Alexis’]

ALEXIS: Fuck me good and hard. Fuck me how you want me using your wife

[Chris grunts and drives in and out of Alexis wildly]

ALEXIS: Oh, you like that baby? You know we’ll screw Jessica real good together. Then, she can watch me take her hubby’s ass.

CHRIS: You sure know how to get me going you fucking tease.

[Chris grabs Alexis’ big cock and grips it tightly, bending to lick the tip, pumping into Alexis’ hole, grunting and panting. His hand works the cock furiously, jerking the full length and reaching down to caress Alexis’ full smooth balls.]

ALEXIS: Pump it Daddy. Love on that she cock that’s gonna be inside of you soon.

[Chris moans loudly, his dick twitching making Alexis smile feeling cocky. Alexis squeezes to tighten her hole knowing it will stimulate Chris. Chris slaps Alexis’ ass, making her yelp and giggle naughtily]

ALEXIS: Do me dirty just like that Daddy!

CHRIS: I’m gonna fuck you like a whore and empty my balls in your ass

[Chris growls, letting go of Alexis’ dick to grab her legs and lift them, giving himself more room to really ram her good while using her legs as leverage to meet his every thrust. Alexis and Chris expect to be alone for hours so they do not worry about the noise. Their grunts, gasps, moans, and dirty talk are loud and uninhibited]

The scene: Jessica is arriving home early from a work trip. She lays her bags down just inside of the front door and goes to call out in case her husband Chris is home. Just then, a noise stops her and she follows it.

JESSICA: What on earth could that sound be? Maybe someone is trying to steal. Should I call the cops?

[Jessica mutters to herself but continues to follow the mysterious noises. The sounds only intensify as she approaches her master bedroom. Voices can now be heard but they are muffled. A feeling of dread fills Jessica as she swings her bedroom door open. She stands there in shock for a second, not believing her eyes. Chris is pumping Alexis at full speed completely oblivious to Jessica’s arrival]

JESSICA: What the fuck?! You bastard! How could you?

[Jessica screams at Chris, catching him with who she thinks is a girl from her viewpoint. All she can see is a body under Chris with a feminine shape and long hair with her legs spread. Jessica throws her purse at Chris who turns his head in shock but doesn’t pull out of Alexis]

CHRIS: Baby! Shit, I wasn’t expecting you back until later. I mean...please just wait.

JESSICA: Yeah, no kidding! You cheating asshole. I don’t have to wait for anything!

[Jessica turns to storm away, anger and hurt filling her. Chris finally pulls away and runs after her just as she is exiting the bedroom. Alexis sits up in the bed to watch how the moment unfolds]

CHRIS: Please let me explain sweetheart [He pleads while grabbing her hand]

JESSICA: What is there to explain? Apparently that whore can please you, but I can’t. There’s nothing else to be said.

[Just then, Alexis gets off the bed and walks over, standing behind Jessica and caressing her arm. Jessica is now sandwiched between Chris and Alexis. Jessica can feel Alexis’ large bust rubbing against her]

ALEXIS: I had so been wanting to meet you Jess. Chris has told me all about you and I’ve admired your pictures.

JESSICA: Why? To rub in the fact that you’re better than me?

ALEXIS: Not better, just...different.

[Alexis says with a smirk, grabbing Jessica’s hand and placing it on her stiff dick. Jessica gasps and looks down at Alexis’ penis, realizing that Chris was not with some other woman but a tranny. Despite herself, she feels excited but also confused about what this means. Does her husband need someone like this to satisfy him? Alexis has the biggest cock she has ever seen and her body is gorgeous. Jessica looks to Chris now wanting an explanation]

JESSICA: Okay, tell me what is going on

[She says seriously but her hand is unconsciously rubbing Alexis’ length]

CHRIS: I didn’t want you to find out like this. Alexis is a tranny, we have been sleeping together for a while. We wanted to tell you sooner but I wasn’t sure what you would think or how you would react. I love you so much and nothing replaces that but Alexis offers something...else. Please be open and stay.

[Alexis sighs and wraps her arms around Jessica, enjoying the feel of Jessica’s stroking hand. Jessica is confused and still a little upset at Chris but also aroused and excited, evident by her hardening nipples now poking against the fabric of her top]

ALEXIS: I told Chris to tell you sooner. You are so beautiful, I’ve been dying to have you both together.

[Alexis tells Jessica in a sultry voice, planting a kiss on her neck knowing Jessica is close to giving in]

JESSICA: Alexis is right, you should have told me Chris. We don’t keep secrets from each other.

CHRIS: I know, I was just worried but that shouldn’t have stopped me. Do you forgive me?

[Chris kisses Jessica softly, rubbing his hands down her waist to her hips, brushing over Alexis’ arms. His eyes light up full of anticipation and his erection is as prominent as ever]

ALEXIS: Forgive me too

[Alexis whines playfully]

JESSICA: I forgive Alexis, she’s not the one who had the obligation to tell me. I’ll work on forgiving you as well Chris.

Your interestsBusiness
ProfessionI HAVE ONE
RoleVersatile top
Can you accommodate?Yes
Body typeAverage
Where are you from?South West, Taunton Bristol Bridgwater
What are you looking for?Sex hookups
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