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*VBabe479 TV/TS/CD age 25 from Hinckley

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A few words about yourselfHey, my name is Chloe.

I know this is a long read lol but if you read it all you will get to know me a lot better.

Lots of people can't be arsed to read my profile so I will give a quick overview:

-Not into hairy people

-Don't meet guys (will make an exception to this if they get my makeup done good then you'll definitely get a meet)

-If I don't like and don't want to meet I will say so but politely. If I get a stupid message to start with you may not get a so polite comment back.

-No face pics means I will most likely either ignore you or block you depending on my mood.

- I can drive now but I will only travel within reason like an hour journey at max.

-If you wish to learn more about me then read on if not then move on.

I love to dress up fully, that means wig, make up and clothes. I find guys that just put on panties and call them selves a TV is just a turn off. I have smooth legs and bits but I do have a bit of hair on my arms and chest. I don't like hairy guys they just turn me off. It's ok to have a bit of hair but I don't want to be sucking you and get a mouthful of hair. I'm not great at make up so I'm not the most convincing girl. So if there are any girls or tv's out their that can give me make up lessons then I would appreciate it xxxx

The photo below, the make up was done by a gorgeous girl called Suzy. Did a fantastic job, just wish I could do my own make up that good lol xx

I have long blonde hair (Wig lol), blue eyes. my body is average, i'm not fat but i'm not the slimmest person in the world.

I'm mainly looking for a TV/TS

Not looking for single guys anymore unless you do what I stated above

I am versatile. I'm more easily sub as I haven't really been a dom but can still definitely top you, if you want that xx

I love having photos taken and especially videos xxx

My fantasies:

-Start off as a guy then a TV/TS strips me naked and forces me into some slutty girl clothes then puts make up on me and puts a wig on me. Then applies nail varnish on me. After that she has her way with me. xx

-Try out a role play scenario

-Would love to get an erotic massage

-Get fucked by a woman with a strap on

-Breastfed/force fed

-Would love to be someone's feminized slut.

-Get shaved smooth

-Get washed all over in shower or bath (guy can do this but i'll also be in male mode)

-Kidnapped by a Domme to be their feminized slave for a long time.

-Be owner by a Mistress

-Have fun in a hot tub (Stuff like getting fucked, sucking, kissing etc etc)

Bit about me:

- My Favourite music is by Daft Punk. I absolutely love their work.

- I am a gamer, I have lots of games in my Steam library. Probably my most favourite is the Bioshock series and Mass Effect. At the moment I play a lot of Garry's Mod (if you don't know what it is look it up lol as it's hard to explain)

- I am a movie guy as well, I like my movies. Genres I like vary and I wouldn't say I have an all time favourite movie. Nobody does really as there is so much to choose from. I do like films such as the New Judge Dredd (Not the shitty Sylvester Stallone one)

- I'm not a sports person that much. Hate Football lol (its just some guys kicking a ball around for a couple of hours then practicing on there acting skills) Probably the one sport I enjoy is Ice Hockey.

- Currently work full time

- I am 23 so I still live with parents at the moment, this is why I can't accommodate unless you are around my age. I am getting my own place fairly soon


- I have a licking fetish, I love sloppy kisses loads xx

Love playing on the PC on Steam. Had a chat with a guy which gave me some ideas x

Would love to meet another gamer that we can have fun playing games and also having some fun on the side. xxxx

-Would love to have a gaming competition. Every time you lose you have to dress up more feminine. the loser who becomes 100% feminine gets fucked by the winner. xx

My profile does say I'm not looking for guys but I am willing to meet guy gamers to do this. Or maybe instead of every lose you get femmed up a bit you have to suck the other person.

But with this I will only meet guy who I like and is also shaved down their.

I am less likely to respond if you have no face pic.

In regards to meets. I can't accommodate so don't ask but I can travel within reason as I can drive.

I can do hotel meets with the right person but I don't do outdoor.

I will be in my male form when we meet but when we get back to your place or the hotel, I will dress up as Chloe. xx

I can do meets in just male form if you want. x

Thank you for reading my profile and hope to hear from you.

Chloe xxxxx
Your interests
Height6' 4"
Can you accommodate?No
Body typeAverage
Where are you from?Hinckley
What are you looking for?Sex hookups
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